Alpha File Services for Inkscape

This is a temporary web host for basic file sharing between inkscape developers while more formalized services are under development.

Alpha is not under configuration version control, and is not backed up, so make sure anything kept here is also safely stored elsewhere too.

Account Access

Established Inkscape team members may request an SSH account on this machine by emailing bryce with:

  1. Your desired login name
  2. Your ssh public key
  3. Your email address
  4. Your gitlab username
  5. Rationale for access (i.e. what kinds of files do you plan to upload, etc.)

Your gitlab account will be used to determine which team(s) you're a member of. Your account will be set up with access to directories and files owned by that group. (If you join other gitlab teams in the future, you'll need to manually request those groups be added to your account here too.)

This procedure will be changed as we get better administrative tools and scripts online.

File Services

Bulk storage is configured for this system, and can be increased as needed if it runs low or if larger amounts are anticipated. Contact bryce for help.

This system is not intended for heavy traffic loads; please do not use this for files that will generate excess numbers of hits. Use robots.txt, basic auth, and other mechanisms to help constrain access to potentially problematic files. If any files are found to be causing too high of loads, access limitations may be imposed on them by administrators.

Server End of Life

This host will be kept available at least through the end of 2018, possibly longer, but will eventually be retired when we have something to replace it. So you should plan to migrate your materials at some point.

Prior to EOL of this system, all emails on record will be notified. The timeline for retirement will also be posted to this page once we have a schedule.