Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2018-09-07

XortexI'm getting the dreaded GitLab: API is not accessibleSep 07 09:24
Xortexfatal: Could not read from remote repository.Sep 07 09:24
XortexPlease make sure you have the correct access rightsSep 07 09:24
Xortexand the repository exists.Sep 07 09:24
XortexI have ssh keys on the gitlab profileSep 07 09:24
Xortexgit remove -v gives mes:Sep 07 09:25
XortexGitLab: API is not accessibleSep 07 09:25
Xortexfatal: Could not read from remote repository.Sep 07 09:25
XortexPlease make sure you have the correct access rightsSep 07 09:25
Xortexand the repository exists.Sep 07 09:25
XortexwaitSep 07 09:25 (fetch)Sep 07 09:26 (push)Sep 07 09:26
Xortexand ssh gives:Sep 07 09:27
XortexPTY allocation request failed on channel 0Sep 07 09:27
XortexWelcome to GitLab, @Xortex!Sep 07 09:27
XortexConnection to closed.Sep 07 09:27
bryce Xortex hmm, I don't think anything has changed on our end; my git checkout of inkscape pulls fineSep 07 09:27
Xortexi must have somthing wrongSep 07 09:29
bryceXortex, ssh keys usually worth examining first, for me at least half the time it's some ssh change I did and forgot about :-)Sep 07 09:30
Xortexmaybe I can try using a new setSep 07 09:55
doctormonHelloSep 07 10:02
doctormonIs the meeting here now?Sep 07 10:03
brycehi, yesSep 07 10:03
*tedg wavesSep 07 10:03
bryce== Inkscape Board Meeting ==Sep 07 10:04
bryceAgenda:Sep 07 10:05
bryce* Kiel Hackfest next week ~ [[Hackfest2018 Kiel]]Sep 07 10:05
bryce* Future meetings/hackfests.Sep 07 10:05
bryce** [ SCALE] - March 7th-10th,Sep 07 10:05
bryce   2019 (Pasadena, California)Sep 07 10:05
bryce** [ LGM 2019] - May 30th-June 3rdSep 07 10:05
bryce   (Saarbrucken, Germany) Proposed. (About two hours by train fromSep 07 10:05
bryce   Paris.)Sep 07 10:05
bryce* Merchandise salesSep 07 10:05
bryce** SpreadshirtSep 07 10:05
bryce** Evaluate self-serve merchandise sales - spreadshirt, cafepress,Sep 07 10:05
bryce   Golden Ribbon, Think Penguin or similar [Mc]Sep 07 10:05
bryce* Outreachy: Next round starts in AugustSep 07 10:05
bryce  []Sep 07 10:05
bryce* Action ItemsSep 07 10:05
bryce* Other BusinessSep 07 10:05
bryce Sep 07 10:05
brycepossibly some folks are already on travel, so we'll keep things flexibleSep 07 10:06
brycetedg, ScislaC, I posted a vote on outreachy last night, would be great to get your votesSep 07 10:06
bryceI'll send that up todaySep 07 10:06
tedgI was gonna ask about that, I'm worried that a donate button isn't gonna be enough there.Sep 07 10:06
tedgDo we have some potential corporate sponsors?Sep 07 10:07
doctormonI share that concern to a degreeSep 07 10:07
bryceyeah me too, however at the outset Máirín said she could line something up no problem, and I've not heard otherwiseSep 07 10:08
bryceI tacked on the provision at the end of the background to address exactly this concern -- if insufficient funds are gathered to cover one slot, we will need to re-evaluate before proceeding furtherSep 07 10:09
tedgSounds good, I just didn't want to run a campaign that we know is unlikely to be successful. Wears down public good.Sep 07 10:09
bryceyeah, agreedSep 07 10:10
bryceI'll shoot her an email and inquireSep 07 10:10
tedgGreat, thanks bryceSep 07 10:10
bryceACTION: Check with fundraising status on outreachy, and finalize vote [bryce]Sep 07 10:11
bryceon to agenda itemsSep 07 10:11
bryce=== Kiel Hackfest ===Sep 07 10:11
tedgHopefully that's happening more than needing to be discussed ;-)Sep 07 10:12
bryceit sounds like all the plans are going well, I have nothing to say or add there, but if anyone here has issues to bring up now would be a great timeSep 07 10:12
Moini__:) Nothing new from me. We're going to be 10 during the first couple of days, then 8.Sep 07 10:12
doctormonShould be interesting. I'm hoping to focus on extensions and this extensions installer I've been trying to design.Sep 07 10:13
brycecool, sounds quite similar to the numbers we've had at past hackfestsSep 07 10:13
Moini__I haven't seen any concrete plans as to what people want to tackle, but I guess that's going to be worked out when we're there.Sep 07 10:13
Moini__Aside from doctormo's now :)Sep 07 10:13
doctormonWell you never know what we will work on tbhSep 07 10:14
Moini__Guessed so :)Sep 07 10:14
doctormonI want to practice my spanish with Jabier, but that's aside ;-)Sep 07 10:15
Moini__You'll need to line up!Sep 07 10:15
bryceI'd love it if any release bugs can get some attentionSep 07 10:16
Moini__Yes, we've made that list on the Wiki.Sep 07 10:16
bryceawesome, even just figuring out plans of actions on some of the ones on the list would likely help a lotSep 07 10:16
bryceok, moving onSep 07 10:16
bryce=== Future Meetings ===Sep 07 10:16
brycewe've talked about holding a hackfest in the US, maybe associated with SCALESep 07 10:17
brycetedg, do you know if SCALE still looks feasible for us?  I figure we could start work on getting that set up if so, else maybe need to start looking at other options.Sep 07 10:18
tedgI think that it seems reasonable, I need to start looking to put together some concrete plans.Sep 07 10:19
tedgMy contact in Pasadena never wrote back, so gonna have to go with more generic sources :-(Sep 07 10:19
bryceok sounds goodSep 07 10:19
tedgI'm sure we'll find something, just nice to have a local.Sep 07 10:19
tedgI'll try to have some options for next board meeting.Sep 07 10:19
doctormonlocal is subjectiveSep 07 10:20
brycethanks, it would be great if we could have a plan we can vote on around thenSep 07 10:20
bryceACTION: Propose some options and concrete plans for hackfest at SCALE [tedg]Sep 07 10:21
bryceLGM is in May next yearSep 07 10:21
bryceperhaps next week people can brainstorm on plans for it.  Tavmjong were you going to do the organization for that?Sep 07 10:22
bryceok, well hopefully it gets discussed next year.  We have tons of time but if anyone wants to own the organizing effort, would be great to pencil someone ine.Sep 07 10:24
brycein.Sep 07 10:25
brycemoving onSep 07 10:25
bryce=== Merchandise sales ===Sep 07 10:25
bryceMc-, are you about today?  Looks like we're missing CRSep 07 10:25
tedgThey may be traveling.Sep 07 10:26
bryceyep likelySep 07 10:26
bryceno prob, we can table that to next month, I'm sure there'll be discussion next week on this.  mainly I'm curious about status on spreadshirt, but I don't think there are issues we need to track right now.Sep 07 10:27
bryce=== Outreachy ===Sep 07 10:27
doctormonHang onSep 07 10:27
brycedoctormon, ok go aheadSep 07 10:27
doctormonI wanted to briefly talk about conference packs. Would a packet of stickers and maybe a t-shirt or two be a good bundle to ship to members to want to attend a non-lgm type conference? should we as a group help fund that?Sep 07 10:28
tedgYou're talking about going to a conference and giving things away there?Sep 07 10:29
doctormonYeah, it would be something to do in conjunction with the vectors team. Have boots on the ground in places like university art programs or conferences on cnc machines.Sep 07 10:30
brycedidn't we fund printing of stickers for SFC to send to folks going to places?Sep 07 10:30
doctormonDepending on the people who might be interested to goSep 07 10:30
doctormonbryce: We did, actually we should get back on that, we never heard anything back from them.Sep 07 10:31
doctormonBut this would be a bit more formal in terms of Inkscape encouraging people to go do some group work.Sep 07 10:31
brycewe also gave the vectors team a $100/yr budget that could cover incidentals; where there are other expenses like the banner, no problem funding that sort of stuff, but I think we'd need to do specific votes case by caseSep 07 10:31
tedgYeah, I think running that through a vectors team budget makes the most sense.Sep 07 10:32
doctormonFair enough.Sep 07 10:32
tedgThat way they can decide which would be the most effective, and see what gets the most reach.Sep 07 10:32
brycelet me look at our budget resolution, I think we may have already voted on something that'd cover general conference attendanceSep 07 10:33
bryceoh, here's the sticker one:  "1.  Give the Conservancy $100 to produce a set of four stickers basedSep 07 10:33
bryceon our 0.92 about screen winner and runner-ups."Sep 07 10:33
bryceyes would be worth following up on that -- doctormon you mind taking the action there?Sep 07 10:34
tedgI'd say that generally probably if we have a place where people expect us, that makes a lot of sense. So like if we could do a BOF or something like that at the conference. But someone just walking around with stickers wouldn't be great.Sep 07 10:34
doctormonokSep 07 10:34
bryce | + Conferences |   $1000 |         |           | +$1000     |   $2000    |Sep 07 10:34
bryceand yeah we funded $2k sponsorship for general conferences Sep 07 10:34
brycethe intent there is more for covering travel costs but I think it'd be sane to use that for conference related stuff like t-shirts and buttons and other giveawaysSep 07 10:35
bryceso there I think we'd just need a specific plan to vote onSep 07 10:36
brycein any case, great idea, and looks definitely feasible, just a matter of getting it organized :-)Sep 07 10:36
bryceI think conference season is winding down for this year, but would be great to get some visibility at future onesSep 07 10:37
bryceACTION: Check with Conservancy on status of sticker production [doctormon]Sep 07 10:37
bryce Sep 07 10:37
doctormonthanksSep 07 10:37
bryceok, back to outreachy, I think we covered it earlier.  doctormon have you had a chance to put the project proposal online somewhere?Sep 07 10:38
bryceif not, probably prioritize that since it sounds like fundraising will start soon for itSep 07 10:38
bryce=== Action Items ===Sep 07 10:39
brycelooking through the list I posted last night...Sep 07 10:40
doctormonbryce: I must have missed a memo, did I have a past action item to do the outreachy project?Sep 07 10:40
bryceyeah    ♢ ACTION: Verify that outreachy project proposal is written and available online [doctormo]Sep 07 10:40
doctormonI'm going to ask MO if she'll take that one, I don't think I have a good grasp on the details.Sep 07 10:42
brycehmm, just got an email back from her, sounds like she may have missed the cutoff date for this round of outreachy.  :-/Sep 07 10:43
doctormonAhSep 07 10:43
brycedoctormon, the project description would be basically a GSoC statement of what would be developed.  But hold on that, if the schedule's off then it's a moot point.Sep 07 10:44
bryceok, looking through action itemsSep 07 10:44
doctormonOKSep 07 10:44
bryceI'd meant to get 0.92.4 kicked off last month, but was too busy with other stuff.  Still hoping to get to it, but this month is looking like it'll be just as busy as last.Sep 07 10:45
brycealso had an action to coordinate with Mc on bug management work, I will try and get the email out to him on that this afternoon.Sep 07 10:46
brycerest of the items we're either missing the people or we've already discussedSep 07 10:47
doctormonIs that an action item?Sep 07 10:47
bryceyeah, I'll carry it forward from last monthSep 07 10:47
Ede123bryce: I think 0.92.4 is not too urgent. Not much changes yet and 0.92.3 was not even half a year agoSep 07 10:47
bryceEde123, ok thanks that's a relief to know.  I'll keep it on my todo list though.Sep 07 10:48
Ede123Sure... Let's not make it a year and we should be fine ;-)Sep 07 10:49
bryceoften the later releases in a stable series are smallish, so even if there's not much accumulated may still be worth doingSep 07 10:49
bryce=== Other Business ===Sep 07 10:50
bryceany other items to discuss?Sep 07 10:50
Ede123I was wondering what the state on bug tracking is?Sep 07 10:50
Ede123Or is that what you intended to discuss with Mc?Sep 07 10:51
bryceno, separate issuesSep 07 10:51
Ede123We should probably tackle that before any 1.0 release?Sep 07 10:51
brycethe discussion item with Mc is about triaging the list of bugs for 1.0 alpha down to something achievableSep 07 10:51
brycemigrating the bug tracker is a separate issue.  I haven't even had time to think about it, but agree a plan's needed.Sep 07 10:52
bryceas it happens, just did a move of its projects (including cairo) to gitlab.  They migrated bugzilla to gitlab, and it seemed pretty seamless to me.Sep 07 10:52
Ede123OK. It's certainly a big task.Sep 07 10:53
doctormonA migration is bad idea for us, we're carrying too many bugs.Sep 07 10:53
Ede123For GNOME/freedesktop I feel many of the old bugs are migrated but basically dead.Sep 07 10:53
Ede123Main problem is that the original authors are not subscribed to the issues anymoreSep 07 10:54
bryceas they are running their own gitlab instance, and had owned the bugzilla instance before that, they have better control over the user account migration than we'd haveSep 07 10:55
Ede123doctormon: I think it was almost decided to move bug tracking to GitLab in some way. Or do you suggest to start fresh?Sep 07 10:55
Ede123bryce: Actually they don't. Everything is handled by a single "migration bot" account. There's no linking between old messages and accounts on the new instanceSep 07 10:56
brycethere was definitely a consensus that we should look at no other bug trackers besides gitlab, but the question of whether to move or not was not as clear cut.  And there was no clarity on how exactly the move should be done, although a lot of different ideas were collected.Sep 07 10:56
bryceEde123, ah, now that you mention it I did notice thatSep 07 10:57
bryceI suppose we'd have to do something like that tooSep 07 10:57
doctormonWe could move them into a different project from inkscape proper if that helps us sort out our archive from how we want to do bugs going forwardSep 07 10:58
Moini__I find that would help tremendously with sorting.Sep 07 10:59
Ede123It'd also sort out issues nobody cares about efficiently ;-)Sep 07 10:59
bryceone thing I'd like to change in our gitlab setup is to set up a Devel team to match our other teams, and move the inkscape git repo (and other core devel bits) into that.  So bugs could get sorted into that structure.Sep 07 11:00
Moini__Moving bugs inside a single platform is much easier than copy-paste (haven't tried that on gitlab yet, though)Sep 07 11:01
brycemaybe the next step here would be for someone to do an experimental migration to a dummy gitlab project, and see if there's any problems pulling the data in?Sep 07 11:01
bryceok, well I'll add this to the Inkscape agenda for next meeting, we can discuss further.  Thanks for raising it.Sep 07 11:03
bryceany other items, before we close out the meeting?Sep 07 11:03
brycealright, thanks all for coming, and for those attending next week's hackfest have fun, and please report back on any board-relevant discussions.Sep 07 11:05
bryceI'll try and keep my eye on IRC and mattermost next week if anything comes up that needs me.Sep 07 11:06
bryce== End of Meeting ==Sep 07 11:06
Moini__Thank you, Bryce!Sep 07 11:06
doctormonthanks bryceSep 07 11:09
tedgThanks everyone!Sep 07 11:12
TavmjongSorry to miss the meeting... got busy with family things with my leaving for the hackfest at 7AM tomorrow.Sep 07 11:49
TavmjongI'll do the organizing for the LGM hackfest.Sep 07 11:51
TavmjongI think using GitHub for issues has worked out really well for SVG working group stuff. I think we should be moving to GitLab for our bug tracker sooner rather than later.Sep 07 11:54
bryceTavmjong, thanks for taking on LGM, next week might be useful to gather tabs on who'd be interested in attending itSep 07 12:02
bryceTavmjong, also perhaps you could see next week if anyone there would be interested in taking ownership of the bug tracker migration task, or at least do an experimental migration so we can see how feasible it's going to beSep 07 12:03
bryceTavmjong, and have fun at the hackfest!Sep 07 12:04
Mc-aah sorry I missed the meetingSep 07 13:36

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