Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2019-05-03

Mc== Inkscape Board Meeting ==May 03 10:00
*tedg wavesMay 03 10:00
*ryangorley wavesMay 03 10:01
McBryce cannot attend, Tav is away too, doctormo was here 1 hour ago and the rocketchat does not workMay 03 10:01
MoiniYep, that sums it up :)May 03 10:02
Mc(I'm not sure about Tavmjong, he might be here ?)May 03 10:02
MoiniRocket chat works, only the certificate doesn't.May 03 10:02
TavmjongJust got back from the south, need a few minutes to unpack the car.May 03 10:02
MoiniAnd thus the bridge, and the app.May 03 10:02
Mcyeah but it uses websocket, which cert can't really be whitelisted ?May 03 10:02
doctormonHereMay 03 10:03
MoiniBryce was there a couple minutes ago, but had to go again.May 03 10:03
MoiniOr at least wrote he didn't have time for fixing the certificate just yet.May 03 10:03
doctormonMc: We thought we'd sorted out the cron job for the letsencrypt.May 03 10:03
Mcshould we start ?May 03 10:04
doctormonSure, are you presiding Marc?May 03 10:04
McLet's tryMay 03 10:04
Mc===  Hackfest LGM 2019 ===May 03 10:04
McAnything left to do with the ticket ?May 03 10:05
Mcalso maybe we should send an email to all declared participants encouraging them to book as soon as possible if not already doneMay 03 10:05
MoiniMaybe send out a call for topics to work on, too? Aside from that, nothing from me.May 03 10:06
MoiniI think Tav wanted to contact remaining people to invite them.May 03 10:06
MoiniOh, I heard back from Aude about the 'booth' today.May 03 10:06
MoiniWe'll get a table, and will have WiFi and electricity.May 03 10:07
McGreat :) What about swag ? (banner, stickers ?)May 03 10:07
MoiniBanner is here, hackfest stickers are done. No idea about the normal stickers or the status of the note cards/business cards.May 03 10:08
MoiniAnd I also don't know what the status is with the State of Libre Graphics video.May 03 10:08
Mcoh, right, I think CR was working on it ?May 03 10:09
MoiniChris wanted to start with it last weekend.May 03 10:09
MoiniHaven't seen him since.May 03 10:09
McokMay 03 10:10
MoiniMc, will you bring a laptop that can be used at the booth?May 03 10:10
MoiniFor demoing?May 03 10:10
McI can, but all my laptops are overheating these daysMay 03 10:10
MoiniI don't even have one...May 03 10:10
Mc(I plan to fix that on one before hackfest)May 03 10:10
MoiniDon't know about Mihaela.May 03 10:11
McI have three that do xDMay 03 10:11
MoinilolMay 03 10:11
McCR will probably tell before the hackfest if anything is wrong on his end or if he needs help, I hopeMay 03 10:11
MoiniI'll ping him on the video issue to see what's up.May 03 10:12
MoiniI will soon need to pack up things to send to Saarbrücken.May 03 10:12
TavmjongI'm back...May 03 10:12
TavmjongI am almost certainly driving to LGM and can bring things.May 03 10:12
McTavmjong: tedg: (or anyone else interested): anything to add or to do on this topic ?May 03 10:13
tedgNope, I'm good.May 03 10:13
MoiniTavmjong, that's good.May 03 10:14
Tavmjong@Mc Not now.May 03 10:14
Mc=== GSoC ===May 03 10:14
Mcwe can't say anything before may 6, 6pmMay 03 10:14
TavmjongSo this is a quick topic!May 03 10:15
Mc=== Budget ===May 03 10:15
MoiniNo bryce, no budget, I guess?May 03 10:15
Mcthere were two subtopics on this in the agenda: Referendum review & discussion  and  Vector team budget approval processMay 03 10:16
Mcbut I don't know the specificsMay 03 10:16
tedgPerhaps we'll take care of them on the mailing list then.May 03 10:16
tedgThat probably makes more sense.May 03 10:16
McYeah, probablyMay 03 10:16
Mcat this speed it will be a quick meeting :DMay 03 10:17
tedg\o/May 03 10:17
MoiniJust thought the same.May 03 10:17
Mc(not that it's a problem if the summary is "all is good, let's move on")May 03 10:17
TavmjongI wonder what our income will be this year...May 03 10:17
Mc=== Bug migration off Launchpad ===May 03 10:18
Mc280 migrated, ~4000 to go :DMay 03 10:18
tedgHave we got an winners of the various awards? Are those working?May 03 10:19
McI don't really know how to try to bring in more people (maybe a topic for Vectors)May 03 10:19
MoiniMichèle was planning to write a news article with updates, maybe that will get us a boost.May 03 10:19
MoiniThere's no website article about it yet, due to missing coordination.May 03 10:20
ryangorleyThere has been an active push on social media. We do need to discuss this as Vectors.May 03 10:20
MoiniYep, tomorrow.May 03 10:21
Mcryangorley: anything to do for the board ? about swag ? other stuff ?May 03 10:21
ryangorleyNot that I am aware of.May 03 10:21
MoiniI think Bryce wanted to ask SFC about the swag amounts...May 03 10:22
tedgI think he did, but not sure if he got a reply.May 03 10:22
tedgSFC has been a bit slow to respond lately.May 03 10:22
McI think the amount we were planning were fine by some marginMay 03 10:22
tedgI think so as well, but we were just verifying.May 03 10:22
ryangorleySFC asked about some new sources for printing swag that will yield higher margins for the projects. I shared some info, but haven't heard anything.May 03 10:23
ryangorley^^ Just FYI. Hopefully we can eventually make more on sales.May 03 10:23
Mcok ^^ I think for now sponsors and individual donations are much higher sources ?May 03 10:23
MoiniThanks, ryangorley!May 03 10:23
Mc=== Infrastructure ===May 03 10:24
Mcanyone knows about mailing lists ? ^^May 03 10:24
MoiniI believe they were good to go. Just needed testing or something like that...May 03 10:25
MoiniStatus overview: 03 10:26
doctormonMaybe just need using I think.May 03 10:26
doctormonBryce has a plan for moving everything over in one goMay 03 10:26
Moini 03 10:26
MoiniJust need to be loaded with the data, and moved (plus people informed, website updated etc.)May 03 10:27
doctormonYesMay 03 10:28
doctormonHopefully we should make sure the Cert is good for the mailing list websites tooMay 03 10:28
MoiniIs there sth wrong with it?May 03 10:28
MoiniAh, or do you mean the auto-renewal, as it failed for the currently?May 03 10:29
McyeahMay 03 10:30
McWiki ?May 03 10:31
doctormonYeahMay 03 10:31
MoiniIssue: 03 10:31
MoiniAt least for the https.May 03 10:32
MoiniNot for moving.May 03 10:32
MoiniMaybe it needs one?May 03 10:32
Moini(issue, I mean)May 03 10:32
Mcdoctormon: what do we need to do exactly ?May 03 10:33
McahMay 03 10:34
MoiniMmmh.May 03 10:34
brycethe mailing list uses letsencrypt too, but was set up differently from rocketchatMay 03 10:34
brycei've only had time to peruse though, don't know what should be changed yetMay 03 10:35
Tavmjong@Mc You scared doctormon away!May 03 10:35
MoiniI think the Wiki needs moving from one server to another - from OSUOSL to one of our own, as far as I remember.May 03 10:35
MoiniAnd probably an update, and https, too.May 03 10:35
brycethere isn't a cron job that I can tell, in either case, so may need some additional work to ensure renewals occur properly.  Martin maybe you can share some wisdom on this later.May 03 10:35
MoiniMight be a larger task...May 03 10:35
bryceMoini correct on all countsMay 03 10:36
Mcany ETA on it ?May 03 10:36
bryceI took that task, but haven't started it yet except some prelim research.  Not sure if I'll have time going forward but we'll see.May 03 10:36
brycefor mailman3 I've done most of the testing I wanted to do, I think it's good to go.  I need to do a fresh reimage and put out an announcement that the lists will be switchingMay 03 10:37
bryceguessing we should give people a week or two before making the actual switchMay 03 10:37
Mc(last infra item is "weblate")May 03 10:37
brycemostly the 'switch' is just going to be syncing over the list archivesMay 03 10:37
bryceI think the person working on weblate got uninvolved.  I was going to re-pingMay 03 10:38
Mcwhat is weblate ?May 03 10:38
bryceit's a translation service the translation team wantsMay 03 10:39
brycethere was also a request recently for a new service for doing survey pollingMay 03 10:39
brycebut maybe there's simpler solutions there, so not counting it as an infra todo just yet.May 03 10:40
McokMay 03 10:40
bryceoh one of the remaining items I wanted to get to for mailman3:May 03 10:40
brycesourceforge munges the email addresses for the downloaded mbox's, which means that hyperkitty can't look up people's gravatar imagesMay 03 10:41
bryceI was thinking I might try unmunging at least some of the addresses, so the archives didn't look so plainMay 03 10:41
bryceit's just cosmetic, but would have to be done at import time so it's now or never...May 03 10:42
McI'm ok to switch now, if it works :pMay 03 10:42
bryceI might skip doing that if I'm just too short on timeMay 03 10:42
tedgI'm not excited about that, but if you want to it'd be cool.May 03 10:42
Mcthere is relatively low activity these daysMay 03 10:42
*tedg checks to see if his gravatar is up-to-date ;-)May 03 10:42
brycethe gravatars should work properly for all new emails, just the old ones won't be associated with people properlyMay 03 10:43
brycethat's all from me on infra for nowMay 03 10:44
McokMay 03 10:44
Mc=== Software Release status === (2geom1.1, Inkscape .92.5, Inkscape 1.0~beta)May 03 10:45
McI don't know about 2geom ?May 03 10:45
McAt which point should we separate its code from within Inkscape ?May 03 10:46
tedgI need to step out. Ping me if you need something, I'll check back.May 03 10:46
*tedg wavesMay 03 10:46
McFor Inkscape .92.5 I don't know what we want in it ( bryce ?)May 03 10:47
bryce2geom could use a point release at some pointMay 03 10:47
Mcand For Inkscape 1.0-Beta I think we can have it anytime nowMay 03 10:48
ReneDHIMHO the macOS version probably doesn't deserve being called beta (yet)May 03 10:49
McBut it's usable ?May 03 10:49
TavmjongWe might wait for beta to after (or end of) hackfest. It might be useful to have a testing session there.May 03 10:49
Mc(which is more than can be said for any macOS thing in a few years)May 03 10:50
ReneDHI'd like to a have a very limited group of people testing it more thoroughly. The last two (but big) issues were all cases of things failing silently and me not having/spending a lot time on testing (yet).May 03 10:50
ReneDHBecause, for example, if 100 people complain about the text tool not working... May 03 10:51
MoiniReneDH Do you know enough people who will be interested, or should we go and look for them actively?May 03 10:51
bryce0.92.x has some fixes that look ripe for doing 0.92.5.  I don't know if there's more worth backporting, but it's fine with what's there now.May 03 10:51
TavmjongText is one of the things I would like people to pound on.May 03 10:51
brycewish we had a Testing TeamMay 03 10:52
MoiniReneDH How many do you think it would need?May 03 10:52
ReneDHMoini I think I would ping people from the chat as well as the ones from recent issues to see if they are interested to get their hands dirty ;-)May 03 10:52
MoiniYes, that's the same persons I was thinking of. I know someone one the forums who might like to try, too.May 03 10:52
Mcwe can also ask on twitter for people with a mac, there should be quite a lot of people willing to try it even without textMay 03 10:52
brycea wiki page with "stuff to try out" might be a cheap way to drum up testing activitiesMay 03 10:53
MoiniText works now!May 03 10:53
ReneDHTBH maybe 3 would be sufficient if they do a bit more than drawing two circles and a rectangle. I'd love some advanced user (I am *not* one myself) to try itMay 03 10:53
bryces/drum up/focus/May 03 10:53
Moini(as far as I read)May 03 10:53
ReneDHYes, text was the last big one, just fixed it earlier this week.May 03 10:54
MoiniI will try too get Frank from the German forum to connect with you.May 03 10:54
MoiniCan I give him your email, or should I ask him to join the chat, if he would like to?May 03 10:54
ReneDHYou can give him my email, that's fine!May 03 10:55
Moini(now let's hope I have it... lol...)May 03 10:55
MoiniOh, Chris has replied on the content issue.May 03 10:56
MoiniSeems he's not aware of the meeting... :-/May 03 10:56
McI was hoping on rc0 at lgm, but if it's going to be -beta, so be itMay 03 10:57
ReneDHI'm not on RockeChat right now, I can PM you there later if don't have it. (or is there something like that on IRC?)May 03 10:58
Mcthere are pm on irc, yesMay 03 10:58
Mc=== Fundraising ===May 03 10:58
Mcteam, objectives ?May 03 10:59
TavmjongMc, I'm not sure what your questions are about.May 03 11:01
TavmjongAre they about creating a team like Vectors but for fund raising?May 03 11:02
McThere was an agenda item for discussing the creation of a fundraising team, maybe with objectivesMay 03 11:02
McI personnaly think it could be within vectors scopeMay 03 11:02
TavmjongVectors has been doing a fantastic job but I wouldn't want to burn them out!May 03 11:03
Mcwe can ask them if they want it or separate it but imho outreach and fundraise are very close ?May 03 11:04
McMoini: can this be a question for Vectors tomorrow ?May 03 11:05
ryangorleyI think Bryce was suggesting breaking it out. I'm fine keeping it all together. What we really need is someone who focuses on that primarily.May 03 11:05
ryangorleyIMHOMay 03 11:05
MoiniYep.May 03 11:06
MoiniAgree with Ryan.May 03 11:06
McokMay 03 11:06
McI suggest leaving this matter for now thenMay 03 11:06
Mc=== Other Business ===May 03 11:07
Mctedg: Tavmjong: bryce: others: ?May 03 11:07
TavmjongNot from me!May 03 11:07
ReneDHMaybe one thing:May 03 11:08
crogersaaaaaaah!May 03 11:09
crogersam I too late?May 03 11:09
ryangorleyYes. You were just voted off the island.May 03 11:09
Mcwell, you arrive at the === Other Business === point, just before EOMMay 03 11:09
ReneDHI'm soon going to write up everything involved with macOS signing, which in turn brings spending money with it (and some other stuff...). Is that something to discuss with the whole board (like making an public or confidential issue)?May 03 11:09
crogersOh, well, that's good anyway. ;)May 03 11:09
McReneDH: everytthing can be public, but decisions involving money need board votesMay 03 11:10
crogersokay, I'll answer questions if proplr have them.May 03 11:10
crogersor peopleMay 03 11:10
ReneDHOk. I'll create an issue and ping it back to you guys once it's ready.May 03 11:10
McokMay 03 11:11
Mc== End of meeting ==May 03 11:12

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