Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2018-04-06

jabiertxof_Tavmjong: just pass a splited path to cairoApr 06 09:37
jabiertxof_like the LPE doApr 06 09:37
jabiertxof_and pass two times for fillApr 06 09:38
jabiertxof_"just"Apr 06 09:39
Tavmjongjabiertxof_: That would probably work...Apr 06 09:57
Tavmjong===== Board Meeting 3 Minutes =====Apr 06 09:57
Tavmjong========== Board Meeting  ==========Apr 06 10:00
TavmjongWho's here?Apr 06 10:01
Tavmjong 06 10:01
brycehiApr 06 10:02
*tedg wavesApr 06 10:02
TavmjongMc: tedg ?Apr 06 10:02
*tedg didn't know Mc was tracking me ;-)Apr 06 10:02
*ryangorley raises hand in back rowApr 06 10:03
ScislaCI'm here.Apr 06 10:03
bryceheya all, good turn outApr 06 10:03
bryceour board meeting page is pretty out of date...  updating Apr 06 10:04
MchiApr 06 10:04
bryceok good enough for now, I'll work on it more laterApr 06 10:05
Mc(I'll have to leave early unfortunately)Apr 06 10:05
bryceI think we can keep this meeting relatively shortApr 06 10:05
bryceMc, since you're leaving early, are there any items you'd like discussed first?Apr 06 10:06
McLGM hackfest ?Apr 06 10:07
brycesounds goodApr 06 10:07
bryce=== LGM Hackfest 2018 ===Apr 06 10:07
TavmjongWe've got four signed up: Jabier, Felipe, Marc and myself.Apr 06 10:08
McCédric and Yeamanjalisa are going too by themselvesApr 06 10:08
Mcyemanjalia*Apr 06 10:08
TavmjongExcellent!Apr 06 10:09
TavmjongI need to get them to write down their critique of the Style dialog.Apr 06 10:09
TavmjongI'm not sure what needs discussing by the board.Apr 06 10:10
TavmjongWhat do thing about sponsoring a hackfest dinner like at the main hackfests?Apr 06 10:10
Tavmjongs/thing/think/Apr 06 10:10
brycesureApr 06 10:10
bryceI can put a vote out for thatApr 06 10:11
TavmjongGreat!Apr 06 10:11
brycehow do you feel the funding amounts are?  we had talked about making events easier for newer folks, is that an issue anyone's having?Apr 06 10:11
bryceTavmjong, how much do you think we should budget for on the dinner?Apr 06 10:12
brycesame as boston?Apr 06 10:12
TavmjongI can send another email out to remind people about the hackfest. We might pick up one or two attendees... We can make it clear we are intending to broaden the attendance.Apr 06 10:12
Tavmjongbryce: Sure...Apr 06 10:12
bryceMc, do you have questions or ideas relating to lgm?Apr 06 10:12
McNope, except for lodging I'm pretty much all set ^^Apr 06 10:13
TavmjongIt was great having real™ designers in Boston!Apr 06 10:14
TavmjongI'l get my ticket in the next day or two.Apr 06 10:14
bryceTavmjong, would you mind adding a clarification to the funding limits to indicate that the commits can be against not only inkscape core but also inkscape-web, 2geom.Apr 06 10:14
Tavmjongbryce: I can do that.Apr 06 10:15
bryceagreed, especially for LGM I'd like to craft the rules to be more inclusive of non-programmers who are contributing a lot.  I don't know how to indicate that in a measurable way though.Apr 06 10:15
houzi'll be at lgm, i will try to find some free time to visit you hacking :-)Apr 06 10:15
bryceACTION: Arrange vote on a sponsored dinner at LGM 2018 [bryce]Apr 06 10:16
Tavmjonghouz: Looking forward to meeting you in person!Apr 06 10:16
bryceACTION: LGM 2018 reminder email [Tav]Apr 06 10:16
bryceACTION: Clarify funding rules to include contributors to inkscape-web, 2geom (maybe more?)  [Tav]Apr 06 10:17
TavmjongI should remind those that attended the Boston hackfest that SFC wants the reimbursement requests ASAP.Apr 06 10:17
bryceok, if nothing else on LGM, moving onApr 06 10:17
bryceryangorley, ^^Apr 06 10:17
bryceyeah I need to get mine in too...  been slammed catching up.Apr 06 10:18
bryce=== Merchandising ===Apr 06 10:18
brycecr isn't here, but I see he now has login access and has been looking things over.Apr 06 10:19
brycehe and mihaela are sharing notes about how to fix it up to be usable.Apr 06 10:19
TavmjongI'm wondering if this is really worth the effort considering all the problems CR is having with Spreadsheet. I would hate to have him spend hours on this only to sell a few things.Apr 06 10:19
ryangorleyYeah, I'll try to get that stuff in today or tomorrowApr 06 10:19
bryceI'd really like to see it up and running.  Shame it's been so long in the making.Apr 06 10:19
ryangorleyThanks for the reminderApr 06 10:19
ryangorley(sorry for the delay, IRC client issues)Apr 06 10:20
bryceTavmjong, I wonder the same.  However, the money plumbing is all in place with SFC, which was a bit of work getting arranged.Apr 06 10:20
TavmjongI guess if all the plumbing is done... we should continue for a bit.Apr 06 10:21
TavmjongBTW, I love the stickers CR did!Apr 06 10:21
bryceTavmjong, I tend to view it as a learning exercise at this point though...  getting us better educated for other merchandise optionsApr 06 10:21
bryceyes they turned out great!Apr 06 10:21
TavmjongThere the first stickers I've ever put on one of my laptops!Apr 06 10:22
brycenice!Apr 06 10:22
Tavmjongs/There/They're/Apr 06 10:22
bryceok, only other item on the agenda is GSoC, but I'd instead like to have some discussion on OutreachyApr 06 10:23
bryce=== Outreachy ===Apr 06 10:23
bryceat the hackfest, Máirín suggested we should look into itApr 06 10:23
bryceshe's willing to do the legwork for us.  I think next step for me would be to connect her on thatApr 06 10:24
tedgI thought with Outreachy we had to provide the funds?Apr 06 10:24
brycebut before we get ahead of ourselves here, what do you guys think?Apr 06 10:25
tedgI have no issue with it by itself, but not sure we have the $5K to put up.Apr 06 10:25
brycetedg, that's the main issue I see tooApr 06 10:25
bryceshe mentioned they provide funding, but I think that might only be starting with student #3.  the first 2 we have to arrange funding forApr 06 10:25
Mctedg: only for the first student,Apr 06 10:26
tedgWe could perhaps fundraise on it: "We'd like to do Outreachy, anyone want to give us $5K?"Apr 06 10:26
TavmjongIs only a one time $5K or is it every round?Apr 06 10:26
bryceI doubt we'd have more than 1-2 students max, even if we did have more we may not have mentorsApr 06 10:26
Mcit's not per yearApr 06 10:27
Tavmjong 06 10:27
brycetedg, yeah I'm also wondering if fundraising would do itApr 06 10:27
Mcfrom what I had taken as notes at latest mentor summit we need 6500$Apr 06 10:28
TavmjongWe might be able to get corporate sponsorship if we ask.Apr 06 10:28
Mc(overall, not at every round)Apr 06 10:28
bryceFinding funding for at least 1 intern ($6,500)Apr 06 10:29
bryce 06 10:29
bryceMc, yeah you're rightApr 06 10:29
Mcmain difference w/gsoc : aimed at groups underrepresented in tech, and can work on non-code projectsApr 06 10:30
tedgSo I'm not against it, but I think we'd need to find a sponsor to do it.Apr 06 10:30
brycetedg, *nod*Apr 06 10:30
McI would not mind allocating some from the general funds to it (if we can't find a sponsor to cover 100%)Apr 06 10:31
TavmjongI think we should go ahead and give it a try, especially since Máirín will do the leg work.Apr 06 10:31
bryce has a timelineApr 06 10:32
TavmjongTwo rounds a year...Apr 06 10:32
bryceoh?  when's the next round start?Apr 06 10:32
Mcprobably t+6monthApr 06 10:33
Mcto next "deadline" is probably in septemberApr 06 10:33
TavmjongPre application late August.Apr 06 10:33
bryceokApr 06 10:34
bryceso, we have some time to gather more info and figure out plansApr 06 10:34
bryceI'll leave this as an item on the agenda for now, but will also follow up with Máirín.Apr 06 10:35
bryceonce there's a bit more info I'll do a board vote, and we can get the plan for funding sorted.Apr 06 10:36
bryceACTION:  Initial planning/contacts for Outreachy [bryce]Apr 06 10:36
bryce=== Other Business ===Apr 06 10:37
bryceanyone have other items for the board?Apr 06 10:37
*Mc has to goApr 06 10:37
tedgNopeApr 06 10:37
TavmjongNoApr 06 10:38
ScislaCnopeApr 06 10:38
tedgNadaApr 06 10:38
bryceok, let's make it a wrap then.  Thanks all!Apr 06 10:39
bryce== End of Meeting ==Apr 06 10:39
tedgThanks everyone!Apr 06 10:39
TavmjongThanks!Apr 06 10:39
karensorry, I just saw the discussion about Outreachy... the next possible round to join is the one that starts in DecemberApr 06 11:12
karenso now's actually a good time to start thinking about itApr 06 11:12
karenthe time to sign up is September :)Apr 06 11:13
karenand I can help make the ask if there are companies you think might be interestedApr 06 11:13
karenbryce^^Apr 06 11:13
karenanyway, I'm actually heading afk now but I will be back later. You can always ping me with questions on #conservancy or in #outreachy on irc.gnome.orgApr 06 11:14
brycekaren, awesome thanksApr 06 11:22
*Lazur wonders if just missed the board meeting?Apr 06 11:49
bryceLazur, yesApr 06 11:52
Lazuroh wellApr 06 11:53
Lazur:CApr 06 11:53
bryceLazur, sorry.  I'll have the meeting log up later todayApr 06 12:49
Lazurno worriesApr 06 12:50
Lazurdidn't have anything on my mind to shareApr 06 12:50
Lazurand couldn't attend earlierApr 06 12:50
Lazur 06 12:53

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