Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2018-06-01

bryce_20 min to meetingJun 01 09:38
McI might be a bit late, depending if there are shared bikes left near my office ^^Jun 01 09:41
bryce_====== Inkscape Board Meeting ======Jun 01 10:00
bryce_I note Tav and Mc are going to be late.  Who's here?  I'm ok delaying the actual start of the meeting if needed.Jun 01 10:00
bryce_tedg_?Jun 01 10:01
bryce_ok, pausing meeting for folks to arrive.Jun 01 10:04
crogersHey folksJun 01 10:10
crogersMeeting start yet?Jun 01 10:10
bryce_crogers, hiJun 01 10:10
crogersTav says he's going to be late, but not to wait for him.Jun 01 10:10
crogersbryce_: Hi. :)Jun 01 10:10
bryce_crogers, I paused the meeting since there were no attendeesJun 01 10:10
crogersah, no problem. I'm late too it seems. :)Jun 01 10:11
crogersPolari decided it was going to freeze gnome again.Jun 01 10:11
crogersso I have it the old 5-second power button salute.Jun 01 10:11
bryce_least I'm not late this time.  :-DJun 01 10:12
crogersWell, I'm actually here for once. :DJun 01 10:13
bryce_crogers, btw I'm going to say again how much I love the stickers you made.Jun 01 10:13
*crogers shames saelfJun 01 10:13
*crogers un-shames self. :)Jun 01 10:13
crogersThanks!Jun 01 10:13
crogersUh, which ones? :DJun 01 10:14
*crogers is the sticker guy lately. ;PJun 01 10:14
bryce_I put the one you made for the boston hackfest on my laptop.  It's amazingly robust, still looks great.  Other metalic stickers start fading outJun 01 10:14
bryce_crogers, the one with the shipJun 01 10:14
*Tavmjong o/Jun 01 10:15
bryce_crogers, I saw your mention the other day of your dream of doing a sticker making company for foss projects.Jun 01 10:15
crogersbryce_: yea, that might be good. I'd love to set that up.Jun 01 10:15
crogersGotta figure out the actual business end of it.Jun 01 10:16
bryce_I said to myself that sounded way more awesome than spreadshirtJun 01 10:16
crogersBut catering to FOSS is like uh, serving mah people. :)Jun 01 10:16
bryce_hi TavJun 01 10:16
crogersYea, could do t-shirts too.Jun 01 10:16
tedg_Sorry, just got here.Jun 01 10:16
crogersProbably for cheaper.Jun 01 10:16
bryce_ok let me dig up the agenda againJun 01 10:17
crogershi tedg_!Jun 01 10:17
tedg_Howdy crogersJun 01 10:17
crogersand thanks for the encouragement bryce_Jun 01 10:18
crogersIt means a lot. :)Jun 01 10:18
crogersI'm glad you're enjoying th stickers. The company I got them from is first rate.Jun 01 10:18
tedg_I think for FOSS projects the inventory part could be interesting to optimize. Most projects don't want to deal with that part.Jun 01 10:18
bryce_crogers, yeah if you do decide to pursue it some day definitely let me knowJun 01 10:18
bryce_=== Future meetings/hackfests ===Jun 01 10:18
crogersbryce_: Sure, why you want in? :DJun 01 10:18
Tavmjongcrogers, I love the stickers too... the ship and inkscape stickers are the only ones I've ever put on a laptop.Jun 01 10:18
bryce_[[Hackfest2018 Kiel]] - Sun, 2018-09-09 until Thu, 2018-09-13 (Kiel, Germany) - ProposedJun 01 10:18
crogersTavmjong: Great! Glad they are being enjoyed. :)Jun 01 10:19
crogersThank doctormo for partially funding this round.Jun 01 10:19
tedg_Have to agree with Tavmjong there. The Inkscape sticker is the only one on my tablet too.Jun 01 10:19
crogersI'll keep doing them then. :)Jun 01 10:19
crogersAre they a good size?Jun 01 10:20
TavmjongI think we should get a vote going on the Kiel hackfest. QUestion is do we want to make some adjustments on reimbursement limits.Jun 01 10:20
bryce_ok, so Maren's made an amazing proposal for KielJun 01 10:20
tedg_I like the size.Jun 01 10:20
crogersCool.Jun 01 10:20
bryce_the current task there is gathering an estimate of number of attendeesJun 01 10:20
crogersYea, I thought they are readable, yet small enough to be collectable.Jun 01 10:20
TavmjongAlso, to note, I had some issues with getting reimbursed for the Boston hackfest. SFC is getting really picky.Jun 01 10:20
tedg_+1 on Moini being awesomeJun 01 10:20
Moini**blushes**Jun 01 10:21
crogersHooray for Moini!Jun 01 10:21
bryce_Moini, hi!  do we have an update on # attendees?Jun 01 10:21
TavmjongI don't think the hackfest has been announced on inkscape-devel, or has it?Jun 01 10:21
crogersI'd love to go, but with job being uncertain, it's hard for me to guarantee anything. :/Jun 01 10:22
bryce_Tavmjong, yeah I got a reduced reimbursement on airfare, but I was already near the limit so no matter.Jun 01 10:22
Tavmjongbryce_, I choose an Air France flight about $300 more than a WOW flight but if one read the small print, just the hand luggage charge and the booking charge brought it up to close to the Air France costJun 01 10:23
MoiniThere isn't a lot to say, currently it would be Tav, doctormo, and myself, and maybe Eduard. prkos wasn't sure if she could make it, but didn't seem uninterested.Jun 01 10:23
Tavmjongbryce_, And add in the checked baggage charge, it was quite a bit more.Jun 01 10:24
Moinicrogers , thought so - I hope you'll end up in a good place that will give you free time to pursue open source things :)Jun 01 10:24
TavmjongMoini, I think we need to advertise the hackfest better and then send individual invites to people.Jun 01 10:24
Tavmjongcrogers, I hope you can make it!Jun 01 10:24
tedg_Tavmjong: I think that they just need pre-approval in cases like that.Jun 01 10:24
Tavmjongtedg_, Yeah, that's what the said.Jun 01 10:25
MoiniTavmjong, yes.Jun 01 10:25
bryce_crogers, yes I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you too.  Hope you're getting interesting leads.Jun 01 10:25
crogersMoini: Oh, even if not, I'm still going to. If I have to move into a box and work on inkscape while collecting passerby change.Jun 01 10:25
crogersFOSS = happy = legacy, = lifeJun 01 10:26
Mco/Jun 01 10:26
bryce_speaking of job leads...  my team at Samsung has openings for a couple FOSS experts in cloud computing to do upstream work on certain projects.  Send resumes my way if interested.Jun 01 10:26
bryce_hi McJun 01 10:27
crogersbryce_: Thanks! Yea, I've been getting a lot of graphics work from ryangorley on the side.Jun 01 10:27
crogersbryce_: do they need a designer?Jun 01 10:27
bryce_I'd definitely be open to changing reimbursement rules for Kiel.  I'd love to see more attendance from newer Inkscapers, and recognize our traditional rules probably inhibit that a bitJun 01 10:28
Mc(sorry for the delay)Jun 01 10:28
bryce_crogers, sorry, wish they did!Jun 01 10:28
Tavmjongbryce_, That was what I was thinking.Jun 01 10:28
bryce_Tavmjong, got some ideas to brainstorm on that?Jun 01 10:28
crogersbryce_: That's okay, thanks anyway. I know nothing about cloud computing really.Jun 01 10:28
Tavmjongbryce_, I haven't thought about it too much.Jun 01 10:29
TavmjongMaybe bump up each level by $500.Jun 01 10:29
McI might also be interested in Kiel, not sure if I'll be able to make itJun 01 10:29
MoiniMc, I've been hoping you could come.Jun 01 10:29
TavmjongAlex would also be a good person to ask. Javier too.Jun 01 10:30
MoiniCurrently, we seem to have a 'changing jobs' period.Jun 01 10:30
Mcmaybe tweenk too ?Jun 01 10:30
TavmjongMight even get KK there if we ask soon enough.Jun 01 10:30
bryce_I mentioned yesterday a thought about perhaps reaching out to translatorsJun 01 10:30
MoiniTav, I was hoping to see them here now .Jun 01 10:30
crogersI'll definitely come if at all possible.Jun 01 10:30
crogersWhat's the deadline for deciding?Jun 01 10:31
bryce_crogers, SFC likes to see travel arrangements done a month ahead of the event, that would be the drop dead dateJun 01 10:31
TavmjongTo get a flight reimbursed without pre-asking, it's two weeks.Jun 01 10:31
MoiniIt would be helpful to know if it takes place at least by end of June.Jun 01 10:31
bryce_they've also indicated they'd love to have the attendee list nailed down even earlier than thatJun 01 10:31
MoiniFor us to plan out the other parallel events.Jun 01 10:32
Tavmjongbryce_, I don't think that is reasonable.Jun 01 10:32
bryce_however we've typically tried to avoid finalizing our attendance list until the event itselfJun 01 10:32
bryce_Tavmjong, you've seen the emails from them too though, am I misreading or do you get this impression as well?Jun 01 10:33
crogersIt's odd that the reimbursement is so... stringent lately. Don't we always come in like way undebudget?Jun 01 10:33
crogers*underJun 01 10:33
crogersI mean, I've never personally taken a penny from the project.Jun 01 10:33
crogersSo I dunno how it works.Jun 01 10:33
MoiniDo we have a minimum number of attendees for an event to take place, bryce?Jun 01 10:33
TavmjongIt's a bit slanted towards US travel... where airfares go up rapidly two weeks before flighing.Jun 01 10:33
bryce_crogers, my guess is that Inkscape has been reasonable but maybe other projects under SFC have been lax at following rules?Jun 01 10:34
Mcmh, Paris-Kiel is feasible by train in 10h for <100€ that's interestingJun 01 10:34
crogersbryce_: Hmm... I guess...Jun 01 10:34
MoiniMc, cool :)Jun 01 10:34
TavmjongWell, if we could have a hacking session on the train, I might be game for that.Jun 01 10:34
crogersStill, you'd think they'd take a look at our alotted funds before scolding anyone.Jun 01 10:35
Mc(Paris-Frankfurt-Fulda-Hamburg-Kiel)Jun 01 10:35
tedgI imagine it's just about having global policy. It's a hard problem :-)Jun 01 10:35
Mcyes, it's good to have a global policyJun 01 10:35
bryce_Moini, theoretically there is not a minimum, but if there are venue costs or group lodging plans, that can set a minimumJun 01 10:35
McI submitted a reimbursment request for 450€ for the LGM btwJun 01 10:35
Moinibryce_ , thanks - we don't have any of those, so far.Jun 01 10:35
crogersIf I attend this one, I'll probably have to at least borrow the funds.Jun 01 10:35
Mccrogers: sfc can buy plane tickets for you if you don't have enough money toJun 01 10:36
Tavmjongcrogers, You can get SFC to buy your ticket so you don't have to wait for reimbursement.Jun 01 10:36
crogersBut if I do that, I want to make sure the project is getting the money's worth out of my attendance.Jun 01 10:36
Moinicrogers, we might be able to find you a free place to sleep, but there may be transport costs from there.Jun 01 10:36
crogersMoini: It's probably not a big deal, I can pay for some of it.Jun 01 10:37
crogersHeck, I may be able to pay all of it, just depends on how the next months go. :)Jun 01 10:38
Moinicrogers Just let us know, as early as you know, then we can ask around.Jun 01 10:38
bryce_so, the purpose of voting on the event is twofold: First to officially decide that yes, we will do it.  Second, to notify SFC about budget and serve as authorization for funding/reimbursements.Jun 01 10:38
crogersCitizenship fee was upped to £1.5K in June. :PJun 01 10:38
crogersfrom £500Jun 01 10:38
bryce_but I think we could do those two things in two separate votesJun 01 10:38
crogersThat was pretty painful.Jun 01 10:38
bryce_so one today just to make the official decision, then a subsequent one for the funding.Jun 01 10:39
crogersbryce_: cool.Jun 01 10:39
*Tavmjong ScislaC o/Jun 01 10:39
bryce_what do you guys think of doing that?Jun 01 10:39
TavmjongSounds fine with me.Jun 01 10:39
crogersbryce_: +1Jun 01 10:39
tedgSounds good, I'm +1 :-)Jun 01 10:39
McsureJun 01 10:40
ScislaCHello!Jun 01 10:40
Mchi :)Jun 01 10:40
crogersHey ScislaC!Jun 01 10:40
bryce_hey ScislaC!Jun 01 10:40
bryce_ok, I'll get the first vote out today.Jun 01 10:40
MoiniThank you, bryce_ .Jun 01 10:40
MoiniDo you need the snack budget for the other vote?Jun 01 10:41
bryce_Moini, yesJun 01 10:41
MoiniThanks.Jun 01 10:41
crogersthanks bryce_ I'll put in a yes for coming.Jun 01 10:41
MoiniYay :)Jun 01 10:41
ScislaCI have the worst internet connection on the planet currently (not really, but the worst *I've* ever had... when it hits 70° outside it randomly disconnects)Jun 01 10:41
bryce_I don't think we need a firm attendance list for that one, but we'll need to know what reimbursement limitation rules we want, and a rough estimate of # people and/or total travel costs would probably be worthwhileJun 01 10:42
*Mc probably has among the best connections in the worldJun 01 10:42
tedgScislaC: Open the door and run the AC really high to cool down the outside.Jun 01 10:42
bryce_ScislaC, ethernet cables made from lead or something?  ;-)Jun 01 10:42
*crogers can't complain since bought a £15 signal repeater. Wishes done that 5 years ago.Jun 01 10:42
*Tavmjong My connection was really flaky yesterday, can't wait for fiber which should arrive next year.Jun 01 10:42
MoiniThe room size is limited. I think we won't get more than 12 of us into it, with all the devices.Jun 01 10:42
*Mc converts 70° Jun 01 10:42
MoiniSo there's a natural upper limit :)Jun 01 10:43
crogersMoini: that's the hackfest area?Jun 01 10:43
TavmjongWe've never had that many.Jun 01 10:43
MoiniTavmjong Yes, that was the next thing I wanted to write :)Jun 01 10:43
bryce_Moini, ok good to knowJun 01 10:43
crogersAlso, I can sit on a chair with my lapboard.Jun 01 10:43
crogersSo you could proably have 13. :)Jun 01 10:43
Moini:)Jun 01 10:44
crogersAnd a fan. lolJun 01 10:44
MoiniIt's mid September - usually we have around 16° outside at Kielux.Jun 01 10:44
MoiniCelsius.Jun 01 10:44
bryce_ok, anything else on the hackfest for now?Jun 01 10:44
crogersAh, no fan needed then, I guess. Should be cozy.Jun 01 10:45
crogersI'll do stickers asap.Jun 01 10:45
Moinicrogers hehe, I might borrow some of the graphics for the Kielux website...Jun 01 10:45
bryce_=== SCALE - March 7-10th, 2019 Pasadena California ===Jun 01 10:45
bryce_super early on this one, but I just wanted to float the idea of if we'd like to make it a secondary hackfestJun 01 10:46
crogersMoini: Sounds good, want to co-project it? :)Jun 01 10:46
crogersemail me.Jun 01 10:46
Moinicrogers thanks :)Jun 01 10:46
bryce_maybe take a couple days before or after the actual event to meet in a room somewhere?Jun 01 10:46
Mcbryce_: that's close to LGMJun 01 10:46
crogersMoini: np. :)Jun 01 10:46
rindolfhi allJun 01 10:47
crogersrindolf: Hey. :)Jun 01 10:47
bryce_Mc, yes, thinking it would be a minor hackfest for US folks, and/or people not going to LGMJun 01 10:47
Mcworks for meJun 01 10:47
tedgbryce_: The GIMP guys got an AirBNB by the conference center last year, they were excited about it.Jun 01 10:48
Mc(to go to LGM, not scale)Jun 01 10:48
crogersThe leeds one was still one of my favs. :)Jun 01 10:48
ScislaCbryce: I can probably arrange for the room before the event for a couple daysJun 01 10:48
bryce_SFC seems to attend SCALE regularly so would be a good chance to meet up with them.  We've had sponsor interest in that area too, so might be good for outreachJun 01 10:48
crogersbryce_: cool. lmk if you need more regular inkscape stickers.Jun 01 10:49
ScislaCBasically we have more set-up time than tear-down time.Jun 01 10:49
crogersI still have a bunch here.Jun 01 10:49
TavmjongWhat's the accommodation situation. Is it hard to find places during SCALE?Jun 01 10:49
bryce_tedg, ScislaC ok cool.  let's look into it moreJun 01 10:49
tedgNot really, it's in downtown Pasadena, there's lots of stuff around.Jun 01 10:49
tedgAlso close to the light rail if we need to further afield.Jun 01 10:50
bryce_ok great, let's revisit this next month.  I'd like to hear more about that AirBNBJun 01 10:51
tedgI'll hit up Pat David about it.Jun 01 10:51
bryce_=== LGM - May 30th-June 3rd - Saarbrucken, Germany ===Jun 01 10:51
bryce_a year offJun 01 10:52
crogersAny speakers for Inkscape?Jun 01 10:53
Mccan we plan to "officially" launch Inkscape 1.0-beta0 at this occasion ?Jun 01 10:53
TavmjongI was pretty happy with LGM this year. I would really recommend we do something in conjunction with it.Jun 01 10:53
TavmjongIt's also easy to get there from Paris.Jun 01 10:53
bryce_Mc, not a bad ideaJun 01 10:53
Tavmjong(Two hours by train, three to drive.)Jun 01 10:53
bryce_predicting release schedules for Inkscape has not been a strong point for me though :-)Jun 01 10:54
crogersSeems like we should have some swag for the 1.0 release.Jun 01 10:54
Mcsomething similar to the gimp 2.10 release that happened this year, but maybe with a talk to point the new stuffJun 01 10:54
bryce_crogers, yes!Jun 01 10:54
crogersMaybe USB keys with the release on it?Jun 01 10:54
bryce_1.0 commemorative stuffJun 01 10:54
Mcah, you want to launch 1.0.0 ?Jun 01 10:54
bryce_Mc, I like to imagine we could get 1.0.0 done within a year.Jun 01 10:55
crogersWe can get some shirts to raffle at lgm. Maybe with the inkscape logo and 1.0.0 under it, and the year.Jun 01 10:55
Mcthen we should probably launch some 1.0beta maybe in january so that it's possible to get a lot of feedbackJun 01 10:55
bryce_still a lot to do, even with the scrubbed down list, and peoplepower has been a limitationJun 01 10:56
crogersI can give you a list of persistent issues in production work for graphics.Jun 01 10:56
crogersBut it's actually not too long a list.Jun 01 10:56
crogersSome minor annoyances.Jun 01 10:57
Mc(and get bugfixes in time, and probably find some UI artists to write 2 or 3 built-in themes ({css+ui files+icons}, ideally, would be good))Jun 01 10:57
tedgThink we'd be better off raffling online than at LGM. Much larger reach.Jun 01 10:57
crogerstedg: Yea, just seems like a good place to hand out some shirts.Jun 01 10:57
crogers(wihout shipping necessary)Jun 01 10:57
tedgCan we use the same built in themes as GIMP?Jun 01 10:57
crogersHahaJun 01 10:58
McmaybeJun 01 10:58
Mcbut we have more iconsJun 01 10:58
crogersI can fill in the gaps.Jun 01 10:58
TavmjongAt LGM we talked about including another icon set... I forget the name.Jun 01 10:58
Mcsymbolic ?Jun 01 10:59
TavmjongAh, yes.Jun 01 10:59
crogersis it incomplete?Jun 01 10:59
Mc("flat" basically)Jun 01 10:59
bryce_tedg, crogers would you two mind trading emails to brainstorm on this more?  Next meeting we can discuss it moreJun 01 10:59
TavmjongWe needed to check on the licensing.Jun 01 10:59
TavmjongIt's almost complete.Jun 01 10:59
crogersbryce_: sure, good idea.Jun 01 10:59
crogersTavmjong: if you can send me a link to it, I'll check it out.Jun 01 10:59
Mc(what we'll also need is a way to choose theme for windows from the interface)Jun 01 11:00
ScislaCIt was done by the Gnome people, I'm sure license is no issue.Jun 01 11:00
McScislaC: gpl2 vs gpl3 ?Jun 01 11:00
bryce_ACTION: Check into pre/post SCALE meeting options & AirBNB [tedg, scislac]Jun 01 11:00
crogersIf the license is wrong, we can do a similar theme wiht our own licensing, if it's really something we like.Jun 01 11:00
bryce_ACTION: Arrange vote #1 on Kiel hackfest (official decision) [bryce]Jun 01 11:00
ScislaCI'll double checkJun 01 11:00
bryce_ACTION: Arrange vote #2 on Kiel hackfest (funding arrangements) [bryce]Jun 01 11:00
bryce_ACTION: Brainstorm plans for 1.0beta / 1.0 commemorative merch [crogers, tedg]Jun 01 11:01
bryce_ok, anything else on events before we move on?Jun 01 11:02
Mcplanning weeeelll ahead the release scheduleJun 01 11:02
crogersjust sen, tedg: an email about that.Jun 01 11:02
crogers*sentJun 01 11:03
crogersplanning ahead is good.Jun 01 11:03
crogersmenas there's plent y of time to make it work. :)Jun 01 11:03
ScislaCI'll ping jimmac about the symbolic icons as the strings "license" or "gpl" aren't in the SVGJun 01 11:03
crogersInstalling coffee [#############--------]70%Jun 01 11:04
TavmjongScislaC, If we get the OK, I can work on getting them in Inkscape (we need to have one file per icons now).Jun 01 11:04
Tavmjongs/per icons/per icon/Jun 01 11:04
Mccrogers: pip install --user coffee2 ?Jun 01 11:04
crogersapt getJun 01 11:05
bryce_ACTION: ping jimmac about the symbolic icons for adding the theme to Inkscape [scislac]Jun 01 11:05
crogerser just apt now I guessJun 01 11:05
crogersapt-get doesn't have that nice progress bar. :)Jun 01 11:05
bryce_=== Merchadise Sales ===Jun 01 11:05
crogersWith cool terminal green ANSI colourJun 01 11:05
crogersYea, so about spreadshirt... :)Jun 01 11:06
bryce_we've touched on merch ideas a few times already so farJun 01 11:06
bryce_but I wanted to check in about what we should do specifically with spreadshirtJun 01 11:06
crogersYes, and sorry for not being more transparent about the updates.Jun 01 11:06
bryce_crogers, no prob, I know life stuff is taking priorityJun 01 11:06
crogersBasically, I'll have to hack the DOM to hide stuff we don't want, or build an index myself to specific items.Jun 01 11:06
crogersSpreadshirt provides no way at all to do it properly, and I can't for the life of me figure out why they are so popular.Jun 01 11:07
bryce_crogers, how much time do you think the hacking will consume?Jun 01 11:07
Mcare there open source alternatives to spreadshirt ? :pJun 01 11:08
crogersToo much for now. However I did volunteer to make one design to rule them all.Jun 01 11:08
crogersWhich I will do, now that I remember. :)Jun 01 11:08
bryce_Mc, there's tons of alternatives, which we've discussed.  The main pro for spreadshirt is the bank info and finance stuff is all plugged in with SFC already so it's just a matter of making it presentable.Jun 01 11:08
McyupJun 01 11:09
bryce_if anyone has time/interest in setting up other merch sites, totally great to doJun 01 11:09
crogersryangorley has me making maps for money tonight, but I'll do a design that will look good on white, grey and black tonight.Jun 01 11:09
crogersYea, and there's a lot out ther.Jun 01 11:09
crogersSpreadshirt are far from the only game in town.Jun 01 11:10
bryce_crogers, should we think about soliciting another volunteer to help?Jun 01 11:10
crogersbryce_: couldn't hurt, but for spreadshirt, there's only one solution at the moment that wouldn't take ages.Jun 01 11:10
crogersSo I'll do that first.Jun 01 11:10
crogersLike this weekend.Jun 01 11:10
bryce_crogers, ok, greatJun 01 11:11
crogersMc: cna you shoot me with a fishing speargun if I don't have it done by Monday?Jun 01 11:11
bryce_crogers, sure :-)Jun 01 11:11
Mccrogers: sureJun 01 11:11
crogersOkay okay, don't everyone volunteer. ;)Jun 01 11:11
crogersThanks. :DJun 01 11:12
bryce_ACTION: Followup with crogers on spreadshirt progress [Mc]Jun 01 11:12
crogersCoolJun 01 11:12
bryce_other self-serve merch options we've mentioned are cafepress, Golden Ribbon, Think PenguinJun 01 11:12
crogersZazleJun 01 11:13
crogerszazzleJun 01 11:13
ScislaCbrbJun 01 11:13
Mcbut those don't have a sfc account yet, right ?Jun 01 11:13
bryce_I have Mc's name down here, I think he was going to do some poking around to review and see what might make sense to invest time into after spreadsheetJun 01 11:13
bryce_Mc, rightJun 01 11:13
bryce_Mc, what I did for spreadshirt was register a dummy account myself, to find out what info they required, then emailed SFC and asked them to do a proper registrationJun 01 11:14
crogersEh, I gotta do something. I'll also look into what it would take to just buy a bulk load of shirts and do our own sales.Jun 01 11:14
crogersThat and stickers. :)Jun 01 11:14
crogersBut yea, don't let that keep you from looking at other options, Mc. :)Jun 01 11:15
bryce_so, I'd recommend similar - review the options, sign up dummy accounts to tire kick, and if one looks good bring it back to the board.  I can do the legwork of interfacing with SFC to get set up once we've decided.Jun 01 11:15
Mcbryce_: I think I was the first to mention merchandizing a whiiile ago, but since then other people more design-inclined or interested in the high quality of products offereed by platforms  stepped in :pJun 01 11:15
bryce_Mc, gotchaJun 01 11:16
crogersActually, I'd rather leave Mc to work on Inkscape proper.Jun 01 11:16
bryce_we'll leave this research task open, it's lower priority than finishing spreadshirt so no hurry.  If anyone comes along interested in working it, we can spin them up.Jun 01 11:16
crogersSo I'll put that back on my list.Jun 01 11:16
crogersYes, after spreadshirt.Jun 01 11:16
McMy priority work is on "stability" stuff usually ^^Jun 01 11:17
bryce_crogers, ok sounds good.  I won't make it an action assigned to you, we'll return to this topic again.  :-)Jun 01 11:17
Mcbut recently it seems i'll have to investigate upstream problems :pJun 01 11:17
crogersMc: That's greatly appreciated. :)Jun 01 11:17
bryce_Mc, definitelyJun 01 11:17
bryce_Mc, very glad you're giving attention in this area, it's vital for usJun 01 11:17
bryce_ok, moving onJun 01 11:17
bryce_=== Outreachy ===Jun 01 11:18
Mcand various problems like "why has no one detected that imagemagick is completely broken before me"Jun 01 11:18
crogersIt's helped a lot too, you can really see the difference in terms of not losing work. :)Jun 01 11:18
crogersSo, Vectors meeting is tomorrow.Jun 01 11:18
Mccrogers: outreachy, not outreachJun 01 11:19
*crogers tilts headJun 01 11:19
bryce_progress is being made on outreachy.  I've been exchanging emails with folks to get things started.  Sounds like we may have a student ready for doing it in the winter sessionJun 01 11:19
Mcoh, wow, already ?Jun 01 11:19
crogersAhhhhhJun 01 11:19
Mcon which project ?Jun 01 11:19
bryce_and there's been offers to help on arranging funding for it, and since there's ample time before the winter session kicks off, feels like there ought to be a good chance of it getting fully fundedJun 01 11:20
crogersMc: thanks again for investigating upstream problems. Looking forward to getting the pixman stuff smoothing our gradients in trunk.Jun 01 11:20
crogers(that's a big thing on my checklist for 1.0)Jun 01 11:21
bryce_if that doesn't come to pass, Inkscape would be responsible for payment.  So, when things are a bit more firmly known I'll be doing a vote on it.Jun 01 11:21
McI'll send an email to apply for maintenership btw since there's no more activity since a few weeksJun 01 11:21
bryce_Mc, the project isn't specified yet, but probably something python basedJun 01 11:21
McahJun 01 11:22
McI'm not too fond of python-based projects for inkscapeJun 01 11:22
bryce_if anyone knows other potential applicants for Outreachy, send me an email and I can help get them in contact with organizersJun 01 11:22
Mcbut if there is a mentor, well, why notJun 01 11:22
bryce_the application requirements are different from GSoC, so people who don't qualify for the latter may qualify for the formerJun 01 11:23
Mcbryce_: we can pass the word on twitterJun 01 11:23
bryce_also it's a bit more open to a wider variety of projects including testing, documentation, etc.Jun 01 11:23
crogersPython... so that would be limited to work on extensions?Jun 01 11:23
bryce_Mc, thanks that'd be greatJun 01 11:23
Mccrogers: and websiteJun 01 11:23
crogers(not that we don't need a lot of that) :)Jun 01 11:23
McI just need to find a way to phraseJun 01 11:23
Mcdo we look for "potential applicants" ?Jun 01 11:23
*crogers noddlesJun 01 11:23
bryce_Mc, yes.  What we need are (Student, Mentor, Project) tuplesJun 01 11:24
Mcdo we say that we'll "apply" to outreachy ? that we'll "participate" ?Jun 01 11:24
crogersProbably participate.Jun 01 11:24
Mcmentors will have to be among active devsJun 01 11:24
bryce_Mc, I'm unclear on what the application process is, "participate" would probably the best wordJun 01 11:24
bryce_Mc, rightJun 01 11:24
Mcfor python-based things, probably doctormon ?Jun 01 11:25
crogersYep, for the website especially docJun 01 11:25
Mcnot sure who our python contributors are currently (maybe Moini ?)Jun 01 11:25
bryce_projects can be anything on the Projects page in wiki.  The list we made for GSoC would be a good shortlist, and has potential mentors listed there, but we don't need to limit to that, obviouslyJun 01 11:26
bryce_Mc, yes doctormon has expressed interestJun 01 11:26
MoiniMc : nope. Just Martin, and perhaps Tonya.Jun 01 11:26
MoiniOh, and sometimes Eduard.Jun 01 11:26
crogersWhen is this happening?Jun 01 11:26
bryce_December, with application period beginning in August, iircJun 01 11:27
*crogers nodsJun 01 11:27
crogersIt's possible I could help too by then.Jun 01 11:27
crogersBut doc is a good bet.Jun 01 11:27
bryce_crogers, coolJun 01 11:27
bryce_ok, any other questions/comments on Outreachy?Jun 01 11:28
bryce_=== Action Items ===Jun 01 11:28
Mcok so there is time before finding studentsJun 01 11:28
bryce_Mc, yesJun 01 11:29
bryce_* Start thread on mailing list to organize next steps for event planning 2018/2019 [bryce]Jun 01 11:29
bryce_that's done, and actually I think we've got planning pretty far ahead nowJun 01 11:29
bryce_* Put together article on website about LGM event [Mc, doctormon]Jun 01 11:29
crogersOh, we will defo want a video for Inkscape 1.0 release. Maybe put that on the agenda for next meeting.Jun 01 11:30
bryce_crogers, okJun 01 11:30
bryce_ACTION: Plan video for Inkscape 1.0 release [assignee needed]Jun 01 11:30
crogersBy then I'll have a clearer plate on the merch stuff.Jun 01 11:30
crogersWill bring it up at the Vectors meeting tomorrow... agter we decide if we want leaders or not. :)Jun 01 11:31
bryce_did the LGM article get written?  I thought I saw some activity there on a gitlab ticketJun 01 11:31
McwoopsJun 01 11:31
bryce_crogers, thanks.  I'm going to attend too.  Will need to set the ol' alarm and get my butt out of bed for it :-)Jun 01 11:31
crogersbryce_: cool. :)Jun 01 11:32
McI think I should have replaced some "play Factorio" time by some "write article about LGM" timeJun 01 11:32
bryce_Mc, ok will leave the action item open, would be great to see something up on thatJun 01 11:32
bryce_Mc, hah, factorio's awesomeJun 01 11:32
McI'll try to write something this week-endJun 01 11:32
bryce_* Initial planning/contacts for Outreachy [bryce]Jun 01 11:32
crogersMc: Hah! That game has Doc too. lolJun 01 11:33
crogersI'm scared of it eating me. :PJun 01 11:33
bryce_Contacts are done, Máirín Duffy offered to help in organizing it so am in process of handoff to herJun 01 11:33
Mccool :)Jun 01 11:34
bryce_* Follow up with prkos on requirements for inkscapeforum [bryce]Jun 01 11:34
prkosansible or no ansible?Jun 01 11:34
bryce_this is done.  prkos has a machine setup with the code, we're just blocked on getting the data from the forum ownerJun 01 11:34
bryce_prkos, hi!Jun 01 11:35
prkoswithout ansible it's all goodJun 01 11:35
prkosohai!Jun 01 11:35
crogershey, prkos!Jun 01 11:35
bryce_prkos, yes stage I is no-ansible.  Stage II with ansible is tbd future workJun 01 11:35
prkoshi crogers!Jun 01 11:35
prkosbryce_ if you have some example scripts already from mailman I'd love to see themJun 01 11:36
bryce_prkos, btw, really hope you can attend the Kiel hackfest this fall and meet up with Moini and others :-)Jun 01 11:36
prkosjust to learn fasterJun 01 11:36
prkosI'd love that too, come to Kiel! But can't confirm yetJun 01 11:37
bryce_prkos, certainly, although you may find it easier to work through some ansible tutorialsJun 01 11:37
bryce_ACTION: Send prkos link to mailman ansible code [bryce]Jun 01 11:37
prkosI did and will, would probably go faster now with some examplesJun 01 11:37
bryce_prkos, apart from the missing data, anything else needed with the forums?Jun 01 11:37
prkostutorials rarely give full solutionsJun 01 11:38
prkosfor the nothing more is neededJun 01 11:38
prkosbut there are questions about other forums/foraJun 01 11:38
bryce_rightJun 01 11:38
prkosabout merging them into the official one, once we get it upJun 01 11:38
prkosor even just hosting them and turning into read-only and shutting down eventuallyJun 01 11:39
prkosnot sure how urgent this isJun 01 11:39
bryce_if there's not been contacts from other forums on it, then the urgency I imagine would be as-time-permits?Jun 01 11:40
prkosI guess the other fora discussion will become relevant if we don't get the dataJun 01 11:40
prkosthen we'll need plan B for the official forumJun 01 11:40
bryce_ok cool, I'll be lurking on the gitlab tickets to keep up with progress and statusJun 01 11:41
bryce_ok, moving onJun 01 11:41
bryce_=== Other Business ===Jun 01 11:41
bryce_anyone have other items to discuss?Jun 01 11:41
ScislaCnot meJun 01 11:41
prkosI think the consensus has been to allow for a couple more months to allow Courtney to contact usJun 01 11:42
crogersI'm good for now. :)Jun 01 11:42
Mcbug platform ? :pJun 01 11:42
bryce_oh one item that came up is hosting our own DNS.  Currently we request it through OSUOSL, which works fine but it may be more convenient and faster to run our own.Jun 01 11:43
Mcalso, would the forum replace LP answers ?Jun 01 11:43
crogersOn a side note, I'm keen to see how Inkscape runs on a Gemini Pocket. lolJun 01 11:43
bryce_I understand it's not a difficult service to run, and we have the HW to do it now.  But it's an area I know little about and would need advice.Jun 01 11:43
Mcbryce_: what for ?Jun 01 11:43
bryce_Mc, like if we want to consider contracting to get the work done to set up a DNS machine with ansible, or just solicit a volunteer, or ...?Jun 01 11:44
McI mean, why setting it up ?Jun 01 11:45
prkosMc: I think forum can certainly accommodate that, it probably already serves that purpose to an extentJun 01 11:45
bryce_Mc, because whenever we add new services we need to add domain names for the IPs.  So, for mailman, forums, etc. we need it.  Like I mentioned OSUOSL has been handling this for usJun 01 11:46
prkosforum could be the first place where people come for help, questions get curated, and only get flagged by Vectors or people in the know for devs to review, keeping devs from wading through a lot of user feedbackJun 01 11:46
bryce_it would streamline things and make us less dependent on OSUOSL to handle it ourselves.Jun 01 11:46
McyeahJun 01 11:47
Mcwe can see if there's a need for itJun 01 11:47
bryce_ok, anything else?  otherwise let's close out the meetingJun 01 11:48
McBut I don't think there is a big need to do changes if it works since we don't add domains oftenJun 01 11:48
bryce_sorry for running so late, but it's been a great session, lots of good stuff coveredJun 01 11:48
Mcprkos: I'd like to close LP Answers at some pointJun 01 11:48
prkosare LP answers even active still?Jun 01 11:48
McI think the spam to question ratio is >50Jun 01 11:48
McyeahJun 01 11:48
prkosah yes I think forum makes the most sense to take that overJun 01 11:49
prkosofficially that isJun 01 11:49
crogersI'm good. Thanks for the meeting everyone!Jun 01 11:49
prkosunofficially it's already doing that for a portion of users who find they way to the forumJun 01 11:49
bryce_Mc, for development/testing of new web services there's actually been a goodly bit of domain setup, but it's been behind the scenes stuff so not really visibleJun 01 11:49
Mcah okJun 01 11:50
bryce_ok, thanks allJun 01 11:50
bryce_== EOM ==Jun 01 11:50
ScislaCsee yaJun 01 11:50
Mcprkos: that'll need to be coordinated with doctormon so that the redir from the interface button for help changesJun 01 11:50
TavmjongByeJun 01 11:50
Mcbye all !Jun 01 11:50
crogerslaters!Jun 01 11:50
bryce_Vectors team tomorrow on chat - check see Ryan's email for details, sounds like it'll be interestingJun 01 11:51
prkosMc: yes of course, but we can't do that before we get an official forum in some wayJun 01 11:51
*ChanServ has changed the topic to: || Draw freely! || Development discussion channel || Next board meeting: `date -d 'TZ="America/Los_Angeles" 10:00 Fri July 6 2018'`Jun 01 11:51
bryce_I'll get the log posted after lunch.  bblJun 01 11:51
prkosthanks all!Jun 01 11:51

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