Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2018-11-02

Mcboard meeting in 37 minutesNov 02 09:23
brycehi all, meeting in a minute or soNov 02 09:59
*Mc removes ban on *!*tavmjong@*.w90-18.abo.wanadoo.frNov 02 09:59
Mcmeeting time !Nov 02 10:00
bryce= Inkscape Board Meeting ~ Nov 2, 2018 =Nov 02 10:00
bryce== Agenda ==Nov 02 10:00
bryce* Future meetings/hackfests.Nov 02 10:00
bryce** [ SCALE] - March 7th-10th,Nov 02 10:00
bryce   2019 (Pasadena, California)Nov 02 10:00
bryce** [ LGM 2019] - May 30th-June 3rdNov 02 10:00
bryce   (Saarbrucken, Germany) Proposed. (About two hours by train fromNov 02 10:00
bryce   Paris.)Nov 02 10:00
bryce* Merchandise salesNov 02 10:00
bryce** SpreadshirtNov 02 10:00
bryce** Evaluate self-serve merchandise sales - spreadshirt, cafepress,Nov 02 10:00
bryce   Golden Ribbon, Think Penguin or similar [Mc]Nov 02 10:00
bryce* Inkscape 1.0 alpha release & bug strategyNov 02 10:00
bryce* InfrastructureNov 02 10:00
bryce  + Bug tracking transitionNov 02 10:00
bryce  + Weblate service deploymentNov 02 10:00
bryce* Trademarks - Should we pursue registration in locations other than the US?Nov 02 10:00
bryce* Action ItemsNov 02 10:00
bryce* Other BusinessNov 02 10:00
bryce Nov 02 10:00
*tedg wavesNov 02 10:01
McScicalc, doctormon, Tav, and crogers seem to be not connectedNov 02 10:01
brycetedg, Mc, Tav_ thanks for comingNov 02 10:01
McTav is probably not hereNov 02 10:02
brycedoctormo was just on rocketchat a little bit ago, maybe he is logging inNov 02 10:03
brycehopefully the others can join in timeNov 02 10:03
bryce=== SCALE ===Nov 02 10:03
McAh, I always forget to look thereNov 02 10:03
brycetedg, news on our next event?Nov 02 10:03
tedgI've had conversations with several venues, but no one has committed.Nov 02 10:04
tedgI need to follow up and see where they're at.Nov 02 10:04
Mcdoctormon-mob: hi !Nov 02 10:04
tedgSo, no, no news that is good. But I am making some progress.Nov 02 10:04
doctormon-mobmeeting time!Nov 02 10:04
tedgThought we had enough leads, but now a little worried that nothing has turned into commitments.Nov 02 10:04
doctormon-mobwow did I miss some news already?Nov 02 10:04
Mcyou missed the agenda and two linesNov 02 10:05
doctormon-mobthanks mcNov 02 10:05
tedgSo I'll try to get yes/no's on those.Nov 02 10:05
rindolfhi allNov 02 10:06
brycetedg, yeah with holidays on the horizon it'll start getting harder to get responses, so probably important to nail this down ASAPNov 02 10:06
tedgYupNov 02 10:07
brycetedg, how long do you think you need?Nov 02 10:07
jabiertxofhi allNov 02 10:07
tedgNot sure. I'll send out emails this weekend, hopefully have some yeah/ney on those next week. And we can then decide where we need to go from there.Nov 02 10:07
tedgI'll send out an e-mail the end of next week to board.Nov 02 10:08
tedgThat's probably a good action item.Nov 02 10:08
bryceI'm thinking we should set a deadline for ourselves, so we don't end up dragging a dead horse through the winter so to speak.  Do you think next Friday to get a commitment locked in would give enough time?Nov 02 10:08
tedgI'm thinking for an e-mail with where we are, I'm not sure we'll get commitment by then.Nov 02 10:08
tedgAt least we should know the status of leads.Nov 02 10:09
bryce16th?Nov 02 10:09
tedgSureNov 02 10:09
bryceok, beyond that and it's getting into Thanksgiving and stuffNov 02 10:09
bryceACTION: Email board about status on SCALE venues by Nov 9th [tedg]Nov 02 10:10
bryceACTION: Lock in commitment for SCALE hackfest venue by Nov 16th, else plan to reschedule hackfest [tedg]Nov 02 10:10
bryceprobably a good idea to set up a new fundraiser page for this in parallelNov 02 10:11
bryceACTION: Set up hackfest fundraiser web page for SCALE hackfestNov 02 10:12
bryceare there other typical hackfest tasks that could be done in parallel?Nov 02 10:12
brycetedg, has anyone had a chance to investigate hotels and such?Nov 02 10:13
tedgI did some looking around at options, but I didn't get specific.Nov 02 10:14
tedgLooked at a bunch of AirBNB's too.Nov 02 10:14
tedgI think we'll need to know exactly where it is first.Nov 02 10:14
tedgBut I imagine that we'll also be able to piggy back on SCALE's hotel blocks.Nov 02 10:14
bryce 02 10:16
brycehotels are probably pretty clustered in pasadena, at least they were when I lived thereNov 02 10:16
Mc( doctormon is coming back in 10 min )Nov 02 10:16
brycethinking back to the last couple hackfests, getting a list of attendees more early was something we noted as worth doingNov 02 10:17
bryce 02 10:17
bryceat least a list of people to invite would be useful at this pointNov 02 10:18
*tedg is trying to remember if he has a wiki login...Nov 02 10:19
bryceI added myself at least :-)Nov 02 10:20
bryceACTION: Put together list of people to invite to 2019 SCALE hackfest [tedg]Nov 02 10:21
bryceok, anything else on SCALE?  Guess we'll skip the LGM event for now as we're missing TavNov 02 10:21
ryangorleyYes, I have one thingNov 02 10:21
bryceoh hi ryangorley Nov 02 10:22
brycego for itNov 02 10:22
*ryangorley wavesNov 02 10:22
ryangorleyThe organizers of the LibreGraphics track at SCaLE are looking for more presenters. Is anyone here willing to present at that track on Inkscape (like tedg did last year)?Nov 02 10:22
tedgryangorley: I think bryce and I can do a standup routine ;-)Nov 02 10:23
ryangorleyHaha, I'd come to see that :DNov 02 10:24
bryceI don't know what my job situation's going to be, so don't know what I could commit to specifically but I'm not opposed to doing somethingNov 02 10:24
bryceand yeah, totally up for co-presenting.  At the least would be nice to say something regarding 1.0Nov 02 10:24
tedgI'd probably be willing to give a talk as well. Not sure what it'd be on....Nov 02 10:24
Mchow long are talks ?Nov 02 10:25
ryangorley45 minutesNov 02 10:25
bryceACTION: Identify/recruit Inkscape presenters for SCALENov 02 10:25
ryangorleyThe deadline has passed, but I think I can probably get us a slot. I'll check into that.Nov 02 10:26
bryceACTION: Identify/recruit Inkscape presenters for SCALE [ryangorley]Nov 02 10:26
brycethanksNov 02 10:26
bryceok, next agenda itemNov 02 10:26
bryce=== Merchandise Sales ===Nov 02 10:26
brycelast time we talked on this item it sounded like spreadshirt was ready to go, but I haven't heard any news since.  Was hoping Cr could fill us in, but guess I will need to reach out to him separatelyNov 02 10:27
bryceACTION: Follow up with Cr on status of Spreadsheet rollout [bryce]Nov 02 10:27
bryceanyone have other things to discuss on merchandising?Nov 02 10:28
McI just ordered a shirt and a polo on hellotuxNov 02 10:28
Mc(I'll update when it arrives :p)Nov 02 10:29
brycehow should we promote Spreadshirt once it's ready?Nov 02 10:30
McI think we should leave that to the vectors teamNov 02 10:30
doctormonThe website can provide an outlet, especially if we use the gallery to highlight a selection of items in the store we think users should have.Nov 02 10:31
Mc(probably website, twitter, facebook, maybe inkscape-announce@ ? not sure if it's only for releases)Nov 02 10:31
bryceryangorley, perhaps you could add this for tomorrow's vectors meeting agenda?Nov 02 10:31
brycedoctormon, ah using the gallery is a good idea, would we want to use the stock images or create or own do you think?Nov 02 10:32
doctormonProbably use the stock images for quickness.Nov 02 10:32
brycetrue.  might be interesting to mock that up, or get it set up for when Cr gives the thumbs upNov 02 10:33
doctormonAlthough it'd be interesting to have a gallery of people with swag.Nov 02 10:33
doctormonShowing off so to speakNov 02 10:33
bryceyeah totallyNov 02 10:33
bryceis there an appropriate place on the site to hook that in, that won't make the site look too "commercial"?  Under SUPPORT US maybe??Nov 02 10:34
tedgThat sounds like a nice place.Nov 02 10:34
Mcsupport Us → MerchandiseNov 02 10:34
brycemaybe the occasional news item when new products become available or there's other noteworthy thingsNov 02 10:35
bryceok, anything else on merchandise?Nov 02 10:36
Mckrita has a "shop" next to "donate" as a first-class menu item and it does not look too badNov 02 10:36
bryceI know there's been work around stickers, I'll check with Cr on that tooNov 02 10:36
bryceah, and "shop" might be a better term than "merchandise" in any caseNov 02 10:36
doctormonbryce: I'd probably replace the donations tab at the top with a simple swag button and a CMS page for swag with some text and a gallery with links off to spreadshirtNov 02 10:37
bryceyes, that may work.  We can always adjust as we go.Nov 02 10:38
brycewe'll hopefully have several vendors to list there eventuallyNov 02 10:39
brycealright, moving onNov 02 10:39
bryce== Inkscape 1.0 alpha release & bug strategy ==Nov 02 10:39
bryceI've been working this week on getting lib2geom 1.0 packaged up.Nov 02 10:40
Mchow is it going ?Nov 02 10:40
bryceI figure since development has been quiet on it for so long, we may as well declare its API/ABI stable; that'll be helpful for Inkscape packagingNov 02 10:40
doctormonThis is really helpful Bryce.Nov 02 10:41
bryceif and when anyone wants to do any major work on the API, then we'd just start talking towards a 2.0Nov 02 10:41
bryceI haven't run into any blockers, just some packaging challenges to work through.  I was hoping to have 0.9 pre-release by today but might be a few more daysNov 02 10:42
tedg+1, thanks bryce !Nov 02 10:43
bryceI noticed a few little minor things, like some toy programs that crash, and various C++ warnings, all of which look like post-release stuff.  I was going to file bug reports on them but as 2geom's bugs are not moved to gitlab yet, figured I'd wait until we've formally transitioned bug trackingNov 02 10:44
bryce Nov 02 10:44
Mcthere are warnging linked to pre-c++11 code (lib2geom is not c++11)Nov 02 10:44
Mcwarnings*Nov 02 10:44
LiamWN.B.: the way 2geom is used in inkscape makes it a prime candidate for inclusion in a precompiled header, as do all our instantiations of boostNov 02 10:44
brycespeaking of which, there's been several inquiries about us moving to gitlab for bug tracking.  We had a good discussion last meetingNov 02 10:45
Mcespecially auto_ptrNov 02 10:45
McI have been drafting a timeline of a proposal for 1.0 : 02 10:45
brycethe consensus was to allow gitlab for new bugs, not to auto-import bugs from launchpad, and involve triagers in helping us re-test, verify, and migrate individual bugs as time permits.  Am I correctly summarizing what everyone else recalls, too?Nov 02 10:46
doctormonThat's looking good, so December time frame to get features in place and then freeze going from there.Nov 02 10:46
Mcfor bug tracking migration, my idea would be to (1) release a 1.0alpha asap (ideally before mid-nov) with instructions as to how to use it on windows and linux (and mac?); and try to crowdsource testing of existing bugsNov 02 10:46
Mcmaybe with swag (stickers, shirts) for bugs migrated or something like thatNov 02 10:47
Mcdoctormon: the idea would be to say before january "here is the list of the new features i'll be adding before beginning of march", and ideally work on no other features after that; so that doc team can know what to expectNov 02 10:48
Mcbryce: yesNov 02 10:49
bryceok, yeah probably makes sense for me to start the alpha release once I got 2geom done.Nov 02 10:49
doctormonMc: It's a very tight schedule from open to freeze.Nov 02 10:49
bryceare there many pending features?Nov 02 10:49
Mcdoctormon: and maybe setup a webpage for testers : what to migrate, how to act if you can/cannot reproduce a bug; etcNov 02 10:50
Ede_123bryce: Shall we try to get 0.92.4 out soonish then? I assume there won't be much time for it while releasing 1.0...Nov 02 10:50
doctormonMc: Sure would you like it on or 02 10:50
Mcprobably ?Nov 02 10:51
Mcmaybe just a "news" page can do the trickNov 02 10:51
doctormonNo problem at all, nominate a writer and I'll make sure they have access.Nov 02 10:51
Mc(will also help by being on the front page)Nov 02 10:51
bryceEde_123, I'd asked about that but you mentioned you doubted there was enough in the 0.92.x tree to warrant a release; has that changed?Nov 02 10:51
Mcdoctormon: "from open to freeze" ?Nov 02 10:51
Mcthere are a few bugfixes in .92.xNov 02 10:52
bryceafter the alpha is posted would be a great time for me to do 0.92.4Nov 02 10:52
Ede_123bryce: that was when you were beating  yourself  up because not having achieved a release in August ;-)Nov 02 10:52
doctormonMc: I mean in terms of making sure features are wrapped up and give enough time for testing and bug fixing.Nov 02 10:52
bryceI don't think it'll take a huge amount of time for 0.92.4, but I'd want a week or so free to focusNov 02 10:52
Ede_123I think we should get it off the table, unless we want to combine announcements somehowNov 02 10:53
Mcdoctormon: ideally 3 months if not a lot of fdeatures are delayed by more than 1.5 monthsNov 02 10:53
Ede_123Might give the 1.0-alpha some visibility if we promote it when releasing 0.92.4Nov 02 10:55
bryceI'm envisioning the announcement for alpha is going to be heavily geared towards testers, and will be a totally different audience than we'd go for with 0.92.4.  I suspect the order of which comes first isn't going to matter that much.  Doing them at the same time might even be too confusing for people.Nov 02 10:55
bryceOTOH doing them at the same time might enable us to more clearly message the distinction between the two...Nov 02 10:56
Ede_123f you think we can reach "testers" for an alpha easily - usually testers is just another name for "motivated users"Nov 02 10:57
Ede_123I've seen many announcements for software in the past that sounded like "hey here's our cool new stable release - btw: did you know we're working on an even cooler release which you can test here"Nov 02 10:58
brycemm, yeah I've seen that approach tooNov 02 10:58
Mcbryce: what would be your timeline for 1.0alpha ?Nov 02 11:01
bryceso, I suppose what we could do is proceed with the alpha as planned, but keep it on the down-low PR-wise; then focus on getting 0.92.4 finished and do the usual PR blitz with that, and piggyback some subtle messaging about the alpha as part of that, like Ede_123 is suggestingNov 02 11:02
bryceMc, I'm game for whatever folks think is a good timing, but 1-2 weeks should fit my schedule pretty wellNov 02 11:03
brycelike I said, I'd like to finish 2geom first, but I think we're close thereNov 02 11:03
Mcxzcvczx: any hope for gtk-mac-integration or gtk-mac-bundler ?Nov 02 11:03
Mcbryce: okNov 02 11:04
Mc2 weeks seem okNov 02 11:04
brycemain thing I need to get sorted is working around the git submodule usage, it breaks make dist.Nov 02 11:04
Mcmaybe cmake can generate a tgzNov 02 11:04
bryceI'll do a 2geom 0.9 pre-release, give it a day or two then the final one.  Might be out the door MondayNov 02 11:05
bryce Nov 02 11:05
brycejust to revisit the bug tracker topic -- anyone have reservations with moving forward with giving permission for people to start filing new Inkscape bugs in gitlab?Nov 02 11:06
Mcwait after 1.0alpha releaseNov 02 11:07
brycealright, that makes senseNov 02 11:07
Ede_123do we want a "silent" transition or do we want a hard move?Nov 02 11:07
Mcso that we can require people to test with that version once we have it "easy to test"Nov 02 11:07
brycefrom a practical standpoint the only real tangible "change" will be the public notice as to where bugs should be filed, so can't really do that quietly ;-)Nov 02 11:08
Ede_123If silent it doesn't really matter, if hard move then it needs to be in place (and announced along with) 1.0-alphaNov 02 11:08
doctormonI'd say there was zero chance of a Mac release, not without an expert to hlpe make it happen.Nov 02 11:08
bryceno bug reports will actually move until after thatNov 02 11:08
Mcthere are xzcvczx and speleo3Nov 02 11:08
Mcdoctormon: ^Nov 02 11:08
doctormonDo either of them want to be put in charge?Nov 02 11:08
Mcworking in brew and port respectively, iircNov 02 11:08
McI'm not sure it's feasible in 2 weeksNov 02 11:09
brycewould be great to see some work on mac packaging for alphaNov 02 11:09
brycecould it be done post-release?  packaging is in a sense a wrapper anyway...Nov 02 11:09
Mc¯\_(ツ)_/¯Nov 02 11:10
Ede_123bryce: so you think we can start moving (without announcing)?Nov 02 11:11
Ede_123remember we also need to figure out the "friendly feedback" part (and need staff to be friendly) - as I think we're still going with the catch-all approach, right?Nov 02 11:11
bryceok, well from what I know of packaging, it can be done in post.  The main thing would be not having the packaging available for the PR announcement, but if we aren't planning to do a PR blitz for alpha then that won't matter.Nov 02 11:11
Ede_123and we need to start to think about tags and the likeNov 02 11:11
Ede_123(before the flood of 1.0-alpha bugs arrives)Nov 02 11:12
bryceEde_123, agreedNov 02 11:12
doctormonMc: Does brew or port get us a native DMG?Nov 02 11:12
bryceI wonder if we can recruit someone to assist usNov 02 11:12
Mcnot as far as I understandNov 02 11:13
Mcbryce: maybe people from red hat or gnome ? mairin duffy ?Nov 02 11:13
doctormonbryce/Mc: can we make a call on not making a Mac release until we can make a native DMG.Nov 02 11:13
bryceMc, fairly sure they are a bit distracted by other matters these days ;-)Nov 02 11:13
brycefor a recruit I think we just need someone with a chunk of time and passion for gitlab.  I can keep my eye out for someone.Nov 02 11:14
bryceACTION: Recruit folks to help plan gitlab bugs transition [bryce]Nov 02 11:15
bryceACTION: Start Inkscape 1.0-alpha release once 2geom is released [bryce]Nov 02 11:15
bryceACTION: Start 0.92.4 release once Inkscape 1.0-alpha is released [bryce]Nov 02 11:16
bryceACTION: Write up an orientation web page for new bug triagers, for gitlab migrationNov 02 11:17
bryceEde_123, can I give you the above task ^^?Nov 02 11:17
bryceyou can coordinate with doctormo and others on getting the text into the actual website and linked in menus and suchNov 02 11:18
Ede_123bryce: People blamed me for being to harsh with bug reporters in the past ^^Nov 02 11:18
bryceACTION: Plan PR for 0.92.4 (with mention of availability of alpha) [vectors team, ryangorley]Nov 02 11:18
Ede_123I'm actually not sure how that page could look...Nov 02 11:19
Ede_123We have a pretty new one for bug reportersNov 02 11:19
McI can try to write thatNov 02 11:19
bryceEde_123, hah well I'm sure we can get some copyeditors to lend a hand with polishNov 02 11:19
bryceMc, excellent thanksNov 02 11:19
bryceACTION: Write up an orientation web page for new bug triagers, for gitlab migration [Mc]Nov 02 11:20
bryceACTION: Announce move to gitlab for new Inkscape & 2geom bug reports, once inkscape 1.0-alpha is released [bryce]Nov 02 11:20
bryce Nov 02 11:22
brycethe idea of giving out swag to good bug triagers during the migration has been brought up a few times.  Should we consider that more strongly?Nov 02 11:22
brycethe main challenge there, as I see it, is having someone with time to coordinate and manage it, collect mailing addresses and work with Conservancy to get things paid forNov 02 11:22
Mcand board-approve itNov 02 11:23
bryceunfortunately I don't have the time to do that myself, but if someone else is willing to take on that duty, I'd +1 itNov 02 11:23
bryceyes and board approve.  But the time commitment of coordination is the main thing here.Nov 02 11:23
brycekeep in mind contributions come in worldwide, so it'd need international shippingNov 02 11:24
Mcwell, we can send from at least EU and US ^^Nov 02 11:24
tedgI'd +1 it as well if someone wanted to do it.Nov 02 11:25
brycealright well if anyone wants to take on that duty, let me know and I can get the approvals taken care of for the funding end.Nov 02 11:25
bryce Nov 02 11:26
bryceok moving on in the agendaNov 02 11:26
bryce=== Infrastructure ===Nov 02 11:26
brycewe already covered bug tracking enough I think.Nov 02 11:26
bryceweblate's in process by recena, going well I thinkNov 02 11:26
Mcdoctormon: did you have any time to look at irker ?Nov 02 11:26
doctormonWhat's irker?Nov 02 11:27
Mcsomething to send irc notifications when something happens over gitlab :pNov 02 11:28
Mclike automatically sending commit messages hereNov 02 11:28
bryceI think release management and other matters are going to sap my time from working on infra for a while, but we'll see.  I'm working on scriping up host administration a bit, which has been paying off but still very much a work in progress.Nov 02 11:28
doctormonI see, was this an action item that I've forggotten?Nov 02 11:28
McI dunno, I just mentionned it by email to youNov 02 11:28
doctormonI must have read it and then put it down.Nov 02 11:29
Mcyou replied "We just need time to set up a service on a staging server"Nov 02 11:29
bryceoh speaking of IRC and infrastructure...  the RocketChat service has been working really well so far, and it seems a lot of people are using itNov 02 11:29
Ede_123I'm still missing a bridge or similar...Nov 02 11:30
Mc+1Nov 02 11:30
Ede_123People are either cross-posting all the time or discussing on one service and the other group of people doesn't know about itNov 02 11:30
bryceyes, fragmentation was a concern raised at the outset, and it does seem to be a valid issueNov 02 11:31
MoiniMc: I don't know if it's related, but ryangorley managed to set up something that sends comments on issues on gitlab to 02 11:32
bryceanyway, nothing really needing discussed or decided, but worth having awareness and gathering thoughts for now.  I think more discussion on this will be needed in the future.Nov 02 11:32
doctormonYes if he can do that for then have RC post to IRC, I think that'll cover GitLab to IRCNov 02 11:33
bryceYes, there are rich integration options for slack/mattermost/ Nov 02 11:33
Ede_123I'm not even sure whether we want that, though... the #team-vectors is currently dominated by the bot ^^Nov 02 11:34
bryce Nov 02 11:34
bryce=== Trademarks ===Nov 02 11:34
MoiniThere could be an extra stream, Ede_123Nov 02 11:34
Ede_123Yeah, but is it really more helpful then ?Nov 02 11:35
bryceon trademarks, we currently are registered only in the US.  But I wonder if we want to think about paying to get registered in other areas, and just wanted to get rough thoughts from othersNov 02 11:35
Ede_123(Or the activity streams of the subprojects)Nov 02 11:35
MoiniNo idea :) I'm just collecting more options.Nov 02 11:35
MoiniI'm not the one who has been asking about the feature.Nov 02 11:36
Ede_123sorry, only adding concerns to ideas myself ^^Nov 02 11:36
tedgI think it's probably more expensive than it's worth.Nov 02 11:36
tedgMost other countries will at least acknowledge the US ones as that you went to the effort to trademark it.Nov 02 11:36
brycetedg, noted, good pointNov 02 11:37
tedgOtherwise you end up having to do every country, or choosing your favorite.Nov 02 11:37
bryceyeah I'm not sure even where to startNov 02 11:37
Mchow expensive is it ?Nov 02 11:37
Mc(for instance in the european union)Nov 02 11:37
tedgbryce: name your favorite countries! 😉Nov 02 11:37
Moini 02 11:38
bryceno idea.  US is a few hundred $$'s but isn't annual.  We just renewed our trademarks last month, for the first time since we registeredNov 02 11:38
tedgbryce: What was it in the US? I think it is several hundred every few years.Nov 02 11:38
bryceI don't remember offhand, but >$300 sounds in the ballpark.Nov 02 11:38
Ede_123 02 11:38
brycewe had three items trademarked - slogan, name, and logoNov 02 11:38
Moini"As of April 2014, U.S. applicants can concurrently seek protection in up to 92 countries."Nov 02 11:39
Mc850€ for the european union if a understand correctlyNov 02 11:39
MoiniFor how long, Mc?Nov 02 11:39
Mc10yNov 02 11:40
Mc( )Nov 02 11:40
Moini 02 11:41
doctormonWe should have the EU at least as well. Imagine where we'd be when the US empire collapses ;-)Nov 02 11:41
tedgI guess the action item is probably that we should ask SFC what their opinion on it is.Nov 02 11:43
tedgAt least when we did it originally their opinion was that the US is enough.Nov 02 11:43
tedgBut I imagine that they'll know more than us guessing.Nov 02 11:43
McokNov 02 11:43
tedgAnd that was a long time ago, things have probably changed.Nov 02 11:43
doctormonWho knows it might not be possible to register in the EU now. For reasons we can't go into.Nov 02 11:43
bryceMoini, select-all == 22k CHF (roughly $22k US).  WowNov 02 11:43
brycetedg, ok I can do thatNov 02 11:44
bryceACTION: Ask SFC opinion for widening our trademark registrations beyond US [bryce]Nov 02 11:44
Moini:) Yeah, a lot. I guess if you're MacDonalds, you will do that.Nov 02 11:44
Mcbryce: but only 1550 if you select "EM:European Union" instead of individual countries :PNov 02 11:45
brycealright, moving onNov 02 11:46
bryce Nov 02 11:46
bryce=== Action Items ===Nov 02 11:46
brycelooking at last month's items, I think we covered most of them already.  A few are done but many carryNov 02 11:47
bryceor we're missing the principlesNov 02 11:47
bryceer, principalsNov 02 11:47
bryceare there any new action items from the above discussion I missed, that we should add?Nov 02 11:48
ryangorleyMc in the United states trademarks are restricted to certain categories, so there can be multiple registrations of the same word. Do you know if it is the same in the EU?Nov 02 11:48
Mcyeah, the categories are listedNov 02 11:49
Mc(cat 9 and cat 42)Nov 02 11:49
Mcbryce: I don't see any right nowNov 02 11:50
bryceok greatNov 02 11:50
bryce Nov 02 11:50
bryce=== Other Business ===Nov 02 11:51
bryceAny new items to discuss?Nov 02 11:51
ryangorleybryce: I don't know if it was mentioned, but Moini has suggested we apply for an award: https://award.osb-alliance.deNov 02 11:53
ryangorleyI'm working on the application.Nov 02 11:53
bryceryangorley, ah excellentNov 02 11:53
MoiniWasn't mentioned this meeting, as far as I know, but I tagged the full boad on 02 11:54
Moiniboad -> boardNov 02 11:54
MoiniTed replied :)Nov 02 11:54
bryceryangorley, Moini guessing there is nothing needing a board vote for moving forward on that, but I suspect we'd cover travel expenses of someone going to accept it at their event, if we want.Nov 02 11:54
MoiniThanks for bringing this up officially, ryangorley :)Nov 02 11:55
bryceok, any other new business?Nov 02 11:56
MoiniI'm still not sure what the prices are. If it's money, I guess it will go as a donation to Inkscape - but what if it's goods?Nov 02 11:56
MoiniOr maybe it's nothing but fame :)Nov 02 11:56
Mc-fame is goodNov 02 11:57
bryceMoini, goods as in a trophy?  hrm good questionNov 02 11:57
MoiniI'll send it to Portland, in that case ;-)Nov 02 11:57
MoiniOr to Chris first, so he can take some nice pictures.Nov 02 11:57
MoiniGuess that will be a board decision, if it's electronics.Nov 02 11:58
tedgWe can auction it off :-)Nov 02 11:58
MoiniPut a sticker on it first :)Nov 02 11:58
tedgWe'll get bryce to sign it.Nov 02 11:58
MoiniBetter even!Nov 02 11:58
brycehahNov 02 11:59
bryceok, well good question but guess we can cross that bridge when we come to it.Nov 02 11:59
bryce Nov 02 12:00
bryceok, thanks all for coming!Nov 02 12:00
bryce== End of Meeting ==Nov 02 12:00
tedgWoot! Thanks bryce !Nov 02 12:00
ScislaCwait!Nov 02 12:00
tedgLunch!Nov 02 12:00
ScislaCI just got an email :PNov 02 12:00
*tedg goes hungryNov 02 12:00
ScislaClolNov 02 12:00
bryceScislaC, heya!Nov 02 12:00
ScislaCdoctormon: still around?Nov 02 12:00
McScislaC: hi!Nov 02 12:01
Ede_123I'm already eating :-PNov 02 12:01
ScislaCI just wanted to give an update regarding the fastly stuff... so, they've still been "charging" us and I finally got another response. They need to switch our account to a different certificate to stop anything further with it. Either way, we're not actually going to be charged for the incurred charges on invoices we had due to the changes in their system earlier this year.Nov 02 12:03
Mcgreat :)Nov 02 12:04
bryceScislaC, whewNov 02 12:04
ScislaCAnyway, I probably need to have doctormon coordinate with them to actually make that switch (I don't think he'll need to do anything, I think it's a risk of theoretical downtime so they want to coordinate with someone)Nov 02 12:05
brycethanks for the updateNov 02 12:06
bryceok, off to lunch with us.  cya!Nov 02 12:06
ScislaCcya!Nov 02 12:06
*ScislaC hopes tedg didn't die of starvationNov 02 12:06
rindolfbryce: thanksNov 02 12:06
The_Photographerbryce: Thanks I will read the meetingNov 02 12:16
The_PhotographerI'm wilfredoNov 02 12:16
*bryce waves to The_Photographer Nov 02 12:16

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