Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2019-04-05

bryce@ ScislaC  @ted tedg @ Tav  @Mc @ doctormo   Board meeting time :-)Apr 05 09:59
bryce_== Inkscape Board Meeting ==Apr 05 10:00
TavmjongWho's here?Apr 05 10:00
ScislaCHello!Apr 05 10:01
bryceAgenda is at 05 10:02
bryceHackfest Saarbrucken, and GSoC are the main agenda items, other stuff we'll get to as time permits.Apr 05 10:03
bryceI'd like to keep today's meeting to 1 hr if possible.Apr 05 10:04
bryceLet me know if any other agenda items are urgent, we'll weave them in.Apr 05 10:04
bryceok, jumping right in:Apr 05 10:04
bryce===  Hackfest LGM 2019 ===Apr 05 10:04
Mco/Apr 05 10:04
brycesounds like things are coming together ok for the hackfest?Apr 05 10:05
TavmjongI think we are in good shape. We probably need to work a bit on the attendee list.Apr 05 10:06
brycein the action items, looks like I still need to do a vote for the sticker purchases that is working onApr 05 10:06
bryceI notice @ Moini  has been pinging folks, but yes that should be nailed down ASAP especially for those coming via air.Apr 05 10:06
bryce@ Tav  have you given thought to agenda items to focus on for the event?Apr 05 10:07
*tedg is back, sorry lunch took longer.Apr 05 10:07
MoiniYep, an official email to the mailing list would be good. We need to be a bit careful, though, to not get over 20.Apr 05 10:07
TavmjongRelease of 1.0 is the primary topic. More code clean-up.Apr 05 10:08
Mcfocus on blockers and making sure user experience with the release is goodApr 05 10:08
bryce@ Moini  what's your guess on attendance numbers at this point?Apr 05 10:08
MoiniI need to look...Apr 05 10:09
Tav 05 10:09
brycethanksApr 05 10:09
bryceso, 6 confirmed, another 8 as likelyApr 05 10:09
bryceok, this is looking pretty solidApr 05 10:09
MoiniYes.Apr 05 10:09
MoiniMarc is confirmed, too, I assume. Just as Mihaela and Jürgen.Apr 05 10:10
McyeahApr 05 10:10
RdHOnce I get my first MR through the door, you can count me as confirmed as well.Apr 05 10:11
MoiniI don't know how much time houz will have to attend, but he'll probably be there.Apr 05 10:11
McI won't cost much, btw, I will stay at my grandmother's place and will *try* to have my job pay for the trainApr 05 10:11
TavmjongI am toying with driving, in which case, I could bring supplies.Apr 05 10:12
MoiniWould be useful to have someone with a car there.Apr 05 10:12
MoiniUp to now, nobody else seems to come by car.Apr 05 10:13
McI will probably have one (my grandma told me it would be possible)Apr 05 10:13
TavmjongI'll need info about parking.Apr 05 10:13
MoiniBest to ask houz, Tavmjong.Apr 05 10:13
MoiniAlex said he'd know if he can attend by now.Apr 05 10:16
MoiniNeed to ping him again.Apr 05 10:16
brycefor the pasadena hackfest, we did a table of travelers to indicate arrival/departure times, etc.  You guys might want to add similiar on this pageApr 05 10:16
MoiniYes, I'll set that up.Apr 05 10:16
MoiniBeen planning to anyway.Apr 05 10:16
bryceok greatApr 05 10:17
MoiniWhat about the individual reimbursements? Do they need an extra board vote?Apr 05 10:17
bryceI notice in the attendance page there's a note that booth staff can be discounted from the cap, does that mean if we have 3 booth staffers, we can go to 23, or am I misunderstanding?Apr 05 10:17
MoiniOn the third day, yes.Apr 05 10:18
bryceoh I understandApr 05 10:18
bryceACTION: Arrange board vote on individual attendee reimbursements for Hackfest Saarbrücken [bryce]Apr 05 10:18
TavmjongI can send an official email to the list. I can also work on getting responses from people on our "People to Invite" list.Apr 05 10:19
bryce@ Tav  thanksApr 05 10:19
bryceACTION: Send official email to list about hackfest [tav]Apr 05 10:19
bryceACTION: Get responses from "People to Invite" list [tav]Apr 05 10:20
TavmjongBoard vote should probably include those on the Unconfirmed and Maybe lists.Apr 05 10:21
MoiniEmail to Alex sent.Apr 05 10:21
brycehow are things looking for the booth materials?  I think I need to do a vote for the payment, and have a rough idea on amount, but wasn't sure if the plan is completely nailed down there yet?Apr 05 10:21
bryce@ Tav  yeah was thinking similarlyApr 05 10:21
MoiniTavmjong, the list is almost completely grown from my ideas - if you know others the project would benefit from, don't hesitate to juggle around with the names.Apr 05 10:22
Tavmjong@Moini, looks like you did a great job with the list!Apr 05 10:23
MoiniSo, I've collected the images for stickers and banner from Ryan and Chris, and I'm currently working on getting the pictures ready for printing.Apr 05 10:23
MoiniFor the little cards, we don't have a picture yet. Chris has offered to work on it, but he's quite busy always.Apr 05 10:24
MoiniThe hackfest sticker picture is ready - Chris has made a really nice one.Apr 05 10:24
MoiniI think he's going to order those.Apr 05 10:25
MoiniMight as well order the others, too, but I haven't talked with him about it.Apr 05 10:25
ScislaCBe sure to ask @ doctormo  for his recipe to marinate the stickers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: jkApr 05 10:27
doctormoDeliciousApr 05 10:27
MoiniThe gradient banding is an issue, btw., for the banner.Apr 05 10:28
brycehahApr 05 10:28
MoiniAt least on screen. Not sure if printed, too.Apr 05 10:29
bryceugh, sorry I really wish I could put some time into getting that sortedApr 05 10:29
MoiniLazur is helping to smooth out the image with some raster magic.Apr 05 10:30
bryceok, I think I have enough info to do a vote at least, and get the funding recordedApr 05 10:30
MoiniGreat :)Apr 05 10:31
brycealright, any other plans or preparation worth discussing for the hackfest?Apr 05 10:31
Mc@bryce My friend has an almost-ready patch for it in pixman btwApr 05 10:31
Moini:DApr 05 10:32
TavmjongWe need more friends like that!Apr 05 10:32
bryceMc that's great! :-)Apr 05 10:32
MoiniNothing from me, @bryce.Apr 05 10:33
bryceACTION: Vote for hackfest booth materials, that Moini will be procuring [bryce]Apr 05 10:33
MoiniAnd Chris.Apr 05 10:33
ede123Mc: Do you have a link?Apr 05 10:33
MoiniPlease include him.Apr 05 10:33
MoiniSo we can split the orders as it makes most sense.Apr 05 10:34
bryceI actually have a separate action for sticker reimbursements for Chris, since he's been doing them for multiple events, but one way or another will ensure it gets coveredApr 05 10:35
MoiniOkay :)Apr 05 10:35
Mcede123: 05 10:35
Mc( build/run /demos/dither )Apr 05 10:35
Mc @bryce ^Apr 05 10:36
bryce@ Mc  thanks, is he working with upstream on getting it accepted?Apr 05 10:36
ede123Ah, I see, not published yet?Apr 05 10:37
Mcnot yetApr 05 10:37
Mcnot sure what he still plans to work onApr 05 10:37
bryceah, still some WIP code in thatApr 05 10:37
Mc(the best dithering is the blue noise dithering)Apr 05 10:38
ede123Did he have any feedback by pixman maintainers yet? Would be great if we could get this done for 1.0!Apr 05 10:38
brycewell give him kudos and encouragement from Inkscape :-)Apr 05 10:38
bryceok, if nothing else on the hackfest, let's move on.Apr 05 10:38
bryce=== GSoC ===Apr 05 10:39
bryce@ Tav  can you fill us in on how things are coming along?Apr 05 10:39
Mctwo proposals are posted so far : [redacted]Apr 05 10:40
Tav[redacted]Apr 05 10:41
ScislaCAre there any others interested from the mailing list which look like they might come to fruition?Apr 05 10:41
Mcprobably notApr 05 10:42
TavI agree with McApr 05 10:42
Mcnot sure about oneApr 05 10:42
ScislaCAgreed w/ @ Tav  on proposal assessment.Apr 05 10:42
Mc[redacted]Apr 05 10:43
bryceare we guaranteed at this point to have at least 1 student?Apr 05 10:43
Mcwe are never guaranteed, google gives the slotsApr 05 10:43
ScislaC@ bryce  No guarantees... but I will request at least one slot at this point.Apr 05 10:44
ScislaC(obviously not now, but still)Apr 05 10:44
Mcbut we should have one if we ask for oneApr 05 10:44
TavI think we should ask for one.Apr 05 10:44
brycewith 1.0 coming up, we probably will be a bit averse to adding technical debt, so probably smart to be conservative in how many slots we takeApr 05 10:45
Mcwe'll see, it's not completely impossible to have a good last-minute applicantApr 05 10:45
bryceyeahApr 05 10:45
ScislaCWe do usually get proposals right up to the deadline... but if he haven't heard from others that are promising right now, they'll likely be spam.Apr 05 10:46
brycehopefully 1.0 will be done by the summer, so if the students do their work in branches and land after 1.0 is released then there should be little to worry aboutApr 05 10:46
brycealright, GSoC sounds like it's coming along wellApr 05 10:47
bryce=== Budget ===Apr 05 10:47
brycewe discussed budget items last hackfest, and i have a partly done draft.  Was hoping to have it ready to present here today, but $life stuff has been getting in the way.  Apologies it's late.Apr 05 10:48
brycebut just wanted to ask if anyone had any additional items I should fold into it?Apr 05 10:48
doctormoJust to confirm bryce, do we still have $100 sticker allowence?Apr 05 10:49
bryce@ doctormo  I believe so, but I took an action this meeting to doublecheckApr 05 10:51
doctormoConsidering the agenda, this is probably the right place to add: I talked with Gnome, FSF and a few others at LibrePlanet. We really want a more cohesive FOSS swag structure. The first idea was to document each organisation's contacts with manufacturers (including stickers etc) so we can pool information better.Apr 05 10:52
bryceSFC expressed an interest in similar, when I spoke with Bradley at SCALEApr 05 10:53
Mcthat would be really interestingApr 05 10:54
MoiniYes!Apr 05 10:54
MoiniWas there a cap for the hackfest in Saarbrücken? (was going to search through the emails, but maybe someone knows?)Apr 05 10:55
MoiniThe one I'm copying things from had 22000 as a max value.Apr 05 10:56
doctormoSo a note for the future, I'll probably be asking different people in Inkscape to populate such a database with their contacts (I'm thinking of for example with his sticker maker)Apr 05 10:57
brycein the referendum we had an assumption of 10 attendees at $2000 each, but didn't specify it as a "cap".  We can revise that assumption now that we have some better numbersApr 05 10:59
McI will attend a small free software event this weekend in Lyon(France), are there topics with some orgs that need discussions ?Apr 05 10:59
bryceMc, funding and sponsorship advice would be niceApr 05 10:59
Mcthose I always discuss :DApr 05 11:00
bryce:-)Apr 05 11:00
bryceok, next agenda item would be the bug migration gameApr 05 11:00
Mcis it considered launched ? is it advertized ?Apr 05 11:01
brycesince we're missing chris I'll punt that to next meeting, but just want to say props to him and Terry for doing a great job, and I hope we can get a lot of people involved.Apr 05 11:01
brycethe bugs I've seen migrated across have been quite solid, and I hope the process helps in getting them resolvedApr 05 11:01
Mcis the "official" page the one on ?Apr 05 11:01
bryceyesApr 05 11:01
Mcmh okApr 05 11:02
Mca news item maybe ?Apr 05 11:02
bryceyes definitelyApr 05 11:02
McI think I will do a twitter postApr 05 11:02
doctormoIt needs bigging up and I think we need to advertise that it's open to non developers, because we don't see to have many people (even active people) who are non-devs trying it.Apr 05 11:02
brycegreatApr 05 11:02
bryceworth bringing up at tomorrow's vectors team meeting tooApr 05 11:03
Mcbut I think the page lacks some detailsApr 05 11:03
Mcfor instance on how to test on alpha versionApr 05 11:03
brycewould be great to get their involvement in promotionApr 05 11:03
bryceMc, Terry Brown <> and C R <> can take feedback, and have been great at incorporating wording improvement suggestionsApr 05 11:04
bryce=== Mailman3 ===Apr 05 11:05
bryceI've been hammering on some bugs in the hyperkitty archive import scripts - issues with unicode in the list archives basically - but have them sorted.  I'm going to do one final import test but I think we're otherwise good to goApr 05 11:06
bryceI've notified a few lists that we'll be closing (notably the user-LN lists)Apr 05 11:06
bryceat some point I'll need to solicit people to help as moderators, but I can handle that duty for nwoApr 05 11:07
bryceanyway, will post more on the list about this, as we move forward.Apr 05 11:08
tedgWoot! That's exciting!Apr 05 11:08
bryce== Other Business ==Apr 05 11:08
bryceAnyone have any new opens?Apr 05 11:08
bryceAlright, well thanks all!Apr 05 11:09
*tedg waves, thanks everyone!Apr 05 11:09
Mc:)Apr 05 11:09
bryce== End of Meeting ==Apr 05 11:10

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