Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2019-07-26

jabiertxofinkchatbot pingJul 26 09:23
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> I just full fix a issue in inkchatbot that dye on start, Sorry for the inconveniences.Jul 26 09:23
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> Mc we are testing the texttoolbar improvements, is wip removed and waiting more feedback while waiting to beta. Jul 26 09:25
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> I just add @adam.belis fix for no units line height. Also add units in the toolbar, is problematic to user dont know what unit has his fonts, ifhabityualy switch from webdevelopment to printing worksJul 26 09:29
inkchatbotFrom now I put a ling to the MR where everybody can get a working branch in his system and be sure is the last one. If anyope dont know how to get binaries from here please ping here.Jul 26 09:29
inkchatbot 26 09:29
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> please use this last link ^^Jul 26 09:30
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> @ ede123  think preferences problem is also fixedJul 26 09:42
inkchatbot<nivel1br> [ ]( @ jabiertxof  Hi, which program do u use to download ?tortoise?Jul 26 09:49
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> Firefox follow the green tics for your systemJul 26 09:55
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> Ping me in need screenshots, away from pc nowJul 26 09:55
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> @ Moini   could you try this in GtkInspector?Jul 26 10:21
inkchatbot```Jul 26 10:21
inkchatbot 26 10:21
inkchatbot<Moini> Patrick once taught me how to use it, but I don't remember... How do I even start it?Jul 26 10:23
inkchatbot<Moini> It's not in the repos under that name, either.Jul 26 10:23
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> you are on linuxJul 26 10:23
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> Jul 26 10:23
inkchatbot?Jul 26 10:23
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> nowJul 26 10:23
inkchatbot<Moini> yes, Linux Mint.Jul 26 10:24
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> 1st try: Ctrl+Shift+iJul 26 10:24
inkchatbot<Moini> With Xfce.Jul 26 10:24
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> in masterJul 26 10:24
inkchatbot<Moini> Nothing.Jul 26 10:24
inkchatbot<Moini> I think there was something with a debug mode to be activated....Jul 26 10:24
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> gsettings set org.gtk.Settings.Debug enable-inspector-keybinding trueJul 26 10:25
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> stop, restart and same keysJul 26 10:25
inkchatbot<Moini> Yes.Jul 26 10:25
inkchatbot<Moini> Works.Jul 26 10:25
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> go to style and paste thisJul 26 10:26
inkchatbot<Moini> Works!!!Jul 26 10:26
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> tweak the opacoity value and let me a number and mergeJul 26 10:27
inkchatbot<Moini> 0.4 looks good to me:Jul 26 10:29
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> :)Jul 26 10:29
inkchatbot<Moini> , see on (Bildschirmfoto_2019-07-26_19-28-50.png) Jul 26 10:29
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> going to merge!Jul 26 10:29
inkchatbot<Moini> Not sure, maybe this was the quickest fix ever :)Jul 26 10:29
irker979[inkscape] Jabier Arraiza pushed 1 new commit to master: 26 10:31
irker979inkscape/master 8055e8be Jabiertxof (1 file): Fix for bug disabled elemets not lower colorJul 26 10:31
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> jajjajaJul 26 10:31
inkchatbot<Moini> Muchissimas gracias!Jul 26 10:31
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> :)Jul 26 10:31
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> you are welcome!Jul 26 10:31
inkchatbot<Moini> (it took me longer to figure out what was wrong, and to write the issue)Jul 26 10:32
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> :)Jul 26 10:32
inkchatbot<Moini> Than it took from posting to fixed :)Jul 26 10:32
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> I fix the Gez issue not units in font size when line height branch be mergedJul 26 10:33
inkchatbot<Moini> I haven't looked at your changes there yet.Jul 26 10:33
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> Want me to mark as fixed?Jul 26 10:33
inkchatbot<Moini> This time, I was faster ;-)Jul 26 10:34
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> :)Jul 26 10:34
inkchatbot<Moini> Currently testing my workshop with master, and able to find issues with the basic tools by doing that.Jul 26 10:35
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> Great, ping me if you need helpJul 26 10:35
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> share if is stored!!!!Jul 26 10:35
inkchatbot<Moini> Btw. does anyone know how to get rid of those crazy auto-expanding scroll bars in a desktop theme? They always get in the way....Jul 26 10:37
inkchatbot<Moini> (a general issue, though, not Inkscape)Jul 26 10:37
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> you can tweac your theme with CSS I thinkJul 26 10:38
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> so you need to ad a max-width valueJul 26 10:38
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> to the same than normal oneJul 26 10:38
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> but to me is good scroolbars autospanding because i can getr into fasterJul 26 10:39
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> debian dont have it by defaultJul 26 10:39
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> anyway expanding can have problems with some layoutsJul 26 10:40
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> if scrollbar is not fixed or absoluteJul 26 10:40
inkchatbot<Moini> In the dialogs in Inkscape, the scrollbars jump over the contents that I want to click on.Jul 26 10:50
inkchatbot<Moini> Not for the main scrollbars, just in XML editor and docks.Jul 26 10:51
inkchatbot<Moini> Not so much a problem for vertical, but horizontal isn't great.Jul 26 10:51
inkchatbot<Moini> Yep, I need to learn how to do that :)Jul 26 10:52
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> We can fix it with GtkInspectorJul 26 10:59
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> Want to try? Jul 26 10:59
inkchatbot<Moini> Uhm, now? If you're still there: yes!Jul 26 11:03
inkchatbot<Moini> I think I rather need a min-width, though.Jul 26 11:05
inkchatbot<Moini> They're only a pixel thin.Jul 26 11:05
inkchatbot<Moini> scrollbar without hovering class should look like with hovering.Jul 26 11:08
inkchatbot<Moini> So, I found the right selector. How can I pin the object to a state (i.e. hovering) so I can check out the properties?Jul 26 11:11
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> Im tweaking this:Jul 26 11:12
inkchatbot<Moini> `scrollbar:not(hovering) {Jul 26 11:12
inkchatbot 26 11:12
inkchatbot<Moini> not selector doesn't work, but doesn't matter.Jul 26 11:13
inkchatbot<Moini> Now it works, maybe I did sth. wrong.Jul 26 11:16
inkchatbot<Moini> Switching to PM, sorry for noise!Jul 26 11:16
inkchatbot<windell.oskay> Is the python serial library (pyserial) included in current 1.0 (alpha) builds on linux?Jul 26 11:26
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> @ Moini  have it for XML inspector want to learn how?Jul 26 11:27
inkchatbot<Moini> Later, Jabier, thank you!Jul 26 11:34
inkchatbot<Moini> Windell, which builds? Appimage?Jul 26 11:34
inkchatbot<windell.oskay> I'm not using the linux version right now, so I'm not sure which is which. Serial appears to (if I understand correctly) be bundled on Windows at the moment, but not Mac. So, in general, I guess?Jul 26 11:40
inkchatbot<RdH> Is there is an extension that comes with Inkscape that does require it? If so, that's reason enough fo include it.Jul 26 11:44
serpExport > Plot uses pyserial I believeJul 26 11:54
inkchatbot<windell.oskay> Yes.Jul 26 11:58
inkchatbot<windell.oskay> It's included with 0.92 as well.Jul 26 11:58
inkchatbot<windell.oskay> What I'm trying to determine is if this is a mac-specific issue or not.Jul 26 11:59
inkchatbot<Moini> It's not a required package, it seems. I don't have pyserial installed.Jul 26 12:02
inkchatbot<Moini> And AFAIK, Inkscape doesn't come with any Python aside from extensions on Linux.Jul 26 12:03
inkchatbot<Moini> Unless it's packaged like flatpak, appimage or snap.Jul 26 12:03
inkchatbot<Moini> For those I don't know.Jul 26 12:03
inkchatbot<windell.oskay> I imagine that it does have lxmlJul 26 12:12
inkchatbot<Moini> You need to install that with the package manager, for the ppa and ubuntu repo versions. It's included in the appimage.Jul 26 13:20

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