Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2019-03-01

bryce*** Board meeting in 5 minMar 01 09:54
bryce@ jabiertxof  I've not set up certs for a web server before, but if it isn't too hard that's certainly doable for alpha.  Maybe drmo can teach me next weekMar 01 09:56
brycehosting it on is also an option, although as it's ansible managed it'd be wise to also ansible manage anything else added there.  Also, we'd want to run this by recena.Mar 01 09:58
Tavmjong***************** Inkscape Board Meeting ******************Mar 01 10:00
TavmjongWho's here?Mar 01 10:00
c.rogerso/Mar 01 10:00
crogers\oMar 01 10:01
doctormoHelloMar 01 10:01
Tavmjong 01 10:02
TavmjongMc and bryce should be around...Mar 01 10:02
brycehi Tavmjong Mar 01 10:02
Mco/Mar 01 10:03
Tavmjonghi bryceMar 01 10:03
Tavmjongtedg?Mar 01 10:04
*tedg wavesMar 01 10:04
TavmjongMc needs to leave early... Mc, any issues you want to address?Mar 01 10:05
Mcnothing in particular I thinkMar 01 10:05
Mcthe bug game prizes maybeMar 01 10:06
Mcsince it's set out to start mid-marchMar 01 10:06
Mcand gsoc stuff maybeMar 01 10:06
TavmjongOk, let's start with bug name prizes...Mar 01 10:06
Tavmjong****** Bug Game Prizes ******Mar 01 10:07
TavmjongWhat is the issue?Mar 01 10:07
Mcwhat/how much, to answer sfc issue on itMar 01 10:08
c.rogersNo issue. We haven't decided what specifically to offer yet for top bug wrangler slots.Mar 01 10:08
TavmjongWhat were you thinking about?Mar 01 10:08
c.rogersHowever, our python programmer doesn't come back until the 15th, so at that point we can finish game development.Mar 01 10:08
brycethere will probably be some time before we'll need the top tier awardsMar 01 10:09
Mcah I thought it was readyMar 01 10:09
c.rogersI was just thinking mugs, and Inkscape polo shirts mainly.Mar 01 10:09
bryceI think we have some flexibility in delaying decisions on that, if we wishMar 01 10:09 Mc  Nearly. We need to test it before release.Mar 01 10:09
TavmjongMugs and t-shirts sounds reasonable. Would be good to give some choice.Mar 01 10:10
c.rogersThat's pretty much all that's left. I asked for instructions to test, but I think I asked too late.Mar 01 10:10
McokMar 01 10:10
Mcthen we should be good for nowMar 01 10:11
brycea more immediate concern may be doublechecking the migration directions.  It would be especially useful to have developer input on them, to make sure the transferred bugs are actionableMar 01 10:11
bryceTavmjong, shall I run the meeting from here?Mar 01 10:12
Tavmjongbryce Sure.Mar 01 10:12
brycethanksMar 01 10:12
TavmjongBradley had some concerns about prizes. We probably should set a $ amount so we can get feedback from SFC.Mar 01 10:13
bryceI've posted the proposed agenda that I'd mailed out, to for easier referenceMar 01 10:13
Tavmjong(looking at his email of 21 February)Mar 01 10:13
bryceTavmjong, I responded to his email and asked what the IRS limits areMar 01 10:13
Mcshirts and mugs are classic stuff given so it should be goodMar 01 10:14
bryceI'm expecting it'll be something like $100 per person, and am guessing if we're aiming for $10 per person we'll be fineMar 01 10:14
Tavmjong$100 for top prize?Mar 01 10:14
bryceseems reasonableMar 01 10:15
c.rogersYea, I think it's more a matter of deciding what we want to give. Mar 01 10:16
bryceit may depend a bit on how much participation we get.  If it's heavy and a lot of good work is getting done, we may want to be more generous.Mar 01 10:16
TavmjongHow $100 worth of merchadise for top prize, $50 for second, $25 for third, $10 for any one that does a certain minimum amount.Mar 01 10:16
c.rogersI'm hoping much less than $100, but I guess we'll see. :)Mar 01 10:16
bryceok, shall we pencil that in for now, and revisit next meeting?Mar 01 10:17
crogersTavmjong, yea, that sounds about right, if that's okay.Mar 01 10:17
c.rogersSUre.Mar 01 10:17
doctormosounds good to meMar 01 10:18
bryceI'll hold off on a vote until we get direction from sfc.  If I remember I'll try to ask bradley when I see him next weekMar 01 10:18
brycebut I expect these levels are going to be just fineMar 01 10:18
bryce=== Infrastructure ===Mar 01 10:18
brycewe have a new Instagram channel thanks to Tim - 01 10:18
c.rogersI was just thinking shirt, mug waterbottle, for first place, mug waterbottle second place, mug third place. Though @ doctormo  had the idea of printing Inkscape certificates. Mar 01 10:18
c.rogersWhich isn't a bad idea.Mar 01 10:19
brycehe's also been doing work on getting the Facebook group to be more active, you may see there is a cover art competition under way.Mar 01 10:19 I would give people some choice.Mar 01 10:19 maybe suggest some specific items that come close to those amounts, since the awards will be items and not monetaryMar 01 10:19
doctormoCerts are important for winners :-)Mar 01 10:19
bryceI have been working on getting the mailman3 transition finalized.Mar 01 10:20
bryceYou can kick tires on a test instance at 01 10:21
brycego ahead and register, sign up for lists, post, etc. that should all work.  I'll be wiping and reinstalling that so no need to use it in earnest yet.Mar 01 10:21
brycethere have been a lot of random glitches to work through but it seems pretty solid at this pointMar 01 10:22
prkosno shared signin?Mar 01 10:22
MoiniShared with what?Mar 01 10:23
brycethe lists shown there are not final; in talking to Moini I'm going to drop all the language-specific user lists and just have a single inkscape-user.  Can always add more later.Mar 01 10:23
bryceit has openid for shared logins, but I've not tested thatMar 01 10:23
prkosthe websiteMar 01 10:23
prkosor rocket.chatMar 01 10:23
prkosor even GLMar 01 10:23
bryceit may work with shared logins for gitlab and probably launchpadMar 01 10:23
prkosyes OpenID, is GL a part of that?Mar 01 10:24
MoiniYes.Mar 01 10:24
MoiniAlthough the last time I had an opportunity to use it, it wanted to give permissions to edit all repos I have to a chat for another software project.Mar 01 10:25
Mc"Fake LE Intermediate X1" ?Mar 01 10:25
bryceit would be great if someone would test that out.  I can add gitlab as an openid provider.  Right now it offers yahoo and fedora, which I suppose won't be as preferred as gitlabMar 01 10:25
MoiniI declined.Mar 01 10:25
brycethe certs here are temporary, it's a task to get official ones before rolling this live.Mar 01 10:25
prkosI don't like going through LP, it goes to Ubuntu one then logs me in with the email I don't want to use hereMar 01 10:26
tedgbryce: can you just use any openid provider? Or do you have to specify?Mar 01 10:27
prkosanyMar 01 10:27
prkosyou post the linkMar 01 10:27
prkoswhat is the link in GL?Mar 01 10:27
prkosnot just your profile link?Mar 01 10:27
tedgAh, okay. So you can use any, just easy links.Mar 01 10:27
bryceyeah I'm also trying to reduce dependence on launchpad, so it may not be worth advertising.  but I do know most of us have launchpad, so it should work.  Open to advice there.Mar 01 10:27
doctormoIs there a need to think about adding an OAuth2 service to 01 10:28
doctormoThere are modules to do it.Mar 01 10:28
brycetedg, yeah should work with any openid provider, but we can link to specific ones of our choice.  That's what I'm thinkingMar 01 10:28
prkos@ doctormo  yes pls :grin: Mar 01 10:29
brycedoctormo, would that replace the current website login/auth system?Mar 01 10:29
doctormo@ prkos  Can you make an inkscape-web bug report and we'll look into it together.Mar 01 10:29
prkossureMar 01 10:29
bryceor would it be more like an additional option?Mar 01 10:29
doctormo@ bryce  - No, it would use the current login to log you into other websites.Mar 01 10:29
bryceah, gotcha.  that could potentially be helpfulMar 01 10:30
prkosthis is the only thing I found on GL 01 10:30
McI have to go, sorry :-(Mar 01 10:32
doctormoGood to see you Mc!Mar 01 10:32
bryceMc, cya!Mar 01 10:32
prkosbai Mc!Mar 01 10:32
McI'll try to be around more often, this week and last week have been a nightmareMar 01 10:32
bryceMc, at some point we should discuss planning for the beta releaseMar 01 10:32
McyeahMar 01 10:32
bryceMc, sorry :-/ hope the future gets betterMar 01 10:33
Mctoo much work^^Mar 01 10:33
bryceCurrent thing I'm working on with mailman3 is importing the old mailing list archivesMar 01 10:33
bryceMc, better than too little I guess ;-)Mar 01 10:33
bryceextracting the data from SF is straightforward, but problem has been the importer, it craps out on various issues that I'm working through.  Hoping to keep hammering on it next week.Mar 01 10:34
prkosthere is anApplications setting in GitLab about allowing them to use GL OpenIDMar 01 10:34
> Manage applications that can use GitLab as an OAuth provider, and applications that you've authorized to use your account. Mar 01 10:34
prkos 01 10:35
prkosit would be nice to have a single signon in the future for all the Inkscape servicesMar 01 10:35
bryceI have a few tickets related to the mailman3 transition in if anyone wants to followMar 01 10:35
bryceprkos agreed I'd like that tooMar 01 10:36
brycedoctormo what do you think instead of integrating the OAuth2 system into the website django, if we split it off to a separate django, on a host, that can serve as a distinct service for all our web services?Mar 01 10:37
brycere: wiki migration, I've not started on thisMar 01 10:38
brycere: weblate, I think we're still waiting on recena to post his branch with the ansible work so we can start testing deploymentMar 01 10:38
bryceanyone have other infrastructure topics?  Else I'll move on to sponsorship.Mar 01 10:39
bryce Mar 01 10:40
bryce=== Sponsorship ===Mar 01 10:40
bryceI've set up a private gitlab issue tracker for keeping data on our past, current, and prospective sponsors.  All board members should have accessMar 01 10:41
bryceI've set it up as a project under a Finance sub-team off the board team, so we can add non-board members who are interested in finance stuffMar 01 10:42
brycethat could include merchandise, fundraising, etc.Mar 01 10:42
brycewe've got 2 bronze in process of renewing, and a new gold sponsor.  There's another one I have been forwarded but that hasn't pledged yet so tbdMar 01 10:43
brycequestion for the board though:Mar 01 10:43
micheleAwesome news about sponsor renewal and the tracker!Mar 01 10:44
doctormo@ bryce  I like that ideaMar 01 10:44
bryceI've had a few of the companies at the bronze level ask if our links are no-follow or notMar 01 10:44
doctormoThere must be existing stand alone oauth websites that one can kick up. Although website one does come with the advantage of having a few hundred thousand user accounts already created.Mar 01 10:44
brycethanks, I know getting more transparency on this side of things is important to the board, so trying to get stuff better organized hereMar 01 10:44
doctormoOur links are now all no-followMar 01 10:45
doctormoThanks MarenMar 01 10:45
brycedoctormo true - maybe let's add this to the list of things to mull over next week?Mar 01 10:46
doctormoYesMar 01 10:47
bryceI've been telling them that the links are no-follow.  The ones that have asked have not (yet) indicated they're still interested.  It makes me wonder if we might want to consider allowing follow links at the higher tiers?  Leave Bronze as no-follow, but add follow as a perk for Silver and higher?Mar 01 10:48
c.rogersI've got to run in 10mins. Did anyone need me to answer anything else?Mar 01 10:48
c.rogersCan I be dismissed? ;)Mar 01 10:48 thanks.  I wanted to ask really quick about hello tuxMar 01 10:48
bryceI seem to remember I had a task to do, but forgot what it wasMar 01 10:49
c.rogersYea, they are heel-dragging a bit, let me dig up the last reply.Mar 01 10:49 so just wanted to ask if anything's blocked on me?  I had an action that I need to do a vote on something, but am not sure what that isMar 01 10:49
tedgbryce: My feeling is that if they're interested in the follow links, they're interested in us for SEO and not for PR. We want people who want to sponsor Inkscape, not those who want Google to rank them higher.Mar 01 10:50 you can email later if you want, no rush.  Thanks for coming, cya.Mar 01 10:50, see on (IMG_7600.JPG) Mar 01 10:50
tedgbryce: So I think that no-follow is a good policy because companies that care about us, won't care about that.Mar 01 10:50
c.rogersThat's the sample of black on black for the black shirts.Mar 01 10:50
c.rogersI gimped them this in response:Mar 01 10:51, see on (IMG_7605.JPG) Mar 01 10:51
bryceyeah the black on black is no good; the outline looks great thoughMar 01 10:51
c.rogersoh wat, not that one.Mar 01 10:51
c.rogerswaitMar 01 10:51, see on (IMG_7605_edited.JPG) Mar 01 10:51
doctormoNicerMar 01 10:51
c.rogerssorry, this was my gimed version of what I'd like to see.Mar 01 10:52 01 10:52
brycewow, nice gimp workMar 01 10:52
c.rogersGIMPed ;PMar 01 10:52
c.rogersThanks. It was a 40second job. :)Mar 01 10:52 GIMP is awesome)Mar 01 10:53
Moini[ ]( @ doctormo  For explanation: I changed it for user profile texts, to prevent spammers from using our site happily. But we're now using those profile texts for the 'Sponsors' team, too. For the team plugin (pictures and links) this was set independently, and not by myself.Mar 01 10:53
MoiniSo, that wasn't my doing.Mar 01 10:53
doctormoUnderstood. We'll make a call on what to do. For instance in the footer, menus and other links.Mar 01 10:53 aside from this printing issue, are there any blockers to being able to receive the payments from them?  Or anything we need to vote on as a board to give them permission to move forward?Mar 01 10:54 bryce  they said they could do that, but it would be sometime beginning of this month after the first week before they could do it.Mar 01 10:54
c.rogersAnd I said that was fine.Mar 01 10:54
c.rogersSo I'll poke them in a week for updates if I haven't heard form them. I enticed them with a black version press release from our talented vectors group.Mar 01 10:55
c.rogersI for one, an excited to see the black version. It's the one I'll be getting for myself. :)Mar 01 10:56[Edited] I for one, am excited to see the black version. It's the one I'll be getting for myself. :)Mar 01 10:56 ok great thanks.  And again, keep me in the loop with any questions or decisions needed on financial or legal questions, I want to make sure I give those my priority attentionMar 01 10:56
bryce Mar 01 10:57
c.rogersthey haven't asked us for money. They are a print-to-order company so. yea. :)Mar 01 10:57
c.rogersI think they are just jazzed we're giving them airtime in our press releases.Mar 01 10:57 I meant, I recall they were going to donate a cut back to us, so if they need to know how to get the payments to us, or need our official permission to use the logo in their merch -- those kinds of questionsMar 01 10:58
c.rogersAh, I think they are already hooked up to the SFC, no?Mar 01 10:58
bryceok greatMar 01 10:58
bryceI wasn't certain on thatMar 01 10:58
c.rogersYea, should be a done deal.Mar 01 10:59
bryceok great, that was my one question.  :-)  CyaMar 01 10:59
bryceTavmjong, doctormo do you have input on the no-follow links?Mar 01 10:59
c.rogersNo problem. See everyn l8rMar 01 11:00
TavmjongI'm leaning towards using no-follow links.Mar 01 11:01
doctormoI think we should use no-follow for everything, unless there's a good reason. Like we're linking to Gimp or other free software projects.Mar 01 11:02
brycealright, thanks.  I'll continue telling sponsors that ask, that the links are all no-followMar 01 11:02
bryce Mar 01 11:03
tedgOh no! bryce lost his voice!Mar 01 11:04
tedg😉Mar 01 11:04
brycehah, probably would help the noise level ;-)Mar 01 11:04
bryceI mentioned setting up a Finance sub-team under the board, I'd previously set up a private Legal team as well, with SFC lawyers as membersMar 01 11:06
doctormo@ bryce  Love the group proliferation that we didn't want to do at first :-DMar 01 11:07
brycethat team is where discussions relating to trademarks, etc. can be gathered.  If there are any future issues we can track them there.Mar 01 11:07
brycedoctormo sorry, and in fact that's what I want to raise in case anyone has concerns or reservations with any of this, before it gets too far alongMar 01 11:08
bryceI think these two teams make sense from the perspective that the info needs to be kept confidential but we need a place to keep track of itMar 01 11:09
micheleIt makes sense to have spaces where specific, high-level or confidential discussions need to take place. It's smart and essential to all teams. Mar 01 11:09
bryceThe one other team I'm thinking of maybe adding under the board would be an Accounting team, for anything relating to travel, reimbursements, etc.Mar 01 11:09
bryceI'm not certain if it's going to be needed, so haven't set it up yetMar 01 11:10
micheleMight this speed up the process and enable anyone with questions to field them to a team vs. you having to continuously answer them all? 8-)Mar 01 11:11
brycemostly it is handled on the SFC side so I don't think there's much we need to track on our end and can handle what comes up ad hoc.  But I'll be keeping an eye on things after Pasadena and if it looks like it would be beneficial.  Meanwhile, opinions welcomeMar 01 11:11
brycemichele yes -- and that's a huge part of the motivation for setting up these teams, to move me a bit more out of the role of single point for all these thingsMar 01 11:11
bryceat least to get the structure in place so others can step in and take over if I can't.Mar 01 11:12
bryce Mar 01 11:13
brycelast thing on sponsorship...  we've talked about doing some outreach activities to solicit new sponsors.Mar 01 11:14
brycetedg pointed out that a first step there is having a plan on what we would use more money for.  This will be a topic for the hackfest, but I'm hoping we can come up with some good plans.Mar 01 11:15
bryceas part of that, if we do proceed, I'd like to work on establishing a funding team, sort of parallel to the Vectors team, that would work on fundraisers, sponsorship management, etc.Mar 01 11:15
bryce Mar 01 11:16
bryce== Hackfest (SCALE / Pasadena) ==Mar 01 11:16
tedgLooks like it might rain :-( 01 11:16
TavmjongIn LA? Oh no!Mar 01 11:16
tedgI know, it'll confuse the locals.Mar 01 11:17
bryceoh those can be intenseMar 01 11:17
tedgOther than that the only real issue is that I haven't gotten any contact from faculty about doing things with students.Mar 01 11:17
doctormoShould I bring an umbrella and a bowler hat?Mar 01 11:17
tedgWhich is fine, but the people we're going through is the workplace development, and so they'd like to show that the events they sponsor help students.Mar 01 11:17
TavmjongDo we have an exact address?Mar 01 11:18
tedgI'm going to send out a "come Tuesday from 2-5" to be more specific... to try an solicit some response from the faculty.Mar 01 11:18
tedgBut, it may not happen.Mar 01 11:18
tedgDon't think that harms the hackfest as much as we'd not be helping our local sponsors.Mar 01 11:19
brycewhere should we show up Monday morning?  Are we shooting for 9 or 10?Mar 01 11:19
tedgTavmjong: I updated the wiki with a bunch of info: 01 11:19
michelePerhaps offering something more concrete would enable the teachers or staff to share the opportunity? Happy to brainstorm offline or tomorrow at Vectors Meeting about this!Mar 01 11:19
Tavmjongtedg, Great!Mar 01 11:19
brycelooks like most of us are at the howard johnson maybe we can meet for breakfast?Mar 01 11:19
tedgSure, that makes sense to me.Mar 01 11:19
tedgHJ breakfast at 8?Mar 01 11:20
brycetedg, ah perfect thanks for adding that infoMar 01 11:20
brycesure 8 worksMar 01 11:20
TavmjongSounds good to me.Mar 01 11:20
tedgI'll be on Central Time, so I'll be early :-)Mar 01 11:20
doctormoThat would be good.Mar 01 11:20
doctormobryce did you get a telling off from Bradley about flying into BUR too?Mar 01 11:21
TavmjongWhat's the problem with BUR?Mar 01 11:22
brycedoctormo no I didn't, although I haven't sent him my travel iten.  What is the issue?Mar 01 11:22
doctormoMore expensive, so he's updating the travel policy for SFC to cope with it.Mar 01 11:22
doctormoI broke the SFC travel policy basically.Mar 01 11:22
brycehuhMar 01 11:22
brycedoctormo can you forward me the emails?Mar 01 11:23
doctormoI made a graph to understand the problem., see on (average_cost.svg) Mar 01 11:23
doctormoSure it's the ticket on their end, but I'll forward it.Mar 01 11:24
brycewhen I lived in Pasadena BUR was so much more convenient for travel to/from PortlandMar 01 11:24
doctormoThat's what I said, except without the when I lived in...Mar 01 11:25
TavmjongI need to go soon...Mar 01 11:25
doctormoPNG version, see on (average_cost.svg.png) Mar 01 11:25
tedgSo I don't have anything else for the hackfest.Mar 01 11:26
tedgSee you Monday Tavmjong !Mar 01 11:26
bryceTavmjong, ok would you prefer next agenda item to be GSoC or the Europe hackfest?Mar 01 11:26
TavmjongEither one...Mar 01 11:27
bryceyes looking forward to catching up TavMar 01 11:27
bryce=== GSoC ===Mar 01 11:27
bryceJosh got us signed up for GSoC and looks like students are getting involvedMar 01 11:27
brycehow are we on mentors and projects?Mar 01 11:27
bryceTavmjong, are you going to mentor this year?Mar 01 11:28
TavmjongWe haven't started recruiting mentors specifically. We do have a list of projects (with suggested mentors).Mar 01 11:28
TavmjongI will mentor.Mar 01 11:28
Tavmjong 01 11:29
brycegreat, thanksMar 01 11:29
bryceanyone else have anything more regarding GSoC?Mar 01 11:30
doctormoThere's a Tav bias in those GSoC projects. All will be mentored by Tav :-PMar 01 11:30
micheleCan we aim to profile some of the students and their projects on the web site and through social media? Mar 01 11:30
prkosanything vectors can help with for GSoC?Mar 01 11:30
TavmjongWe've had students keep a blog one year. It worked out well. We should to that again.Mar 01 11:31
michelePerhaps also dig into their experience in an effort to see how we can improve their process and enable them to have a voice in helping us shape the project. Mar 01 11:31
micheleAwesome, about the blog!! Mar 01 11:31
brycea news item couldn't hurt, we've done that in the past and maybe something could be repurposed from past years?Mar 01 11:31
MoiniAren't they supposed to do that anyway, by GSOC rules?Mar 01 11:31
doctormo@ Tav  Can you add me as a potential mentor for the CSS work?Mar 01 11:31
TavmjongGetting the word out to prospective applicants would be good. Mar 01 11:32
vanntile[ ]( I would definitely blog for the time. Do you suggest a specific platform?Mar 01 11:32
Tavmjongdoctormo  Yes, or you can add yourself.Mar 01 11:32
MoiniOur website news?Mar 01 11:32
bryce@Moini yeahMar 01 11:32
prkosdoes website work fall under GSoC?Mar 01 11:33
doctormoDoneMar 01 11:33
bryceprkos yes if there is a mentorMar 01 11:33
prkosI'm just checking the dates nowMar 01 11:33
brycealso, needs to be programming work rather than content, and projects should be appropriate for studentsMar 01 11:33
doctormoThey tend not allow arts students into the program I think.Mar 01 11:34
micheleI'd be happy to help mentor in some way through Vectors - writing, social media, communication skills. Mar 01 11:34
prkosI can do most work in the summer, I can mentor CSS, for the website 1.0 revampMar 01 11:34
Moini@ michele  Do you have time for the article? I saw you 'emoted' on it :)Mar 01 11:34
doctormoThe GSoC is very specifically designed towards computer science students (I'm fairly certain)Mar 01 11:35
micheleYes, I'll make time this weekend to finalize a promo article -- it's an issue.Mar 01 11:35
vanntile[ ]( @ doctormo  isn't the decision ultimately yours?Mar 01 11:35
vanntileI mean Inkscape'sMar 01 11:35
Moini@ michele  Great, thank you!Mar 01 11:35
brycealso keep in mind with 1.0 in June, that means their work should be targeted to post-1.0.  And from a QA / stability point of view probably makes sense to keep any student authored work in branches and not land in master until the release is doneMar 01 11:35
TavmjongYou don't need to be a computer science student to participate but it si about coding.Mar 01 11:35
micheleIt's important to have a broad idea of students who can learn to code!! Mar 01 11:36
prkosanyone think we might have the website revamp ready for 1.0 release?Mar 01 11:36
brycealso, we don't know how many slots we will get.  Past years have been small for us, so I expect 1-2 slots, maybe 3Mar 01 11:36
bryceok moving onMar 01 11:38
prkoshow big are those projects?Mar 01 11:38
prkosI see they go over months, but how many hours really?Mar 01 11:38
bryceprkos full time for about 3 months, but junior level developerMar 01 11:38
TavmjongThe students are suppose to be working full time on their project.Mar 01 11:38
bryceprkos you can see past projects listed on the bottom of 01 11:38
prkosmaybe it could be smaller like just Sponsors page, or Teams pages etcMar 01 11:39
prkosok well you can use me as CSS mentor if it turns out usefulMar 01 11:39
brycealright, last topicMar 01 11:39
bryce=== Hackfest (Germany) ===Mar 01 11:40
prkos[Edited] ok well you can use me as CSS mentor if it turns out it's something it's neededMar 01 11:40
TavmjongWe have a venue. The question is two or three days before LGM? The last LGM actually didn't begin until the evening of the first day but they may be changing that.Mar 01 11:41
Moinihouz , do you maybe know more about that yet?Mar 01 11:41
TavmjongLGM is five days. So three + five may be a bit long.Mar 01 11:41
bryceyeah that is a long time.  Maybe 2 days then?  Folks can still get together during the event if there are dead periodsMar 01 11:43
TavmjongThat sounds good to me.Mar 01 11:43
prkoscan we decide once they publish the schedule?Mar 01 11:44
brycewell, I need to do the board vote to approve the fundingMar 01 11:45
TavmjongIs there anyone who favors a three day hackfest?Mar 01 11:45
prkosI guess not lolMar 01 11:46
brycecan someone flesh out  The venue and hotel should be filled in at leastMar 01 11:46
brycewe also need a rough estimate of # peopleMar 01 11:46
prkossunday/mondayMar 01 11:46
prkos3days/2days priorMar 01 11:47
brycethere's 5 listed as likely on the attendees page but a bunch under invites.  Guessing it'll end up being 10-15 like usual?Mar 01 11:47
Moinibryce : We didn't invite anyone yet, as we don't know the dates.Mar 01 11:47
MoiniIs that decided now?Mar 01 11:48
bryceahMar 01 11:48
bryceok, so let's set the dates now so those can go forwardMar 01 11:48
Moinihouz would need to fill in the venue part.Mar 01 11:48
MoiniAnd I'd like to have confirmation from him first, tbh.Mar 01 11:48
brycealrightMar 01 11:49
MoiniBefore inviting people.Mar 01 11:49
brycemakes sense.  I just worry we need to make sure we're giving plenty of time for travel arrangementsMar 01 11:49
MoiniSo, should I contact him and ask him to pin down the reservation for the room?Mar 01 11:49
bryce@Moini yesMar 01 11:50
MoiniFor May 27th and 28th (LGM starts on 29th)Mar 01 11:50
MoiniOkay.Mar 01 11:50
bryceaction: Referendum on Hackfest2019 Saarbrücken [bryce]Mar 01 11:52
TavmjongThe venue will be the same as for LGM. The only issue was to insure we had wifi.Mar 01 11:52
TavmjongI need to go... looking forward to seeing some of you Monday!Mar 01 11:54
bryceTavmjong, do you have advice for me on what funding options to include in the referendum?  I've generally given options for flat amount, ranked based on contributions (like we used to do), or unlimited (up to SFC rules)Mar 01 11:54
bryce Mar 01 11:55
bryce== Other Business ==Mar 01 11:55
bryceAnyone else have items to discuss?Mar 01 11:55
prkosgsoc website css?Mar 01 11:56
prkoshave we ever had gsoc other than app?Mar 01 11:56
MoiniThere was some question about the cameras we won.Mar 01 11:57
Moini 01 11:58
MoiniSpecifically, Q1.Mar 01 11:59
MoiniOptions given in 01 11:59
Moini(sorry, only board members have access to that issue. I'll paste.Mar 01 11:59
MoiniWhat should we do with the two webcams we won? Mar 01 12:01
( 01 12:01
- use them for hackfests (keep 1 in Europe / 1 in US)Mar 01 12:01
- create a hackfests event box (both)Mar 01 12:01
- use them to facilitate Vectors communicationMar 01 12:01
- use them to facilitate Inkscope podcast creationMar 01 12:01
Moini(Bryce said "As far as Q1, I think we just need to raise the issue with the board, which has an established process for deciding financial matters. ")Mar 01 12:01
bryceyeah I've put some thoughts on that ticket, but others should chime inMar 01 12:02
bryceany idea how much the cameras are worth?Mar 01 12:03
MoiniEmail to houz sent.Mar 01 12:03
MoiniI guess everyone's gone already...Mar 01 12:04
bryceamazon lists it for $70Mar 01 12:04
micheleMy vote would go to hackfests or to those who are doing the Inkscope podcast. Mar 01 12:05
tedgI'm not against an event box, but we'd have to figure out things like storage if we went down that route. Physical objects kinda suck for tracking sometimes.Mar 01 12:05
micheleIf I had a vote... Mar 01 12:05
tedgI think perhaps a contest or a prize might be best. What if we had a "best video tutorial" contest?Mar 01 12:06
Moinitedg, I agree. I wouldn't mind if people used them day-to-day, too. They can bring them to Hackfests, and use them for the podcast.Mar 01 12:06
MoiniOr that's good, too.Mar 01 12:06
micheleGood idea, Tedg!Mar 01 12:06
MoiniAs long as I only have to send the things out to the winners...Mar 01 12:07
tedgHehe, we expect a tutorial from everyone! 😉Mar 01 12:07
tedgSo I guess if we need a vote I'd vote to give them to Vectors to use in promotion of the project in some way.Mar 01 12:08
tedgWhat ever way vectors think is best.Mar 01 12:08
MoiniGreat. I'd love to get rid of the package here :) Mar 01 12:08
brycehahMar 01 12:08
MoiniBetter to have them put to use than collecting dust.Mar 01 12:09
tedg+1, use them!Mar 01 12:09
MoiniDoes this need a vote or something?Mar 01 12:09
brycewould we want to gift them to individual vector team members, make them co-owned by vectors generally, or ...?Mar 01 12:10
tedgI was thinking "Let Vectors choose"Mar 01 12:11
tedgIf they want to make them for the podcast or a contest or whatever.Mar 01 12:11
MoiniOr both :)Mar 01 12:11
brycetedg, and you agree we should run this by the board for a vote?Mar 01 12:12
Moini(If you vote, please also vote to tell me what I should do with that Kopano license)Mar 01 12:12
tedgbryce: I don't care either way, but we don't have an official yes/no on whether we should.Mar 01 12:12
bryceI suppose we'll need to if there's shipping involvedMar 01 12:12
brycebetter safe than sorry I guessMar 01 12:13
bryceaction: Referendum for transfer of webcams to Vectors team [bryce]Mar 01 12:13
MoiniAt Saarbrücken, I can hand stuff to people, if they're there.Mar 01 12:13
MoiniWas planning to give Martin (if he attends) the trophy (if he can transport it), so it's going to get closer to our 'headquarters'.Mar 01 12:14
bryceI have no idea what to do with that license.  I'm happy to do a board vote on the transfer if there are ideas.Mar 01 12:14
MoiniAll that comes to my mind is to use it as a prize. One I wouldn't want to win, though...Mar 01 12:15
tedgWonder if SFC has a trophy cabinetMar 01 12:15
brycehahMar 01 12:15
brycebug triage prize?Mar 01 12:16
MoiniFor example.Mar 01 12:16
tedgPerhaps a traveling trophy. We can put bands on the bottom like the Stanley Cup 😉Mar 01 12:16
bryceor, you could post on inkscape-devel@ and ask if anyone wants it, and if more than one person does we can figure it out from there.  If no one wants it then we can put it next to the trophy.Mar 01 12:18
bryceok, time to wrap up the meeting I thinkMar 01 12:18
brycethanks allMar 01 12:18
bryce== End of Meeting ==Mar 01 12:18

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