Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2019-02-01

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Tavmjong***************** Inkscape Board Meeting *******************Feb 01 10:00
TavmjongHello one and all!Feb 01 10:00
TavmjongWho's here?Feb 01 10:00
bryce__hi Tavmjong Feb 01 10:01
Mc(my connexion might cut at any time)Feb 01 10:01
TavmjongScislaC, tedg ?Feb 01 10:02
tedgHowdy, sorry, wrong window :-)Feb 01 10:04
bryce__== Inkscape Board Meeting ==Feb 01 10:04
bryce__=== Agenda ===Feb 01 10:04
bryce__* Hackfest [ SCALE]Feb 01 10:04
bryce__* Hackfest [ LGM 2019]Feb 01 10:04
bryce__* SpreadshirtFeb 01 10:04
bryce__* Bug tracker transition planFeb 01 10:04
bryce__* Sponsorship managementFeb 01 10:04
bryce__* 2019 BudgetFeb 01 10:04
bryce__* Wiki migrationFeb 01 10:04
bryce__* Weblate service deploymentFeb 01 10:04
bryce__* Other BusinessFeb 01 10:04
bryce__ Feb 01 10:04
bryce__Any other items to add?Feb 01 10:04
tedgWe should all go to the ski resort 😉Feb 01 10:04
bryce__heya tedg Feb 01 10:05
bryce__=== Hackfest: SCALE ===Feb 01 10:05
tedgChecked in with the venue and they're good.Feb 01 10:05
bryce__Hopefully everyone's made travel arrangements by nowFeb 01 10:05
tedgI haven't connected with the computer club there yet, but hopefully next week.Feb 01 10:06
TavmjongI'm waiting to hear from SFC about buying a ticket. I'll be flying from Minneapolis and want to make sure I don't get have problems with getting reimbursed.Feb 01 10:06
ScislaChelloFeb 01 10:06
bryce__attendees, please move your name to Confirmed - 01 10:06
bryce__heya ScislaC!Feb 01 10:06
tedgOh, update the Wiki, I need to do that. :-)Feb 01 10:07
bryce__Tavmjong, uh oh, how long have you been waiting?Feb 01 10:07
TavmjongJust a day.Feb 01 10:07
TavmjongDid DoctorMo get a ticket?Feb 01 10:07
Tavmjong... what email did he use in communicating with SFC?Feb 01 10:08
bryce__he has been attempting to contact him, but I'm not aware of any responses from themFeb 01 10:08
bryce__I should add that there are several matters I'm waiting on response from SFC, a couple for quite some time.  They seem unusually slow on responsesFeb 01 10:09
Mcthey are at fosdem right nowFeb 01 10:09
bryce__ah, perhaps that's it.  I know EOY is a busy time for them with taxes and funding drives and such.Feb 01 10:10
Mcyou can try on their irc channel they are usually responsiveFeb 01 10:10
bryce__Tavmjong, sorry I assumed you'd already gotten your travel arrangements taken care of, I hope costs haven't escalated too much?Feb 01 10:11
TavmjongI have my Paris-Minneapolis ticket.Feb 01 10:11
crogersHello.Feb 01 10:11
bryce__Mc, good suggestionFeb 01 10:11
bryce__heya crogers Feb 01 10:11
crogersBoard meeting yet?Feb 01 10:12
TavmjongI'll just be asking for reimbursement for MSP-LAXFeb 01 10:12
Tavmjongcrogers, Board meeting!Feb 01 10:12
*You are now known as bryceFeb 01 10:12
bryceTavmjong, ok greatFeb 01 10:13
crogersWoo!Feb 01 10:13
bryceTavmjong, he used - which goes to their RTFeb 01 10:14
TavmjongAh, ok. I'll try that.Feb 01 10:14
TavmjongI didn't see an email address in the travel policy.Feb 01 10:14
ryangorleyJust FYI, ScislaC is looking into getting us a double-wide booth at SCALE. I'll be bringing some banners and such. I'll have more to report on when I know what space we have.Feb 01 10:15
tedg@ryangorley for us or Libre Graphics?Feb 01 10:15
ScislaCtedg: sharedFeb 01 10:15
TavmjongAs much as I would like to, I won't be sticking around for SCALE.Feb 01 10:15
ryangorleyProbably shared, in our name, like last year.Feb 01 10:15
brycethe RT addresses are new, and I'm still getting a handle on which email address to use for what.Feb 01 10:16
bryceTavmjong, well will be great to have you at the hackfest!Feb 01 10:16
crogersHeya bryceFeb 01 10:17
tedgOkay, that makes more sense. I don't think we could do a double booth ourselves :-)Feb 01 10:17
ryangorleytedg: I'm going to try to draw people in to get testimonials, which I had hoped for last year but space was just too tight.Feb 01 10:18
brycewe've been accumulating some topic ideas on the wiki.  Please take a minute to add any items you have in mind.Feb 01 10:18
ryangorleyI'm buying better audio recording equipment too to help.Feb 01 10:19
ryangorleyIt's loud. :)Feb 01 10:19
tedgThat'll be cool. I'll take a phone video of you doing it ;-)Feb 01 10:19
bryceryangorley, btw, did you hear from SFC on your travel questions?Feb 01 10:19
ryangorleybryce: not directly. I just saw an email from you that an issue had been closed (guessing it was the vote).Feb 01 10:20
bryceok.  I think it should all be fineFeb 01 10:21
brycetedg has a list of restaurants for our board-sponsored dinner, we don't need to decide now, but if anyone has any special requirements let him or I knowFeb 01 10:22
brycedoes anyone else have questions or ideas on the hackfest?Feb 01 10:23
tedgMmm, dinner. :-)Feb 01 10:23
zigzagmltWhat about attending virtually?Feb 01 10:24
crogersWho do I send stickers to?Feb 01 10:24
crogersFor the hackfest.Feb 01 10:24
brycefor scale, is there any registration fee or is it complimentary?Feb 01 10:24
crogersAlso have more Inkscape general purpose stickers.Feb 01 10:24
ryangorleybryce: I think we get a certain number of free admissions with the booth. ScislaC?Feb 01 10:25
ScislaCbryce: I'll email Ilan about it, I'm guessing it won't be a problem for free.Feb 01 10:25
bryceanyone want to be the sticker mule?  I can if no one else wants toFeb 01 10:25
ScislaCryangorley: Correct, we'll be over that #, but I'm pretty sure it won't be an issue.Feb 01 10:25
ryangorleycrogers: I'm happy to bring those. I'm going to be bringing a lot of kit anywayFeb 01 10:25
crogersIt's probably cheaper shipping wise to ship to someone near the location of the hackfest, no?Feb 01 10:27
crogersRather than all the way over to the US? :)Feb 01 10:27
tedgcrogers: I can carry them if you want to send them to me.Feb 01 10:27
crogersI will not be at this hackfest, so someone needs to hand them out (if they are wanted)Feb 01 10:27
tedgI haven't wanted the movie yet, but I hear there's an instructional video on being a mule out.Feb 01 10:28
tedgwatched the movie...Feb 01 10:28
ryangorleycrogers: Which hackfest are you talking about? For the SCALE hackfest I'm happy to bring them (or teg).Feb 01 10:28
ryangorley*tedgFeb 01 10:28
crogersWhichever hackfests are wanted.Feb 01 10:29
crogersWhichever hackfest you want stickers at.Feb 01 10:29
tedgzigzagmlt: I imagine we'll all be on IRC, I'm not sure what else would be useful.Feb 01 10:29
crogersratherFeb 01 10:29
crogersWhen is the next hackfest?Feb 01 10:30
bryceCalifornia in March, Germany in MayFeb 01 10:30
zigzagmlttedg: Not sure what you've done in the past... I can certainly hop on. Perhaps if there are several of us, an exchange of some sort would be good? An update or a chance to discuss something all together. If that's feasible.Feb 01 10:30
crogersOkay, are you going to the California one, ryangorley ?Feb 01 10:31
ryangorleycrogers: YepFeb 01 10:31
crogersOkay. email me a mailing address incl. how many stickers you want to flog.Feb 01 10:31
ryangorleyzigzagmlt: I'm going to be focusing largely on doing a promotional film for the project, but it would be awesome to hook some people into what's happening. Maybe I can even setup a webcam or something... :thinking:Feb 01 10:32
crogersWell, not flogFeb 01 10:32
crogersfling. :)Feb 01 10:32
tedgzigzagmlt: Generally speaking there isn't an agenda and times that really lead to people scheduling remotely. We could schedule something specific if there was demand.Feb 01 10:32
brycezigzagmlt, we've wanted to have strong virtual attendance in past hackfests, but I'm not sure we've had the best track record.Feb 01 10:33
zigzagmltryangorley: Terrific! I can hear that engine!! 8-)Feb 01 10:33
MoiniDidn't work well at Kiel. Would have taken someone to liaise full-time.Feb 01 10:33
MoiniI tried, but couldn't keep up with both.Feb 01 10:33
brycewe've had some luck with the video recordings, and sounds like we'll be doing even better with that this year, but they're obviously very delayedFeb 01 10:34
tedgReally I think you'd have to have specific events. Not just generally online.Feb 01 10:34
zigzagmlttedg: I agree! Easier to plan for everyone.Feb 01 10:34
bryceI tried to post updates in IRC but agree with Moini it really needs someone dedicated to just doing that.  Hard to participate in conversations and type at the same time.  :-)Feb 01 10:34
MoiniWe had one scheduled meeting, that worked (mostly)Feb 01 10:35
zigzagmltThanks for the answers!Feb 01 10:36
bryceMoini, tell us more, how'd that work out?  how was it organized?Feb 01 10:36
ryangorleyI'll look into how feasibly we could setup a Jitsi meeting and just have that open during the daily downloads or something like that.Feb 01 10:36
MoiniMihaela asked for a meeting about something related to Vectors/Marketing. I think she wanted us to align on what we want.Feb 01 10:37
brycezigzagmlt, is your interest in being able to present something *to* the hackfest attendees, or to get updates *from* the hackfest?  Or to just generally see what's going on?Feb 01 10:37
MoiniWe had difficulties with the chat, though, as she could only use mobile for voice chat.Feb 01 10:37
MoiniAnd only few people wanted to leave the place 'where the action was' for doing some talking remotely about marketing.Feb 01 10:38
zigzagmltbryce: first off it would be to get updates from the Hackfest - which we could send out, potentially, and to see what's going on, but that's secondary.Feb 01 10:38
MoiniThey were more interested in code.Feb 01 10:38
zigzagmltI watched the videos last time and learned lots.Feb 01 10:38
MoiniWe talked some with Chris, Martin, Mihaela, Jabier and myself.Feb 01 10:38
MoiniOn google hangout :)Feb 01 10:39
zigzagmltbryce: we could definitely propose topics to share, if that was something of interest.Feb 01 10:40
bryceok, well for status at least, I am thinking since ryan will have lots of video gear on hand, we should make that our primary focus this hackfest, and see how well we can do that.  The info will be delayed since the video will need processing, but it should hopefully be very visually rich.Feb 01 10:40
MoiniSo that was only a single remote participant. She pinged me via chat, and that's how we set a time.Feb 01 10:40
MoiniWould be nice to have a twitter post like 'We're here! Come visit!" though.Feb 01 10:41
brycein boston, we tried to have everyone post updates on what they discussed, I think it'd help if that was done each day, but in practice I think some only occurred at the end of the event.  But those were very info-dense and very helpful from a development perspective.Feb 01 10:41
MoiniYes, those were interesting!Feb 01 10:42
brycethird, sounds like we should experiment with setting up a hangout, perhaps for a specific, limited time, like 30 min each day, or 1 hr on one of the daysFeb 01 10:43
MoiniBut I know it's hard to do during an event. There's so much else to do...Feb 01 10:43
bryceyes, it's surprising how fast time flies at these thingsFeb 01 10:43
MoiniPriority-wise, anything that isn't local falls from the list easily.Feb 01 10:44
zigzagmltbryce: sounds like a great idea - thirdFeb 01 10:44
bryceok greatFeb 01 10:44
brycewhat else should we discuss for planning the hackfest, while we're all together?Feb 01 10:45
crogersIt will definitely help for people to post updates, at least to the person writing the summary of the event.Feb 01 10:46
brycekk said he'd be there, it would be good if we can use his time effectivelyFeb 01 10:46
crogersIt's probably better if someone takes on the task of bugging people for updates. :)Feb 01 10:46
crogersAnd collects them/Feb 01 10:47
zigzagmltcrogers: perhaps we can strategize around a solution before the event...Feb 01 10:48
bryceok let's move onFeb 01 10:50
bryce== Hackfest Saarbrucken ==Feb 01 10:50
crogerszigzagmlt, sure, that's just my suggestion. I will not be there, but that's part of what I did at the last one.Feb 01 10:50
brycewe've got a long list of potential attendees -- 01 10:51
bryceno venue arranged yet, thoughFeb 01 10:51
Moinihouz isn't here, right?Feb 01 10:51
brycebut I'm concerned it's maybe gotten too late to get things arranged, outside of attending LGM itselfFeb 01 10:52
MoiniDropped him an email.Feb 01 10:53
MoiniHe had been talking about arranging a space on the mailing list.Feb 01 10:53
brycewith 1.0 scheduled for June, this seems like an opportune time for a hackfest, but I'm cognizant of how much lead time is needed for organizing eventsFeb 01 10:53
Mcyes he said it would be easy to arrangeFeb 01 10:53
McI think he can help with finding a placeFeb 01 10:54
MoiniI wouldn't give up on it yet, just ping him.Feb 01 10:54
doctormonEven a small event, two person can be useful.Feb 01 10:54
TavmjongThis as the possibility of being a really good hackfest with a large attendance. I can help.Feb 01 10:54
MoiniWill you take the lead on this, Tav?Feb 01 10:55
TavmjongI will probably drive and could bring supplies.Feb 01 10:55
bryceTavmjong, thanks would you be able to take point on it, if houz is able to take care of the venue side of things?  A few others said they could lend a hand, so sounds like there are good opportunities to delegate tasksFeb 01 10:56
TavmjongSounds reasonable.Feb 01 10:56
MoiniYay!Feb 01 10:57
bryceTavmjong, excellent, thanks, and you're right it has potential of being a great eventFeb 01 10:57
brycenext to deciding the venue, the other question is dates - before or after LGM, and for how many daysFeb 01 10:58
MoiniI'd suggest before, and only 3 days.Feb 01 10:58
TavmjongMc suggested before... polish 1.0 before announcing.Feb 01 10:58
TavmjongI agree with 3 days maximum.Feb 01 10:59
TavmjongLGM is five days.Feb 01 10:59
MoiniMeetings and coding can continue during those.Feb 01 10:59
TavmjongBeing away from home eight days is going to be a bit of a stretch.Feb 01 11:00
MoiniIt's a bit too long for me, too.Feb 01 11:00
TavmjongLast year we had plenty of time for coding during the meetings.Feb 01 11:00
MoiniAnd it's going to get expensive.Feb 01 11:00
bryceok, venue availability permitting, that would make the hackfest May 26-28 + LGM Wed May 29 - Sun Jun 2 ?Feb 01 11:00
tedgThat seems really long for LGM. Is there hacking time during?Feb 01 11:00
tedgLike does some overlap make sense.Feb 01 11:01
Tavmjongtedg, People spend a lot of time in informal discussions.Feb 01 11:01
MoiniThe question is about space, more, I think.Feb 01 11:01
MoiniNot sure if there are rooms for us then - another thing to ask houz.Feb 01 11:01
brycethey don't appear to have posted an agenda yet.  5 days does seem especially long for LGM, haven't they always been 2-3 days before?Feb 01 11:02
TavmjongLast one was five days.Feb 01 11:02
TavmjongThat might have included a workshop day.Feb 01 11:02
bryceTavmjong, ah, let me look at its scheduleFeb 01 11:03
doctormonHow long was the London one?Feb 01 11:03
MoiniOr, another suggestion: Just 1 day before, if we get space during the event?Feb 01 11:03
McLondon was 3 days iircFeb 01 11:03
McI think 3 days hackfest is fineFeb 01 11:03
bryceday 5 was BOF's, a workshop, and the closing eventFeb 01 11:04
McI'm not too convinced by setting a hackfest mostly during LGM, there are many talks where we can attend and that's distracting for hackfestFeb 01 11:04
MoiniOTOH, everyone can come when they can, it's what people did for Kiel, too.Feb 01 11:04
MoiniSome left early, some came later.Feb 01 11:04
brycefirst day was welcome session mostly.  days 2-4 were filled with talksFeb 01 11:04
doctormonAn overlap can be the best, because you can pick up some new people who might be interested. Although that overlap could just be having a session at LGM itselfFeb 01 11:08
bryceTavmjong, how did you feel the talks were, in terms of being appropriate to Inkscape development?Feb 01 11:08
TavmjongMixedFeb 01 11:08
TavmjongIt wouldn't be hard to find time to do hacking by being selective on which talks to attend.Feb 01 11:09
bryce*nod* hmmFeb 01 11:11
brycejabier and prkos have their talk at LGM 01 11:14
MciotFeb 01 11:14
bryceI don't know if it's been accepted yet, or when it will be scheduledFeb 01 11:15
MoiniThey wrote that they decide on talks etc. on January 31st.Feb 01 11:16
bryceok, maybe they'll announce soonFeb 01 11:16
brycealright sounds like maybe we aren't quite ready to nail down the exact date range, but maybe we can by Monday if we can get some additional informationFeb 01 11:18
MoiniSo, what do we do? Ask houz for 3 days? And tell participants to come when they can?Feb 01 11:18
MoiniI'm hoping our talk will be early, I'll probably leave after that.Feb 01 11:19
tedgI kinda feel like "What ever Tavmjong wants" 😉Feb 01 11:19
crogersMight be worth hanging around to listen. Some of the London talks were about how people use Inkscape.Feb 01 11:19
bryceI think we need to know a) venue availability from houz, b) what day the inkscape presentation will be on, and c) maybe more info on what people's travel preferences areFeb 01 11:19
tedgI don't think this body needs to decide exactly, it's the hackfest planner's job to figure it out.Feb 01 11:20
brycetedg, fair :-)Feb 01 11:20
tedgI'm good with what makes sense for folks.Feb 01 11:20
bryceok, we're running way late, let's see what other agenda items need attentionFeb 01 11:20
bryce=== Spreadshirt ===Feb 01 11:21
brycejust wanted to check on how the rollout went, seemed to go smoothlyFeb 01 11:21
bryceI saw one order come inFeb 01 11:21
MoiniJust one?Feb 01 11:21
bryceI got an email about one, I can't say for certain if that's the only one, I haven't checked the siteFeb 01 11:22
brycecrogers, if you have anything to add, chime inFeb 01 11:22
brycewe can talk more about it at the vector's meeting tomorrow.Feb 01 11:23
*crogers blows towards the windchime a bit.Feb 01 11:23
crogersI mean, no updates from me.. was I supposed to do something?Feb 01 11:23
bryceIn general though it sounds like we would prefer investing merchandise organization time into other efforts, so unless there's problems I expect we'll just leave spreadshirt to run autonomously from nowFeb 01 11:24
crogersYea, that's what I thought was going to happen anyway.Feb 01 11:24
brycecrogers, nope, thanks for getting it set up and launched!Feb 01 11:24
crogersSure. :)Feb 01 11:24
bryce=== Bug tracker transition ==Feb 01 11:24
rocketirc<jabiertxof> Sorry for offtopic by we have a mail on developing about place for the backrest 3 days before lgmFeb 01 11:24
rocketirc<jabiertxof> . Not sure is houzFeb 01 11:24
bryceAlso wanted to check on how the rollout went for the bug trackerFeb 01 11:25
brycejudging from the bug traffic, users seem to be finding things ok, and it looks like processes are moving forwardFeb 01 11:26
crogersWell, we have a nice video about how to report bugs in the new tracker.Feb 01 11:26
crogers 01 11:26
bryceyay :-)Feb 01 11:26
crogersEnjoy my soothing voice. ;PFeb 01 11:26
MoiniNobody knows about it though.Feb 01 11:26
MoiniIs it public yet?Feb 01 11:27
crogersYea, I didn't have time to make a release for it.Feb 01 11:27
crogersit is public.Feb 01 11:27
MoiniShould we have a vectors issue for this?Feb 01 11:27
MoiniThen someone else can take care of it.Feb 01 11:27
crogersYea, somone should write an article. :)Feb 01 11:27
crogerswell, I thought we were going to include it in the 1.0 Alpha announcement.Feb 01 11:28
MoiniCan you open an issue, please? With links and the most important data points?Feb 01 11:28
crogersThat's what it's meant to go with.Feb 01 11:28
brycenext item is probably getting the bug migration game kicked off.  I'll check in on how things are going there.Feb 01 11:28
zigzagmltwe'll get it out there, together, right @moini?Feb 01 11:28
MoiniWe wanted to have it there, but we couldn't get hold of you during release.Feb 01 11:28
MoiniYep!Feb 01 11:28
tedgcrogers: that is very cool!Feb 01 11:28
crogerstedg, Thanks!Feb 01 11:28
crogersSomeone tried to get ahold of me?Feb 01 11:28
MoiniSo it's going to get its special place, so not worse, I think :)Feb 01 11:28
MoiniI don't remember how often I tried to contact you.Feb 01 11:29
MoiniAt least 10 times via various ways.Feb 01 11:29
MoiniWe wanted it in, but in the end went without.Feb 01 11:29
crogersMoini, Maybe an email would work.Feb 01 11:30
bryceyes, we delayed the release for the video, but time ran out unfortunately and we had to proceed.  Sorry, we knew you were swamped thoughFeb 01 11:30
crogersIf by no other means.Feb 01 11:30
crogersWell, depending on when you decided to release, it may not have been done anyway. :)Feb 01 11:31
crogersI was a few days late with it.Feb 01 11:31
crogersIt's fine.Feb 01 11:31
crogersI wasn't expecting to hold the release for anything I'm doing. :)Feb 01 11:32
MoiniJust make that issue now, so we can get it public :)Feb 01 11:32
crogersFrankly, I'm glad to have had a few extra days to polish it a bit and add some things that were missing.Feb 01 11:32
crogersIs the bug migration game on the list of things to discuss?Feb 01 11:33
brycecrogers, yesFeb 01 11:33
crogersCool. I can talk moar about that. :)Feb 01 11:33
brycecrogers, sure briefly?  we're over time in the meetingFeb 01 11:34
*crogers grabs windchimes and shakes vigorously ;)Feb 01 11:34
crogersAh, well I have the rules page pretty much done, working on the bug field-guide.Feb 01 11:35
brycemainly, I just need to know if Terry and you are ready for it to be released, and if there are any blockers that we can assist withFeb 01 11:35
bryceif possible, an announcement date would be helpful to know, esp. for the vectors meeting tomorrowFeb 01 11:36
crogersI think we're still trying to decide on how the special bugs are going to work. We just need to assign a points system for them, and post the rules page, I think.Feb 01 11:36
bryceok, so sounds like you need at least +1 week?Feb 01 11:37
crogersYea, I'll try to make that meeting tomorrow.Feb 01 11:37
bryceok great, we can talk more thenFeb 01 11:37
bryceI should be able to make it, if I don't sleep too late :-)Feb 01 11:37
crogersOkay, here's a screenshot of the rules page:Feb 01 11:37
bryceok moving on (quickly)...Feb 01 11:37
bryce=== Sponsorship management ===Feb 01 11:37
bryceI'm in process of reaching out to old sponsors to renew.  Was hoping to have that done this past week but had to do a Cairo release so didn't finish.  I'm about ready to send emails though, so will be done next week for sure.Feb 01 11:38
crogers 01 11:38
brycewe need a better way of keeping track of status on sponsors, and I'm pondering setting up a (private) gitlab issue tracker under Inkscape Board.  If people have opinions shoot them my way.  If there are no objections I'll try to sort something out next week.Feb 01 11:39
bryce=== 2019 Budget ===Feb 01 11:39
tedgbryce, as much as it might be a big stick, I think that Salesforce has a non-profit free version we could apply for.Feb 01 11:40
brycealso hoped to have this done by today's meeting but haven't done so.  I will try and get something posted to the inkscape-board list this weekend.Feb 01 11:40
tedgWe really need something CRM-yFeb 01 11:40
zigzagmltI'd agree with tedg on the CRM-y needFeb 01 11:41
tedgHmm, "Open Source CRM" has be SEO'd to death. Not a useful searchFeb 01 11:41
brycetedg, yeah in searching for sponsor management software I found a rather overwhelming amount of options.  For now, at the scale we're at presently, I think lightweight + familiar + already set up has a lot of pros...Feb 01 11:42
brycewe do need something more than a wiki page thoughFeb 01 11:42
zigzagmlt+1Feb 01 11:42
tedgMight be a good thing to discuss with Conservancy folks at SCALE.Feb 01 11:42
tedgI'm sure bkhun has opinions ;-)Feb 01 11:42
ScislaCbryce: Dan Shapiro from GlowForge (the laser cutter people) recently reached back out to me to ask about sponsorship... shall I forward that to you?Feb 01 11:43
brycewill they be at SCALE?Feb 01 11:43
bryceScislaC, yes please doFeb 01 11:43
tedg 01 11:43
crogersWe're announcing 1.0 release at LGM, right? Do we need anything for SCALE?Feb 01 11:43
crogersmedia-wise?Feb 01 11:44
brycetedg, alright.  I think I'd heard karen was not going to be thereFeb 01 11:44
bryceI think we plan to do a beta release between now and the 1.0 release, but that may be more in the April/May timeframeFeb 01 11:45
crogersOkay.Feb 01 11:46
brycetedg, anyway, that's a good idea to talk about sponsor management software options at SCALE.  I might go ahead and do something in gitlab even if it's just temporary.Feb 01 11:47
bryce=== Wiki migration ===Feb 01 11:48
tedg+1Feb 01 11:49
bryceI have planned working on ansible stuff for migrating wiki, but haven't had a chance yet.  OSUOSL is asking that we retire the machine it's running on, although I don't think it is super urgent.  If anyone is interested in helping, let me know.Feb 01 11:49
bryce=== Weblate service deployment ===Feb 01 11:49
brycerecena has done most of the work at getting weblate in ansible, and sounds like it's about ready to be rolled out.Feb 01 11:50
MoiniWith the remaining task of setting it up properly.Feb 01 11:51
bryceunfortunately he's not been around much lately, so things are a bit delayed.  He was going to post his code to a branch, so others can finish it off, but I'm not sure on status beyond that.Feb 01 11:51
MoiniWhich ede123 / Patrick started, but now he's busy with real life.Feb 01 11:51
bryceso...  this needs to be chased down a bit more.Feb 01 11:51
MoiniAh, you heard from him? Cool!Feb 01 11:51
bryceyeah about a week agoFeb 01 11:51
MoiniThanks :)Feb 01 11:52
bryceI'll try and follow up againFeb 01 11:52
bryce=== Other Business ===Feb 01 11:52
bryceAny other items we haven't covered?Feb 01 11:52
bryceok thanks all!Feb 01 11:54
bryce== End of Meeting ==Feb 01 11:54
bryce Feb 01 11:54
TavmjongBye allFeb 01 11:55
MoiniThanks, board!Feb 01 11:55
ScislaCthanks everyone!Feb 01 11:55
crogersLaters.Feb 01 11:55
crogersI'm hanging around a little if people wanna talk.Feb 01 11:56
bryceMy 2nd grade daughter has been in every 8 minutes asking how much longer the meeting was.  :-)  She wants me to help her with her chemistry set experiments.  I don't know why but she's taken up a love of chemistry...Feb 01 11:56
bryceso I need to disappear but will be back later to post transcripts and so onFeb 01 11:56
crogersgood luck bryce !Feb 01 11:56
zigzagmltThanks! Bye all! Working on writing, so will be on rocketchat...Feb 01 11:56
*tedg wavesFeb 01 11:56
irker796[inkscape] Alex Valavanis pushed 2 new commits to master: 01 11:59
irker796inkscape/master db053372 Alexander Valavanis (17 files): clang-tidy recent changesFeb 01 11:59
irker796inkscape/master c2ae865f Alexander Valavanis (1 file): Merge branch 'master' of 01 11:59
doctormontedg: Sorry for the super late reply; I'd dread Inkscape using a handful of products. Salesforce is one of them. (and not just because it sounds like sourceforge ;-))Feb 01 12:11
doctormonbryce: Love of chemistry is great. My 7 year old kept bugging me about reading books, sorry for the absence today.Feb 01 12:14
LiamWteach her what moles areFeb 01 13:05
Ede_123guacamoles? ;-)Feb 01 13:26
doctormonlol, very goodFeb 01 13:27

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