Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2019-07-12

jabiertxof@ all  ^^Jul 12 09:19
doctormoI'm ready!Jul 12 09:28
tedgI'm readierJul 12 09:35
doctormo"ready" use to mean "well read", I'm unready in that sense.Jul 12 09:52
ScislaCI'm readiest?Jul 12 09:53
Tav_******************** Board Meeting *********************Jul 12 10:00
Tav_Who's here?Jul 12 10:00
ScislaCHereJul 12 10:00
NPJ2000Sipping coffee. <Jul 12 10:02
Tav_bryce, doctormo, tedg?Jul 12 10:02
*tedg wavesJul 12 10:02
Tav_Mc?Jul 12 10:03
RdH(lurking)Jul 12 10:03
doctormomeJul 12 10:04
Tav_I guess we can wait a few minutes for bryce.Jul 12 10:06
Tav_While we wait, anyone have an idea for our next hackfest?Jul 12 10:08
NPJ2000I'm loving Inkscape on Catalina so far ... it took less than 18 seconds to print a whole year calendar (one page) and have it in my hands. It's faster than Preview and comes out to be smaller in size but identical in quality (in fact, the Inkscape flavor looks better than what Preview produces on both counts).  :champagne:Jul 12 10:08
MoiniInkscapers are always welcome at Kiel, but not sure they want to - after all, it's not exactly central.Jul 12 10:09
Tav@ NPJ2000  Can you give us a status report of the Mac build?Jul 12 10:10
Tav@ Moini  I wouldn't mind going back to Kiel!Jul 12 10:11
tedgAs much as I was worried about it, Pasadena College seemed relatively happy with us. I think they'd allow us to return if we wanted.Jul 12 10:11
tedgI'd love to go to Kiel 🙂Jul 12 10:11
doctormoRed Hat might be receptive, but their IBM merger makes things more tricky. The FSF and MIT would host us though.Jul 12 10:11
TavPasadena was nice... but the developer turnout was low.Jul 12 10:12
ScislaCWas that a Pasadena thing or a US thing from what you can tell?Jul 12 10:12
doctormoI'm interested in a full week or at least 4 days of hacking. rather than the smaller 3 days.Jul 12 10:12
Moini@ michele  was also thinking of offering to host a hackfest, don't know the time frame, though.Jul 12 10:13
tedgYup, that is true. I hope that the LGM Day at SCALE turns into a thing, but not sure if it will.Jul 12 10:13
TavWest coast US is far from Europe.Jul 12 10:13
tedgGive them some time and a few earthquakes, they'll swim across the Pacific here shortly.Jul 12 10:13
Moini(that would be in or close to Québec city, I think)Jul 12 10:13
tedgThat's much easier from Europe.Jul 12 10:14
NPJ2000I'm able to track and build from master on macOS running Catalina. No modifications necessary.Jul 12 10:14
NPJ2000There are a few items from Extensions that are not working, but that is due to a missing Python Numpy library (which I'm still working on getting to install).Jul 12 10:15
NPJ2000Overall, the speed, visual drawing/refresh, paths, and other oddities are largely gone now.Jul 12 10:16
NPJ2000Packaging is the present process, which René has been working on - and devoting his own resources - toward.Jul 12 10:17
TavQuebec City is relatively cheap to get to from Paris (Montreal is really cheap).Jul 12 10:17
MoiniAnd then there's Rennes, where Elisa and CĂ©dric offered to host, during/close to next LGMJul 12 10:17
Tav@ NPJ2000  Sounds good!Jul 12 10:17
TavI think we should definitely have a hackfest in Rennes before or after LGM. I was thinking it would be good to have something between then and now.Jul 12 10:18
MchiJul 12 10:18
ScislaChi Mc!Jul 12 10:18
TavMc!Jul 12 10:18
Mcsorry for the delay, traffic was terribleJul 12 10:18
TavYou are driving in Paris?Jul 12 10:19
McbikeJul 12 10:19
Tav@ doctormo  DIdn't you try MIT last time and had trouble getting a response?Jul 12 10:20
McI miight be able to book meeting rooms in my uni depending on the week (in Paris before october, in Palaiseau after that)Jul 12 10:22
TavPalaiseau would be too easy!Jul 12 10:22
doctormoYes, from SIPB, they're always enthusastic, but I think you have to go talk to them at certain times.Jul 12 10:22
MoiniThere were issues with their new booking system, AFAIR.Jul 12 10:22
doctormoThat sounds right.Jul 12 10:23
Mcwhen do you see that hackfest ?Jul 12 10:23
TavDecember is halfway between now and LGM but maybe December isn't the best time.Jul 12 10:26
Mcfirst half of december is okJul 12 10:26
Mcparis open source summit is Dec 10-11Jul 12 10:27
tedgIt's hard because you run into Thanksgiving in the US.Jul 12 10:27
ScislaCAs long as there's gravy that time of year, I don't care where I am. ;)Jul 12 10:28
doctormoThat slice of time between TG and TAC is great for me.Jul 12 10:28
Tav 12 10:28
NPJ2000Are there any other conferences or gatherings in the FOSS sphere that would be a good opportunity to pair up in a city or locale?Jul 12 10:28
tedgI'd imagine that Jan would be better for folks, and it's close.Jul 12 10:28
Mccapitole du libre in Toulouse is usually in octoberJul 12 10:28
Mcnovember*Jul 12 10:28
NPJ2000Going where the party's at (already) might be a nice calendar for FOSS to keep on the wall.  =)Jul 12 10:29
doctormoLibrePlanet is in Boston, but no one wanted to go to it before the last Boston hackfest.Jul 12 10:29
TavI have a feeling that other than LGM or SCALE isn't of much benefit to us.Jul 12 10:29
tedgIt's be nice if there were more graphics related events... the only other one I could see being of benefit to us would be GUADEC to chat with the GTK folks.Jul 12 10:30
tedgThat's summer though.Jul 12 10:31
TavFOSDEM is in Brussels, usually in February. I've never been.Jul 12 10:31
tedg 12 10:31
MoiniTav, me neither. But probably a good event to visit.Jul 12 10:31
NPJ2000I always thought Prague was nice.Jul 12 10:32
MoiniDo we have any Inkscapers in Belgium?Jul 12 10:32
doctormoA lot of the other events just need "our person over there" so of thing. A contact that can `__repr__`Jul 12 10:32
Mcthere is eurographics ans SIGGRAPH :pJul 12 10:32
ScislaCWhy don't we go to Siggraph then Ted? (jk)Jul 12 10:32
tedgGNOME Asia, but not sure that really works for us. 12 10:32
TavI would go to Indonesia but I doubt we would get a great turnout.Jul 12 10:33
Mc\cite{Inkscape Folks, Inkscape 1.0: Vector graphics editor, SIGGRAPH 2020}Jul 12 10:33
tedgFOSDEM usually has some community rooms/tracks we could setup.Jul 12 10:33
NPJ2000Might work to have three or four: depending on the hemisphere and season.Jul 12 10:33
NPJ2000Sydney is nice, too.Jul 12 10:34
Mcsydney is half a world away for everyone^^Jul 12 10:34
TavSydney is great in January but it's 24 hours in a plane.Jul 12 10:35
Mcnot cheap eitherJul 12 10:36
NPJ2000Prague, Sydney, Bangalore, Dubai, Frankfurt, Toronto, Vancouver, Busan?Jul 12 10:36
brycehi, sorry been swamped at workJul 12 10:38
TavEurographics is the weekend before LGM in Sweden, SIGGRAPH is in Washington DC in July.Jul 12 10:38
doctormoSent a text bryce, did it come through?Jul 12 10:39
NPJ2000Bogotá, Florianópolis, Perth?Jul 12 10:39
TavI think the two most practical suggestions are Boston at MIT or Paris with Mc.Jul 12 10:40
brycedoctormo, don't think soJul 12 10:40
tedgI think yes, but also FOSDEM isn't bad.Jul 12 10:40
Tav@ Mc, where exactly is your institute moving?Jul 12 10:41
Mcbehind PolytechniqueJul 12 10:41
TavOh, then that is really close!Jul 12 10:41
Tav@ ted  We wouldn't have a local in Brussels.Jul 12 10:42
Mc( )Jul 12 10:42
NPJ2000The Inkscape Community Hub can probably help with that.Jul 12 10:42
Mc(don't trust the picture)Jul 12 10:43
Mc( )Jul 12 10:43
tedgTav, was thinking perhaps the Blender folks could help us out with contacts.Jul 12 10:44
ScislaCRandom but related, exciting day today for the Blender folks today with 2.8 RC being released.Jul 12 10:45
tedgYup, very cool.Jul 12 10:45
TavI've driven by there a couple of times in the past few months. It's amazing how much construction is going on. I use to bike by there going to Polytechnique when it was only farm fields.Jul 12 10:46
Mc(do we have an agenda for the board meeting ? I may not be able to stay late)Jul 12 10:48
NPJ2000^Ditto.Jul 12 10:48
bryceyeah i need to go soon tooJul 12 10:48
bryceI didn't prepare an agenda, although from what I recall last I looked we don't have anything pressingJul 12 10:49
bryce* InfrastructureJul 12 10:49
** mailing list migration off SourceForgeJul 12 10:49 12 10:49
bryce=== Mailing List migration ===Jul 12 10:50
Mcdo we still have people with problems ?Jul 12 10:50
NPJ2000* Round of applause for everyone.Jul 12 10:50
bryceyes, that's the main open issue right now, some people can't get subscribedJul 12 10:50
brycemoini did some analysis and identified a possible solution for dkim problems, I just haven't had a chance to sit down and lookJul 12 10:51
brycethere's some random cleanups I need to do - closing the old SF lists, closing tickets, etc. but just want to have time to doublecheck things before finalizingJul 12 10:52
rindolfMc: i'm not getting emailJul 12 10:53
bryceI also want to start volunteering people to be moderators on the list, since we're 1-bus-factored on that currently.  I think that'd make it possible for others to handle manual subscriptions (although ideally I'd rather fix it so it's unnecessary to do that)Jul 12 10:53
brycewe've been getting some spam though so there is a bit of moderation work needed thereJul 12 10:53
brycerindolf, file a bug report and I'll investigate when I get a chunk of time. 12 10:53
bryce=== Wiki migration ===Jul 12 10:54
ScislaC@ bryce  I had been moderating the user list (I believe) on SF, happy to continue doing it.Jul 12 10:54
bryceOSUOSL pings me monthly on this, I want to get moving on it, but it's next in line after mm3, and setting up backups.  If anyone would like to take on ansible-ification of mediawiki, I'd love to hand that off to someoneJul 12 10:54
bryce@ ScislaC  excellent thanksJul 12 10:55
bryce@ ScislaC  are you receiving emails?Jul 12 10:55
bryce=== GSoC ===Jul 12 10:55
brycehow's gsoc coming along?Jul 12 10:55
TavGSoC is going well. Vanntile finished expanding the mesh polyfill to handle strokes and bicubic interpolation. He also finished a hatch polyfill. He's now working on a Paints dialog where patterns and hatches (and maybe other paints) can be chosen visually. How it should fit into Inkscape GUI probably needs to thought about carefully since it partially duplicates part of the Fill and StrokJul 12 10:55
e dialog.Jul 12 10:55
ScislaC@ bryce  Yeah, I've seen emails from the new lists and old.Jul 12 10:56
TavThe polyfill work has already ben merged.Jul 12 10:57
bryce@ Tav  sounds like connecting him with some ux folks could be fruitful?Jul 12 10:57
Tavs/ben/been/Jul 12 10:57
TavYeah, that would be a good idea.Jul 12 10:57
brycegreat to hear gsoc is progressing well this year :-)Jul 12 10:57
brycesince it's almost at the hour, let's skip to other bizJul 12 10:59
bryce=== Other Business ===Jul 12 10:59
adam.beliswhat is polyfill ?Jul 12 10:59
bryceany pressing new issues we need to discuss/track?Jul 12 10:59
MoiniAdam: javascript to replace missing functionality in browsers.Jul 12 10:59
tedgI think we probably need to put an item in the agenda for hte discussion of the next hackfest, not sure we came to any answers though.Jul 12 11:00
ScislaC@ bryce  Not pressing, but I'm just not sure I'm ever going to get a response on the icons license.Jul 12 11:00
doctormoIt looks like we may be loosing Brynn on the forums over a moderator permissions issue.Jul 12 11:01
Mc?Jul 12 11:02
doctormoThe issue is over whether forum moderators should have further permission to delete website users, and not just block them from posting to the forum.Jul 12 11:02
doctormoBrynn is pretty mad about being told no.Jul 12 11:03
NPJ2000Is there a global account with settings that pertain to the other Inkscape areas?Jul 12 11:03
bryceScislac, I've forgotten about the icons license issue, but added it and the hackfest to the agenda for next time.Jul 12 11:03
NPJ2000Meaning, users exist once on the system, but have various roles and privileges.Jul 12 11:03
McI don't see issues about site-banning people who do not respect the CoCJul 12 11:04
doctormoMc: Moderators can still flag users and with two votes users are removed. But brynn wants a single moderator to be able to delete.Jul 12 11:04
ScislaCI think that it requiring more than one person is not too high of a bar imho (one can easily ping another mod via email or other means).Jul 12 11:05
NPJ2000It can create a circumstance where the temporary "time-out" of a user can be more easily made.Jul 12 11:06
NPJ2000(Usually easier from Apache when they're being authenticated already, but ...)Jul 12 11:06
MoiniBanning from forums is an independent functionality.Jul 12 11:06
MoiniAnd we once had problems with that on the old forum, with a mod having gone mad.Jul 12 11:06
MoiniIt wasn't pretty.Jul 12 11:07
NPJ2000Time out is temporary and reversible (well, with a moving clock.)Jul 12 11:07
doctormo@ Moini  Yes, it's the kind of thing we want to prevent.Jul 12 11:08
doctormoSo one possible solution is if someone here can jump into the conversation on GitLab and see if there's some extra that can be added to resolve the issue.Jul 12 11:08
doctormoThe other is to ask Vector's team to find a new replacement Forum master.Jul 12 11:08
bryceit looks to me like there is super bad miscommunication hereJul 12 11:10
ScislaC@ doctormo  Got a link to the Gitlab conversation handy?Jul 12 11:11
doctormo 12 11:11
bryceI have not been following any of the forum stuff, but from what I'm hearing from the two sides, the perspectives of the problems don't match up at allJul 12 11:13
Mc@doctormo it would be possible to do a 24h ban on posting from the first voteJul 12 11:13
Mcthat would mitigate the "moderator gone rogue" problem (only affect forum for at most 24h) and at the same time solve the problem mentioned in the initial postJul 12 11:14
Mcsince the spammer would immediately be unable to continueJul 12 11:14
rindolfbryce: gitlab just ate my issueJul 12 11:14
TavslurpJul 12 11:14
bryce@ ScislaC  and @ Moini  would you two be willing to act as 3rd parties in the dispute, listen to both sides, and try to help fix the miscommunication they're having?Jul 12 11:15
MoiniNot so much, I think I already messed up there.Jul 12 11:16
ScislaC@ bryce  I will read through it thoroughly and try to offer both my perspective and to help (as in my time to help moderate).Jul 12 11:16
bryce@ Scislac  thanksJul 12 11:16
NPJ2000I can read, also, if provided the material.Jul 12 11:17
doctormoMc: bans can be added immediately, no issue.Jul 12 11:17
doctormoWe can continue this in the issue :-)Jul 12 11:18
doctormoThanks everyone.Jul 12 11:18
bryce@ doctormo  I'd encourage you to, when you feel yourself ready, to try and step back and look at the issue from fresh eyes and try and see what the problems are she is concerned with, it may help get the conversation back on a constructive track.Jul 12 11:18
bryceok, thanks allJul 12 11:18
McI have to goJul 12 11:18
bryce== End of Meeting ==Jul 12 11:18
Mc:)Jul 12 11:18
rindolfbryce: here: 12 11:18
ScislaCthanks everyone :)Jul 12 11:19
*tedg wavesJul 12 11:19
TavByeJul 12 11:21
MoiniBye, @ Tav  - have you had time for the shipping issue?Jul 12 11:22
MoiniI need to know if I need to re-print.Jul 12 11:22
Moini 12 11:23
Tav@ Moini , I have seen some rather inexpensive options but haven't had time to investigate fully. When do you need the poster.Jul 12 11:55
MoiniThanks, Tav. In September. It should be there ~ the 15th, latest.Jul 12 11:56
TavOK, I'll ship it as soon as I get back from the US (mid-August).Jul 12 11:57
MoiniAh, you're already there :)Jul 12 11:57
MoiniThanks :)Jul 12 11:57
TavWe leave Tuesday morning and I probably won't have time to deal with it before leaving.Jul 12 11:58
MoiniNo problem, that's definitely early enough. It's just if I had to re-print, I would need to know earlier.Jul 12 11:58
MoiniBecause I'll be ordering print stuff soon.Jul 12 11:59
Moini(posters, flyers etc. for Kielux)Jul 12 11:59

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