Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2022-09-02

tedHowdy folks.
* SFC Items (ted)
* Student programs (Outreachy, GSoC, etc) ( @Tav )
* Developer meeting update (Mc)
* Vectors update ( @ryangorley )
* Infrastructure update ( @doctormo )
* Administrator job retrospective ( ? )
* Security Key Program (Mc)
* Current Votes/FSA Signing Status
* Next Meeting: Oct 7, 2022
Okay, and I'll kick it off with my report.
* SFC Items (ted)
Financial overview from the SFC:
big exciting change there is the mega-Paypal import is now complete.
Thanks to bkuhn for getting that data in there.
Mcah that reminds me I should print the agreement and look for a post office17:01
tedThat includes all the Paypal donations up to 7/28.17:01
bkuhnWell, some of the paypal donations from July still aren't imported right …17:02
tedMc, good, I was going to mention that, but later :-)
bkuhn, ah okay.
I've updated the allocations sheet that I keep here:
the amount updates there is also a column for the RT numbers. This is mostly so I can check them with Pono during our monthly RT sync. But if you need them, they're there.
bkuhn… of and sorry that the paypal imports have some trouble keeping up to date BTW; some trouble with the paypal API that I'm happy to explain if folks want more data.  It's why I stopped by in case you had questions about the delays.17:03
tedAlso, I took out the individual donations and removed the names so that all the data is just amounts and dates so it is anonymized and could be shared.
Made that into a spreadsheet here:
includes a week-by-week graph of donations, which shows that in fact our donations did go up for a couple weeks with the release.
The other outlier there is that on 4/29 we received a very kind donation of $1800. But that kinda messes up looking at the release bump a few weeks later.
One thing to note is that these are the donations after the SFC's 10% but before Paypal fees. So comparing to other numbers might be weird. Good for trends but not for detailed analysis of amounts.
Mcdo we have older year data to see if "75% of projected in early september" is as usual ?17:04
tedOkay, so take those numbers with the grain of salt that bkuhn just mentioned :-)
Yeah, I can do that.
I'll try to do a year-over-year for next month. That would be interesting.
ponoLet me know if you need any additional data.17:05
tedK, thanks pono, I think I have it, but devil's in the details.
Also, that data is through 7/28, so it would seem we are a bit higher. But the trend line is down slightly.
bkuhnted: all the salt is in the positive direction, donation numbers are probably a bit higher by about $1k (guestimate) than what you see there as of today.17:06
tedNot worried about it, just just noticing. I think we'll still hit the $75K from last year.
Ah, yeah, that might explain the downward angle of the graph too.
K, if there's no further questions we can move to our next item:
* Student programs (Outreachy, GSoC, etc) ( @Tav )
I think we're close to the end of GSoC.
tedHaven't seen anyone from RocketChat though...17:09
Mc(Sep 19th)
we can follow some of the projects on their MRs but the students are less active in the community unfortunately
tedSeems we're connecting to RC.17:10
scislac[m]Sorry, reading log to catch up.17:10
tedscislac: howdy!
Mc, so besides mentor's reviews is there anything we need to do as a project?
well, convince all contributors to stay around on the long term, of course
tedCool. Great.
Heh, yeah :-)
karencould publicize the results of the projects or just what was worked on with thanks for the contributors
McI think the vectors team do that indeed17:12
tedYeah, that'd be good.
Is there a Vectors meeting tomorrow? We could add it to the agenda.
(seems like they're always the day after this one, but I'm not sure)
tedGreat, I'll make sure to get it on the agenda.
Thanks karen for the idea.
karenanother thing is to encourage the mentors to reach out to their interns to see what their goals are post-internship, so that those relationships can be established post-program
and they feel supported, that kind of causes a lot of unexpected positive conversations
just an idea :)
tedHmm, that is interesting. Not sure we've ever done something like that.
Mc, thoughts?
karenit encourages interns to ask for recommendations, etc, or get help networkign with other people in the project if htey haven't already17:15
tedMakes sense.
Some good ideas.
Next up I have the developer checkin.
* Developer meeting update (Mc)
Mcmh, I missed 2 out of the 4 ones since last time I think :p
I'll have to look into when people want 1.2.2 to happen
tedCool. No major issues like 1.2.1?
More for translations?
Mcnot a lot yet :
could wait for the "normal" timing of january
tedK, makes sense. We do get hit by the end of year holidays. Would be nice to be far before or after.
Next up: * Vectors update ( @ryangorley )
ryangorleyOthers are able to chime in, but I don't think we have anything to bring before the PLC.17:21
ponoIs the meeting tomorrow on chat or is there a video/ voice portion?17:22
ryangorleyIt's just chat, and it is tomorrow.17:22
ryangorleyI'm still working on the agenda, trying to clean up old stuff.17:22
tedAh, okay. I was looking for it to add the GSoC thing :-)17:23
Mcpono: (on )17:23
ryangorleyIt's actually on there, kinda. But I'll get it on there formally.17:23
ryangorleyIf someone who knows more about the progress there could join us that would help.17:23
ponoThanks Mc. I'll be there!17:24
Mcunsure I can attend17:24
tedK, I think that no matter what we have to be done by Sept 19th. I'm not sure which projects are complete though.
We probably need a place to collect reports.
I know my student is using a GH Gist. But others are probably different.
ryangorley@ted I'll ping you when the agenda is up and you can comment on the issue with anything that comes to mind.17:25
tedSounds good, thanks @ryangorley
Next up I have: * Administrator job retrospective ( ? )
I'm not sure exactly who's on that or where it is.
Does anyone have info there? I feel like we need to complete that before we can look at doing this again.
Mc@ryangorley there are and
ponoI think we were going to have a meeting, so I'll schedule something with the committee.17:27
tedpono, great, thank you. Do you know who's handling it from our side?17:27
ryangorley(Thanks @Mc )17:28
ponoI think Martin was in charge (I don't think any other PLC members were involved), but I'll send something to the whole list.17:28
tedpono, okay. Just concerned that we need to ensure that lands... hopefully your email will give it some momentum.17:29
karenprobably best to involve multiple people17:29
ponoDoing a retrospective and then trying again seems like a good path. So I'll gather the folks involved.17:29
karenit's tough, but it's really burst activity until it's done :)17:29
tedIt would be good to get everyone who was involved with hiring at least invited. Even the non-PLC folks.17:30
Mcshould we make a news item about it to be transparent about it (also to make some publicity for the second attempt) ?17:30
ponoMc: I think the plan was to write something together, so I'll put that on our agenda.17:30
tedK, let's have that meeting and then see where we need to go from there.
Next up: * Security Key Program (Mc)
McI'm still late for it17:31
tedK, is there anything blocking you? (besides time :-)17:32
Mclet me put some reminder in a calendar at an arbitrary date/time to schedule ie
tedHaha, makes sense. Deadlines help :-)
Next up: * Current Votes/FSA Signing Status
I talked to karen earlier this week and she needed FSA signatures from: @Tav , Mc and scislac. Please send those if you haven't already.
Mc\u0001ACTION planned it for Sep 6th\u0001
well I have the physical copy, signed, just here
tedAnd there are no outstanding votes. So no one gets harassed there.17:33
Mcso I'll need an international stamp and we're good17:33
tedAh, nice. Thanks Mc!17:34
karengreat! send a scan or pic in the interim Mc...17:34
Mcor you can have a US-based fold looking me sign it over a webcam and certifying I'm signing the paper, or something :D
scislac[m]@Ted I'll do so later today.17:34
tedHaha, if it is filmed in the US... I'd love to see the legal brief on that.
scislac: Awesome!
Mckaren: just the last page ? or the paraphs too ?17:35
karenMc a scan of the whole thing ideally17:36
Mccan do17:36
karenI know I want to make a snarky comments about lawyers. but...17:36
tedThis could be like three legal journal articles for you karen ;-)
K, so the last thing I have is: * Next Meeting: Oct 7, 2022
Anyone else have something for the meeting?
karenoh and don't forget that you should have initialed on the bottom of each page
Mcyep that's what I calld "paraphs"17:38
karenhaha ted: so funny
oh i see!
tedK, then I'll call it. Nice short meeting, thank's folks!

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