Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2019-10-04

Tav--------------- Board Meeting ----------------Oct 04 10:03
ScislaCI'm hereOct 04 10:03
doctormoTav: you want to take the chair?Oct 04 10:04
TavSureOct 04 10:04
TavDoes anybody have anything pressing?Oct 04 10:04
TavWe should get an update on 1.0 from Mc when he reappears.Oct 04 10:05
doctormoI wanted to bring up bottlenecks in our management, this relates to but is not exclusively a bryce thing. But we'd have to wait for him to be available I think to talk about it.Oct 04 10:05
NPJ2000The present macOS update to «😱» has broken my builds completely since mid September and persists going forward without my ability to remedy alone.Oct 04 10:06
Tav@ doctormo  Maybe you give a quick summary so we can start thinking about it.Oct 04 10:06
doctormoTav: Bryce has been Canonicled, so availability has disapeared (much like last time a few of us went to work there) and I have some concerns about some of the key roles both in terms of overall leadership of the project and as primary contact for the SFC and a few other bits.Oct 04 10:07
TavThat's true... but then he did show in Paris for a mini-meeting recently!Oct 04 10:08
doctormoBut it would be impolite to start asking for some of these reponsibilities to be shared out if bryce isn't here to talk about it.Oct 04 10:09
Tav@ NPJ2000  The board normally doesn't deal with development issues but maybe that is something we can look at when Mc shows up.Oct 04 10:09
*bryce wavesOct 04 10:10
doctormo:-) bryce; my friend, my ceasar. :wink: Do you have time currently for a short chat about this?Oct 04 10:11
ScislaC:)Oct 04 10:13
TavWhile we wait for Mc and bryce, perhaps we should move on.Oct 04 10:14
Tav----------- Hackfests ------------Oct 04 10:14
Mc Oct 04 10:14
TavWe should have a hackfest before the LGM in Rennes.Oct 04 10:14
TavBut should we have one between now and then?Oct 04 10:14
McsureOct 04 10:15
tedgDo we want to do SCALE again?Oct 04 10:15
doctormoIt would be good if we could do a bugfest instead, maybe a distributed one instead of a physical one. If we want to focus on stomping on the 1.0 release and be able to do it more quicly.Oct 04 10:15
tedgNot pushing it, but its an option.Oct 04 10:16
TavRennes is scheduled from 27-30 MayOct 04 10:16
McScale is March 5 - 8, 2020Oct 04 10:17
TavSCALE was a good meeting for discussing board issues but as for hacking, not so much.Oct 04 10:17
doctormo(I'd run a BugFest in early December, probably Dec 2nd - Dec 5thOct 04 10:17
TavI would probably not make SCALE this time.Oct 04 10:17
Mc@doctormo so we schedule release for Dec 25 ? :pOct 04 10:18
doctormo:-)Oct 04 10:18
Mcafaict there are not a lot of big blocker bugs apart from the GTK bugsOct 04 10:20
Mcthe few related to macos packaging are quickly solved by RdHOct 04 10:20
RdH...and some that are (sadly) specific to macOS / GTKOct 04 10:20
tedgMight be interesting to do a one-day and have public promotion of locaitons. So kinda like the Ubuntu Bud Days. Where we could try to get a bunch of events all over.Oct 04 10:20
doctormoIt could easily focus on sanding out some rough edges instead of blocking issues.Oct 04 10:20
tedgLike a library conference room, maker space, etc.Oct 04 10:21
TavA distributed bugfest might work... might still be useful to get a small group into a room. Mc and I are here in Paris which isn't too far for some of the German hackers with others calling in.Oct 04 10:21
jabiertxofI think we could wait 1.0 is a important number to us we must not need hurryOct 04 10:21
doctormoYes a European central point might work well. I can get a space at Red Hat, even if it's just me and an open invitation.Oct 04 10:21
McWhere is that ?Oct 04 10:22
doctormoBoston, USAOct 04 10:22
brycethere are several projects and duties I'd like to hand off to others, but easier to discuss those things later.  Most urgent thing was th emailing list stuff, which Mc has pitched in on.Oct 04 10:22
McI think MLs are working ?Oct 04 10:22
RdHI can donate a Zoom conference so we can get together virtuallyOct 04 10:22
doctormobryce: would you like a GitLab issue so we can track outstanding responsibilities and if we have a >1 bus factor for them all?Oct 04 10:23
NPJ2000Cross-platform deliverability should be considered. I have libraries with iPads that want to deploy tools.Oct 04 10:23
MoiniThey worj, yes, thank you, Mc.Oct 04 10:23
jabiertxof:)Oct 04 10:24
doctormo(I love adding the reaction emoji to people on IRc's posts, they'll never see how we celebrate their contributions with beer)Oct 04 10:24
NPJ2000If only they were drinkable!!!!Oct 04 10:25
jabiertxof:) declind long time proposalOct 04 10:25
McThere is a small Ubuntu event in Paris Nov 16-17 ( ) but I'll probably attend an opensource event in Toulouse at the same date ( )Oct 04 10:25
Mc(I could probably use a few thousand stickers^^)Oct 04 10:25
RdHThe Capitole du Libre does not have an "English" button or I'm not able to find itOct 04 10:26
Mcit does notOct 04 10:26
MoiniThere aren't so many left 😕Oct 04 10:27
doctormo@ Moini  ?Oct 04 10:27
MoiniStickers.Oct 04 10:27
doctormoAh!Oct 04 10:27
Mcwrt physical location for hacking, I can tell early november if I can have a meeting room in Palaiseau for 1-2 days wheneverOct 04 10:27
doctormoMc: OK we'll coordinate, I don't expect a lot of US interest in fixing bugs, we have very few active contributors this side of the pond. but might be good publicity.Oct 04 10:28
MoiniMc: do you need the banner for Toulouse?Oct 04 10:29
Mcprobably not, I'll probably spend more time going to see other people and conferences than holding a standOct 04 10:29
MoiniOk. Thx!Oct 04 10:30
TavLet's tentatively plan a distributed bugfest for early Decenber with the  possibility of getting physically together in Palaiseau (suburb of Paris) for those that can.Oct 04 10:30
NPJ2000I have been attempting to encourage more responsible innovators in the broader reach of the Americas to participate, but it is a hurdle to present when the motivation requires skill(z) being purposefully applied to make a considerable difference. Oct 04 10:31
TavWe should also contact Cedric and Elisa about space in Rennes. I can try to do that next week.Oct 04 10:33
doctormo@ NPJ2000  Mentorships are available.Oct 04 10:33
TavLet's move on...Oct 04 10:34
NPJ2000Talk to me afterwards? I have a collection of people who want to contribute and grow (as well as thrive and beam!)Oct 04 10:34
mapreriI just realized that inkscape 1.0beta's "Help" menu is basically emptied, when compared to 0.92.4Oct 04 10:34
mapreri(if you hold I can get a screenshot)Oct 04 10:34
Tav---------- 1.0 Release -----------Oct 04 10:34
Mcmapreri: when you don't have extensions workingOct 04 10:35
TavMc: Can you give us a status report?Oct 04 10:35
c.rogersHowdy. Sorry I'm late, had a client meeting which went overtime.Oct 04 10:35
mapreriMc: mh, like no entries in the menu at all?Oct 04 10:35
McyOct 04 10:35
mapreriuhOct 04 10:35
McBeta1 was well receivedOct 04 10:35
Mcit apparently has no major bugs in generalOct 04 10:35
mapreriI have to figure what to do with the plugins and py3, then I'll upload to debian experimentalOct 04 10:36
NPJ2000Exceptional work, in my view. 1.0 works.Oct 04 10:36
mapreriI'm also happy with 1.0 btw :)Oct 04 10:36
McI think there is some work left in documentationOct 04 10:36
mapreriyes, the manpage doesn't match at all :DOct 04 10:36
maprerilike, -f is sitll listed, like -A, etcOct 04 10:37
McSome translators are proposing updates, I don't know how much help is needed for that ( @Moini ?)Oct 04 10:37
ScislaCThe blend modes regression in the layers & objects dialogs will need to be dealt with. But I imagine that shouldn't be too bad.Oct 04 10:38
MoiniHelp for the man page, Mc?Oct 04 10:38
Mc@ScislaC which bug report ?Oct 04 10:38
TavDo we have all these tasks listed somewhere?Oct 04 10:38
Mc@Moini with translator coordination/translation stateOct 04 10:38
Mc(or with docs)Oct 04 10:38
ScislaC 04 10:39
MoiniI don't know, Patrick did these previously.Oct 04 10:39
c.rogersI was able to use 1.0 Beta for the Gnome 3.34 release video, btw. Don't know if I mentioned that.Oct 04 10:40
c.rogersSo super well done everyone. :)Oct 04 10:40
MoiniAre we officially in string freeze?Oct 04 10:40
McyesOct 04 10:41
MoiniInfo isn't flowing so great.Oct 04 10:41
c.rogersInkscape in 4k is just a thing of beauty. :)Oct 04 10:41
c.rogersI've been using Inkscape to show off my screen resolution. lolOct 04 10:41
RdHI am happy that the guy from GNOME (sorry I forgot his name) could reproduce the "empty toolbar" issue. But I'm not very optimistic about the other mac specific glitches with GTK. I've asked GNOME guy if has someone at hand for macOS and he said no... so where does that leave us, how can we get help with thoseOct 04 10:42
doctormoIf it's super bad, we could pay for one of the known contractors to do the work for us.?Oct 04 10:43
NPJ2000I could telephone Apple and ask to speak with Tim?Oct 04 10:43[ ]( @ inkchatbot  Do we want a run of the high quality generic inkscape stickers then?Oct 04 10:43
RdHI think Tim has no experience with GTK though...Oct 04 10:43
ScislaC@ NPJ2000  Just look in the white pages for Tim AppleOct 04 10:44
mapreriMc: I'm a bit lost, indeed I suspected extensions weren't properly working, but how would I go to figure what's missing/wrongOct 04 10:44
mapreriI don't think it's a build time consideration, right?  At least the build log looks perfect to meOct 04 10:44
Mcmapreri: can you hold that until after the board meeting ?Oct 04 10:44
maprerioh, sureOct 04 10:44
maprerisorry, didn't realize I clashedOct 04 10:44
NPJ2000Neither do we, but they can do it if asked, I think.Oct 04 10:44
TavSounds like we could use a run of stickers. Do we need to vote on that or is that something for Team Vectors?Oct 04 10:45
NPJ2000We’ve got to get Cook(ing) at some point … LOL.Oct 04 10:45
McI think we have to vote for the budget partOct 04 10:45 what's the price of the prints ?Oct 04 10:45
c.rogersI'll get a quote for 1K stickers.Oct 04 10:45
Tav(Didn't we give Vector's a budget?)Oct 04 10:45
MoiniNo.Oct 04 10:46 10k ?Oct 04 10:46
MoiniOr, last year, maybe.Oct 04 10:46
doctormoI have to leave soon. Oct 04 10:47
TavMc, do you need anything from the board for 1.0?Oct 04 10:47
RdH@ doctormo  Before contracting someone: do we know how far GIMP is along with GTK3? I'm in contact with their macOS guy, I can ask him if he has experienced issues like we haveOct 04 10:47
McI think most of it is just coordination, work, and technical stuffOct 04 10:48
Tav@ NPJ2000  had some comment about Mac build being broken.Oct 04 10:48
doctormo@ RdH : sure, do some digging and we can bring it back to the board if the answer is money.Oct 04 10:48
RdHokOct 04 10:48
c.rogers10K really?Oct 04 10:48
c.rogersI mean, yea can do 10K, but that's a metric bumm-load of stickers.Oct 04 10:48 How may did you get printed last time?Oct 04 10:49 Should be able to get them at 20p-10p a sticker at those volumes (depending)Oct 04 10:49
NPJ2000Yes, multiple issues in the present beta release make it impossible to drag forward to compile.Oct 04 10:49
Tav@ NPJ2000  What is the cause?Oct 04 10:50
NPJ2000Dependency issues vary, lib gcc9 for one.Oct 04 10:50
NPJ2000I have a list from this morning handy …Oct 04 10:51
TavCan you make a meta-issue for them.Oct 04 10:52
doctormoThis sounds like a deep dev issue, maybe #team_devel_mac ?Oct 04 10:52
Mc+1Oct 04 10:52
NPJ2000But it appears extensive. Which is frustrating should we endeavor deployment across the range of devices now used by most professions.Oct 04 10:52
RdHPlease forgive me if this is impolite... but @ NPJ2000  , your issues have no relation to what we are building/releasing for macOS.Oct 04 10:53
RdHI'll gladly support you to get back on your feetOct 04 10:53
RdHBut this has nothing to do with the state of Inkscape on macOS in generalOct 04 10:53
NPJ2000True. I do not deny you that, René.  The world is a big place. New adoption of technology happens quickly, and this fails to fit there presently.Oct 04 10:54
RdHWe will get you going again. After all, you will be the resource with first hand experience building via MacPorts.Oct 04 10:54
doctormoSorry all. I have to go. Thanks everyone!Oct 04 10:55
TavNew technologies sounds like a post 1.0 item.Oct 04 10:55
TavBye doctormo!Oct 04 10:55
NPJ2000People want to make use of the devices and technology the have and are adopting. Inkscape offers myriad opportunities and directions for useful work that should be encouraged. If it can be installed and used … presentably, meaning that it look good, be good, and do good all at once.Oct 04 10:56
TavMove on to other topics? Anything we should cover now?Oct 04 10:57
Mc… And I realize I forgot to answer on the about contest bug :/ sorry @MoiniOct 04 10:57
RdHI only have three more general informational items to share, but that can wait till the end.Oct 04 10:58
NPJ2000Then we’ve accomplished a major milestone.Oct 04 10:58
MoiniMichele wasn't available either, so we didn't lose any extra time.Oct 04 10:58
TavI need to step out for about 15 minutes... Oct 04 10:59
NPJ2000So, let’s celebrate where we’ve reached, but know that there are people who desperately want this.Oct 04 10:59
NPJ2000(With the elegance and beauty it possesses.)Oct 04 11:01
c.rogers10,0000 stickers make them 0.09p eachOct 04 11:01
c.rogersfor the high quality vinylOct 04 11:01
c.rogersbrushed silverOct 04 11:02
Mc$900 ?Oct 04 11:02
c.rogersmetalicOct 04 11:02
c.rogersyepOct 04 11:02
c.rogers1K is £150Oct 04 11:02
Mcwe have 2000 free, then :DOct 04 11:02
c.rogersyep. if £900 pounds is okay. lolOct 04 11:04
c.rogersI need that up front btw. I cant float that at the moment.Oct 04 11:05
McAh alsoOct 04 11:06
McI looked at the windows store to see if it's possible to setup an optional donationOct 04 11:06
NPJ2000Yep. Frustrating, isn’t it?Oct 04 11:06
Mcand they ask for tax information so I guess I should ask that to SFCOct 04 11:07
Mc(like a "W-8" form, iirc)Oct 04 11:07
RdH*FYI*Oct 04 11:11
- Tim Sheridan reached out to me and was happy that we're picking up with macOS again.Oct 04 11:11 04 11:11
McneatOct 04 11:12
c.rogersAre we still happy with the original generic inkscape sticker design?Oct 04 11:14
c.rogersenough to buy 10k? :)Oct 04 11:15
McI'm quite happy with it ^^ I sometimes criticize the "Inkscape" font but I'm no designer and I don't know how to choose a font so it's good for me :DOct 04 11:16
TavI'm back... We'll need a board vote for the stickers. Let's raise the issue on the board mailing list.Oct 04 11:17[ ]( @ inkchatbot  Good enough for me. :)Oct 04 11:18
NPJ2000I'll quit participating and pick up the telephone and speak with who ever you want me to unload upon, if that is helpful, but this has been going forward for a minute and I trust (nay, believe) in the project. That said, let it flow... I have work to do. =)Oct 04 11:20
TavWe should push SFC about the tax info...Oct 04 11:20
Tav@ bryce  ^^^Oct 04 11:21
TavAnything else to discuss?Oct 04 11:22
c.rogersIm good I thinkOct 04 11:24
bryceTav, I can pass along tax questions to sfc if you email them to me, although honestly I suspect if you just jump into their irc channel and ask there you may get a quicker responseOct 04 11:24
Mcagenda has ML, wiki, GSOC, Bug migrationOct 04 11:24
Mc@bryce they much prefer emails, iircOct 04 11:25
c.rogersBug migra tion.Oct 04 11:25
c.rogersDoc wants a bug eventOct 04 11:25
bryceMc, they do, but it can take a while to get a response sometimesOct 04 11:25
c.rogersdoes that mean we should conclude the previous one?Oct 04 11:25
Tav----- Bug migration -----Oct 04 11:26
c.rogersor is it a recruitment effort for the current ongoing bug migration?Oct 04 11:26
Mc@doctmoro left ^^Oct 04 11:26
TavWhat's the status?Oct 04 11:26
bryceif someone can email/msg me text for the vote I can put that into a referendumOct 04 11:26
MoiniNone of the two, Chris.Oct 04 11:27
Mc@bryce basically "send 900£ to CR to print 10k stickers"Oct 04 11:27
MoiniThe bug event was for squashing 1.0 bugs before a release. The migration is unrelated.Oct 04 11:27
Moini@ Tav  Nothing moving on the bug migration anymore.Oct 04 11:27
MoiniIt needs a lot of publicity.Oct 04 11:28
MoiniBut there isn't anyone who can do that currently.Oct 04 11:28
TavSo it's not done but also not progressing.Oct 04 11:28
MoiniFar from done.Oct 04 11:28
Moini (9%)Oct 04 11:29
c.rogersSo how to ge more people interested?Oct 04 11:29
TavWow. The Leader Board page looks great!Oct 04 11:30
c.rogersMaybe shipping out a round of stickers, and making a big deal about it?Oct 04 11:30
McThat would be a question for vectors ^^Oct 04 11:30[ ]( @ Tav  Haha, thanks. :)Oct 04 11:30
MoiniTomorrow is a vectors meeting, I guess.Oct 04 11:32
MoiniMaybe you want to open an agenda, Chris?Oct 04 11:32
Mcdunno if it's a good idea to have at the same time this and the about screen contestOct 04 11:33
Tav----- GSoC -----Oct 04 11:33
MoiniSince Ryan is so busy and Michèle and Mihaela, too, there isn't much going with the Vectors.Oct 04 11:33
TavGSoC has finished. Valentin did a great job. All his code was merged.Oct 04 11:34
TavHe plans on staying active in Inkscape. I hope he applies again next summer!Oct 04 11:35
c.rogersNice!Oct 04 11:36
TavI screwed up and missed an evaluation... which means I won't be going to the mentor's summit. Nobody will be going from Inkscape.Oct 04 11:36
Tav(In my defense, I was sick the last two days of the evaluation period and at a family reunion.)Oct 04 11:37
TavI don't think anything else needs to be said.Oct 04 11:37
Tav------- Wiki --------Oct 04 11:37
TavThere is an agenda item about moving the Wiki off OSUOSL.Oct 04 11:38
TavDo we need Martin for this?Oct 04 11:38
ScislaCIs there any downside to keeping it where it is?Oct 04 11:40
Mciirc osuosl wants it movedOct 04 11:40
ScislaCAhhhhhh!Oct 04 11:40
ScislaCI was just thinking it would be nice to not take on any unnecessary additional responsibilities if they could be avoided.Oct 04 11:41
TavDo we have someone to do it?Oct 04 11:42
TavI guess not...Oct 04 11:47
TavOK, probably time to wrap up.Oct 04 11:47
McyupOct 04 11:47
Tav------- Board Meeting Adjourned --------Oct 04 11:47

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