Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2019-11-01

bryce= Inkscape Board Meeting =Nov 01 10:02
bryceAgenda:Nov 01 10:02
bryce-------Nov 01 10:02
bryce* Software Release statusNov 01 10:02
bryce  - Inkscape 1.0betaNov 01 10:02
bryce  - Inkscape 1.0Nov 01 10:02
bryce* GSoCNov 01 10:02
bryce* Hackfest planningNov 01 10:02
bryce* InfrastructureNov 01 10:02
bryce* Bug migration off LaunchpadNov 01 10:02
bryce* Other BusinessNov 01 10:02
bryce Nov 01 10:02
bryceMc, mind kicking us off with a status report on release matters?Nov 01 10:02
McmmhNov 01 10:04
ScislaCI got booted from rocket chat?Nov 01 10:04
Mcnot much to reportNov 01 10:04
RdHFYI everything after the agenda did not make it RockeChatNov 01 10:04
ScislaCAnd it finally reconnected... weirdNov 01 10:04
Mcsome progress, some delaying stuffNov 01 10:05
McIMO the decision to change how texts are selected during the beta was a bad ideaNov 01 10:05
bryceMc, because it was a last minute change, or for other reasons?Nov 01 10:06
Mcand the fact that we have no serious way to measure rendering perf in the general case makes for weird discussions when one wants to improve a specific corner caseNov 01 10:06
Mcbecause it was a last minute changeNov 01 10:06
Mcand a very big one that had implicationsNov 01 10:06
ScislaCWhat was the reason for it?Nov 01 10:06
Mc🤷Nov 01 10:07
McI did not see any big activity on the issue of blank non-drawn gtk widgetsNov 01 10:08
Mc(but I consider it an upstream issue so not sure we could do much about it)Nov 01 10:08
Mcapart from that, no big blocker issues were reported lately afaict so we could be on track for a christmas release or soNov 01 10:09
TavHi!Nov 01 10:09
bryceyeah, last minute changes are always tough calls.  Tav did a couple in recent releases that set a good standard for how to do them properly; IIRC they went smoothly and issues got tracked and resolved nicely.  But generally they often carry unknown unknowns that add too much risk.Nov 01 10:09
Mcalso we should decide if (and when) to release a beta2 Nov 01 10:11
bryceMc, how does the bug list look?  have the high priority issues been getting sufficient attention?Nov 01 10:11
ScislaC@ Tav  Bonjour! (and that's about 1/4 French words I know that weren't co-opted by English) ;)Nov 01 10:11
RdHI need a beta2 to get rid of the launch script on macOS (solves Cataline issues). This also entails me having to change C++ code, setting up the environment.Nov 01 10:13
Mcno blocker or critical bugs in the tracker except 3 macos specific bugs, a few "high" bugsNov 01 10:13
Mc@RdH When would you see it possible ?Nov 01 10:13
doctormoSome corner cases with extensions still need fixing (some options on the more complex ones), but in any situation the branch can be synced for beta2Nov 01 10:15
RdHI'm giving it a first go this weekend, using what Gimp is doing as a template. I can give a better answer once I gave it a first try. I'm hoping for getting this done this or next weekend.Nov 01 10:15
Mcalso I'm thinking about branching ~soonNov 01 10:15
Mcbut this can be postponed till decemberNov 01 10:16
doctormoDo we have a consensus on running a bug squashing event early december?Nov 01 10:17
TavDefinitely!Nov 01 10:18
brycemaybe all of December?Nov 01 10:19
Mca specific "onsite" oneNov 01 10:19
bryceonsite?Nov 01 10:19
TavBoth onsite and offsite...Nov 01 10:20
bryceoh an in person event?Nov 01 10:20
doctormoYes the idea was to host an on site event in Europe and I would spec out one here at RedHat, although probably no one else would come to the US side.Nov 01 10:21
doctormobut the EU one should have peopleNov 01 10:21
TavOnsite would be at Mc's new lab, a mini-hackfest. (It's 20 minutes from my place so at least two would show up.)Nov 01 10:21
McI'm 99% sure I could book a room for ~ 10 people for a few daysNov 01 10:22
brycegotcha, sounds goodNov 01 10:22
doctormobryce: fancy a weekend in Boston :-PNov 01 10:22
Mc(the new building is ~functional since last week and the room booking system should work soon)Nov 01 10:22
brycedoctormo alas, but I may attempt to set aside some time to participate remotely.  When is it?Nov 01 10:25
doctormoWe penciled in first week in december, so after thanks giving in the usaNov 01 10:25
bryceok, stuck it in my calendarNov 01 10:26
TavWe should confirm that Mc can get us a room and send out invites asap.Nov 01 10:27
McI can confirm that mondayNov 01 10:27
doctormo@ Tim  / @ ryangorley  Do you think it would be good to advertise for this bug squashing week/end?Nov 01 10:27
brycemy wife was considering doing a vacation trip some weekend coming up but don't think it is going to be that oneNov 01 10:27
bryceah yeah that's earlier in novemberNov 01 10:28
bryceok anything else on release planning?Nov 01 10:28
bryce Nov 01 10:29
bryce== GSoC ==Nov 01 10:29
TavNothing to discuss, I think concerning GSoC.Nov 01 10:30
MoiniIf anyone still wants to make some publicity for the contest, that would be nice.Nov 01 10:30
bryceok thanksNov 01 10:30
bryce Nov 01 10:30
bryce== Hackfest planning ==Nov 01 10:30
bryceTav, want to lead this discussion?Nov 01 10:30
MoiniI.e. anyone attending could use their social media accounts with a link to Nov 01 10:30
TavAt this point I think we have the mini-bugfest in December and then a hackfest before LGM in Renne.Nov 01 10:31
Tav(could be after LGM but I wouldn't be able to attend).Nov 01 10:31
bryceok, looks like that's tentatively 27th to 31st of MayNov 01 10:32
TavDates were just finalized... let me check.Nov 01 10:32
TavMay 26th to 29thNov 01 10:34
Mcthat's in a too long time for me to plan ^^Nov 01 10:34
TavThat's Tuesday-Friday.Nov 01 10:34
TavI think the idea would be to have the hackfest in Rennes.Nov 01 10:35
TavKdenlive team is thinking about a hackfest before/after LGM.Nov 01 10:36
ScislaCWhen are we going to get video editing in Inkscape? JKNov 01 10:36
Mc^^Nov 01 10:36
TavSVG did have a <video> tag...Nov 01 10:37
bryceis anyone opposed to having a hackfest with LGM this year?Nov 01 10:39
Mcon the contrary :)Nov 01 10:40
bryceif not, Tav would you mind drafting a proposal in wiki for it?  I agree it's still quite early, but at least we can get the vote squared away.Nov 01 10:40
TavSure, I can do that.Nov 01 10:40
brycewe'll revisit next month and can do a vote around thenNov 01 10:40
bryceok, moving onNov 01 10:41
bryce Nov 01 10:41
bryce== Infrastructure ==Nov 01 10:41
bryceMc thanks again for helping with the mailing lists.Nov 01 10:41
brycemain next items are migrating our mediawiki to new hosting, and establishing backup servicesNov 01 10:41
McI didnt do much ^^Nov 01 10:42
brycehelp with the former would be much appreciated, the latter I want to tackle myselfNov 01 10:42
bryceMc, out of curiosity what was the issue?Nov 01 10:42
Mcmmh, let me find thatNov 01 10:43
Mc18:57 < Mc> bryce: I could identify at least 2 problems: 1/ the run-every-minute cronjob sometimes get stuck. I don't know why (I think it tries to index the messages for a search feature on the web ui ?), but then it accumulates stuck jobs, uses a lot of cpu and eventually all ram, then fails and sends a cronjob failure email to root. 2/ opensmtpd does not appear to handle local emails (inNov 01 10:44
Mcparticular,Nov 01 10:44
Mc18:57 < Mc> emails to root (in particular, the emails from the first problem)) which makes the smtp queue huge and the logs for both opensmtpd and mailman bigger, since there is a big feed of mailing-problem-to-root stuff. /var/lib/mailman/var/logs is 17G, which is a lot for a text file :D (also port 53 is open which is weird ?)Nov 01 10:44
brycewe had to open a port internally but 53 doesn't sound familiar.  Worth looking at.Nov 01 10:46
McThe other problem was that the mail software used and configured was, interestingly, one for which no documentation on how to setup mailman with it exists, which made tweaking it extremely painful and I ditched it for one described in the mailman3 documentation, which means I basically reinstalled half the thing and the config went smoothly and quicklyNov 01 10:47
brycewhat was the fix for the local email issue?Nov 01 10:47
Mcthat ^Nov 01 10:47
houz53 is dnsNov 01 10:47
Mc(I'm not 100% sure of the names but I think I replaced opensmtpd with postfix)Nov 01 10:48
MoiniMc, does this mean that the ansible playbook needs to be rewritten? Or is that done already with the changes you made?Nov 01 10:49
Moini(or isn't there one?)Nov 01 10:49
McI haven't touched anything related to ansibleNov 01 10:49
MoiniSo when it's being restored, it's going to break again?Nov 01 10:49
MoiniOr does it not use ansible at all?... Bryce?Nov 01 10:49
bryceMoini, it means we can't restore from ansibleNov 01 10:49
McI dunno why we need ansible ? as it works on one machineNov 01 10:50
bryceMoini, it did use ansible for the installationNov 01 10:50
Moini@ recena  and Mc - can you coordinate to get that update?Nov 01 10:50
Moiniupdated?Nov 01 10:50
bryceMoini recena was not involved in that playbook creationNov 01 10:50
MoiniOr drop it, if you want to.Nov 01 10:50
Moinibut keep a copy of the config, maybe?Nov 01 10:51
bryceyeah, maybe dropping it at least for now, is the easiest courseNov 01 10:51
Mcwe could store the config on gitNov 01 10:51
MoiniAh, sorry, I thought he was....Nov 01 10:51
Mc(or use etckeeper)Nov 01 10:52
MoiniWhatever makes sense and saves someone work when they need to restore it...Nov 01 10:52
doctormoso long as the ansible playbook is made uninstallable so it can over-write what we have now.Nov 01 10:53
MoiniAnd as long as someone deletes it and updates the docs.Nov 01 10:54
brycein hindsight, there's actually a fair bit of setup work needing done post-installation, that isn't practical to keep in git since it's db stuff not filesystem edits.Nov 01 10:54
bryceso I think in terms of restoring, it's the backup service we need to put attention into, moreso than ansibleNov 01 10:55
doctormoIf the db stuff i on the django side, it can be datadumped for posterity. (with caution for user accounts)Nov 01 10:55
brycedoctormo, yepNov 01 10:55
brycethe other related question is upgrading mailman3 to a newer version (at least to get some bug fixes) and, eventually, the machine too (it's currently on 16.04).  No urgency on those but we'll need to do them at some point.Nov 01 10:56
Mcbryce: +1Nov 01 10:57
McI can reinstall mailman very easily, but I can't reinvent the db contentsNov 01 10:57
bryceditto for rocketchat too btw, I suspect we're missing some bugfixes in the swNov 01 10:57
bryceok, enough on infra, moving onNov 01 10:57
bryce Nov 01 10:57
bryce== Bug migration off Launchpad ==Nov 01 10:57
Lazurkind of related: what about openclipartNov 01 10:58
brycesorry, I've completely lost track of where we are with this.Nov 01 10:58
Moini 01 10:58
MoiniNothing happening anymore, I think.Nov 01 10:59
Lazurwill it be a goal to keep an svg database integrated with inkscape on the long run?Nov 01 10:59
Moini for the statistics.Nov 01 11:00
ryangorley432/4558 Bugs migrated.Nov 01 11:00
MoiniAt 10 %, constantly for a couple months now.Nov 01 11:00
brycehrm that does sound stalledNov 01 11:01
doctormoThe game needs adjustingNov 01 11:01
ryangorleyYeah, I don't have data to back it up, but it my perception is that it slowed down a lot after the first month.Nov 01 11:01
ryangorleyEven with a lot of social media nudgingNov 01 11:01
MoiniNo new bugs, no social media stuff anymore.Nov 01 11:01
c.rogersboard meeting?Nov 01 11:01
doctormoYepNov 01 11:01
c.rogersCool.Nov 01 11:02 great timing :-)Nov 01 11:02
MoiniAlready an hour in.Nov 01 11:02
c.rogersReally?Nov 01 11:02
MoiniClocks moved in Europe, but not in Oregon.Nov 01 11:02
c.rogersAh, heh.Nov 01 11:02
bryceI think the time change is this weekend, sorry.  I am looking forward to it though!Nov 01 11:03
RdHNo, that was last weekendNov 01 11:03
*ChanServ has changed the topic to: Inkscape development discussion channel || Channel mirrored with || Next board meeting: `date -d 'TZ="America/Los_Angeles" 10:00 Fri Dec 6'`Nov 01 11:03
Mcthe topic also gives the right time :DNov 01 11:03
RdH(time change)Nov 01 11:03
c.rogersOkay, did we decide whether or not we wanted to get a bum-load of stickers yet?Nov 01 11:03
ryangorleyI'll coordinate with @Tim and see if we can push out a few more announcements about the bug hunt.Nov 01 11:04
bryceryangorley, thanksNov 01 11:04
MoiniGreat, thanks, Ryan!Nov 01 11:04
ryangorleyCould we invite a couple folks to the Hackfest *just* to work on that?Nov 01 11:04
doctormoWe should have organised it like a pyramid scheme.Nov 01 11:04
ryangorleyHahaNov 01 11:05
brycehehNov 01 11:05
doctormoEarly stickers for bug migrating, later stickers for recruiting people.Nov 01 11:05
MoiniAh, snowball system in German.Nov 01 11:05
McYeah we spoke about the printing of 10k stickers last monthNov 01 11:05
bryceit would be nice to have more people listed on the leaderboard, 14 isn't that many, we have over 180 listed in AUTHORSNov 01 11:06
c.rogersYea, I didn't see a vote for that.Nov 01 11:06 10k stickers)Nov 01 11:06
Mcbryce: the leaderboard is just for bug migratersNov 01 11:06
brycemaybe some internally directed "in-reach" to get existing Inkscapers to help might pay off?Nov 01 11:06
ryangorleyI'm a hypocrite for not having migrated any myself. It's that first bug that is the most intimidating to me. I wonder if we can reward people for doing just one bug somehow, and break the ice?Nov 01 11:09
bryceanyway, it'd be nice to identify an action to take for stimulating the bug migration.  Suggestions?Nov 01 11:09
ScislaCWhen my RL stuff dials back a bit in a couple weeks I'll have some time to help with the migration.Nov 01 11:09
doctormoIce Breaker Bug, Pirimid Bug, Man I wish we could generate new rewards :-DNov 01 11:12
bryceok, well let's move on.  Ryan I'd be happy to co-pilot with you through that first bug.Nov 01 11:12
doctormoGuide Bug (helping someone else submit their first bug)Nov 01 11:12
ryangorley@bryce I'll make an effort right now using the guide. Make sure it makes sense.Nov 01 11:12
ryangorleyThanks though :)Nov 01 11:12
brycedoctormo yeah, although at some point for some people the rewards are going to be less of a motivation, and other more intrinsic rewards are going to play a bigger role anyway.Nov 01 11:13
doctormoTrueNov 01 11:14
bryceand sometimes best way to motivate people is to start doing it yourself, ala lead from the trenchesNov 01 11:14
bryceok, enough on that topic, let's do one more before closingNov 01 11:14
bryce Nov 01 11:14
bryce== OCAL ==Nov 01 11:14
Lazur+1Nov 01 11:14
bryceLazur, you mentioned Openclipart above, mind giving a quick summary of where things are?Nov 01 11:14
Lazurseems Rejon pulled the site's from public viewingNov 01 11:15
Lazurthe svg database was downloaded at least two times in one packageNov 01 11:15
Lazurwe can't connect the site's developer and have no idwas about their plansNov 01 11:16
Lazurthey seem to be gone from AugustNov 01 11:16
RdHalso no relevant status update on Twitter since 18th JulyNov 01 11:16
Lazurthere are about 50-150000 svg-s afaikNov 01 11:16
Lazurfreesvg was willing to invest in time to be another home for storing the svgNov 01 11:17
bryceI chatted with rejon some months back, maybe that was JulyNov 01 11:17[ ]( @ inkchatbot  Nope. That's why we made the game, to get other people to do it. ;)Nov 01 11:17
Lazurthey have some api (?) that could be integrated with inkscape Nov 01 11:18
bryceat that time he seemed intent on getting the site back online, but sounded like he was having troubles with DOS'ersNov 01 11:18
Lazurbut apparently all of opencliparts tags, descriptions, collection data is offline and cannot be migratedNov 01 11:18[ ]( @ doctormo  We can. lolNov 01 11:18
bryceI can ask him directly for a copy of the databaseNov 01 11:19
Mcthat would be niceNov 01 11:19
bryceshould I do that?Nov 01 11:19
Lazurguessing he got carried away with the current actions in Hong KongNov 01 11:19
bryceLazur, yeah sounds like he's ... involved ... in a lot of stuffNov 01 11:19
Lazuryes, I think that'd be the most efficientNov 01 11:19
doctormoWe could host the content ourselves, we just need to be affirmative and plan with osuosl for more space.Nov 01 11:19
MoiniBryce, if you can?Nov 01 11:19
bryceok will doNov 01 11:19
Lazurhuge thank youNov 01 11:20
RdHWe've had a couple of users reporting that the clipart functionality is no longer working in Inkscape - can we disable that menu item for the time being?Nov 01 11:20
c.rogersWhat about hosting it on Gitlab?Nov 01 11:20
Lazurcouldn't get a reply from him for weeksNov 01 11:20 too bigNov 01 11:20
Moini@ doctormo  We can't even manage our own servers in a timely manner... I doubt we could manage OCAL on top.Nov 01 11:20
brycefor now I'm going to ask just for "backup" purposes, but will re-enquire about his plans for bringing the site back, and if he's not sure will make the offer for us to hostNov 01 11:20
Lazurwhat about connecting with freesvg?Nov 01 11:20
Mc(and not really optimized for that)Nov 01 11:21
Lazurdoes it worth investigating?Nov 01 11:21
c.rogersTrue.Nov 01 11:21
Lazurthey started a public forum recentlyNov 01 11:21
brycebut if we do that we'll need someone to take the infra actions, I doubt I'll have time to setup/maintain itNov 01 11:21
Lazur 01 11:21
MoiniIsn't that a magnitude too large for us to host ourselves? With the DDOSing and all...Nov 01 11:22
MoiniIt's better if a lively community can be created around it.Nov 01 11:22
Lazur 01 11:22
brycehosting is also doable via (and actually is a lot easier at least for me), and space is not a concern thereNov 01 11:22
c.rogersGitlab would make it easy to download sub-categories of svgs though.Nov 01 11:23
ScislaCWait, what DDOSing?Nov 01 11:23
MoiniThat's the reason why they claim it was taken down.Nov 01 11:23
ScislaCAhhhhhNov 01 11:23
MoiniAnd traffic is huge.Nov 01 11:23
brycewell, let's not get ahead of ourselves with planning.  Let me touch base with rejonNov 01 11:23
Mcfastly ? ^^Nov 01 11:23
Lazuropenclipart provided ways to autotrace images and generate raster copies of svg-s at a given resolution, plus they didn't mind hotlinking their content elsewhereNov 01 11:24
doctormo^^Nov 01 11:24
MoiniCould we rather update rocketchat and the Wiki?Nov 01 11:24
bryceon freesvg, I'm not familiar with them myselfNov 01 11:24
LazurI'm not familiar either but they seemed to have a willing developerNov 01 11:24
MoiniAnd get https for alpha?Nov 01 11:24
Lazuropen for new ideasNov 01 11:25
Mcah yeah, who has sudo access to alpha ?Nov 01 11:25
bryceI'm still unclear that https is actually needed for alphaNov 01 11:25
bryceMc, I doNov 01 11:25
Moini(and remove the link to OCAL from the program for the release)Nov 01 11:25
Mchttps is needed for the whole webNov 01 11:25
Moini+1Nov 01 11:26
doctormo+1Nov 01 11:26
bryceMc, I can give you access if you would like to set that up?Nov 01 11:26
McsureNov 01 11:26
LazurMoini +1Nov 01 11:26
doctormo:-/Nov 01 11:26
Moini(and also the preferences settings for user name / password - they weren't useful before, even, AFAIK)Nov 01 11:27
MoiniMc: Thank you!!!!Nov 01 11:27
doctormoI'd like to get to our discussion about leadership at the end bryce.Nov 01 11:28
bryceMc, ok you have sudo access.  Please coordinate with me on any other changes to the machine so I can keep track of what's done on it.  It has no configuration control so we're just winging admin there...Nov 01 11:28
McthxNov 01 11:30
doctormoThanks McNov 01 11:30
bryceLazur, on freesvg I think one issue is that it'll probably take some development work to add their APIs, so that'd need to be post-1.0.  But feel free to investigate more if you'd like, probably worth more research & discussion before any decisions are made there.Nov 01 11:31
bryce Nov 01 11:31
bryce== Other Business ==Nov 01 11:31
brycedoctormo, go ahead.Nov 01 11:31
doctormoBringing up the business from last meeting about leadership in Inkscape since bryce has moved on from being a prospective Inkscape employee to not being available for that plus whatever time constraints now apply to all the roles that bryce has carved out and how we can improve the bus factor one some of these elements.Nov 01 11:33
doctormoSpecfifically I'm looking to the permissions; nominally we're good at giving each other permissions for things, but there are some things to do with conflict resolution, money, talkign with SFC etc where we look to bryce to brudge the gap as our figure head if nothing else.Nov 01 11:34
doctormoI want to ask bryce about his time, plans etc and also the project as a whole on where we should be.Nov 01 11:34
doctormoFor example should we still be pushing towards our first employee?Nov 01 11:34
Mcbryce: I don't have a password on that machine, I can't sudo :DNov 01 11:36
bryceMc, ah whoops one secNov 01 11:37
c.rogersdid they give us a copy of all those svgs?Nov 01 11:37 I have thatNov 01 11:38
Mc(They did not give it)Nov 01 11:38
c.rogershow large? in gb?Nov 01 11:38
doctormo35Nov 01 11:38
bryceMc, try now, I enabled passwordless sudo on the machineNov 01 11:38
c.rogerspart of me wants to take a crack at revising it.Nov 01 11:39
Mcbryce: works :)Nov 01 11:39
Moini(that's about the amount of it when zipped,  Chris)Nov 01 11:40
Mchttps works on alphaNov 01 11:42
doctormoIt looks like the topic I'm trying to talk about is profoundly uninteresting.Nov 01 11:42
ScislaCTIL passwordless sudo is a thing.Nov 01 11:42
MoiniIt's not, but I feel it's not my business.Nov 01 11:43
brycedoctormo, I'd prefer to just play it by ear.  I can't predict how my plans/time will evolve next year.  My intent is to watch for pain points and delegate responsibilities+permissions more intentlyNov 01 11:43
Mc@doctormo it's interesting, i just don't really know what to sayNov 01 11:43
McI'm currently basically part-time on InkscapeNov 01 11:43
bryceScislaC, yeah relying on ssh keys for access control >> passwordsNov 01 11:43
doctormoI fear that's the way. Bryce who is your go to number two? Mc?Nov 01 11:43
Moini(I didn't know about the employee thing, tbh.)Nov 01 11:43
c.rogersSurely there's a tone of svgs in there that are low quality or redundant.Nov 01 11:44
c.rogerssomeone want to give me a zip file link?Nov 01 11:44
doctormo@ Moini  Getting it to be more people's business is the issue at stake tbh.Nov 01 11:44
c.rogersIf the size is bothering us, that's probably fixable.Nov 01 11:45
brycedoctormo I consider Mc having taken over all release management, and for infra matters am relying on him moreNov 01 11:45
doctormoDo you have a number two for the SFC?Nov 01 11:45
doctormoI think that would cover most groundNov 01 11:45
brycefor board matters, one thing I would suggest (and actually inquired about it before) is for us to adopt actual official board positions.  I.e. secretary, treasurer, vpNov 01 11:45
Mc, pNov 01 11:46
brycelast time I think people weren't keen on taking on additional duties, but that'd spread the load there.Nov 01 11:46
brycein terms of my own inkscape duties right now, the biggest item on my plate I'm worried about and could use someone to take is the mediawiki work, that I mentioned earlier.Nov 01 11:47
doctormoI think we need some structure there, some tasks look like staring into the endless void of one's own soul instead of talking to a point person.Nov 01 11:47
bryceeverything else is small potatoes IMHONov 01 11:47
doctormoI'll take the mediawiki, are we keeping it on osuosl?Nov 01 11:47
Moini(what about our finances, did we ever get that report?)Nov 01 11:48
Moini(I honestly don't remember, sorry)Nov 01 11:48
bryceI'd also be open to expanding the board 1-2 more people if the workload of the roles is too hard to staffNov 01 11:48
doctormoHonestly don't see much actual work, I think it's more of filling in the role descriptions.Nov 01 11:48
brycedoctormo my plan was to move it over to 01 11:48
doctormoAm I your number three on cloudscale? I forget actually, I remember some permission sharing a while back.Nov 01 11:49
bryceI think that'd give us more flexibility and less coordinationNov 01 11:49
brycedoctormo it's a machine-by-machine basis thereNov 01 11:50
brycedoctormo main question is do you have access to the current mediawiki machine?Nov 01 11:50
brycei.e. the gentoo server.  I think you did have at one pointNov 01 11:50
doctormoYes, but not sudo, so readonlyNov 01 11:50
doctormoAnd db accessNov 01 11:51
bryceok db access is the main needNov 01 11:51
bryceI don't know if I have sudo access either, I think OSUOSL took it from us at one pointNov 01 11:51
Mcyeah you basically want to install mediawiki and import the dbNov 01 11:51
brycedoctormo I'll spin up a new host for you, I've already got your keys, and give you sudo on itNov 01 11:52
brycethanks for the help, appreciatedNov 01 11:52
doctormoI'll get the database dump ready then.Nov 01 11:52
bryce Nov 01 11:52
bryceok any other business?  we're approaching the 2h markNov 01 11:52
McI was thinking about GCI lately, so I might bring it back next yearNov 01 11:53
bryceGCI?  is that a graphics conference?Nov 01 11:53
ryangorleyI'm not on the board, but I think the project could benefit from at least a part-time paid "Administrator". A lot of city governments operate on that basis with elected volunteers and a paid administrator accountable to them. Seems like we could probably afford it if we found the right person. I'll leave it at that... :)Nov 01 11:53
Mcgoogle code-inNov 01 11:53
bryceahNov 01 11:53
McI asked Martin and Maren about it with this message : 01 11:54
Mc(it's a long message)Nov 01 11:55
Mc(Finally thought I would not have enough time or mental sanity this year)Nov 01 11:55
bryceyeah with the release might be tight to commit to that for Dec+JanNov 01 11:56
jabiertxofHi all!Nov 01 11:57
brycehi jabierNov 01 11:57
Mcwhat do you think for next year ?Nov 01 11:57
jabiertxofa bit late sleeped!Nov 01 11:57
MoiniThat was 200 person hours a week, if I remember correctly?Nov 01 11:57
bryceMc, yeah worth looking at.  You're right to identify the issue may be with man/womanpower for mentoringNov 01 11:57
Mcyes, something like that even if it tends to decrease with timeNov 01 11:58
Mc(also with years, as more projects are in it and that dilutes students raw numbers ^^)Nov 01 11:58
doctormo`wiki_2019-11-01.sql.gz` acquired, 95MB, let me know when it's needed where.Nov 01 11:58
bryceok, I actually need to get back to work, but will set up the node tonight and send you an email.Nov 01 12:00
bryce Nov 01 12:01
bryceok, thanks all!Nov 01 12:01
bryce= End of Meeting =Nov 01 12:01

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