Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2022-08-05

ted=== BEGIN MEETING ===
Howdy folks
Let me throw out the agenda
* SFC items (ted)
* Student programs (Outreachy, GSoC, etc) ( @Tav )
* Developer meeting update (Mc)
* Vectors update ( @ryangorley )
* Infrastructure update ( @doctormo )
* Administrator job lessons learned status (pono, @doctormo )
* Security Key Program (Mc)
* Current Votes Status
* Next Meeting: Sept 2, 2022
Okay, I've got a few SFC things today, just to give people a heads up I'm gonna do financials, ask for questions. RT, Q's. Then FSA, Q's.
Inkscape Financial Overview snippet:
Paypal import has been started, but was not complete by the time for the snapshot.
So the update isn't that interesting from the donations perspective, but certainly it should be complete by next month.
One oddity is that we had a contribution from a University that the person accidentally turned in twice. And that's gonna show up next month in donations (twice) and as an expense for the refund.
I updated the allocations list, but I can't seem to log into to share it.
Only new on there is the 2FA dongles being listed, but it hasn't been charged to yet.
Any financial questions?
adam.belisshould not be this information more public facing ?17:03
tedHopefully more to discuss there next month.17:03
ted@adam.belis, not quite sure what you mean. This is a public channel?17:04
adam.belis[ ]( it is but its imposible to see this information unless you know this chat exist and this meeting is happining17:05
RdHRegarding financials, just FYI, since Chris has asked me that: my reimbursement is two weeks overdue (i.e. 45 days in total, they promise to get things done within 30 days). I guess I have to ping them again.17:06
tedI guess, yes? But not sure who you're looking to reach.17:06
Mc@adam.belis well, it's also bridged to IRC, AND we publish the miinutes of the plc meetings17:06
ponoI'll ping karen about that @RdH, sorry it's been delayed17:06
adam.belisdo not want to spam this conversation but  jsut think sothing more transparent would be nice17:07
doctormoSocial channel:
tedMc, were you asking a question or just saying you were here?17:07
RdHThanks pono17:07
Mcted: nope, I'm here17:07
tedK, I'll go onto RT
Pono and I have gone through all the RT tickets we could find for Inkscape.
Generally speaking there were some stale ones, but not as many as I expected. I've reached out to a couple folks to make sure we were done with that ticket and then requested they be closed.
One that is interesting is that we found the ticket for evaluating the Apple Developer program being an individual or a project.
It was assigned to a lawyer that is no longer working with the SFC (so it wasn't making much progress)
Pono is going to work on getting that assigned to an active lawyer.
ponoI've reached out to him and will update when I've heard back.17:09
tedWe plan to do that review monthly. So hopefully things don't get lost in the system.
Are there any questions on the RT ticket review?
McI thought the idea was to make an apple dev account for SFC so that they could sign packages for the various projects ?17:10
tedYeah, they were looking into that. Whether it would be SFC, Inkscape or individual. Or whatever.17:11
ponoMc, Apple has changed their terms multiple times since we last looked at it, so need to review the terms before we can agree.17:11
Mcwell, sure17:11
ponoAnd like you and Ted say, we're trying ot figure out what makes sense, whether an individual account or organizational.17:11
tedSo we'll continue to track it as it unfolds. But just updating folks on that we've poked that again.
So last SFC thing. We did a last comment period on the FSA and I've talked with Karen saying we're ready to send that out for signatures.
She's going to send that out soon. Every board member will need to sign it.
For folks in the US/UK a photo/scan of the signature page is good. But folks in France will have to mail their signature in.
Karen will provide details when she sends it out.
Hopefully that'll get us to closing that item by next month!
\u0001ACTION crosses fingers\u0001
TavFinally! We can then have an election!17:14
doctormoted: Does it matter to the agreement that we have an empty seat on the plc?17:14
RdHLet's see how this pans out with the dev account. The last info I got was "nobody in SFC can be forced to work with Apple and I don't want to" - so are there now people in SFC willing to do that?17:14
ted@doctormo, no it is all current members17:14
tedOh @RdH, I hadn't heard that. Should be interesting.17:15
Mcwas there any doubt about the "below the minimum" or "below the maximum" wording ?17:15
doctormoLooking forward to running an election, I've prepped the website election software.17:15
pono@RdH if it benefits the Inkscape project, I will help with that. But first need the legal review :)17:15
tedI'm excited to run an election. I don't think we can use our website for it though, as we'd have folks with admin there. It would make more sense to run it through SFC's election software.
That way it is an independent party running it.
doctormoWe've run elections in the past on the website.17:17
adam.beliswhy do you want to complicate everything with ne even less efective processes17:18
tedDoesn't mean we "should have" 😉17:18
Mcour website is floss so we can always audit it if there is any doubt about the fairness17:18
doctormoWe should note that the election on the website is safe, it's done with auditing in mind. Changing the way elections are conducted unilaterally is not the way to do this.17:19
TavTo be completely honest, I don't want the SFC to be involved in this... we've done it before and we can trust that it will be done in a timely manner.17:19
ponoI'm unsure of the historical context within Inkscape, but we have run elections with for projects (before my time).
Looking at what's been done in the past (when was the last election?) might be helpful.
adam.beliswe have working foss process no need to change it17:20
tedDude, you changed the way elections were done unilaterally when you did them on our website last time. Without discussion or approval.17:21
doctormoPretty sure it was done with discussion and approval.17:21
scislac[m]I'm cool with us doing most kinds of votes via our website, but I feel like Ted brought up a valid concern with this. PLC membership is something that it makes sense for SFC to host the vote for us. I also don't see how it would affect the timeline if they hosted the vote.17:21
tedpono, yes we've used that in the past as well.17:22
doctormoted: you're doing an aweful lot of things to this project without talking to anyone first. This is not a good way to run a consensus based project.17:22
ted@doctormo, I would suggest some references to such a broad statement.
But, WRT to the election, we'll have to vote on that and details when the time comes. So it is a good discussion to have, but no decisions need to be made today.
Next agenda item is: * Student programs (Outreachy, GSoC, etc) ( @Tav )
ponoAccording to the FSA: "The rules for election shall be set by the Committee in writing, with the consent of Conservancy, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld." but don't want to derail the meeting17:27
TavGSoC is going well.17:29
tedNot sure if @Tav has had to do a vacation thing.
Oh, nevermind :-)
@Tav, cool anything we need to do there?
doctormoYes, thanks Tav for joining us from your vacation. Very kind of you.17:30
TavThree students passed the midterm, one student's midterm evaluation time hasn't arrived yet.17:30
Tav(Different schedules.)17:30
TavNothing to do...17:31
tedNice, glad the projects all seem to be going well.
Cool, do we know if there is an in-person mentor summit? Do we need to approve funds or anything there?
Mcno idea yet17:31
TavDon't know yet.17:31
tedK, I imagine that's the next PLC thing to do there.17:32
TavUsually Google pays for everything.17:32
ponoI don't think there is an in person summit this year, but haven't checked in the past month or so.17:32
tedI thought they limited the number or something like that and we're approved others.
(not sure I remember it correctly)
Okay, next on the agenda: * Developer meeting update (Mc)
Mc1.2.1 release went rather smoothly with the usual unplanned hiccup on windows17:34
adam.belislol :D17:34
tedHaha, is there anything we can do to help there?17:35
Mcapart from that, we now have an approval policy for MRs17:35
tedOh, cool. Has that been sent out? I haven't seen it.17:35
Mcit shows up on MRs17:36
tedHaha, that makes sense.
Cool, are the developer meeting still well attended, is that working well?
doctormoDeveloper meetings work very well.17:38
tedGreat. Okay, moving onto the next item: * Infrastructure update ( @doctormo )17:39
doctormoNo problems.17:41
tedK, next item: * Administrator job lessons learned status (pono, @doctormo )
Not sure where that one is, I think we'd talked about this a couple meetings ago.
ponoI apologize, I don't have updates here but would like to setup a meeting next week with the hiring committee17:42
doctormoA report is being compiled by @michele and the rest of the comittee. I won't preempty the findings until it's published.17:42
tedIf I remember right the idea was to do a lessons learned and then try again?
doctormoI believe the report will recommend how to start again. pono did you find out from karen if an internal hire is available as an option?17:43
ponoI don't think that will be an option.17:44
doctormoUnderstood, thanks pono17:45
ponoBut we have a new staff member who will be able to help us with this process.17:45
tedOh, cool. Is there a blog post I missed there?
What is the new role?
ponoShe's our office administrator.
She's been a huge help in freeing up our resources, and we're really excited about it.
There wasn't a blog post, but I'll try and get one out soon.
tedAh, I imagine that'll help. Thanks for letting us know. I'll watch the blog 😄
K, so next item: * Security Key Program (Mc)
Have we had anyone apply for keys?
McI did not send the email
it's on my todolist
tedAh, yeah, makes sense then that no one has applied 😆
Cool, I'll roll that over to next month.
Next item: * Current Votes Status
I sent out a vote on SFC promotional items, please take a look at it.
Mcthere is a heated ml debate on sfc inkscape goodies17:50
tedAnd I guess the FSA signing thing kinda counts. That should be to you shortly.
I don't have any other votes as currently open though.
Last item: * Next Meeting: Sept 2, 2022
Anyone else have stuff for the meeting?
Mcshould there be a systematic process for discussing things *before* sending a vote ?17:51
tedPersonally, I don't think so.17:52
doctormoUsually it's a casual chat, just talk to folks involved in that area.17:52
TavI need to go... see y'all.17:52
tedI mean, if a vote fails because of discussion, there could be a new vote. That's okay.17:52
scislac[m]See ya Tav17:52
tedThanks for coming on vacation @Tav!
I'd hate to have to have a vote to vote or some other really formal proceedure.
doctormoMore and more structure is needed, the less and less trust there is between parties. Building trust should be one of our top goals for the project.17:54
tedOh, wait, just realizing I skipped: * Vectors update ( @ryangorley )
Sorry @ryangorley (not sure if you're here or not)
doctormoI don't think he is17:56
tedK, that's fine. Just realized I messed up.17:56
RdH(Vectors have their meeting coming up this Saturday)17:56
tedYup. Okay, so if folks want to know more about Vectors they're gonna have to go to that meeting 😄17:57
Mcah, good timing to discuss the sfc inkscape goodies stuff17:57
ponoWe'd love to be able to pass out stickers or other promotional goods (approved by you all of course!).17:58
tedSure, if they have an issue with it, I think we should restructure it so that it makes sense to them. My discussions with them in the past have been that they're happy with logo stickers.
K, so it seems this discussion is winding down. I'll go ahead and call:
Thanks folks!

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