Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2022-06-03

doctormo==== START MEETING ====\nWelcome everyone!\n* Financial status (ted) -\n* Student programs (Outreachy, GSoC, etc) (@Tav)\n* Developer update / release feedback (Mc)\n* Vectors update (@ryangorley)\n* Updated Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement (ted/karen)\n* Administrator job process status (@doctormo/@pono)\n* Current Votes Status\n* Next Meeting: July 1st, 2022 -
doctormoHello everyone. Firstly for today's meeting, I pass on ted's apologies for his absence. I hope he's having a great time with the kids.17:00
doctormoping: @Tav, @Mc @ScislaC @pono @karen17:02
c.rogersThanks for the ping. Present!17:05
c.rogersI think Karen os on holiday.17:06
doctormoHi Chris.17:06
c.rogersHello.  :)17:07
scislac[m]Sorry, not really here... I mentioned I'd miss last meeting. :) Out of town for a wedding.17:07
doctormoAh, with extra supplemental apologies from scislac. :thumbsup:17:08
McI apologize for being a bit late, but I'm staying :D17:08
doctormoAwesome :-D welcome Marc17:08
Mcare you chairing, Martin ?17:09
doctormoAh yes, I'll be chairing in ted's stead.17:09
doctormoOK let's get started at 10 past the hour. Welcome everyone.17:10
doctormoTed's passed on the financial update, which is $11.25 in donations, and $2000 in video creation expenses. This is likely incorrect as our donations haven't been calculated for this month.17:11
doctormoAnyone have anything to add about our financials this month?17:12
ponoMorning all, sorry I'm late.
We've been a bit behind with PayPal imports, so there are ~2 months of donations that haven't been accounted for
doctormoWelcome pono! Do you have any estimate on what we might be looking at or is it all blackbox until the scripts are run?17:13
ponoWe're also continuing the work investigating other donation platforms. Unfortunately we hit a roadblock and are needing to reconsider our approach there. But hopefully we'll make some progress over the summer.
Looking at the past months would be my first order attempt, but I don't have much insight into the variation there :)
doctormoGood to hear, we're in no rush on that front, we're focuses on spending rather than earning at the moment ;-)17:14
doctormoWe're expecting a bump from the release, previous months might not be a true guide. But it's ok, we can be patient.17:14
ponoOooh yeah, hopefully a bump from the release!17:15
doctormo@Mc since tav isn't here, do you want to report for GSoC, I think it's all pretty much on track right?17:15
Mcyup, all's good afaict17:16
c.rogersIf there isn't a substantial bump, we could work in more of a call to action in the next release video. Ask and ye shall receive. Haha.17:16
doctormoHave you changed your policy on asking Chris? I know vectors and @ryangorley didn't want to do big asking while we weren't spending. Are we turning a corner?17:17
c.rogersAsking what?17:18
doctormoAsking for people to donate17:18
c.rogersWell it's not the main focus of the end of the video at the moment. 17:18
c.rogersBut maybe it should be.17:19
doctormoOK well, let's move on to the developer update. Mc, how are we doing in the developer team?17:19
prkosI don't know if this clashes with Vectors official standing but I don't think we should ever stop asking, and we should be spending too, wisely17:19
prkosor plan to spend, same thing17:19
c.rogersThe Vectors are still getting used to the idea of paying for things.17:20
c.rogersHopefully this video was a good starting point.17:20
Mcwell, things are progressing I think - feedback for 1.2 is mostly positive, with some minor complaints of removed features17:21
c.rogersTrickling in bug reports from the Facebook community. 17:22
doctormoThanks Marc, I think ryan isn't here yet, do you know anything about vectors plans and tomorrows meeting?17:22
c.rogersOnly what's already listed on the agenda.17:22
c.rogersI'll try to attend because I think they want to talk about the release video.17:23
McI've been mostly away from the release since I received 1500 pages of high-level math exams to grade fast two days after the release17:23
doctormoMc: Yikes, that's a lot of exam.17:23
c.rogersThanks for coming back, Mc! Haha17:23 Good idea, keep us updated on what vectors might want for future outreach projects.17:24
c.rogersWill do.17:24
doctormoWith karen and ted being away it's impossible to talk about the FSA, so we'll have to defer this item.17:24
doctormopono / @prkos how are we doing with the job posting project?17:25
Mcnow I only have two weeks of full-time stuff to do and my Inkscape time should increase dramatically17:25
ponoi think the list of questions has been finalized, but i need to get caught up on the email thread17:26
doctormopono: We should be sure to ask as soon as possible. Otherwise people might start dropping off the list.17:26
ponoWill do. And hopefully can get them out today17:27
doctormoAt least that's my fear. Are you guys super busy over there at the SFC?17:27
ponoWell its always busy ;) but I'll get on the emails as soon as I can today17:28
doctormoGreat, let us know if there's anything we can do to help.17:28
ponoWill do.17:28
prkosThe Job applications review are around about half done. We have come up with what we believe to be objective way to grade the applications17:29
doctormoI'm particually impressed by the spreadsheets you guys have drawn up to fairly rank according to what we want. Nice work!17:30
prkosWe have also agreed on 4 additional questions to send to the applicants, I think those may have been sent already, and we're waiting for the answers so we can grade them17:30
prkosThank you! It was mostly Tim and Michele's work, I gave a stamp of approval :D17:31
ponoOkay, I'll get those sent out today and then forward them back to the list as they come in17:31
prkosWe were all happy with the process we came up with, to make things objective, rational, try to tackle potential biases and other problems that usually arise when hiring people17:31
prkosGreat Pono! Thank you!17:32
doctormoOK, so next up is the Vote update. I don't believe there are any live votes.17:32
ponoThank you! and Tim and Michele :)17:32
doctormo(although this is an item the new hire will actually write down for us :sweet_potato: )17:33
doctormoOK @all any other business before we wrap this meeting up?17:33
ponoThanks everyone :)17:35
doctormothanks everyone!17:36
doctormo== END MEETING ==17:36

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