Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2018-07-06

Tavmjong*********** Inkscape Board Meeting *************Jul 06 10:00
TavmjongWho is here?Jul 06 10:00
*ryangorley wavesJul 06 10:01
Tavmjong 06 10:01
MoiniHi ryangorley!Jul 06 10:01
TonyaHi, Tonya is here!Jul 06 10:02
Mco/Jul 06 10:02
ryangorleyHey Moini et alJul 06 10:02
vwmannI am here!Jul 06 10:02
brycehi allJul 06 10:03
bryce== Inkscape Board meeting ==Jul 06 10:03
TavmjongTed said he might miss.Jul 06 10:03
cajhneo/Jul 06 10:04
bryce=== Agenda ===Jul 06 10:04
bryceFile Edit Options Buffers Tools Text Help                                                     Jul 06 10:04
bryce* Kiel HackfestJul 06 10:04
bryce** [[Hackfest2018 Kiel]] - Sun, 2018-09-09 until Thu, 2018-09-13Jul 06 10:04
bryce** Board sponsored dinnerJul 06 10:04
bryce* Future meetings/hackfests.Jul 06 10:04
bryce** [ SCALE] - March 7th-10th,Jul 06 10:04
bryce   2019 (Pasadena, California)Jul 06 10:04
bryce** [ LGM 2019] - May 30th-June 3rdJul 06 10:04
bryce   (Saarbrucken, Germany) Proposed. (About two hours by train fromJul 06 10:04
bryce   Paris.)Jul 06 10:04
bryce* Merchandise salesJul 06 10:04
bryce** SpreadshirtJul 06 10:04
bryce** Evaluate self-serve merchandise sales - spreadshirt, cafepress,Jul 06 10:04
bryce   Golden Ribbon, Think Penguin or similar [Mc]Jul 06 10:04
bryce* Outreachy: Next round starts in AugustJul 06 10:04
bryce  []Jul 06 10:04
bryce* Action ItemsJul 06 10:04
bryce* Other BusinessJul 06 10:04
bryce Jul 06 10:04
brycethanks all for coming!  Great to see some new facesJul 06 10:04
bryceping board members Mc, ScislaC, crogers, Tavmjong, tedg Jul 06 10:05
McpongJul 06 10:05
crogerso/Jul 06 10:05
ScislaCHelloJul 06 10:06
Tavmjongo/Jul 06 10:06
brycetedg planned absence noted, and doctormo appears absentJul 06 10:06
bryceok, on to topicsJul 06 10:06
bryce=== Kiel Hackfest ===Jul 06 10:06
brycepreparations appear to be coming along nicelyJul 06 10:07
bryceMoini, how are things going on your end?Jul 06 10:07
MoiniThere's no new info. I think the next thing is to decide whether we want to ask for donations a second time this year or not.Jul 06 10:08
Moini(for a news article)Jul 06 10:08
TavmjongHow much did we get for the last hackfest?Jul 06 10:08
MoiniOh, one small bit: we can have the larger room. It's not much larger, though.Jul 06 10:09
Mc:)Jul 06 10:09
bryceoh right I needed to respond to that.  The answer is yes, and I now have a replacement tag for the paypal linkJul 06 10:09
TavmjongWe don't really need tons of space from past experience.Jul 06 10:09
MoiniTavmjong : oh, good :)Jul 06 10:09
Mcwe need electricity and internet :pJul 06 10:10
bryceTavmjong, we always get good donations, I dont' remember the amount offhand but it was worth doingJul 06 10:10
TavmjongThen I think we should ask again.Jul 06 10:10
*ryangorley noted for discussion at next Vectors meeting.Jul 06 10:10
TavmjongThe videos from the last hackfest seem to have generated a lot of interest.Jul 06 10:11
MoiniMc : it's more about the space one needs for the devices - I'm imagining if someone brings a larger monitor...Jul 06 10:11
Mcusually people only bring laptopsJul 06 10:11
Moini... we also have a couple of those there (old ones)Jul 06 10:11
Moinimonitors, I mean.Jul 06 10:11
brycethere's sufficient funding to cover all attendees, so there is zero worry about having enough funding.  However it is good if each hackfest can raise at least what they cost, so our cashflow is balanced for having future eventsJul 06 10:11
ScislaC"old ones" = CRTs?Jul 06 10:12
MoiniNot that old :) (but we could probably arrange one or two, lol...)Jul 06 10:12
vwmannif someone could record (video) the next Hackfest that would make a WORLD of difference. This sparks a lot of interest...Jul 06 10:12
MoiniI was hoping crogers could help us with that.Jul 06 10:13
Mcbryce: how unbalanced is it ?Jul 06 10:13
MoiniWe would be able to supply a camera.Jul 06 10:13
crogersSure, can do video.Jul 06 10:13
bryceMc, we've been doing greatJul 06 10:13
MccoolJul 06 10:14
crogersCan also put some postproduction into it, make it look official.Jul 06 10:14
Moinicrogers that would be really cool :)Jul 06 10:14
vwmannThat would be really cool indeed :)Jul 06 10:14
crogersBeen doing it a lot for work in these, the last few months of work. I think the boss is trying to squeeze the most cost/benefit out of me before August.Jul 06 10:15
ryangorleycrogers, let's make sure you have access to the YouTube channel prior to the event so you can upload those videos directly.Jul 06 10:15
crogersSure.Jul 06 10:15
bryceTavmjong, did you see the email with bradley regarding your concerns from the funding vote?  Can you follow up with him directly on your thoughts?  Maren raised similar issues so I think it is good to make them aware.Jul 06 10:15
crogersDid we get any feedback on what people like in the videos of the last hackfest?Jul 06 10:16
TavmjongI'm not really sure that is an issue for SFC. It is more for us.Jul 06 10:16
Moini... and let us here know whether you'd like to use our video camera (don't know the model right now, but it would save you some baggage)Jul 06 10:16
bryceMoini, have you noticed changes in the attendance list so far?  If there's others that need approval added let me know and we can do another voteJul 06 10:16
Tavmjong... unless I missed an email in the middle.Jul 06 10:16
Moinibryce, just Alex has added himself.Jul 06 10:17
TavmjongWe should probably do one more general announcement on inkscape-devel.Jul 06 10:17
bryceTavmjong, ok well I don't see it as that much of a problem for us - just the extra paperwork of running another voteJul 06 10:17
bryceTavmjong, Moini, can one or both of you do that announcement?Jul 06 10:18
TavmjongI can do it.Jul 06 10:18
McI don't think we will go out of budget with alex, the travel within europe will probably be not very expensiveJul 06 10:18
MoiniTavmjong, yes, I agree. We have space for up to 14 now.Jul 06 10:19
bryceyeah Alex should be no problemJul 06 10:19
TavmjongMc, The problem is that our vote listed specific names so if we add others, we need a new vote.Jul 06 10:19
bryceif we have a few more people I can roll all of them together in a new vote, that'll be a bit more convenientJul 06 10:19
MoiniDoes anyone here already know for certain if they'll be able to attend?Jul 06 10:20
brycedoctormo can be listed as confirmed; he's already got flights arrangedJul 06 10:20
TavmjongI'm 99% sure.Jul 06 10:20
crogersI'm about 90% sure.Jul 06 10:21
*Mc needs to declare his days offJul 06 10:21
Mc(should be no problem)Jul 06 10:21
MoiniThat's 5, currently.Jul 06 10:21
Moiniprkos - do you already know more?Jul 06 10:21
crogersJust to confirm, these are the dates: Sun, 2018-09-09 until Thu, 2018-09-13Jul 06 10:22
Moinicrogers, yes, that's correct.Jul 06 10:22
MoiniOn Friday, the rooms are blocked by Kielux.Jul 06 10:22
MoiniSo to make it 5 days, it already starts on Sunday. Which is a bit uncommon.Jul 06 10:23
TavmjongAnything else on this topic?Jul 06 10:25
bryceoh one other itemJul 06 10:26
crogersAdditionally, I'll bring the coffee machine.Jul 06 10:26
brycefor the board sponsored dinner, would one of the board members be able to handle the payment+reimbursement?Jul 06 10:26
McI canJul 06 10:26
bryceMc, excellent, thanksJul 06 10:27
Moinicrogers :) Good. Then people won't *have to* drink the Kitz coffee. Some say it tastes strange. I'm not a coffee drinker ;-)Jul 06 10:27
crogersI also have a small projector, some LED photography light panels, a DSLR, and a pocket camera. Both cameras can do video.Jul 06 10:27
MoiniThank you, Mc!Jul 06 10:27
bryceok, moving onJul 06 10:27
MoiniWe also have lighting, crogers.Jul 06 10:27
bryce=== Future meetings/hackfests ===Jul 06 10:27
crogersAnd I have teh bose speakers with a dual bluetooth transmitter for quiet background ambience music.Jul 06 10:28
Mccrogers: yayJul 06 10:28
bryceSCALEJul 06 10:28
brycewe have one action item to review on scaleJul 06 10:28
bryce♢ ACTION: Check into pre/post SCALE meeting options & AirBNB [tedg, scislac]Jul 06 10:28
crogersMoini: cool. I'll leave my panes at home then.Jul 06 10:28
crogerspanelsJul 06 10:28
bryceScislaC, did you and ted get a chance to put some thought into that?Jul 06 10:29
ScislaCI have not, yet. But will put a reminder for myself on Monday to start looking into it.Jul 06 10:30
brycegreat thanksJul 06 10:30
bryceLGMJul 06 10:30
brycethis is in May next year so tons of time for planning, but anything we need to start thinking about?Jul 06 10:30
McI'm almost sure I'll goJul 06 10:30
brycethat's in Saarbrucken, GermanyJul 06 10:30
TavmjongI'll go to.Jul 06 10:31
TavmjongIt's right on the France/Germany border.Jul 06 10:31
brycedo we have a wiki page set up for it?  maybe that'd be a good step for nowJul 06 10:31
ryangorleyw00t for a SCALE hackfest btwJul 06 10:31
brycea wiki page for SCALE would make sense tooJul 06 10:32
bryceACTION: Check into pre/post SCALE meeting options & AirBNB [tedg, scislac]Jul 06 10:32
Tavmjong 06 10:32
bryceACTION: Arrange additional Kiel hackfest attendance vote [bryce]Jul 06 10:32
bryceACTION: (Re-)Announce Kiel hackfest on inkscape-devel@ [Tav]Jul 06 10:33
bryceACTION: Kiel hackfest donation request news article [Moini, Ryangorley]Jul 06 10:34
bryceACTION: Let folks know the new paypal tag for hackfests [bryce]Jul 06 10:34
Mcso anyone know if a gsoc org can send people to mentorsummmit if it had noi student that year ?Jul 06 10:34
Mcs/so/do/Jul 06 10:34
TavmjongMc, Good question.Jul 06 10:34
bryceACTION: Set up wiki page for SCALE hackfestJul 06 10:35
bryceany other actions I've missed?Jul 06 10:36
ryangorleyDo we have any idea yet about what individuals will be focusing on during this hackfest? (I can follow up after the meeting with someone)Jul 06 10:36
crogersFor me it's probably video. lolJul 06 10:36
bryceACTION: Plan video for Kiel hackfest [crogers]Jul 06 10:36
brycegot itJul 06 10:36
bryceryangorley, there was some discussion on the list, I don't know if any definitive decisions were reachedJul 06 10:36
vwmannInkscape icons/interface/UI :)Jul 06 10:36
brycetiming-wise, efforts invested into finalizing 1.0 would probably help the project the mostJul 06 10:37
crogersBut I'd like to get some more time with Tav to correct some issues with the text systems and persistent problems with line spacing.Jul 06 10:37
brycereviewing/fixing/testing bugs, preparing release announcement collateral, etc.Jul 06 10:37
ryangorleyI'll put an email out to the list then. Don't mean to distract from the meeting.Jul 06 10:37
brycediscussion about recruitment of new devs would help the project a lot right now tooJul 06 10:38
crogersYea, so I'll also make a list of things I think should be fixed for the 1.0 release.Jul 06 10:38
Mcplease doJul 06 10:38
brycecrogers, that'd be greatJul 06 10:38
crogersMaybe it would be good for everyone to do that actually. :)Jul 06 10:38
bryceagreedJul 06 10:39
crogersThen we can all compare notes.Jul 06 10:39
bryceI know we have - which would be good to keep updated as progress continuesJul 06 10:39
brycebut would be helpful to know non-Gtk3 issues tooJul 06 10:39
Mcwe don't have many gtk3-induced errors leftJul 06 10:39
crogersYea, I haven't noticed many.Jul 06 10:39
crogersin production work.Jul 06 10:39
Mcwe have inconstitencies, deprecation warnings, and gtk2-style codeJul 06 10:40
TavmjongWe do have a major problem with dockable dialogs under Wayland.Jul 06 10:40
Moinirecently master takes very long to show the correct page borders.Jul 06 10:40
bryceMc, that's great.  If you have some time to jot down current status at the end of that page, it'd help for referenceJul 06 10:40
MoiniOn a newly opened document.Jul 06 10:40
brycecrogers, are you thinking of putting your list into wiki?  or tagged gitlab bugs?  or...?Jul 06 10:40
crogersI can. Though I'd rather get some feedback on it first.Jul 06 10:41
crogersBecause a wiki looks like me demanding things. lolJul 06 10:41
brycehehJul 06 10:41
crogersAnd I don't want it to come across like that.Jul 06 10:41
brycecertainly, and we want to avoid getting blocked, as has happened in the past, waiting for things to get fixed...Jul 06 10:42
brycecrogers, mainly I'm just curious where I should be keeping my eye out for your listJul 06 10:42
crogersYea... though it might be a good idea to postpone if necessary.Jul 06 10:42
crogersI think that should be an option. It's great to have a 1.0 release, but a rushed release is a bad release.Jul 06 10:43
crogers(probably) :)Jul 06 10:43
brycedon't know anyone can accusing us of "rushing" 1.0 at this point, we've been working towards it for 15 years ;-)Jul 06 10:44
McI'm in favour of a long 1.0Beta test periodJul 06 10:44
*crogers nodsJul 06 10:44
Moiniyep.Jul 06 10:44
crogersSure. Sounds good to me.Jul 06 10:45
Mc(and will also allw to put UI/UX designers to work during this period)Jul 06 10:45
MoiniMaybe recruiting better testers from a larger pool than usually.Jul 06 10:45
bryceI think the most important thing is having developer names associated with the bug ownershipJul 06 10:45
Moinibeta, lol, not better.Jul 06 10:45
crogersyea, was gonna say. ;)Jul 06 10:45
crogerslolJul 06 10:45
McMoini: My thinking would be to "release" 1.0beta just like recent versions like 0.92Jul 06 10:46
Mcbryce: yeah but for that we would probably need a good reporting workflow and triagingJul 06 10:46
crogersYea, it doesn't need to be flawless, but I think we should treat this like a commercial release of software we were going to sell to people.Jul 06 10:46
bryceTavmjong, speaking of 1.0 qa, would you mind checking in with people on how they're doing with the test case conversion tasks?Jul 06 10:47
crogersI have some probably unpopular ideas. ;/Jul 06 10:47
TavmjongSure...Jul 06 10:47
MoiniMc a bit like Gimp did it?Jul 06 10:47
MoiniTheir beta was in the news. Because it was so extraordinary, and so useful.Jul 06 10:47
Mcmaybe, yesJul 06 10:48
bryceMc, yeah, instead we'll need to cobble something together manually I guessJul 06 10:49
crogersThere's a lot of clean up work that could be done. Some filters should be removed because they produce terrible results.Jul 06 10:49
Moinicrogers maybe rather moved out to some extra download. There are people who are going to miss even the ugliest ones dearly...Jul 06 10:50
Moini(not that I would)Jul 06 10:50
crogersyes, that's why it's going to be unpopular.Jul 06 10:50
McMoini: yupJul 06 10:51
crogersBut it's embarassing, because things like bevels produce absolutely appalling resultsJul 06 10:51
bryceACTION: Check in with people doing test case conversion [Tav]Jul 06 10:51
crogersSince we have mesh gradients, many of these could be re-written to make use of them.Jul 06 10:52
bryceACTION: Set up wiki page for collecting ideas of things worth getting fixed for 1.0 [crogers]Jul 06 10:52
bryceon the topic of releases, 0.92.4 is probably next in the queue...  would be worth getting more items CP'd from master, and to polish up the release notesJul 06 10:53
bryce 06 10:54
crogersOne of my suggestions is going to be that anything that produces objectively bad results be either re-written or excluded. I'll include that in the list, along with some of the worst offenders. :)Jul 06 10:54
bryceMc, would you mind taking a look at the above link and seeing if any items should be scrubbed, and land ones that look good to go?Jul 06 10:55
McI can try that, yeahJul 06 10:56
bryceI'm going to be out of town for work for part of July, so thinking 0.92.4 release kickoff maybe early August.  If the release notes are in good shape, I doubt it'll take too long.Jul 06 10:57
brycemain task for me is getting my gpg keys updated, release scripts updated, and re-signing all the past releasesJul 06 10:58
bryceok, if nothing else on releases, next topicJul 06 10:58
Mcbryce: will you remove autotools ?Jul 06 10:58
Mc(I think we should, to check that packagers transitionned to cmake)Jul 06 10:59
bryceMc, for 0.92.x I'm planning to leave them present but not use them for generating the releaseJul 06 10:59
Mcso that packagers will be readyJul 06 10:59
brycehmm, that's a thought, but I'm not sure it's worth making the trouble for themJul 06 11:00
Mcbryce: also, don't forget to put the correct version string in AC_ :pJul 06 11:00
brycewe'll have 1.0alpha to give pressure for any who haven't migrated to do soJul 06 11:00
bryceMc, I'll try not to forgetJul 06 11:00
Mc^^Jul 06 11:00
*ryangorley notes early August release for 0.92.4 announcmentJul 06 11:00
bryceACTION: Remember to put correct version string in AC_ for 0.92.4 [bryce]Jul 06 11:00
bryceACTION: Kickoff 0.92.4 release in early August [bryce]Jul 06 11:01
Mc(I'll be away the second half of july)Jul 06 11:01
bryceMc, I'll be in South Korea.  Supposedly the humidity+heat that time of year is murder.  If you don't hear from me in August you know what happened.Jul 06 11:02
Mc:'(Jul 06 11:02
bryce=== Merchandise Sales ===Jul 06 11:02
Mcdoctormon is not here :pJul 06 11:02
brycecrogers, you were looking at getting spreadshirt finished?  any update on that?Jul 06 11:03
brycealso, anyone done any legwork so far on figuring out alternative merchandise sites worth getting set up?Jul 06 11:04
Mcwhat are other SFC projects using ?Jul 06 11:04
Mc(maybe something to ask karen ?)Jul 06 11:04
crogersYea, so I sent out a sheet of samples.Jul 06 11:05
crogersspreadshirt universal designs that work okay on both black and white.Jul 06 11:06
crogersfor those that missed it: 06 11:06
crogerssent out an email to the developer list asking for votes on which people liked best.Jul 06 11:07
crogersThe results as of this week are:Jul 06 11:07
crogers1111Jul 06 11:07
crogers222Jul 06 11:07
crogers33Jul 06 11:07
crogers4444Jul 06 11:07
crogers55Jul 06 11:07
crogersso design 1 and design 4 are the current winners by not a landslide. :)Jul 06 11:08
crogerswas hoping to get a few more votes, but well, there you go. :)Jul 06 11:08
brycedo you need to pick between 1 and 4 or are two winners ok?Jul 06 11:09
crogersYes, like the Highlander, there can be only one.Jul 06 11:09
crogersBecause spreadshirt will plaster the site with unlimited options for each design.Jul 06 11:10
Mcdid I vote ?Jul 06 11:10
crogersThere's no decent way to control it. It's a terrible mess. :)Jul 06 11:10
bryceMc, there is a mailing list set up with sfc to discuss merchandising but last I checked there's been no traffic in a few years, and there was no consensus achieved.  I don't believe SFC has established a standard service here.Jul 06 11:11
crogersMc doesn't look like it.Jul 06 11:11
crogersBut you can. :)Jul 06 11:11
Mccrogers: 1Jul 06 11:12
crogersWanna tiebreak it?Jul 06 11:12
crogersAwesome.Jul 06 11:12
crogersThat's the one I would have picked.Jul 06 11:12
*Mc feels the power to choose the final decision all by himselfJul 06 11:12
*bryce still thinks #3 is going to give the best printing results but is ok being outvoted ;-)Jul 06 11:12
crogersbryce: Yea, you might be right.Jul 06 11:13
brycecrogers, ok are you unblocked for next steps towards getting the site launched?Jul 06 11:13
crogersYea, now that there's a winner.Jul 06 11:13
brycealright, anything else on merchandising?Jul 06 11:13
crogersHowever, someone should order one so we can see if it sucks or not. :)Jul 06 11:13
McI'll do thatJul 06 11:15
brycebtw - for anyone reading the log -- if anyone thinks we should be looking at different merchandising sites and you're willing to put leg work in on research + experimentation, and can present us with a plan, please doJul 06 11:15
bryceACTION: Finalize spreadshirt for launch [crogers]Jul 06 11:15
bryceACTION: Finalize spreadshirt for launch [crogers, Mc]Jul 06 11:15
Mccrogers: just point me to the store when all is left is to buy stuffJul 06 11:15
bryce=== Outreachy ===Jul 06 11:15
crogersMc: cool, I'll send you a link when it's set up. The acid test will be the black shirt.Jul 06 11:15
bryceI've connected people for getting outreachy up and going, but haven't heard any status recentlyJul 06 11:16
brycesounds like we might be able to secure external fundingJul 06 11:17
Mcwhat is needed on our end ?Jul 06 11:17
Mccool !!Jul 06 11:17
brycejust a mentor, and we have one mentor/student pair identified, although it's not committed/registered yet so may be premature to discussJul 06 11:17
Mcmentor depends on projectJul 06 11:17
bryceadditional mentor+student+project tuples would be well worth collectingJul 06 11:18
bryceif anyone knows anyone, let me knowJul 06 11:18
bryceok, onward agenda itemsJul 06 11:18
bryce=== Action Items ===Jul 06 11:18
bryceLooks like we've covered most of them, a few remaining thoughJul 06 11:19
bryce ACTION: ping jimmac about the symbolic icons for adding the theme to Inkscape [scislac]Jul 06 11:19
bryceoh looks like we lost scislacJul 06 11:19
bryce♢ ACTION: Plan video for Inkscape 1.0 release [assignee needed]Jul 06 11:19
Mccrogers: ^Jul 06 11:19
bryceokJul 06 11:19
crogersYea, I'll do the video.Jul 06 11:20
bryceare there any additional action items to add to the list?  Anything I missed from this meeting?Jul 06 11:20
crogersvideo video video. :)Jul 06 11:20
bryce:-DJul 06 11:20
vwmannMaybe we could use kdenlive to do the video. I have been using in my work place and it is great.Jul 06 11:20
crogersI use Blender.Jul 06 11:21
vwmannWoa!Jul 06 11:21
vwmannEven better. lolJul 06 11:21
crogers 06 11:22
crogers(135MB)Jul 06 11:22
ryangorleyvwmann: Blender is awkward but stable. Kdenlive just refactored though.Jul 06 11:22
crogersThat's the latest project I've done. Shot with my dslr, and those light panels at half brightness. Caption animations compositing and vse done in blender.Jul 06 11:23
crogerskdenlive is good, but has a cumbersome interface when you already know the hotkeys in Blender.Jul 06 11:23
vwmann@ryan yeah. You are probably right. Too unstable for now...Jul 06 11:23
Mcdunno, heard good things about the new version at lgmJul 06 11:24
crogersI used it recently. Latest version. It is better.Jul 06 11:24
crogersBut you still have to do things like manually adjust speed of clips.Jul 06 11:25
crogersAnd fade transitions are still awkward to add and use properly.Jul 06 11:25
crogersButJul 06 11:26
crogersNow it actually outputs video!Jul 06 11:26
crogersAnd it does that easily!Jul 06 11:26
brycethis will be great to see, looking forward to it.  :-)Jul 06 11:26
bryce=== Other Business ===Jul 06 11:26
crogersIf I were to recommend a vse to someone, it would be kdenlive.Jul 06 11:26
bryceAnyone have other items to discuss before we close?Jul 06 11:27
crogersbut for advanced video editing with hundreds of clips and effects, yea, I gotta go with Blender. :)Jul 06 11:27
Mcbryce: I think we are goodJul 06 11:27
Tavmjongbryce, No.Jul 06 11:27
crogersI'm good. :)Jul 06 11:27
brycegreat, thanks all!Jul 06 11:27
bryce== End of Meeting ==Jul 06 11:27
crogersnp.Jul 06 11:28
vwmannHave a wonderful weekend everyone!Jul 06 11:28
crogersYou too!Jul 06 11:28
Mcsame !Jul 06 11:28
MoiniSame!Jul 06 11:28
TavmjongBye all.Jul 06 11:28
crogerso/Jul 06 11:28
*ryangorley wavesJul 06 11:28
crogersanyone know where they are staying in Kiel?Jul 06 11:38
crogersFlight doesn't seem to be an issue at £65 for a return flight. lolJul 06 11:39
crogersThink I pay more taking a train to Brighton.Jul 06 11:39
Mcor a eurostarJul 06 11:40
Mc(any eurostar)Jul 06 11:40
Moinicrogers At home :)Jul 06 11:43
MoiniI had expected more offers from our local hackers. No new ones have come in.Jul 06 11:44
crogersThere seem to be some decent deals around town.Jul 06 11:53
crogersFor hotels.Jul 06 11:53
crogersBut anyway, I've booked my plane tickets, so I guess my 90% is about 99% nowJul 06 11:54
crogersFor that price I fully expect them to hand me a propeller and tell me to spin.Jul 06 11:55
MoiniWoohoo :) I hope they'll give you a proper seat :)Jul 06 11:56
McAmerican Airlines -like serviceJul 06 11:56
Mcerr, it was UnitedJul 06 11:57
MoiniSFC hasn't asked for any email addresses yet, btw. I'll let you know when they do.Jul 06 11:58
Moinicrogers, there are nice places in Kiel - just make sure you can get to the Kitz from there. If it's on the eastern shore ('Ostufer'), then it's a long commute.Jul 06 12:00
Moini(the youth hostel is technically on the Ostufer, too, but close to the end of the bay, and there's a bridge.Jul 06 12:02
MoiniBye!Jul 06 12:03
doctormonbryce: Sorry I missed the meeting. In UK and everything, just not on my radar. It's the first Friday of each month right?Jul 06 12:36
McrightJul 06 12:36
Mcmsg chanserv topic #inkscape-devel || Draw freely! || Development discussion channel || Next board meeting: `date -d 'TZ="America/Los_Angeles" 10:00 Fri Aug 3 2018'`Jul 06 12:37
*ChanServ has changed the topic to: || Draw freely! || Development discussion channel || Next board meeting: `date -d 'TZ="America/Los_Angeles" 10:00 Fri Aug 3 2018'`Jul 06 12:37
doctormonThanksMcJul 06 12:39

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