Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2020-01-03

McI'm around for nowJan 03 09:15
NPJ2000:dark_sunglasses:Jan 03 10:02
NPJ2000Three cheers for the New Year! =)Jan 03 10:05
NPJ2000I'm presently impressed (and quite enthralled) with the work on verbs lately.Jan 03 10:05
NPJ2000Did you know that Inkscape can do complex tasks sequentially from the command line?Jan 03 10:06
NPJ2000:hearts: :thumbsup: :gift: :bow:Jan 03 10:07
NPJ2000Are there meeting minutes or remainders from the prior engagement to consider first?Jan 03 10:08
brycehappy new year.  I'm around but don't have much to report.  If there are any release items to discuss, or prep work needed for lgm, we can just focus on them, else we'll just have a short meetingJan 03 10:17
bryce== Board Meeting ==Jan 03 10:18
bryceMc, how's the release coming along?Jan 03 10:18
bryceanything to report on travel planning?Jan 03 10:22
bryceon infrastructure, I've done a bit of work on the backup server configuration and setting up auth to let it backup the other servers.Jan 03 10:24
bryceok, guess this will be a short meetingJan 03 10:26
brycedoes anyone have any other business before we close?Jan 03 10:26
brycethanks all, enjoy the holidays!Jan 03 10:27
bryce== End of Meeting ==Jan 03 10:27
hellozeeXDJan 03 10:29
tedgAh, online now....Jan 03 11:09
tedgI need to redo my calendar reminder for this year.Jan 03 11:09
Moinitedg - did you take on the 'secretary' task last meeting?Jan 03 11:27
tedgOh, I'm not sure. I didn't think we assigned any tasks officially.Jan 03 11:28
MoiniIt wasn't entirely clear if that had been decided...Jan 03 11:28
tedgBut I can.Jan 03 11:28
tedgI'd be happy to do any of them.Jan 03 11:28
MoiniThen we'd have someone who can send out reminders, so future meetings would maybe take place, unlike this one.Jan 03 11:28
MoiniCan you take it on for the next meeting, and maybe take care that a half-way reliable arrangement is made for the future?Jan 03 11:31
MoiniIt's silly that nobody comes to meetings because nobody sends out reminders...Jan 03 11:32
Moini(and makes an official decision that a meeting will take place)Jan 03 11:32
doctormoOrganise to organise. I was asleep although I did have it on my calendar. Sorry all.Jan 03 11:33
tedgYup. I can do that. I can even run bryce's script to take minutes ๐Ÿ˜‰Jan 03 11:35
ryangorleyNo sleep for you @doctormo.Jan 03 11:36
tedgThough, we may have to move the meetings to noon Texas time instead of ten Portland time.Jan 03 11:36
tedgEvery meeting is better on Texas time.Jan 03 11:37
ryangorleyHahaJan 03 11:37
Moininoon in Texas sounds a bit like from a western movie ...Jan 03 11:37
MoiniDuelling time...Jan 03 11:38
ryangorleyEven better! I second the motion to hold future meetings at High Noon in Texas.Jan 03 11:38
tedgNext development sprint at the OK CorralJan 03 11:38
tedgThough, that was in Arizona. I guess that was the first Inkscape sprint ๐Ÿ˜‰Jan 03 11:39
Moini:laughing: Jan 03 11:39
MoiniThank you, Ted.Jan 03 11:40
doctormo๐Ÿค Jan 03 11:50
irker329[inkscape] Renรฉ de Hesselle pushed 1 new commit to master: 03 13:54

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