Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2020-06-05

RdHI won't be punctual. likely 15 min lateJun 05 09:26
*bryyce wavesJun 05 09:55
Mc:)Jun 05 09:56
ScislaChelloJun 05 09:59
bryyce== Inkscape Board Meeting ==Jun 05 10:00
bryyce 05 10:00
bryyce    Apple developer membership ($99 per year). Gitlab issueJun 05 10:00
bryyce    HackfestsJun 05 10:00
bryyce        LGM/Rennes Hackfest POSTPONED TILL 2021Jun 05 10:00
bryyce    GSoCJun 05 10:00
bryyce        Quick updatesJun 05 10:00
bryyce    ReleaseJun 05 10:00
bryyce Jun 05 10:01
bryyceSince RdH said he'd be late, let's leave the Apple membership renewal topic til he arrivesJun 05 10:01
bryyce=== Hackfests ===Jun 05 10:02
RdHThanks. Ten minutes topsJun 05 10:02
RdH(On mobile atm)Jun 05 10:02
tedgSure, I think it's pretty straightforward, does anyone have any issues with the project paying for that?Jun 05 10:02
bryycetedg, I don't, seems entirely appropriateJun 05 10:02
doctormoHello allJun 05 10:02
bryycedoctormo on topic of hackfests, did you want to discuss a virtual one, given the situation with LGM this year?Jun 05 10:04
doctormoIt grieves me, but it is a logical thing to do.Jun 05 10:04
doctormobryyce: Hackfests, yes, a virtual hackfest is the plan I'd like to discuss.Jun 05 10:04
Mc@doctormo +1 @logicalJun 05 10:05
doctormoLet me know when the hackfest topic comes up.Jun 05 10:06
bryycedoctomo now is good, please go aheadJun 05 10:06
tedgIt is up :-)Jun 05 10:06
rindolfhi allJun 05 10:06
ryangorleyHi :)Jun 05 10:07
ryangorley(Board Meeting)Jun 05 10:07
doctormoGreat.Jun 05 10:08
bryycedoctormo, do you have thoughts/plans on organizing it?Jun 05 10:09
doctormoSo the sketch is to do a weekend or long weekend in August, the virtual hackfest would focus on the next version of 1.1. It would have two aims; to have each team (dev, vectors, ux, etc) prepare a small plan about what their aims will be for the next cycle. And then we'd throw it open to inderviduals who can go into their plans, availabilities etc for the cycle.Jun 05 10:10
doctormoI'd like to do it via video conferencing. blue button via Marc, or jitsi as a fallback.Jun 05 10:10
Mcworks for meJun 05 10:10
doctormoWe'll want to talk about specific designs of course. But I'd like to make sure all the participants get a chance to present their ideas and get feedback too.Jun 05 10:11
tedgI'd say a "weekend" is unlikely. People rarely reschedule their lives like that unless they're travelling.Jun 05 10:11
doctormoIs GSoC finished by august or is it still running?Jun 05 10:11
doctormotedg: You'd prefer weekdays?Jun 05 10:12
bryycecan the sessions be recorded, for those who may have schedule issues?Jun 05 10:12
McAug 24 for the end of gsocJun 05 10:12
Mcbryyce: yesJun 05 10:12
tedgPersonally, that is easier. But I'd say more an array of sessions than expecting people to spend that much time. Perhaps a few hours booked over several days.Jun 05 10:12
tedgPerhaps I'm misinterpretting what you mean by "weekend" -- but that sounds like the full thing to me.Jun 05 10:13
doctormotedg: It doesn't have to require a full commitment from everyone of course. Not everyone can come to real hackfests too.Jun 05 10:14
tedgSure, just saying the larger blocks you have the lower participation. Bite size is better.Jun 05 10:15
tedg(if it works for candy bars, it works for virtual hackfests)Jun 05 10:15
doctormoFor the important stuff, we can spread them out.Jun 05 10:15
ryangorleyI feel the same about tedg. I think spreading it out may be better, or at least let the teams schedule out their own blocks, and maybe try for a good time for a combined thing?Jun 05 10:16
RdHAre really more people going to participate during the week? I know it's unlikely for me to participate because of workJun 05 10:16
tedgProbably all personal. For me, work is flexible, kids activities aren't. But other folks are different.Jun 05 10:17
RdHyepJun 05 10:17
doctormoHeh, I'm currently TA to my daughter's school so it's all gone inflexible ;-)Jun 05 10:17
bryycethat's similar to what happened for the virtual ubuntu engineering sprint; instead of being concentrated in one solid week the discussions were more spread out, and ended up being a lot more ala carteJun 05 10:17
ryangorleyHacktober!Jun 05 10:18
ryangorleyj/k kindaJun 05 10:18
tedgNow all we need is a logo and we're done!Jun 05 10:18
doctormobryyce: what was your experence of the spreading out. Was it positive or negative?Jun 05 10:18
bryyceI think it was positiveJun 05 10:18
ryangorleyWhere's 05 10:18
MoiniDon't we have one for Inktober...?Jun 05 10:18
Mcmaybe we could find a time that works best for people and do a planning of what will be discussed when, so that people can plan in advance what they will attend ?Jun 05 10:18 pingJun 05 10:18
tedgSo I think as far as the board is concerned. Yes, and doctormo is in charge. Happy with him taking feedback and deciding what is best.Jun 05 10:19
Moini 05 10:19
tedgDo we need to approve any funds? For video conferencing paid solution that might be more reliable?Jun 05 10:19
Moini(but it's not Hackaugust...)Jun 05 10:19
bryyceless schedule conflicts, more flexibility.  Main issue for me was timezone issues, most meetings were super early and I missed stuff I wanted to go toJun 05 10:19
doctormoHack'ustJun 05 10:20
ryangorleyHackgust, with a Scottish haggis theme would be nice.Jun 05 10:20
Mctedg: I have my uni's bigbluebutton server which should be able to handle anything during the summerJun 05 10:20
bryyceheh, maybe avoid names that rhyme with 'hack us' ;-)Jun 05 10:21
tedgMc: cool, thanks!Jun 05 10:21
doctormoRightso I need a vote on sending everyone a small portable haggisJun 05 10:21
ryangorleySorry, I took this off course. But we can be creative about the timing.Jun 05 10:21
doctormoIt's good. I'm going to send out a timing survey to the devel and other teamsJun 05 10:21
bryyceok, so yeah, this sounds good, and if there are no expenses then really no need for board to be directly involved in the organizational aspects.Jun 05 10:22
doctormoAnd then plan with Marc on the infrastructure around that.Jun 05 10:22
doctormoI may want stickers, but I'll come back to the board next month if I need anything like that.Jun 05 10:22
Mcbryyce: early in the west coast and late in europe, there's not much choice of times ^^Jun 05 10:22
bryyceMc, indeed.  But if things are reliably recorded then that's workaroundableJun 05 10:23
Mcsomething between ~ (9am,6pm) and (1pm, 10pm) Jun 05 10:23
ryangorleyYeah, there is about a two hour window when we can capture the most people contributing, except some of our far east asia people.Jun 05 10:24
ryangorleyBut we don't have many contributors from the far east currently.Jun 05 10:24
doctormo(that might be why)Jun 05 10:24
MoiniGetting more.Jun 05 10:24
Mcthere are gsoc students in india and pakistanJun 05 10:24
tedgMight be interesting to try to put a session on their TZ to see if we can get some. We do have some IME bugs...Jun 05 10:25
ryangorleyYeah, early morning US west coast still catches our India folks fortunately.Jun 05 10:25
tedgPerhaps an "Asian languages session" or something like that.Jun 05 10:25
doctormoDamn globe, if only it was flat.Jun 05 10:25
ryangorleyIt is flat, but circular. Didn't you hear?Jun 05 10:26
doctormotedg: I like the idea, encourage particpation.Jun 05 10:26
bryyceyeah, localized sessions not a bad idea, that's something we wondered about in bostonJun 05 10:26
bryyceok sounds like a plan, anything else on hackfests virtual or otherwise?Jun 05 10:27
ryangorleyEven if we have some user meetup sessions that weekend/week/month. That could be cool as part of the whole thing.Jun 05 10:27
ryangorleyHackstravaganza!Jun 05 10:27
bryyceguessing with it virtual the emphasis will be less on the 'hack' and more on the 'fest' side ;-)Jun 05 10:28
tedgSomeone grab ryangorley's coffee, he's had too much! ;-)Jun 05 10:28
bryyceok, next topicJun 05 10:28
bryyce=== GSoC ===Jun 05 10:29
bryycesomeone had some quick updates?  Mc?Jun 05 10:29
doctormo.Jun 05 10:29
Mcwell, coding period just startedJun 05 10:29
Mcso far, so goodJun 05 10:30
Mc(started 4 days ago)Jun 05 10:30
Mc(not much to say yet, really ;) )Jun 05 10:31
tedgDo we need to do anything for Mentor's summit? Are folks planning to go?Jun 05 10:31
Mcah, yes, SFC asked for some stuff, I repliedJun 05 10:31
McI would like that, but we'll have to see who wants toJun 05 10:31
McIIRC it's in Munich ?Jun 05 10:31
Mc(germany)Jun 05 10:31
tedgOh, I thought it was always at Google's campus.Jun 05 10:32
doctormoMight be better if it's out of the USA this year.Jun 05 10:33
bryyceagreedJun 05 10:33
c.rogers_sneaks in the back and sits down. ;P_Jun 05 10:33
bryyceiirc google covers travel costs, but if not or if they're incomplete let us know and we can discuss funding here when convenient.Jun 05 10:34
bryyceok moving on to next topicJun 05 10:34
Mcthey cover everything ;)Jun 05 10:34
bryyce=== Release ===Jun 05 10:34
bryycecongrats everyone on 1.0 :-)Jun 05 10:34
Mcrelease went quite wellJun 05 10:34
Mcwe did not have a lot of people noticing the worst bugsJun 05 10:34
Mc(except if "gtk3 widget size" is the worst bug :p )Jun 05 10:35
c.rogersAwesome.Jun 05 10:35
NPJ2000Any idea of the downloads/popularity so far?Jun 05 10:35
c.rogersIt's been really stable for me too. I think it crashed maybe once over the past two weeks.Jun 05 10:35
Mc(imo the worst bug is "page transparency ignored on commandline export to png")Jun 05 10:35
c.rogersSo well done everyone. :)Jun 05 10:36
Mcmade it crash a lot recentlyJun 05 10:36
Mcbut I'm doing weird stuff with filters :pJun 05 10:36
c.rogersYea, I don't filter anything. :)Jun 05 10:36
c.rogersexcept blurJun 05 10:36
speleo3what's the timeline one 1.0.1?Jun 05 10:36
Mcnot yet specified, but if someone wants so suggest anything wrt timeframe or bugs to be fixed, please send anything to the ml :)Jun 05 10:37
Mcimo it would be good to have 1.0.1 in the summerJun 05 10:38
doctormoAgreeedJun 05 10:38
RdH...and notify Vectors as soon as something appears on the horizonJun 05 10:38
speleo3For the record: 05 10:38
Mc@RdH yupJun 05 10:39
doctormoExtensions have caused issues, but we knew there would be bumps there. Although plenty of developers have stepped up to upgrade their extensions.Jun 05 10:39
doctormoSome issues with core extensions cropped up. Unlikely their fixes will be available for 1.0.1 though. We don't have branching and cherry picking. (unless you'd like to drop python2 for 1.0.1 which is fine by me)Jun 05 10:40
c.rogersYes, I may be developing some myself soon.Jun 05 10:41 05 10:41
c.rogersOnce I get proficient, maybe I can help update some of the ones which are not working.Jun 05 10:41
tedgBy "core" do you mean the ones in the repo or popular ones?Jun 05 10:42
tedgI thought the ones in the repos were all Py3?Jun 05 10:42 Btw. what's with the bug migration game rewards?Jun 05 10:42
Moini(i.e. stickers)Jun 05 10:43
c.rogersFor example, I really want/need an extension which drops info for the selected object colour as text below it to make a visual swatch.Jun 05 10:43
doctormotedg: core is our own extensions in our gitlab.Jun 05 10:43 Moini  Are we ready to ship people stickers already?Jun 05 10:43
MoiniI don't think we've ever come to any conclusion with regards to timing.Jun 05 10:44
MoiniBut funding was already agreed upon, or was that for something else?Jun 05 10:45
Moini(I'm not sure...)Jun 05 10:45
c.rogersWell, we can order and ship stickers whenever I guess. Only 20% of the bugs are migrated so far.Jun 05 10:45
tedgdoctormo, okay. And are those Python 3?Jun 05 10:45
MoiniIf we want more people to help, we need to ramp up publicity.Jun 05 10:46
c.rogersSo if I order and ship stickers now, I'll have to do it again later too.Jun 05 10:46
MoiniShowing that we keep our promise might help there.Jun 05 10:46
doctormo@ NPJ2000  Rough fastly stats say we had about 100,000 downloads per day at peak. 50,000 per day since 1.0 released.Jun 05 10:46
c.rogersTempted though to send out rewards to our current dedicated bug migrators. Some token of appreciation.Jun 05 10:46
c.rogersMaybe we could send some bug mugs. :)Jun 05 10:47
MoiniJohnathan already got the camera.Jun 05 10:47, +1Jun 05 10:47
MoiniYes, anything will help.Jun 05 10:47
doctormotedg: They are all python3, but we've recently begun unwinding python2 braces. Were we're all py3 now.Jun 05 10:47
Tavhi all... sorry to be late.Jun 05 10:48
c.rogersThink top three bug migrators.Jun 05 10:48
tedgdoctormo, ah, okay.Jun 05 10:48
c.rogersjhofingerJun 05 10:48
c.rogersQantas94HeavyJun 05 10:48
MoiniIf that's what you have time for, then that's good!Jun 05 10:48
c.rogersgreytomorrowJun 05 10:48
MoiniJonathan got the cam and some non-bug stickers.Jun 05 10:49
Moini(that's jhofinger)Jun 05 10:49
c.rogersSure. I till think he should get a mug too. :)Jun 05 10:49
c.rogersIf we're doing mugs.Jun 05 10:49
Mc@NPJ2000 total of 1.0 downloads in exactly 1 month is at 1.1MJun 05 10:50
c.rogersI think greytomorrow left the project.Jun 05 10:50
MoiniDoes that matter?Jun 05 10:50
c.rogersBut I'll try to contact him to get stickers and mug.Jun 05 10:50
MoiniYep!Jun 05 10:50
c.rogersNo. In as far as it's a shame.Jun 05 10:50
MoiniAh, ok :)Jun 05 10:51
c.rogersDo the work, get the awards. :)Jun 05 10:51
Mc(almost at the hour mark)Jun 05 10:53
bryyceright, ok wrapping upJun 05 10:53
bryyce=== Other Business ===Jun 05 10:53
bryyceAny other topics, or last points on any above topics?Jun 05 10:53
Mcshould we vote on the 99$ ?Jun 05 10:53
bryyceoh, sorry forgot we skipped that Jun 05 10:53
Tav+1 for $99Jun 05 10:53
bryyce=== Apple Developer Membership ===Jun 05 10:54
bryyce 05 10:54
doctormo:-/Jun 05 10:54
speleo3+1 for $99 and Rene staying in chargeJun 05 10:54
ScislaC+1 for $99Jun 05 10:54
Mc(the question is "should we, a charity, provision 99$ to be paid to the richest company in the world?" ^^)Jun 05 10:54
Mcand I'm in favour of that tooJun 05 10:55
bryyce(btw, formal voting needs done on the mailing list as usual)Jun 05 10:55
MoiniWell, you could ask for a donated membership from them...Jun 05 10:55
Mc@Moini ?Jun 05 10:55
tedg+1, +ReneJun 05 10:55
doctormo+1Jun 05 10:55
MoiniI have no idea if they do that.Jun 05 10:55
doctormo@ Moini  best not poke the dragon, Apple are known to be actively hostile.Jun 05 10:55
Tav 05 10:56
bryyceRdH sounds like everyone is favorable to having you continue, and us pay.  I'll arrange the formal vote but looks like it will pass with no issue.  Do you have any comments to add here?Jun 05 10:56
bryyceTav, ah interesting link.  I wonder if SFC already is enrolled.  In any case they'd need to be the ones to put in the applicationJun 05 10:57 $99, with hopes that one day it will not be necessary to fund evil to reach our users. ;PJun 05 10:57
Mcconsidering it's soon to expire, I'm in favour of paying for now and investigating the possibility laterJun 05 10:57
bryycewhen is the expiration date?Jun 05 10:58
TavWe should be able to get the fee waved as long as we don't charge Inkscape..Jun 05 10:58
Mcbryyce: in 3 daysJun 05 10:58
bryyceah 8th of JuneJun 05 10:58
bryycehmm, SFC turnaround doesn't happen that quickly usually.  So yeah, might be best to have RdH just renew and refund his expense.Jun 05 10:59
TavI would favor paying and setting up an option to pay for a "Support Inkscape" edition.Jun 05 10:59
doctormoAgree tavJun 05 11:00
tedg+1Jun 05 11:00
c.rogersYea, great idea.Jun 05 11:00
doctormo@ RdH  do you have the funds?Jun 05 11:01
Mc(if not I can send you a SEPA transfer)Jun 05 11:01
RdHI'm in no hurry, I just wanted to make sure to not buy something we're not going to useJun 05 11:01
RdHSEPA is fine, I can relay you my detailsJun 05 11:01
McSFC usually transfer dollard through paypalJun 05 11:02
RdH(But I'll renew this evening.)Jun 05 11:02
bryyceok, I'll take the action to put the referendum together.Jun 05 11:03
RdHI have Paypal as well, we can choose whatever is easiestJun 05 11:03
Mc(the easiest (for SFC) is to ask SFC to refund you)Jun 05 11:03
bryyceyepJun 05 11:03
RdHIn that case we should probably give them my email that's connected to my Paypal?Jun 05 11:03
bryycethen we can discuss with them on future arrangements for laterJun 05 11:03
Mc@RdH yepJun 05 11:04
Mcwe'll continue by mail :)Jun 05 11:04
bryyceokJun 05 11:04
bryyce=== Other Business ===Jun 05 11:04
bryycereal quick, any other topics before we close?Jun 05 11:04
McLGM ? :pJun 05 11:04
bryyceMc, go aheadJun 05 11:05
doctormoDoes anyone  have any issues if I make a web page of people, with their patreons, contracting information and other details? It's come up a few times.Jun 05 11:05
Mcwe gave a presentation at LGM online 2020 with @doctormo, it's available on 05 11:05
doctormo(sorry, Mc, LGM first ;-))Jun 05 11:05
Mcthat was all, just an announcement :)Jun 05 11:06
tedgdoctormo, I think that makes sense, but make sure to draft some some requirements for being on there. I'd guess in the AUTHORS file?Jun 05 11:06
Mc@doctormo just make sure to also add people we know that are avaible to be contracted on work around Inkscape :pJun 05 11:07
doctormo:thumbsup: Jun 05 11:07
Mcah, alsoJun 05 11:07
McAs I spend some of my work time on inkscape, is it possible to add my employer in the sponsors list ?Jun 05 11:07 Mc  you should clear that with your employer first, but I'd be for that.Jun 05 11:09
tedgI thought we had something for that, no?Jun 05 11:09
bryyceMc, thanks for the linkJun 05 11:09 ?Jun 05 11:09
doctormoMc: Can you make an account for them on and have the account join the sponsors team?*sponsors/Jun 05 11:09
Mcthey know I do and they are happy about it :pJun 05 11:09
bryyceok, I need to run to my next appt, thanks all for comingJun 05 11:10
bryyce= End of meeting =Jun 05 11:10
doctormoThanks for running the meeting bryce!Jun 05 11:10
ryangorleyThanks bryyce Jun 05 11:10
c.rogersThanks, sorry about the lateness.Jun 05 11:10
tedgThanks all!Jun 05 11:10
MoiniMc, that's a cool employer :)Jun 05 11:11
rindolfthanks allJun 05 11:12
ryangorleyBye rindolf :wave: Jun 05 11:12
ScislaCThanks all!Jun 05 11:13

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