Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2018-08-03

Mcboard meeting in 55 minutesAug 03 09:04
TavmjongI will be at the meeting but will have to leave a few minutes early.Aug 03 09:04
bryyceMeeting in 5 minAug 03 09:55
McI hope there will be enough people to vote the +2 people to hackfest directlyAug 03 09:57
Tavmjong*********** Board Meeting ************Aug 03 10:00
Tavmjong 03 10:00
TavmjongWho is here?Aug 03 10:00
bryyce*wave*Aug 03 10:00
*tedg wavesAug 03 10:00
Tavmjongcrogers?Aug 03 10:01
Mco/Aug 03 10:01
bryyce* Kiel HackfestAug 03 10:02
bryyce** [[Hackfest2018 Kiel]] - Sun, 2018-09-09 until Thu, 2018-09-13Aug 03 10:02
bryyce* Future meetings/hackfests.Aug 03 10:02
bryyce** [ SCALE] - March 7th-10th,Aug 03 10:02
bryyce   2019 (Pasadena, California)Aug 03 10:02
bryyce** [ LGM 2019] - May 30th-June 3rdAug 03 10:02
bryyce   (Saarbrucken, Germany) Proposed. (About two hours by train fromAug 03 10:02
bryyce   Paris.)Aug 03 10:02
bryyce* Merchandise salesAug 03 10:02
bryyce** SpreadshirtAug 03 10:02
bryyce** Evaluate self-serve merchandise sales - spreadshirt, cafepress,Aug 03 10:02
bryyce   Golden Ribbon, Think Penguin or similar [Mc]Aug 03 10:02
bryyce* Outreachy: Next round starts in AugustAug 03 10:02
bryyce  []Aug 03 10:02
bryyce* Action ItemsAug 03 10:02
bryyce* Other BusinessAug 03 10:02
crogerso/Aug 03 10:02
bryyceooh, I got a stern warning for pasting in the agenda ;-)Aug 03 10:02
bryyceanti-spam seems to be aggressive now :-)Aug 03 10:03
tedgHaha, Freenode has been having a lot of spam issues.Aug 03 10:03
crogershahaAug 03 10:03
TavmjongAnti-hahaAug 03 10:03
bryycehi Moini!Aug 03 10:04
MoiniHi bryyce and all!Aug 03 10:04
bryyceso, first item on the agenda is the Kiel hackfest.Aug 03 10:04
ScislaCWould you like some pills to make you bigger, or smaller?Aug 03 10:04
bryycesorry, been meaning to get the vote on the additional members, things have just been super busy at work last few weeks (trip to korea + follow ups)Aug 03 10:05
ScislaCI thought we were supposed to be spamming?Aug 03 10:05
MoiniThe article for the Hackfest was published yesterday. Didn't get to translating yet.Aug 03 10:05
bryyceif we want to do a quick vote here in irc I can turn it into a resolutionAug 03 10:05
McsureAug 03 10:06
tedg+1Aug 03 10:06
Tavmjong+1Aug 03 10:06
bryyceMoini, it looks good. I pointed Deb at it in case she wants to include it with SFC outreachAug 03 10:06
bryyce+1 from me on the additional membersAug 03 10:06
crogersWhat are we voting on?Aug 03 10:06
Moini(sorry, who is Deb?)Aug 03 10:06
Mccrogers: we are voting on the opportunity of voting right now to add the last two people on the hackfest budgetAug 03 10:07
ScislaC+1Aug 03 10:07
crogers+1Aug 03 10:07
bryyceMoini, she is a new employee at SFC who will be doing more direct project relationsAug 03 10:07
tedgMoini: New employee for SFCAug 03 10:07
McMoini: Deb NicholsonAug 03 10:07
MoiniAh, thank you, all :)Aug 03 10:07
Mc( )Aug 03 10:08
bryyceshe's got deep roots in FOSSAug 03 10:08
bryyceok, thanks for the votes, that is enough to pass.  I'll finalize the vote this afternoon.Aug 03 10:08
Mcif you send the email now we can get it voted by the end of the meeting :pAug 03 10:09
bryyceAre there other matters relating to Kiel worth discussing?  Looking like planning has been proceeding well?Aug 03 10:09
bryyceMc, hard for me to multitask but I can tryAug 03 10:09
doctormonsorry for the up and downAug 03 10:10
MoiniWe'll get beverages from Kitz, and attendees are invited to take part in the Kitz annual barbecue, with voluntary donation for food.Aug 03 10:10
*doctormon wishes we had history in ircAug 03 10:10
MoiniCR wants to do videos :)Aug 03 10:10
Mcoh, I did not recall the lodging arrangementsAug 03 10:10
Mcdo we have a group place ?Aug 03 10:10
MoiniNot really, AFAIKAug 03 10:11
crogersCR wants to do videos. = CR will do videos. ;)Aug 03 10:11
MoiniCR has found a hotel, where maybe doctormo will sleep, too.Aug 03 10:11
MoiniThat's all of 'group lodging' I know about.Aug 03 10:11
TavmjongHotel name?Aug 03 10:11
crogersBy the way, can I use some of my 2k budget to bring and extra bag of camera equipment?Aug 03 10:12
MoiniTavmjong Hotel City Kiel by Premiere Classe, KielAug 03 10:12
TavmjongMoini, ThanksAug 03 10:12
bryycecrogers, do you mean to cover luggage fees?Aug 03 10:12
Tavmjongcrogers, Better OK it with SFC ahead of time.Aug 03 10:12
crogersYes. My flight was super cheap, but it's only one bag.Aug 03 10:13
Mccrogers: you can ask on #conservancyAug 03 10:13
bryyceyes, Tav's rightAug 03 10:13
McI'm going by train, btw (9h from Paris)Aug 03 10:13
MoiniThat's fast :)Aug 03 10:13
crogersokay, will do.Aug 03 10:13
Moinicrogers you're coming on Monday only, right? So one day later?Aug 03 10:14
doctormonI'll fly light but you need cameras cr?Aug 03 10:14
TavmjongMc, Can you send me train schedule? Might be tempted to do same.Aug 03 10:14
crogersI have several cameras. Using the DSLR mostly.Aug 03 10:14
crogersBut I'll bring the sony pocket cam as a backup.Aug 03 10:14
Moinis/coming/joining usAug 03 10:15
bryycecrogers, I'm guessing it'll be fine with SFC.  Worst case is we'll do a board vote to approve it as a separate event expense.Aug 03 10:15
Tavmjongcrogers, But do check ahead...Aug 03 10:15
tedgcrogers: Can you ping to find out so we can put it into the same vote?Aug 03 10:15
tedgWould be great to get everything done.Aug 03 10:16
crogersYea, I have a feeling witht he coffeemachine and portable lights, I'll need an extra bag.Aug 03 10:16
bryyceMoini are there any other potential attendees we should also pre-approve?Aug 03 10:16
MoiniNone that I know of currently, thanks for asking.Aug 03 10:16
McTavmjong: TGV9951 on Sat 8 (departure 9h06) to Frankfurt then ICE74 (arrival at 18h44) - 90€Aug 03 10:16
MoiniEde123 Do you know already if you'll be able to come?Aug 03 10:17
MoiniEde_123, I mean.Aug 03 10:17
Mcthen return on Sat 15 ICE77 (departure 11h13) to Frankfurt then TGV 9560 (arrival at 20h41)Aug 03 10:17
crogers#conservancy is not a thing.Aug 03 10:17
crogersWell it is, but only because I am in it. :PAug 03 10:17
ScislaCGrrr, sorry for flaky net connection.Aug 03 10:18
Mccrogers: maybe on the wrong network ?Aug 03 10:18
crogersis it GNOME?Aug 03 10:18
McnoAug 03 10:18
McfreenodeAug 03 10:18
crogersYep, not a thing.Aug 03 10:18
Mcdefinitely a thing, I'm there :pAug 03 10:18
crogersdid I spell it wrong?Aug 03 10:18
tedgYou spelled it right there. I'm there as well, perhaps /whois me ?Aug 03 10:19
crogersdid they? ;PAug 03 10:19
crogersokay, looks like I'm not connected to it, because... who knows.Aug 03 10:20
crogersbecause Polari is a bag of ass. :)Aug 03 10:20
Mcit is in +r because of the spamAug 03 10:20
Mc(so you have to be connected to a freenode account)Aug 03 10:20
crogersah... so what do I do?Aug 03 10:20
crogersokay, no warning, nothing.Aug 03 10:21
MoiniYou need an account.Aug 03 10:21
Mcthere should be a line in the control channelAug 03 10:21
*Lazur suggests then the homepage's community-live chat page may need some update notes on the matter?Aug 03 10:21
Lazurhello allAug 03 10:21
bryycehi LazurAug 03 10:21
bryycesounds like a good ideaAug 03 10:21
McLazur: I removed the +r a few hours agoAug 03 10:21
MoiniHi Lazur, for our inkscape channels, Mark has fixed it.Aug 03 10:21
ScislaCI'm confused, is the meeting already over? Was there a net-split?Aug 03 10:22
McI've seen the last 4 hours without spammerAug 03 10:22
McScislaC: no, no, we are just digressingAug 03 10:22
tedgScislaC: No, we're trying to coordinate finding info on extra bags and budge for Kiel.Aug 03 10:22
tedgbudgetAug 03 10:22
bryyceScislac, we're still going :-)Aug 03 10:22
jabiertxofhi allAug 03 10:23
LazurMoini, thank you for the photosAug 03 10:23
MoiniYou're welcome LazurAug 03 10:23
Lazurcan derivatives of them shared at ocal?Aug 03 10:23
MoiniHi jabiertxof !Aug 03 10:23
MoiniLazur, yes.Aug 03 10:23
ScislaCAhhhh! K, sorry, my connection dropping isn't helpful to following.Aug 03 10:23
Lazur*be sharedAug 03 10:23
Lazurok, thank's againAug 03 10:23
crogerswell, I logged in via messaging nickservAug 03 10:24
bryyceok, anything else on Kiel?Aug 03 10:24
MoiniNot for a board meeting, at least from me.Aug 03 10:24
Lazurside relatedAug 03 10:24
Lazur 03 10:24
crogersI'm seeing again why people hate IRC.Aug 03 10:25
McShould a team member travel on an airline that charges for a single piece of checked baggage, such a baggage expense is eligible for reimbursement with a receipt. Team members are responsible for charges on any baggage beyond a single piece, unless that additional baggage is materials specifically related to the Project’s and Conservancy’s mission (i.e., bringing t-shirts and otherAug 03 10:25
Mcpromotional materials to an event).Aug 03 10:25
Mcthat's in the policyAug 03 10:25
Lazurfor announcement purposes and sharing keyboard layouts made this substitute logo for sharing on openclipartAug 03 10:25
Mcso the easiest thing is to vote for it and approve the expenseAug 03 10:25
crogersYea, let's do that.Aug 03 10:25
Lazur=not the original with gnu license but public domainAug 03 10:26
crogersIn the case the bag will contain coffee machine, a box of coffee pods, lights and light stands.Aug 03 10:26
bryycebtw, who is Khaled Hosny?  I don't recognize the name offhandAug 03 10:26
Mca fairly recent contributorAug 03 10:26
MoiniFont expert (simplified)Aug 03 10:26
TavmjongHe's done some bug stuff on text.Aug 03 10:26
bryyceok thanksAug 03 10:27
Mc(he started contributing about 1 year ago)Aug 03 10:28
Mc(on glyph positionning)Aug 03 10:28
Moini 03 10:28
crogersI found someone who will do Inkscape polo shirts.Aug 03 10:28
doctormonInterestingAug 03 10:28
crogersembroideredAug 03 10:28
doctormoncrogers: Saw that!Aug 03 10:28
Mcyeah, that seems niceAug 03 10:29
Mcbtw I received the spreadshirt orderAug 03 10:29
bryyceI emailed Bradley about the issues with having to individually approve travelers with followup board votes.  Not that it's hard, just an annoying time consumer for all of us...Aug 03 10:29
crogersTHey basically handle everything too, which makes me super happy. :)Aug 03 10:29
doctormonMc: What did you get?Aug 03 10:29
crogersThey are a bit on the expensive side, but I think it's fine. Not outrageuos.Aug 03 10:29
Mccrogers: how much is an additional bag ?Aug 03 10:30
crogersMc can you post a pic of the results?Aug 03 10:30
bryycecrogers, yeah saw $33 for gnome's t-shirt, that's a lot.  What's the % donated back to the project?Aug 03 10:30
Mcdoctormon: a tshirt and buttonsAug 03 10:30
crogersMc Dunno yet. I'll checkAug 03 10:30
Mcthe inkscape logo is blueishAug 03 10:30
crogersplease post picture. :)Aug 03 10:30
tedgThey have some Debian underware, I want Inkscape boxers 😉Aug 03 10:31
doctormontedg: I want!Aug 03 10:31
bryycecrogers, do they only do shirts with the logo, or would they be able to handle other art?  Are there any costs to us for e.g. paying upfront for inventory, etc.?Aug 03 10:31
Moinijabiertxof (direct messaging doesn't work) , do you already know if you'll be able to come to Kiel?Aug 03 10:31
crogersbryyce: I think they put it upin their own shop like what's already there, and handle everything.Aug 03 10:31
crogersWhich explains the high price.Aug 03 10:32
bryycewould someone mind ordering one of the products from one of the other FOSS groups, and give us a report on verifying the product quality is good?  From the website sounds like it should be, but probably wise to doublecheck.Aug 03 10:32
crogersIf we at least like the idea, I'll get more details from them.Aug 03 10:32
crogersWell, to be honest, if I'm buying something, I'll ask them for an inkscape one. I'll send them the artwork.Aug 03 10:33
bryycecrogers, please do.  It sounds like we all do like the idea.  More details and info will help in making a decision.Aug 03 10:33
jabiertxofnot jetAug 03 10:33
crogersCool.Aug 03 10:33
crogersThat response was just today, so it's pretty new business. :)Aug 03 10:33
bryyceACTION: Investigate for merchandiseAug 03 10:33
Moinijabiertxof OkayAug 03 10:33
doctormoncrogers: I'll go in with you on that order (or two orders for the same design)Aug 03 10:33
bryyceACTION: Investigate for merchandise [crogers]Aug 03 10:33
crogersdoctormon: okay.Aug 03 10:34
bryycecrogers, also ask how they do the donations to the projects.  Do they already have a payment process worked out with SFC?  It would be preferable to have the payments to us be direct to SFC rather than through paypal since we'll lose a big chunk on the transaction fees.Aug 03 10:35
crogersI'll bring that up with them.Aug 03 10:36
crogersThough I'm sure something can be worked out.Aug 03 10:36
bryyceyep, just paperwork :-)Aug 03 10:37
bryycethanks!Aug 03 10:37
bryyceok, getting back to topics relating to hackfestsAug 03 10:37
bryyce=== Future meetings/hackfests ===Aug 03 10:37
bryycelast meeting we discussed prep for SCALE, did anyone happen to get a wiki page going for a SCALEhackfest?Aug 03 10:38
TavmjongIt doesn't look like it. I can do it.Aug 03 10:39
TavmjongThere is one for Saarbrucken.Aug 03 10:39
bryyceTavmjong, excellent thanksAug 03 10:39
TavmjongWho is going to do the planning for it?Aug 03 10:40
bryycetedg and scislac, thanks for looking into pre/post SCALEmeeting options / AirBNB, mind updating us on what you found?Aug 03 10:40
ScislaCNo, we haven't even had a SCALE meeting (as in the conference chairs have been trying to get together for a couple months), so I didn't have a baseline for content really.Aug 03 10:40
Mcmy phone is een worse than I thought at taking photosAug 03 10:40
Mc 03 10:40
*Mc should get a new oneAug 03 10:41
tedgSo I reached out to someone that I know on Ubuntu CA who lives in Pasadena, I haven't heard back from him yet.Aug 03 10:41
tedgBut, I only did that this week when I saw this meeting on my schedule :-)Aug 03 10:42
tedgI'm hoping to hear back on that, and work from tehre.Aug 03 10:42
bryyceok, kiel travel sponsor vote sent out; check your emailsAug 03 10:45
bryycerush job, sorry if I made any errorsAug 03 10:45
doctormonMc: Increase the amount of light used in taking photosAug 03 10:46
crogersquick side note, does anyone want to be copied in on my interactions with hellotux?Aug 03 10:46
Mco/Aug 03 10:46
bryycetedg, ScislaC, great thanks, looking forward to the info coming together.Aug 03 10:47
bryycetedg, ScislaC, maybe in the meanwhile after the wiki page is set up, could we start sketching together a potential attendees?  You can put me down.Aug 03 10:47
bryycecrogers, you can include me, I'd like to follow the discussions :-)Aug 03 10:48
crogersI guess the question is, are you satisfied with that purchase, Mc?Aug 03 10:48
crogersWas it worth the money for the quality you got?Aug 03 10:48
tedgSounds good.Aug 03 10:48
tedgI think we need to start getting some ideas together soon, next month will be 6mo out.Aug 03 10:49
bryycetedg agreedAug 03 10:49
Mccrogers: I'll tell you after two machine washesAug 03 10:49
LazurBrynn had a previous idea of producing adult coloring booksAug 03 10:49
bryyce=== Merchandise Sales ===Aug 03 10:49
Lazurwhich is a big hit afaik atmAug 03 10:49
bryycesounds like we've covered hellotux adequately, there's action items there.Aug 03 10:50
TavmjongI need to go in a couple of minutes.Aug 03 10:50
Lazurand as you mentioned paperwork some foldable art produced with inkscape&cnc could also be conveyingAug 03 10:50
bryycesounds like things are coming along with spreadshirt?Aug 03 10:50
doctormoncrogers: I'd like to be included on the emailsAug 03 10:50
crogersOkay, I've forwarded you the one I sent, doc.Aug 03 10:51
Mccrogers: I'll come to the hackfest with my shirt, of courseAug 03 10:52
crogersMc: Okay, I guess we'll see then.Aug 03 10:52
doctormoncrogers: tah!Aug 03 10:52
crogersbryyce: Yes, spreadshirt is set up. I have not announced it yet, because I wanted to make sure the results are good enough quality.Aug 03 10:52
crogersMc volunteered to order one for us.Aug 03 10:53
bryycecrogers that's great!Aug 03 10:53
Mc(and I received it)Aug 03 10:53
crogersIt looks like there's a glowy bit around the black version.Aug 03 10:53
crogerswhich isn't in the graphic.Aug 03 10:53
crogersSo the question is: did that work?Aug 03 10:54
crogersI guess it would be better to get rid of the shadow, since it's handled imporperly by spreadshisrt.Aug 03 10:54
Mcthe glowing is ok (if it does not wear off when washing)Aug 03 10:54
crogers(though somwhat better than I'd envisioned as a worst-case scenario)Aug 03 10:55
crogersThis is where I may be just being too picky.Aug 03 10:55
crogersFact is, we do nothing to fullfill the order.Aug 03 10:56
crogersAnd that by far is the best feature.Aug 03 10:56
Mc^^Aug 03 10:56
crogersSo shall we announce it?Aug 03 10:56
Mcmaybe wait for the hackfest ?Aug 03 10:56
Mcso that you can judge from mineAug 03 10:56
crogersYea, I think so.Aug 03 10:56
crogersWell, I'd like to.Aug 03 10:57
crogersI may edit it.Aug 03 10:57
Mc(I think the blue shade of the right of the logo is too blue)Aug 03 10:57
crogersWhile you're wearing it. ;)Aug 03 10:57
bryyceperhaps this would be a good point to get the Vectors team involved?Aug 03 10:57
Mcshame it won't edit live :pAug 03 10:57
crogersMc: You've seen my group photos. :)Aug 03 10:58
MoiniNo T-Shirt LPE? Shame.Aug 03 10:58
crogersI edit the everloving crap out of those. :)Aug 03 10:58
*crogers is also wicked good witha black sharpie. ;)Aug 03 10:58
bryyceok, since we're almost at the hour, just want to do a quick check in with some action items we identified last meeting:Aug 03 10:59
bryyce    === 1.0 Release ===Aug 03 10:59
bryyce    ♢ ACTION: Check in with people doing test case conversion [Tav]Aug 03 10:59
bryyce    ♢ ACTION: ping jimmac about the symbolic icons for adding the theme to Inkscape [scislac]Aug 03 10:59
bryyce    ♢ ACTION: Set up wiki page for collecting ideas of things worth getting fixed for 1.0 [crogers]Aug 03 10:59
bryyce    ♢ ACTION: Brainstorm plans for 1.0beta / 1.0 commemorative merch [crogers, tedg]Aug 03 10:59
bryyce    ♢ ACTION: Plan video for Inkscape 1.0 release [crogers]Aug 03 10:59
bryyce(aw jeez even that triggered the anti-spam nag.  hah)Aug 03 10:59
MoiniItem 3: 03 10:59
crogerswiki page with 1.0 bugs has been up. I've had to stop my bug reporting activities because trunk is presently broken for me.Aug 03 10:59
bryycegreatAug 03 10:59
MoiniI've done a small survey on the forums, and added the results. Hope that's okay.Aug 03 11:00
bryyceyeah I saw some discussions about breakages, although I got the impression it was getting fixed up?  If not, has there been discussion of backing out the change that broke it until it's had more testing time?Aug 03 11:00
Mcdon't tempt sigynAug 03 11:00
crogersjabiertxof: has patched it.Aug 03 11:00
crogersI'm waiting for the ppa to update to test.Aug 03 11:01
Mcyay curated bug list \o/Aug 03 11:01
bryyceMoini, thanks for collecting thatAug 03 11:01
ScislaCbryyce: I need to retry following up with Barbara regarding icons. She hasn't responded, and that's who Jimmac was mentoring that actually authored most of the icons.Aug 03 11:01
bryyceScislaC, ok thanksAug 03 11:02
bryycecrogers, Moini, thanks for assembling this listAug 03 11:02
crogersgoing to give jabiertxof time to fix it. It's not an emergency, and I don't want to stop the development train just yet.Aug 03 11:02
bryyceACTION: Review bug fix list [bryce]Aug 03 11:02
crogersAnyone with a working version of trunk can help Maren and I by filling in the bug tracker refs.Aug 03 11:03
crogersEverything on that list needs a tracker link, otherwise, it's not a bug, it's a feature. ;)Aug 03 11:04
crogersIf there isn't one, then one needs to be written.Aug 03 11:04
Mcmy #1 bug for now is "my cpu cooler does not work on my desktop pc" but once this will be fixed I'll try to fix stuffAug 03 11:04
tedgThe snap build was failing, but I checked it locally and it worked. I need to double check what's up there.Aug 03 11:04
bryyceone thing that would help a lot would be someone to focus on bug fix coordination - i.e. recruit developers to take assignment of the bugs, and then keep following up / poking belly buttons until the issues get resolved.Aug 03 11:05
crogersI haven't tried to use the snap...Aug 03 11:05
crogerswhere is that exactly?Aug 03 11:05
Moiniapt-get install snapd; snap install inkscape (and then something for the development version) see 03 11:06
crogersoh nevermind, it's on the download page.Aug 03 11:06
crogersYea, stupid question. :)Aug 03 11:07
MoiniYes :)Aug 03 11:07
bryyceanyone have ideas for someone to recruit for doing bug management for 1.0?Aug 03 11:07
bryyce(or volunteers?)Aug 03 11:07
McI can tryAug 03 11:07
crogersI'll continue to makee bug reports.Aug 03 11:07
Moini(yes to: it's on the dl page, not the stupid question)Aug 03 11:07
crogersOnce mine are done, I'll help fill in bugs for Marens.Aug 03 11:08
crogersMoini: yea, got it. :) Thanks for the clarification, though.Aug 03 11:08
Moinicrogers that's nice of you, I'm swamped with Kielux work.Aug 03 11:08
tedgcrogers: you can do a --edge on the snap install to get the master versionAug 03 11:08
Moinitedg : that's on the dl page, too :)Aug 03 11:08
bryyceMc, that would be hugely awesome, thanks!  I'll follow up with you on thatAug 03 11:09
tedgHaha, I've been replaced by a small webpage ;-)Aug 03 11:09
bryyceACTION:  Plan bug management for 1.0 [bryce,Mc]Aug 03 11:09
MoiniNo, you're needed to fix the snap issues, tedg!Aug 03 11:09
crogerstedg: I prefer to think that's youve replaced Google.Aug 03 11:09
crogersI prefer to think that... yeaAug 03 11:10
*crogers examines fingersAug 03 11:10
bryyceok, moving on in the agenda...Aug 03 11:10
bryyce=== Outreachy ===Aug 03 11:10
tedgcrogers: HahaAug 03 11:10
bryyceI think nothing big to report here yet.  Still room for more students + mentors so let us know if you know of someone.Aug 03 11:11
Mcwhat is left to do on outreachy ? August is approaching fast :pAug 03 11:11
bryyceMc, arranging sponsors (which is underway)Aug 03 11:11
bryyceMc, we have one mentor/student/project set identified so far, would be good to get a few moreAug 03 11:12
Mcwhich project is it ?Aug 03 11:12
bryyceI'll have to dig up the details, I believe its python extension work with doctormo as mentorAug 03 11:13
bryyce=== Action Items ===Aug 03 11:13
Moini... and Tonya as mentee? Tonya is working on them, at least.Aug 03 11:13
bryycelooks like we've covered the ones from last meetingAug 03 11:13
bryycerightAug 03 11:13
jabiertxofJust a question for testing 1.0: I think appimage is a good alternative to snap for all distros to testAug 03 11:13
crogersOh, hackfest stickers are on the way.Aug 03 11:14
Moinijabiertxof, I agree.Aug 03 11:14
jabiertxofmaybe we can pacage only appimages for develAug 03 11:15
crogers 03 11:15
jabiertxofor selfcompilingAug 03 11:15
Moinidownload, double-click. Can't get easier.Aug 03 11:15
Moinioh, and make executable.Aug 03 11:15
Mcwget, chmod +x, ./Aug 03 11:15
bryyceACTION:  Verify that outreachy project proposal is written and available online [doctormo]Aug 03 11:15
tedgIf people want to, that's fine, but generally recommending people to execute something in their home directory is pretty scary from a security perspective.Aug 03 11:15
bryycedoctormon, hope you don't mind if I give you that task :-)Aug 03 11:16
crogersI'm not sure how many new ubuntu users can use the command line though.Aug 03 11:16
tedgI guess it's better than a PPA though :-/Aug 03 11:16
crogersThat's scarier to users than executing stuff.Aug 03 11:16
crogersvia double-clickAug 03 11:17
bryyce=== Other Business ===Aug 03 11:17
jabiertxofyou can make executable with right click alsoAug 03 11:17
bryyceAny other topics for board to discuss before we close?Aug 03 11:17
crogersYea, as long as there's instructions, I don't see the harm.Aug 03 11:17
Mccrogers: that's ok, it took me some time before I spent more time in the console than out of itAug 03 11:18
doctormonbryce: not at allAug 03 11:18
Mcwell, don't forget to vote on the latest email to the board, all :pAug 03 11:18
crogersMaybe a warning not to do this for untrusted downloads, but it's literally not a problem on Linux atm.Aug 03 11:18
Mcwe only have 3 votesAug 03 11:18
jabiertxofanyone have mac package from gitlab running?Aug 03 11:19
tedgI'm happy testing the snap, and it auto-updates.Aug 03 11:19
Mccrogers: well, well, except that time where a steam updater launched manually erased the home directory of peopleAug 03 11:19
Mcjabiertxof: noAug 03 11:19
doctormonjabiertxof: yesAug 03 11:19
McI think I saw like 4 people willing to do itAug 03 11:20
crogersMc: That made the system technically more secure. ;PAug 03 11:20
doctormonDo you mean GitHub?Aug 03 11:20
tedgI love GTK3, I hate when something doesn't work and I have to go back to 2 :-)Aug 03 11:20
jabiertxoftedg burt is only ubuntu/debian oneAug 03 11:20
tedgjabiertxof: No, pretty much works everywhere.Aug 03 11:20
bryycealright, well if there's nothing else board-related let's close the meeting outAug 03 11:20
Mcdoctormon: no, gitlabAug 03 11:20
doctormonOhI haven't seen any GitLab MacOSX versionAug 03 11:20
jabiertxofgreat tedgAug 03 11:20
tedgjabiertxof: check the list of distros people have installed Inkscape on at the bottom: 03 11:20
bryyce=== End of Meeting ===Aug 03 11:21
bryycethanks all!Aug 03 11:21
crogersNo problem. :)Aug 03 11:21
jabiertxofthanks tedg!Aug 03 11:21
*tedg waves!Aug 03 11:21
crogersThanks everyone else.Aug 03 11:21
ScislaCThanks all! :)Aug 03 11:21
doctormonthanks!Aug 03 11:21
Moinitedg, we often get complaints because of people not being able to access fonts, folders etc. with snap.Aug 03 11:21
crogerso/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\oAug 03 11:22
Mcnext meeting will be 2 days before hackfestAug 03 11:22
doctormonThanks everyoneAug 03 11:22
McI may miss itAug 03 11:22
doctormonWe should host meeting at hackfestAug 03 11:22
*Mc has changed the topic to: || Draw freely! || Development discussion channel || Next board meeting: [TBD, at Kiel's Hackfest]Aug 03 11:23
crogersMc, I'm not happy with their button maker.Aug 03 11:26
crogersI think we should take that one off, since they can't write software to align it properly. :PAug 03 11:26
doctormoncrogers: We should agree to use hellotux if we can update their logo with an svg instead of the blurry one they have now ;-)Aug 03 11:26
Mcnah, too small for the price and not well printedAug 03 11:26
Mc(the button)Aug 03 11:27
crogersdoctormon: HahaAug 03 11:27
crogersMaybe I can get a discount for revectorisation. ;)Aug 03 11:27
Mc(there is a line around the logo blur which is ugly)Aug 03 11:27
crogersYea, pathetic.Aug 03 11:27
crogersI'll probably go with a siplified graphic with no shadow.Aug 03 11:28
crogersjust the white border.Aug 03 11:28
tedgMoini: sure, there are definitely a few issues there. But for testing master it is pretty easy as it auto updates.Aug 03 11:29
crogersFOr spreadshirt anyway. If we were printing these ourselves through vistaprint, they do an outstanding job, and it's less than £10/shirtAug 03 11:29
Moinitedg, yes, auto-updating is useful.Aug 03 11:29
doctormoncrogers: Maybe an actual logo they can use as their website's ico file too.Aug 03 11:29
Moini(for this)Aug 03 11:29
doctormonInstead of the classic yellow and black tux image.Aug 03 11:29
doctormonOh wait, two different topics. Sorry crogers!Aug 03 11:30
crogersdoctormon: sure. I'll pitch it to them. Maybe they will send us a sample for free in exchange for hundreds of pounds wirth of logo work. :)Aug 03 11:30
rindolfdoctormon: here?Aug 03 13:30
rindolfdoctormon: can we talk about the porting to py 3 ?Aug 03 13:30

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