Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2018-12-07

Mc== Inkscape board meeting in ~1h ==Dec 07 09:03
Mc== Inkscape board meeting in ~15min ==Dec 07 09:45
*doctormon wishes the meeting would be on chat.inkscape.orgDec 07 09:54
brycetedg, Tavmjong, mc, doctormon, meeting in 5Dec 07 09:55
*Mc wishes would be linked to ircDec 07 09:56
MoiniMc: Just posted a message there.Dec 07 09:57
MoiniAnd helped someone join us here :)Dec 07 09:57
Mc:)Dec 07 09:58
MoiniHi su_v!Dec 07 09:58
su_vMoini: hiDec 07 09:59
*tedg wavesDec 07 09:59
Mchi! ☺Dec 07 09:59
brycehi su_v!Dec 07 09:59
jabiertxofhi su_v!Dec 07 09:59
brycealright let's get startedDec 07 09:59
bryce== Inkscape Board Meeting ~ 2018-12-07 ==Dec 07 10:00
*ryangorley is lurking while workingDec 07 10:00
bryceAgenda:Dec 07 10:00
bryce* Future meetings/hackfests.Dec 07 10:00
bryce* Merchandise salesDec 07 10:00
bryce* Bug tracker transition planDec 07 10:01
bryce* Weblate service deploymentDec 07 10:01
bryce* Sponsorship managementDec 07 10:01
bryce* Action ItemsDec 07 10:01
bryce* Other BusinessDec 07 10:01
bryce Dec 07 10:01
bryceted, fill us in on scale, to start?Dec 07 10:01
LiamWsu_v: hiDec 07 10:02
brycetedg, you found a venue?  Do we have dates established?Dec 07 10:02
tedgYes, I have dates and a venue. I haven't put them in the wiki though.Dec 07 10:03
doctormonEvening awlDec 07 10:03
MoiniTav put some info in today: 07 10:04
tedgSo we've got the venue on March 4-6.Dec 07 10:04
tedgI'm not sure what we want to do for hotels, do you want me to look for a block? Or perhaps we can use SCALE's block.Dec 07 10:05
brycenice, I used to live 2 blocks from there when I was in collegeDec 07 10:06
brycetedg, yeah look around.Dec 07 10:07
brycethere's a howard johnson across the street, and looks like a couple motels a few blocks offDec 07 10:08
tedgYeah, don't know if people wanted to be closer to the convention center for SCALE.Dec 07 10:09
tedgI mean, it's all not far from each other, but not sure how to optimize.Dec 07 10:09
bryceI'm mainly interested in the hackfest, so will probably be optimizing for that, myselfDec 07 10:10
tedgOkay, I'll see what is a good cost/distance tradeoff.Dec 07 10:11
bryceACTION: Hold vote for March hackfest [bryce]Dec 07 10:11
brycetedg, what is involved in locking the commitment for those dates?Dec 07 10:12
tedgNothing, we're good.Dec 07 10:13
bryceMoini, would you be willing to set up a donate page for us for this event at ?Dec 07 10:13
tedgThey'd like us to talk about their computer group about letting them come and say hi.Dec 07 10:13
bryceok that'd be greatDec 07 10:14
tedgThey were supposed to mail me, and didn't, but I figure it'd be better to chase that down next semester.Dec 07 10:14
bryceguess it's time to start working on expanding  nextDec 07 10:14
tedgStudent organizations change leadership a lot ;-)Dec 07 10:15
Moinibryce: the last times, we had a news article, a banner, social media posts that linked to the general hackfest donation page. Would that be sufficient?Dec 07 10:15
brycetedg, end of year exams and such, yeah.  Right after new years might be the ideal timeDec 07 10:15
tedgWe'll need a list of bryce's college hangouts on the wiki ;-)Dec 07 10:15
MoiniWe'd also need more info to make it an actual text :)Dec 07 10:15
bryceMoini, yes that'd be perfectDec 07 10:15
Moinizigzagmlt, would you help with that article?Dec 07 10:16
zigzagmltAbsolutely!Dec 07 10:16
MoiniGreat :) I'll make a Vectors issue for it.Dec 07 10:16
bryceok, I'll work on getting the vote done this weekend, to make this official.Dec 07 10:18
brycewe need to get the wiki page fleshed out a bit more, too.  If anyone's interested in researching about pasadena it'd be a huge helpDec 07 10:20
bryceI'll try and add some bits myself.Dec 07 10:20
bryceok, anything else on the SCALE hackfest?Dec 07 10:20
tedgI don't think so. I think we'll need to figure out housing next.Dec 07 10:21
doctormonHousing makes things easierDec 07 10:21
bryceok, next is LGM hackfest in europeDec 07 10:22
bryceTavmjong, if you're around please chime inDec 07 10:22
bryceLGM is in may, so planning for this should probably get started soonDec 07 10:22
brycedo we have a wiki page for it set up?  I'm not spotting one offhandDec 07 10:23
McI think soDec 07 10:23
bryce 07 10:23
bryceok, looks to me like we need a coordinator identified, to flesh out the plan and so on.Dec 07 10:25
doctormonMaybe one of our German or French friends from the Kiel hackfest would be interested in leading?Dec 07 10:26
brycethat's probably a good ideaDec 07 10:28
bryceI guess I should send out a recruitment email.Dec 07 10:28
MoiniCan't see anyone from Germany (except for houz - but he wasn't at the hackfest)Dec 07 10:28
MoiniEven if houz might not organize, as a local he could be of great help.Dec 07 10:29
rindolfTavmjong: will the inkscape 1.0 command line break compat with that of older releases?Dec 07 10:29
ryangorleyI know there is an active group on, I can post something on their forum.Dec 07 10:29
ryangorley^^ active Inkscape user groupDec 07 10:29
Moiniryangorley: a German one?Dec 07 10:30
brycelet's set a deadline of finding a volunteer to coordinate it by next board meeting; if we haven't found anyone by then, it could be tough to pull everything together by the event.Dec 07 10:30
MoiniFundraiser issue for SCALE: 07 10:31
bryceACTION: Send email to recruit a volunteer to coordinate May hackfest in GermanyDec 07 10:31
bryceACTION: Send email to recruit a volunteer to coordinate May hackfest in Germany [bryce]Dec 07 10:31
tedgGreat, thanks Moini !Dec 07 10:31
ryangorleyMoini: YesDec 07 10:31
ryangorleybryce: I'll watch for your email and just modify for pushing out to that forum and the social media.Dec 07 10:32
bryceryangorley, sounds goodDec 07 10:32
Moiniryangorley: interesting... need to look some time.Dec 07 10:32
bryceok, moving onDec 07 10:32
brycesince CR isn't here, going to skip Merchandise Sales, although I'm quite curious on status of it.  Maybe I'll trade emails with him to check in.Dec 07 10:33
McI ordered hellotux merchDec 07 10:33
Mcand it's really niceDec 07 10:33
bryceACTION: Check in with CR on merchandise shop status [bryce]Dec 07 10:33
bryceMc, cool!Dec 07 10:33
McI would really recommend itDec 07 10:33
ryangorleybryce: zigzagmlt had something to chime in about MerchandisingDec 07 10:34
bryceoh, great.  zigzagmlt?Dec 07 10:34
ryangorleyMaybe she's not here. I'll give you the second-hand account then...Dec 07 10:34
bryce=== Merchandise Sales ===Dec 07 10:35
ryangorleyBasically she contacted spreadshirt. Apparently we need to configure so the store shows up outside of US with the localized .ca tld.Dec 07 10:35
ryangorleyDo we know who has permissions to fix that?Dec 07 10:35
brycehrmDec 07 10:35
Moiniprkos - do you have permissions for the shop?Dec 07 10:35
zigzagmltSorry! Lurking while working, too. Ryan has it.Dec 07 10:35
zigzagmltRyan has the news.Dec 07 10:36
prkoslemme check I haven't logged in latelyDec 07 10:36
brycethanks prkos Dec 07 10:36
doctormonI mightDec 07 10:36
prkosyes, I can still log into SpreaddshirtDec 07 10:36
*TBah Sorry to be late... sick kid and wife leaving for US tonight.Dec 07 10:37
MoiniHi Tav!Dec 07 10:37
doctormonI can not log into spreadhsirt any more, the password I have on file is incorrect.Dec 07 10:37
TBahHi All!Dec 07 10:37
zigzagmltOh, with HelloTux we were going to see about merch for women or unisexDec 07 10:37
doctormonTBah: you coming to my neck of woods?Dec 07 10:38
Moinizigzagmlt and prkos: could you coordinate for the .ca issue?Dec 07 10:38
zigzagmltCertainly!Dec 07 10:38
prkosryangorley: is that in shop settings or maybe domain issue?Dec 07 10:38
doctormonprkos: Can you encrypt me the password you are using, I presume the account is inkscape-merch@sfc?Dec 07 10:39
prkoshi zigzagmlt you probably know more?Dec 07 10:39
zigzagmltA little bit. We can discuss later?Dec 07 10:39
prkosdoctormon: I think the credentials are in the credentials repo so you should be able to see them, right bryce?Dec 07 10:40
doctormonWill double check against those, thanks prkosDec 07 10:40
Moiniprkos, zigzagmlt is michele on rocket.chatDec 07 10:40
prkoszigzagmlt: yes of course, on the other chat :)Dec 07 10:40
bryceyeah, more woman's cuts would be nice.  Looks like they just have one t-shirt?Dec 07 10:40
ryangorleyprkos: Probably not a domain issue as it would be a tld that Spreadshirt already has, probably an international sales setting. If you have access, zigzagmlt can probably better communicate what she heard from Spreadshirt.Dec 07 10:40
bryceprkos, yesDec 07 10:40
prkosdoctormon: maybe bryce needs to add you to a group so you have access to itDec 07 10:40
prkosMoini: I'm well aware of Michelle's artistic and other contributions :)Dec 07 10:41
doctormonprkos: I feel like I've been kicked out of the credentials repository, @bryce?Dec 07 10:41
MoiniSorry, prkos!Dec 07 10:41
prkosMoini: no reason lol it's nice to have a friendly inviting atmosphere, I just didn't want Michelle to think I'd forgotten about her :)Dec 07 10:42
zigzagmlt8-))Dec 07 10:43
prkosshould we deal with spreadshirt later and report next meeting?Dec 07 10:43
brycedoctormon, that seems rather unlikely, could it be you're using an old copy of the credentials repo or something?Dec 07 10:43
prkoszigzagmlt: so sorry Michele with only one lDec 07 10:44
brycedoctormon, you're listed there as having access for spreadshirt.Dec 07 10:45
doctormon@bryce I think it's probably got the wrong remote, still gitlab, but is it inkscape but branch 07 10:45
doctormonOr did you split it out?Dec 07 10:45
MoiniIt's separate.Dec 07 10:45
bryceurl = 07 10:45
houzwho summoned me?Dec 07 10:45
bryceyeah it's split out.  That's probably what the problem is.Dec 07 10:45
Moini 07 10:45
brycehi houz Dec 07 10:45
Moinihouz, that would have been me :)Dec 07 10:45
MoiniBut the topic is over (it was about Saarbrücken hackfest) - I think Bryce will add you to the recipients of his email.Dec 07 10:46
bryceI'll try to attend the Vectors meeting tomorrow, and see if I can catch Chris there.  There are some hellotux action items I need to do in coordination with him.Dec 07 10:46
houzok. i didn't really read the backlog, just saw that i was mentionedDec 07 10:46
MoiniThanks for popping in, houz!Dec 07 10:47
brycehouz, we're looking for someone to help with arrangements for a hackfest in Germany in May, and your name was mentioned as someone that might possibly be interested.Dec 07 10:48
houzand most important: hey su_v!Dec 07 10:48
brycebut I'll put out an email with more details, so you can wait and reply to that if you'd like and are interestedDec 07 10:48
houzi guess i can help, yes. i am working in the same office as the lgm organizersDec 07 10:48
bryce=== Bug Tracker Transition Plan ===Dec 07 10:48
Moinihouz: :-D :-DDec 07 10:49
MchumDec 07 10:49
McI have been sick for two weeks so not really able to progress much on that :/Dec 07 10:50
bryceChris and Terry have been working hard on setting up some tools for organizing manual bug migration.  I think it may be close, and am going to get them set up with a place to host the webpage for it.Dec 07 10:50
MccoolDec 07 10:50
MoiniWow!Dec 07 10:50
bryceMc, sorry to hear.Dec 07 10:50
bryceI'm a bit behind in stuff too, I think a lot of us are.  no worries.Dec 07 10:51
doctormonCan't wait to see it all!Dec 07 10:52
bryceso, I think we're close in being able to announce that people can start filing bugs in gitlab.  I think we discussed timing of that in relation to 1.0-alpha and 0.92.4, but I'll need to check my notes to remember what the exact plan was.Dec 07 10:53
brycein any case, I think we're close to being able to make that change.Dec 07 10:54
bryce Dec 07 10:54
bryce=== Weblate Service Deployment ===Dec 07 10:55
Mcthe exazct plan was to release .92.4 and 1.0-alpha at the same time and just before opening that tracker which would be only open to bugs verified on 1.0-alphaDec 07 10:55
bryceI've not been keeping track of status on this, although I know recena was tied up with other stuff for a while, so maybe it's still in processDec 07 10:55
MoiniHaven't seen Patrick around lately :-( He wanted to make some adjustments.Dec 07 10:55
MoiniSome of it didn't work as expected, and he had to look for workarounds.Dec 07 10:56
MoiniBut was working on other things, so wanted to have a look later.Dec 07 10:56
Mc(also I'd like to wait a bit to have a commandline usage working for 1.0-alpha, TBah and I are working on it)Dec 07 10:56
bryceMc, ok right, thanks.  So priority for me should be getting alpha wrapped up.Dec 07 10:56
bryceMc, how long do you think that will take?Dec 07 10:57
Mcideally less than a few daysDec 07 10:57
bryceokDec 07 10:58
McTBah has a version with a separate binary working in commandline but I'm trying to have the same one for bothDec 07 10:58
brycenext several weeks are going to be really busy for me, but I still hope I can squeeze in the alpha release before the end of the yearDec 07 10:58
*TBah Mc's version looks good to me...Dec 07 10:58
McTBah: it's not working yet ^^Dec 07 10:59
McI have a few c++ inheritance problemsDec 07 10:59
brycealthough we're going to market alpha just for testers, it would probably be wise to now start discouraging landing of other new features until after alpha, just in caseDec 07 11:00
TBahOh... I had the inheritance problems too when I tried something similar. I figured you were a lot smarter than me.Dec 07 11:00
bryce=== Sponsorship Management ===Dec 07 11:01
bryceI think everyone has seen there is a new platinum sponsor for Inkscape.  :-)  Karen sent congrats, and suggested a meeting with her to discuss how SFC could help improve our sponsorship processesDec 07 11:03
bryceI think she's pretty busy at the moment with EOY fundraising stuff, so might be better to touch base with her after the holidaysDec 07 11:03
brycewe have a few other items that have come up, like revisiting our discussion about a sponsor acceptance policy, etc.Dec 07 11:04
tedgShe is usually at SCALE, we could perhaps ask her to come a day early and do a face-to-face.Dec 07 11:04
bryceoh that's a good idea tooDec 07 11:05
brycehmm, although I seem to recall her saying she may not be at this one.Dec 07 11:05
tedgHmm, okay. She may be sending bkhun and freedeb.Dec 07 11:05
doctormonWe could set up a meeting at a convenient place. I'd be interested. online or off.Dec 07 11:06
tedgIt would be good to meet with them as well though.Dec 07 11:06
bryceyesDec 07 11:06
TBahSpeaking of SCALE, we need to start getting people to sign up...Dec 07 11:06
bryceTBah, yesDec 07 11:07
TBahWho here is coming?Dec 07 11:07
bryceo/Dec 07 11:07
McprobablyDec 07 11:07
doctormon20% chanceDec 07 11:07
bryceTBah, there is an attendees page, but only me, ted, and Ryan are listed so farDec 07 11:07
TBahI plan to but need to work out logistics.Dec 07 11:07
tedgI posted in #conservancy to ask about whether we needed to do anything for the new event insurance. I'll bring up the SFC possibly showing up when I get a response there.Dec 07 11:08
bryceone other thought with sponsors is that it may be beneficial to do outreach work to solicit sponsors.  It's amazing we've had so many sponsors come to us directly, but I wonder if with a bit of more proactive work reaching out to companies we could find a lot more.Dec 07 11:09
brycetedg, thanksDec 07 11:09
bryceACTION: Find out about the new event insurance from #conservancy [tedg]Dec 07 11:09
bryceACTION: See if Karen or other Conservancy members will be at SCALEDec 07 11:10
TBahbryce, Can we get a summary of our financial situation?Dec 07 11:11
bryceACTION: See if Karen or other Conservancy members will be at SCALE to discuss sponsorship managementDec 07 11:11
MoiniI'd be interested to know how much Kiel cost.Dec 07 11:11
bryceTBah, yes we should.  It's on my todo list to do this month, but I've just not had mcuh time.Dec 07 11:11
bryceACTION: Generate summary of our financial situation [bryce]Dec 07 11:12
bryceok, we can leave further discussion on sponsorship to the next meetingDec 07 11:13
bryce=== Action Items ===Dec 07 11:13
brycewe had a long list of actions from last meeting, which I appended to the meeting announcement.Dec 07 11:14
prkosI have update on Spreadshirt for Canada, ping if you want to squeeze me inDec 07 11:14
brycelet me know if there are items that can be crossed off.  I think we've covered most of them in this meeting's discussion, so will carry the still open ones forwardDec 07 11:14
bryceand let me know if there are other actions to add to the list.Dec 07 11:15
bryce=== Other Business ===Dec 07 11:15
bryceprkos, ok shootDec 07 11:15
prkos 07 11:15
prkosneeds a lot of work, this is what 5 mins work gets youDec 07 11:15
bryceprkos, ah niceDec 07 11:16
MoiniDoes this need to be done for each country?Dec 07 11:16
prkosproducts configuration is what takes the most timeDec 07 11:16
prkosthere are 3 options in Spreadshirt for url TLD: .com .ca .com.auDec 07 11:17
Moini(I just replaced all ca with de and got a 404)Dec 07 11:17
MoiniAh.Dec 07 11:17
MoiniThanks prkos!Dec 07 11:17
bryceok, any one else have new topics to open?Dec 07 11:17
prkosI guess .com is what everyone can use unless their country has special requests by lawDec 07 11:17
prkosI think it might be interesting to investigate Brazil thoughDec 07 11:18
prkosthey can't purchase unless it's their currency, so maybe find a service that supports BrazilDec 07 11:18
prkossince we have a lot of users in BrazilDec 07 11:19
MoiniThat's true.Dec 07 11:19
brycethat's an interesting pointDec 07 11:19
MoiniLet's get step 1 finished first, though, then we can worry about step 2.Dec 07 11:20
MoiniWe could make it an issue in vectors, so it's not forgotten.Dec 07 11:21
bryceMoini, sounds goodDec 07 11:21
Moini(not sure where else to keep that)Dec 07 11:21
*tedg needs to head out, wavesDec 07 11:21
bryceyes, let's go ahead and wrap.  If there's any other things to discuss I'll be around a bit longerDec 07 11:22
bryce== End of Meeting ==Dec 07 11:22
*Moini waves to tedgDec 07 11:22
McDec 07 11:22
su_vLiamW, houz, jabiertxof, bryce, Moini: hi. thx for the welcome, much appreciated.Dec 07 11:22
jabiertxof:)Dec 07 11:22
Moini:)Dec 07 11:23
bryceMoini, that's a good question where we should track merchandise issues.  I could set up a gitlab issues for the Board if we don't have one yet, but that doesn't feel like the right place.  Vectors may be more suitable, or I wonder if we ought to establish a new team just for that?Dec 07 11:23
bryceprobably worth keeping all the fundraising/sponsorship/merchandise stuff together in one placeDec 07 11:24
MoiniNot sure - would it make sense to have a separate repo in vectors? That would give us a greater contributor pool.Dec 07 11:26
MoiniWhile still keeping it separate from news. Although, sponsoring + news are related.Dec 07 11:26

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