Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2022-04-01

ted=== Start Meeting ===
* SFC Items (ted)
* Student programs (Outreachy, GSoC, etc) ( @Tav )
* Developer meeting update (Mc)
* Vectors update ( @ryangorley )
* Infrastructure update ( @doctormo )
* Administrator job process status ( @doctormo )
* Current Votes Status
* Next Meeting: May 6, 2022
Okay, kick off with SFC stuff.
First up is our traditional overview:
a lot going on there, even though we've voted for stuff to spend money, that hasn't hit our account much yet.
I started playing with a format to track the allocations we've made.
I'm stealing from QuickBooks reports that we use for our Rotary chapter.
Here's my first attempt:
know folks just saw it, but as you think about it ping me sometime, I'd like to make it better.
tedAny financials questions?17:04
karented: we can help get reports generated directly from our systems too, pono and Rosanne can help17:04
tedkaren: ah, cool. We can play with that as we start to figure out what we want. I don't think we're ready to codify yet.
First drafts and all
karenmakes sense.17:06
tedCool, the other thing I'm tracking SFC-wise is the FSA update. I just pinged SFC about it today preparing for this meeting (which is a bit late to have a status for this meeting)
But, I think we're good on our side.
karenyes got the ping, I think you're good on your side too
I'll get to it soon!
Mccool :)17:07
karen(I just need to comb through what you sent to mkae sure I dont' miss anything + double check updates we've been getting from counsel to make sure the agreement is latest and greatest all around
tedSo next up is student programs: * Student programs (Outreachy, GSoC, etc) ( @Tav )
karen: 👍️
Mcwe have a few interested students for gsoc, applications start in 3 days
(less than usual, but it seems to be the case for most of gsoc orgs that told about it on the mentors ml)
tedNice. That's good.17:09
TavLots of interest.. we'll see if we get good proposals.17:09
tedDo we need to prepare some call for mentors or something? Or just wait right now.17:10
karenyes word is that's happening across participating projects17:10
Mccurrently we'll wait17:10
TavWait, I think.17:10
TavI'm most excited about possibly getting rid of the garbage collector!17:11
tedK, makes sense.
Haha, that would be really nice!
Mcfor outreachy, iirc we have some voted budget from 1y ago but afaik did not put projects for the summer round17:11
doctormo@Tav The student came to the developer meeting yesterday for that project.17:12
tedNice segway @doctormo! Next up: * Developer meeting update (Mc)17:13
Mcbeta next week, release in may (precise date tbd by a vectors meeting)
most things are fine, with a big regression in glib 2.72
TavBTW, I just discovered the Paint Server dialog is completely broken...17:13
scislac[m]What's the regression?17:14
Mcfile descriptors passing is half-broken on windows
so, no extensions
TavIt doesn't insert the pattern/hatch into the <defs> section.17:14
doctormo@Tav Report it, I know Rafael has been refactoring that.17:15
Mcbug is in discussion with glib devs, there is hope fo a quick 2.72.117:16
TavThere is a student interested in working on expanding its use for GSoC.17:16
tedK, sounds like things are making progress. It wouldn't be a beta without bugs 😉17:16
doctormoLots of uptream issues this cycle, it's interesting.17:16
Mc(ah also iirc poppler released 2022.04 hours ago so we need to see if things are broken with it)
(btw, it's better for me if it's a quick meeting, I'll have to go soon-ish)
doctormoI think we're in good shape generally though17:18
tedK, seems like it to me too.
Okay, let's make sure to move on then: * Vectors update ( @ryangorley )
doctormoTheir meeting is tomorrow; they've got a video to discuss and are on standby for release announcements17:20
tedHmm, seems he's away.
And hopefully a release date.
doctormoYes we're pushing more for vectors to set the schedule, rather than follow one defined by devs.17:21
tedNot sure if @Moini is here, I forget when but I believe we just had a conference?17:21
doctormoSo they can plan out their announcements in good time.17:21
uh, no, sorry
tedChemnitzer Linuxtage17:21
tedOkay, let's keep going there. * Infrastructure update ( @doctormo )
(also feel free to go on to: * Administrator job process status ( @doctormo ) ) when you're done)
doctormoWebsite is upgraded, rocket chat went down because of a full disk now has very tiny file upload quota.17:23
Mcit could be upped but after people using RC define a policy for expiring files17:23
doctormoWe're on track to push the website up to the latest django and hopefully move to a better CMS in 202217:23
tedGreat that it's fixed, do we need more disk?17:23
Mcproblem was not exactly disk size but (in)efficiency of mongodb storage for files17:24
doctormoThere was a spam attack against the website and forums, new measures were put in place, couple of hundred accounts deleted.17:24
Mc(+ a rocketchat bug that's now circumvented)17:25
doctormoQuick update for the project coordinator position: the process is with pono, who is batching up entrants and sending them to the jobs at mailing list soon.17:25
doctormoThere's an extra two weeks of time to get more people to apply and give us some space to breath.17:25
ponoAfter extending the submission date, we've received more applicants!17:26
tedK, should we do something to gather community input on the new CMS? Or something else? Not sure how we could move forward best there?
pono: Awesome, how many are we up to?
ponoI'll work on sending the current list out today to the jobs and boards list
About 18 last I checked!
doctormoted: current state of cms is *exploration phase*, we'll do a proper deep dive on the options before any code is made.17:27
ponoA pretty wide pool of experience and background which is great17:27
tedGreat! I was a bit worried we wouldn't get any applicants 😃17:27
Mc@doctormo isnt django standard ?
pono: nice :)
doctormoMc: django doesn't have a cms.17:27
doctormoIt's a choice of different cms packages that go on top.17:27
ted@doctormo, makes sense.17:27
Mcoh ok, I thought it was \17:28
doctormothat's one of the options, and one we want to move away from ;-)17:28
tedThanks for the updates. I think that just leaves the closing items.
* Current Votes Status
We've got technically two open votes: The security keys, and mentor reimbursements.
But generally thanks for keeping up on the votes everyone!
And the always exciting: * Next Meeting: May 6, 2022
Anything else for the meeting?
(we were efficient today)
doctormoVideo meeting is in *two weeks* not one as usual:
tedCool, thanks everyone!
=== End Meeting ===

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