Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2018-05-04

Mcboard meeting in 10 minutesMay 04 09:50
Mco/May 04 10:00
Tavmjong======= Inkscape Board Meeting =======May 04 10:00
TavmjongWho is here?May 04 10:00
McScislaC: tedg: bryce_: ?May 04 10:01
Mc(doctormon and crogers are not connected)May 04 10:01
TavmjongJust sent doctormon and crogers an email.May 04 10:02
MoiniLol, did the same.May 04 10:03
tedgHowdy, sorry, having some Wifi issues.May 04 10:05
TavmjongHi tedgMay 04 10:05
Mcdo we wait for more people to arrive ?May 04 10:08
TavmjongA little bit...May 04 10:08
MoiniBryce definitely was planning to attend.May 04 10:09
bryce_hiMay 04 10:20
TavmjongHi bryce_May 04 10:20
Mchi!May 04 10:21
*ryangorley Lurking in the shadowsMay 04 10:22
*ryangorley listening intentlyMay 04 10:22
TavmjongHi ryangorley!May 04 10:22
brycesorry, my wife wanted help with the voting and I totally lost track of timeMay 04 10:22
Mcnp :)May 04 10:23
ryangorleyHey Tavmjong! (and all) :)May 04 10:23
bryce(she's running for a precinct position this election cycle)May 04 10:23
Mcryangorley: hey :)May 04 10:23
bryceAgenda:May 04 10:23
bryce-------May 04 10:23
bryce    * LGM DebriefMay 04 10:23
bryce    * Future meetings/hackfests.May 04 10:23
bryce      + [ GUADEC 2018] - July 6th-11thMay 04 10:23
bryce        (Ameria, Spain) GTK conferenceMay 04 10:23
bryce      + [ LGM 2019] - May 30th-June 3rdMay 04 10:23
bryce        (Saarbrucken, Germany) Proposed. (About two hours by train fromMay 04 10:23
bryce        Paris.)May 04 10:23
bryce      + SCALEMay 04 10:23
bryce    * SponsorshipsMay 04 10:23
bryce    * Merchandise salesMay 04 10:23
bryce      + Spreadshirt [cr]May 04 10:23
bryce      + Evaluate self-serve merchandise sales - spreadshirt, cafepress,May 04 10:23
bryce        Golden Ribbon, Think Penguin or similar [Mc]May 04 10:23
bryce    * Action itemsMay 04 10:23
bryce    * Other BusinessMay 04 10:23
bryce May 04 10:24
bryce=== LGM ===May 04 10:24
tedgbryce: Something like this? 04 10:24
bryceso how'd the conference go?May 04 10:24
TavmjongPretty good!May 04 10:24
brycetedg, preciselyMay 04 10:24
TavmjongIt was rather small but there were enough Inkscape users to have some good discussions.May 04 10:25
McIt was nice, even with the sunburnsMay 04 10:25
TavmjongThere weren't as many talks as in the past but that was OK... more time for discussions and hacking.May 04 10:25
Mclots of font-related discussionsMay 04 10:25
Mc(and also SVG discussions w/ tav and the other SVG guy)May 04 10:26
TavmjongSome nice live demos of generating music and video on the fly.May 04 10:26
bryceany interesting highlights of the hacking?May 04 10:26
TavmjongYes, I had a great discussion with Liam who is the W3C contact for the SVG working group.May 04 10:26
bryceoh interestingMay 04 10:27
TavmjongI got Variable Fonts working in the GUI (a few buglets remain).May 04 10:27
tedgConvince them to pick up the SVG spec again :-)May 04 10:27
McI implemented a small change for filter effects regions (now resizable in GUI) and code isolation of 3rd party libsMay 04 10:27
TavmjongThe SVG spec is moving forward... perhaps not in the way we want but I did some strategizing with Liam.May 04 10:28
Tavmjongjabier tried to implement external SVG support. He didn't get very far during the hackfest but has done it since.May 04 10:28
tedgI'm more worried about after SVG2. We can only guess about what will happen, but I'm worried.May 04 10:29
brycewe'll have to keep an eye on that, for sureMay 04 10:29
TavmjongMc and I went through the directory restructuring plan and he started some work.May 04 10:29
TavmjongWe talked at Boston about having the next hackfest in Germany. LGM will be in Saarbrucken, Germany next year.May 04 10:30
bryceyes, that leads us into our next topicMay 04 10:31
bryceanything else to mention of LGM before we move to that?May 04 10:31
TavmjongNot that I can think of...May 04 10:32
bryce=== Future meetings/hackfests ===May 04 10:33
bryceIt's kind of ironic LGM is in germany, in that we had been talking about doing our next hackfest there alreadyMay 04 10:33
MoiniYes - after watching the video, I had thought about offering to organize something in Kiel.May 04 10:33
bryceI've been chatting offline with Moini about the potential of setting up something closer to where she isMay 04 10:33
MoiniNot sure if that would then still be interesting.May 04 10:34
TavmjongI definitely think we should do in before/after the next LGM, whether it is in Saarbrucken or somewhere not too far away.May 04 10:34
Tavmjongs/in/it/May 04 10:34
Mcah, Kiel is like diagonally away from Sarrebrucken in germanyMay 04 10:35
MoiniKiel is far away.May 04 10:35
TavmjongLGM should be far better organized next year as they are already way ahead in planning it that for the last couple LGMs.May 04 10:35
MoiniBeen looking into train schedules, and it seems it can take about 10 to 15 hours to get there from/to Saarbrücken.May 04 10:35
*Tavmjong goes to look at map.May 04 10:36
brycewe did lgm and the hackfest separately this year, and I think it went pretty well that wayMay 04 10:36
MoiniGetting to Kiel directly is easier. Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel, then shuttle bus to Kiel station.May 04 10:36
McTavmjong: basically, denmarkMay 04 10:36
ryangorleyWhat part of Germany do you live in Moini?May 04 10:37
bryceTavmjong, didn't we have one year where lgm was in one place and the hackfest required travel?  was that leeds?May 04 10:37
Tavmjongbryce, Yes... but Leeds is only a few hours away by train.May 04 10:37
ryangorleyOr did you just say, Kiel. Oops. SorryMay 04 10:37
Moiniryangorley : Northern, close to Hamburg. Maybe you know Kiel Canal.May 04 10:38
brycedo we know anyone near Saarbrücken?May 04 10:39
MoiniI don't :-(May 04 10:39
TavmjongFrom Saarbrucken, it would probably be faster to go back to Paris and fly to Kiel.May 04 10:39
TavmjongIf we approach the organizers early we can probably get them to help.May 04 10:40
Moinilol, yes (or maybe there's a bus, that would be faster than train)May 04 10:40
Mcmaybe houz is near there ^^May 04 10:40
houzhush :)May 04 10:41
MoiniNo, not faster...May 04 10:41
MoiniAre you, houz?May 04 10:41
houzi am. 10 minutes by carMay 04 10:42
tedgIt seems like we're edging to doing two events a year? Does that seem like it to other folks?May 04 10:42
brycetedg, I think so yesMay 04 10:42
tedgI'm curious if we should be thinking Fall or Spring.May 04 10:42
brycetedg, or three if you count SCALEMay 04 10:42
Tavmjongtedg, I don't think that is a bad idea... a North American centric one and a European centric one.May 04 10:42
tedgLet Spring be LGM and then have Fall be something we do ourselves.May 04 10:42
TavmjongWhen is SCALE?May 04 10:42
tedgUsually begining of March or so.May 04 10:43
Moinihouz is near Saarbrücken! :DMay 04 10:43
Mcyeah, he's in the organization of next LGM ^^May 04 10:43
MoiniLol, didn't know.May 04 10:43
bryceoh!  congratz houz and thanks for working on thatMay 04 10:43
brycetedg, I'm going to try and attend this next SCALEMay 04 10:44
houzi try to stay out of it as much as i can, but i fear i will be heavily involvedMay 04 10:44
brycehouz, are there other Inkscapers in the area that you know of?May 04 10:44
houzbye, i'm out for the eveningMay 04 10:45
houzbryce: noMay 04 10:45
doctormonHelloMay 04 10:45
TavmjongSo SCALE and LGM are pretty close together... I think a Fall hackfest in the US would be better.May 04 10:45
MoiniHi doctormon!May 04 10:45
doctormonThanks MoiniMay 04 10:46
doctormonTavmjong: Topic is events?May 04 10:46
Tavmjongdoctormon, Next hackfest(s)May 04 10:46
ryangorleyMaybe to do something closer to Moini we could do the Germany hackfest in the fall, rather than tethering to LGM.May 04 10:46
bryceryangorley, kind of what I'm thinking tooMay 04 10:47
Tavmjongryangorley, I wouldn't object.May 04 10:47
bryceand could use LGM as a recruitment point to get more attendance at the fall event ;-)May 04 10:48
doctormonExisting events do have networking opportunities.May 04 10:48
MoiniWe have our Linux Tage in September.May 04 10:48
TavmjongWouldn't a Kiel hackfest be before the next LGM?May 04 10:48
bryceTavmjong, oh, right...May 04 10:49
TavmjongMoini, What happens with Linux Tage?May 04 10:49
MoiniThree days of talks and workshops (but all rooms are full at that time)May 04 10:50
ryangorleyIn Kiel or Hamburg?May 04 10:50
MoiniKiel. Kieler Open Source und Linux Tage.May 04 10:51
MoiniDue to the rooms being booked, it couldn't be at the same time, although that would make sense...May 04 10:52
MoiniWe've got less rooms this year, too.May 04 10:52
brycewhat if the hackfest was done either prior to or after that event, but back to back so attendees of one could attend the other easily?May 04 10:52
bryce(I'm  not proposing that specifically, just wondering if the venue would handle that)May 04 10:53
TavmjongWe really just need a place with good WiFi and some tables and chairs.May 04 10:54
MoiniPeople who come to Linux Tage only come from Northern Germany. We do have WiFi and cable network (with very high bandwidth), tables, chairs, flipcharts, whiteboards, beamers...May 04 10:55
MoiniAnd we have routine in preparing the rooms with switches etc.May 04 10:55
TavmjongSounds ideal.May 04 10:55
bryceok, good discussions, and sounds like we have a good rough plan.  It's early enough we have plenty of time to plan.May 04 10:56
bryceI'll follow up on the mailing list.May 04 10:56
TavmjongSeptember is four months away so we shouldn't wait too long.May 04 10:56
bryceyeahMay 04 10:56
MoiniAnd a room needs to be available for a full week - I cannot guarantee that, need to ask if we have a time frame.May 04 10:57
bryceACTION:  Start thread on mailing list to organize next steps for event planning 2018/2019 [bryce]May 04 10:57
brycealso on the agenda under this topic was GUADECMay 04 10:58
bryceJul 6-11 in spainMay 04 10:58
TavmjongI'm not sure that is as interesting after having contact with GTK experts in Boston.May 04 10:58
bryceTavmjong, ah okMay 04 10:59
TavmjongI would focus on Kiel.May 04 10:59
brycealrightMay 04 10:59
bryce=== Sponsorships ===May 04 11:00
brycewe're a bit short on time so don't want to dwell on thisMay 04 11:00
doctormonokMay 04 11:00
Mcthere were two recent enquiriesMay 04 11:00
bryceyes, there's been some good activityMay 04 11:00
McI would agree to have Signomatic as sponsorMay 04 11:01
Mcand for Couponobox there are just asking for details ?May 04 11:02
brycewhat details did they need?May 04 11:02
Mc"I mean if you can tell me more about different Sponsorship conditions and it's advantages."May 04 11:02
Mcbasically what's on the website :pMay 04 11:02
bryceI have been short on time, but I guess they need a bit of follow up to get them landedMay 04 11:03
bryceI suspect some of our past sponsors might be up for renewing tooMay 04 11:04
brycethere were also 2 or 3 that wished to contributed towards developmentMay 04 11:04
doctormoninterestingMay 04 11:04
Mcdo we have some process to "accept" sponsors or a point of contact for them ?May 04 11:05
bryceI've been working a bit on that; I have traded some emails with Karen to get some paypal buttons set up (and to fix the hackfest-2015 button to not have a date)May 04 11:05
bryceI'm going to be meeting for lunch with Bradley in a couple weeks.May 04 11:06
bryceConservancy sounds interested in helping us scale up sponsorships.  Karen offered to join our meeting to work out more plans.May 04 11:06
bryceMaybe next month or the month afterMay 04 11:07
Mc:)May 04 11:07
tedgSounds good, I think that also Deb will be helping with some of that kind of stuff.May 04 11:07
bryceMc, we've discussed the former but there's no policy.  The latter is starting to look like a more obvious needMay 04 11:07
tedgShe might also help with some event stuff if we need a point of contact.May 04 11:08
brycetedg, cool.  I don't think I've met her but sounds like some of you know her well alreadyMay 04 11:08
tedgbryce: Yeah, we've had lunch a few times. I talked to Karen a bit about it at SCALE.May 04 11:08
tedgIt's hard to talk to Karen at conferences, she's hugely popular :-)May 04 11:09
bryceI betMay 04 11:09
doctormonMc: The point of contact is the boardMay 04 11:09
brycewell, she seems keen on helping usMay 04 11:09
doctormonbryce: Is New York or over where you are?May 04 11:09
brycehopefully we can make good use of her timeMay 04 11:09
brycedoctormon, pardon?May 04 11:09
doctormonbryce: Your lunchMay 04 11:10
brycedoctormon, oh lunch with Bradley here in TigardMay 04 11:10
doctormondateMay 04 11:10
doctormonAye coolMay 04 11:10
bryceok, so much more to talk on sponsorship but think we need to move onMay 04 11:10
doctormonI should add that Deb has been involved with organising UX testing on inkscape before, she's keen on the project for sure :-)May 04 11:11
brycelooks like Cr is missing so I'm going to skip merchandising for now, although I'd love to get an update on where we are with thatMay 04 11:11
bryce=== Action Items ===May 04 11:11
bryceTavmjong, sorry I forgot to do the vote on the LGM dinner... did you guys still have it?  Maybe we can still vote post-facto?May 04 11:12
Mcwe did not have a formal Inkscape dinnerMay 04 11:12
Mcbut food was pretty cheapMay 04 11:12
bryceok goodMay 04 11:12
doctormonMc: Is anyone from LGM up for doing an article explaining the meeting?May 04 11:12
Mcmaybe I can do it this sundayMay 04 11:13
brycethe other action item was Outreachy.  I still have that on my todo but I saw we aren't near an application date so backburnered it a bit.May 04 11:13
ryangorleyTavmjong wrote something on Patreon. I was going to use that as part of an article highlighting both hackfests.May 04 11:13
doctormonMc: Would be very useful to keep up the momentum.May 04 11:14
ryangorleyCould use more info from others that were there though, like mcMay 04 11:14
Mcbryce: well, it never hurts to be in advanceMay 04 11:14
Mcearly*May 04 11:14
doctormonryangorley: Ah now I know what you meant in the issue tracker, I would like one article for each if possible. I was going to back date the Boston hackfest one.May 04 11:14
bryceMc, quite true, certainly.  I just need to scrape some time together for sending some emailsMay 04 11:15
ryangorleydocotormon: Ah okay, then Mc can write it :)May 04 11:15
bryceACTION: Initial planning/contacts for Outreachy [bryce]May 04 11:15
ryangorleydoctormon ^^May 04 11:15
bryceACTION: Put together article on website about LGM event [Mc, doctormon]May 04 11:16
brycehi ryangorley btw, glad to see you back above water :-)May 04 11:16
ryangorleyish...May 04 11:16
ryangorley:)May 04 11:16
bryceany other action items to record?May 04 11:17
*tedg hands bryce the gavelMay 04 11:17
bryce=== Other Business ===May 04 11:17
brycea few other little news itemsMay 04 11:18
bryceI hear is down.  I gather prkos is working on setting up our replacement.May 04 11:18
Mcah also in a bit more than a week I'll probably apply to become pixman maintainer because there is litteraly no one thereMay 04 11:18
bryceI've got DNS set up for the hosted machines. is the one assigned to prkosMay 04 11:18
bryceMc, I saw that mentioned in irc.  congrats or sympathies, plus thanksMay 04 11:19
bryceMc, how did that come about?May 04 11:19
Mc?May 04 11:19
bryceMc, just wondering if you've had discussions with other pixman developers about taking over maintenanceMay 04 11:20
Mconly with pq on #freedesktopMay 04 11:20
Mcbut i'm still hoping on receiving any feedback on the ml and that anyone knowing pixman can become maintainer instead of meMay 04 11:21
brycedoctormon, is the default name for the web staging host, although I know you have a domain name for it alreadyMay 04 11:21
McWhat I suspect is that anyone in the ml is afraid to say anything positive (or anything at all) in the fear that as the only person alive they'll have to review, merge, and release, and basically become maintainerMay 04 11:22
bryceI've successfully done an ansible deployment of our new mailman service, and it looks good.  I still need to set up a few administrative bits and pieces, and we need to figure out how to get archives transferred but think this will be done in the not too distant future.May 04 11:23
bryceMc, hah, that could be!May 04 11:23
bryceMc, well you have my support and I'd be happy to assist where you need itMay 04 11:24
Moinibryce, thanks for the mailing list work!May 04 11:24
Mcml is a dire need, sourceforge is very buggyMay 04 11:25
Mcdays of delayMay 04 11:25
bryceyeah...May 04 11:25
brycethe new host seems super solid, I think once we move it'll be tons betterMay 04 11:25
brycebugtracker will probably be next infrastructure item after thatMay 04 11:26
TavmjongSourceforge is rejecting my emails..May 04 11:26
TavmjongSeems my internet provider has been labeled a source of spam.May 04 11:27
Tavmjong( 04 11:27
bryceI'm still not totally sure what the plan should be there, ideas need to gel a bit more.  But there's been good discussion on the gitlab ticket.May 04 11:27
McTavmjong: yeah, it happensMay 04 11:27
bryceit looks pretty certain we'll move to gitlab, mostly just needing to figure out how we want to organize it.May 04 11:27
bryceTavmjong, yeah I notice conservancy bounces your emails too :-/May 04 11:28
bryceI get them though, and my spam rules are pretty extremeMay 04 11:28
TavmjongThey might be using the same spam filtering site.May 04 11:29
bryceon the Print development, the discussion has died down but I have been working on collecting all the advice into a draft of a preliminary development plan, that I'll post to propose soonishMay 04 11:29
McTavmjong: iirc one of free's servers is in spamcop or something like thatMay 04 11:29
brycewe've had several potential sponsors interested in that, so hoping to get that all tied inMay 04 11:30
prkosdo you have any preferences for LAMP config, mysql security etc?May 04 11:30
prkosfor the server that will host the forumMay 04 11:30
prkosamong other things laterMay 04 11:30
McI have to go :(May 04 11:30
bryceI haven't had time to work on plans for the 1.0alpha release, but that's also on the todo list.  Help with bug/patch wrangling would be much appreciatedMay 04 11:31
bryceMc, thanks, cyaMay 04 11:31
bryceprkos, I was assuming you'd try  and replicate what Courtney uses, do we know what pieces are in the existing software stack?May 04 11:32
prkosLAMP config isn't related to Courtneys hostMay 04 11:33
prkoswe need basic PHP and mysql db for the forumMay 04 11:33
prkosbut since this host will be used for other Inkscape thingsMay 04 11:33
prkosnot only forumMay 04 11:33
prkosyou might have more strict requirementsMay 04 11:33
bryceprkos, ok well there's your M and P.  L is already in place, so just need to decide between Apache and Nginx?May 04 11:33
prkossureMay 04 11:34
doctormonPHP, I'm going to have to go lie down.May 04 11:34
prkosI'll document everything I doMay 04 11:34
bryceprkos, that's a good question to ask, but probably makes more sense to just do what's expedient for now, and we can work out transitions laterMay 04 11:34
prkosthere are decisions to be made when installing mysql for the first time, that's why I'm asking about securityMay 04 11:34
bryceprkos, thanks, yes detailed notes will be extremely helpfulMay 04 11:35
bryceprkos, email me the questions and I'll assist.May 04 11:35
prkosty bryceMay 04 11:35
bryceok, any other business?  else let's close the meeting, sorry it's run late, totally my fault.May 04 11:35
prkosapache then?May 04 11:36
bryceACTION: Follow up with prkos on requirements for inkscapeforum [bryce]May 04 11:36
bryceprkos, sure.May 04 11:36
bryce== End of Meeting ==May 04 11:37
brycethanks all!May 04 11:37
TavmjongSee ya!May 04 11:37
*tedg wavesMay 04 11:37

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