The Great Inkscape Bug Migration

Help us migrate bugs by converting them from the LaunchPad bugtracker to the GitLab bug tracker.

Win awards, swag and stickers by discovering special bugs and compete for top Bug Wrangler stats in our Leaderboard.

Become a Bug Wrangler

To play, you'll need these things first:

  1. An account on LaunchPad. Register here if you don't have one.
  2. An account on GitLab. Register here if you don't have one (Click the "register" tab).
  3. The latest Inkscape.Download Here.

Find an Open Bug!

Start Migrating!

If the bug needs to be migrated:

Closing on LaunchPad

Closing and migrating to GitLab

On Launchpad, mark the bug Status as "Invalid", and add text like the following in a final comment:

Hi - thanks for reporting this bug, I've manually migrated it to Inkscape's new
bug tracker on GitLab, and closed it here.

Please feel free to file new bugs about the issues you're seeing at

Moved to:
Closed by:

Replace 'XXX' with the new bug number on GitLab, and 'USERNAME' with your GitLab username. The link lets the reporter follow their bug, and the username lets you get credit for the migration.

Closing without migrating to GitLab

On Launchpad, close the bug with the appropriate status (Fix Released, Invalid, Can't Replicate, etc.) and add text like the following in a final comment:

Closing because [insert explanation here].

Closed by:

Replace 'USERNAME' with your GitLab username - that lets you get credit for the closure.


Each LaunchPad bug converted to a GitLab bug or closed on LaunchPad will earn you bug points based on the difficulty of the bug. You can check your progress on this leader board (updated every 15 minutes).

Bug Point Medals - When you close bugs, you get points. When you achieve the next level of points, you get an achievement medal. The leaderboard shows how far away you are from the next level - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platium, and Diamond. This award level is shown next to your name on the Leaderboard.

Collecting Special Bugs - Some bugs (issues on Launchpad) are Special Bugs which will automatically appear in your "specials" area on the leaderboard. They are distributed throughout the entire bug population, so the more bugs you migrate the more opportunities you have to discover and collect them! Additionally, each Special Bug is also worth bonus bug points which will be added to your total.

Once the event is over, we will ship you your award medal stickers and a sticker for each special bug you have collected. Before this, you will have the opportunity to trade special bugs with others on the leaderboard to get the ones you were hoping to find.

Each time a new Special Bug is discovered, an announcement will be made on our social media platforms about who has found the first one, as well as an animated illustration of the bug, which you can find on the Bug Field Guide.

Additional Prizes!

There will also be special prizes (Inkscape shirts & mugs, etc.) awarded to the those who earned the top three highest bugpoint scores. (to be announced)

Bug scores

The goal of this game is to collectively migrate all of the open bugs from Launchpad to GitLab. The game ends when the last bugs have been migrated.