Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2020-08-07

*ChanServ gives channel operator status to bryyceAug 07 09:23
bryyceI am unfortunately going to miss the board meeting today due to a schedule conflict.  Can Ted or another board member run it?  I'll check the log later today.Aug 07 09:24
tedgSure, I can do that.Aug 07 09:30
tedgNeed to figure out the minutes thing... but that's different.Aug 07 09:31
tedgTesting, please ignore.Aug 07 09:57
tedgThat didn't work well. I'll figure out this logging thing at some point.Aug 07 10:01
tedgAnywayAug 07 10:01
TavWho's all here?Aug 07 10:01
Mco/Aug 07 10:01
tedg==== BOARD MEETING TIME ====Aug 07 10:01
ScislaCHelloAug 07 10:01
tedgWorking from the agenda here: 07 10:01
RdHHelloAug 07 10:01
TavHi all!Aug 07 10:02
tedgFirst up we have discussion on the Apple Developer Membership.Aug 07 10:02
tedgAs far as I'm aware we're still waiting on the conservancy's legal review.Aug 07 10:02
tedgIs there anything else that needs to be discussed?Aug 07 10:02
RdHOnce this is over, just for my personal information, I'd like to know what they are discussing about. They are not having a contract with Apple, only I do. Aren't they just "managing" Inkscape's money?Aug 07 10:03
tedgBasically because we're paying for it you're an agent of the project, so we technically are entering an agreement with Apple.Aug 07 10:03
Tav@ RdH  It's actually much, much more complicated that that, incredibly so.Aug 07 10:04
tedgIt has taken longer because apparently the Apple agreements are like an array of pointers to other agreements.Aug 07 10:04
RdHGood to know. I wasn't aware of the "agent of the project".Aug 07 10:05
tedgJust FYI, they also manage trademarks, domains, GPL compliance efforts, etc.Aug 07 10:05
McI think they are trying to check several things at the same time (like "situation about the store" and "reimbursing it")Aug 07 10:05
TavIf we had to pay directly for the lawyer time, we would be broke.Aug 07 10:05
Mc@RdH did they contact you, btw ?Aug 07 10:06
RdHOk I guess it's easier to travel a lot than to buy a Developer account ;-).Aug 07 10:07
tedgHeh, for sure.Aug 07 10:07
tedgBut, I think as far as meeting time, we're mostly still waiting.Aug 07 10:07
Mc(they mentioned they might, to clarify things about linking or the production of binaries)Aug 07 10:07
RdHI think they're trying to keep me in the loop @ Mc . It's been 2 months now and last month they pinged to me to say "we haven't forgotten about you".Aug 07 10:07
McokAug 07 10:07
tedgGood. Legal stuff, fun times.Aug 07 10:08
RdHIt's ok, I don't want to cause any additional stress. Seems like this is enough of a hassle for them.Aug 07 10:08
tedgNext up we've got the Hackfest 2020, I didn't see @doctormo wave, but can someone report on that?Aug 07 10:09
TavI would say the Hackfest has been going well! Lots of interesting things.Aug 07 10:09
TavTomorrow we have a "GSoC" showcase.Aug 07 10:09
tedgAh, that should be cool. Are the students excited to show off what they've been up to?Aug 07 10:10
tedgI think the other question here is do we have anything the board needs to address to keep the hackfest on track?Aug 07 10:11
TavAny students around? @ vanntile  @moazin @rathod-sahaab @ linkmauve  Aug 07 10:12
vanntileI'm a student and I've been summonedAug 07 10:13
moazinI'm hereAug 07 10:13
Mc^^Aug 07 10:13
TavI don't think the board needs to do anything at the moment for the hackfest.Aug 07 10:14
tedgOkay, sounds good. I think that we probably want to evaluate the success of it, but we should wait until it is over.Aug 07 10:14
tedgGive people a time to stew over it.Aug 07 10:14
vanntileI'll present tomorrow, I have passed over the annoying bug yesterday. I'd like to add a small tweak tomorrow morning and I'll be readyAug 07 10:14
Tav@ vanntile  Excellent!Aug 07 10:15
tedg@vanntile, very cool!Aug 07 10:15
TavThis has been a good year for GSoC.Aug 07 10:15
tedgThe next thing on the agenda is LGM/Rennes, but I think that's also in "wait and see" mode.Aug 07 10:15
tedgSo, GSoC update (or is that it ;-) )Aug 07 10:16
TavBeen postponed till next year, nothing to do but to wait and see...Aug 07 10:16
TavFor GSoC, I would urge all to the hackfest tomorrow.!Aug 07 10:16
tedgIs there going to be a GSoC mentor's summit? Is there anything we need to do for that?Aug 07 10:17
tedg(this meeting may or may not exist just to promote the hackfest ;-) )Aug 07 10:18
Mcnot sure yetAug 07 10:18
TavHaven't hear anything about it.Aug 07 10:18
Mcit will depend on the situation (probably in germany)Aug 07 10:18
tedgOkay, I personally would like to see all mentors that want to go can go. I don't know what Google is funding. But I think we should fund others if they can/want to go.Aug 07 10:19
McIt's 2 mentors per org.Aug 07 10:19
tedgMakes sense, we'll have to wait until there's more definition before we can take action though.Aug 07 10:20
tedgNext on the agenda is Release Planning.Aug 07 10:20
tedgI've seen talk of a 1.0.1, Mc are you release managing that one?Aug 07 10:21
tedgAlso, since I wasn't there, do we have a plan/dates/ideas on 1.1?Aug 07 10:22
Mcwe haven't really defined what we would like to see in itAug 07 10:22
tedgMc: do we have bug fixes in the 1.0.x branch that should go out? I imagine updated translations as well.Aug 07 10:23
Mcyes, and updated deps tooAug 07 10:23
McI think 1.0.1 should be "asap" and 1.1 probably beginning of 2021Aug 07 10:24
tedgMakes sense to me. Do we need to coordinate that with Vectors, or is that done?Aug 07 10:24
tedgI know that @doctormo wanted to gather a list of features folks were working on for 1.1 at the hackfest. Did that happen?Aug 07 10:25
TavI would highly recommend having a release page for 1.1 with a set of tentative dates and milestones. This way people won't be surprised when thinks like branching happen.Aug 07 10:26
Moinitedg, not while I was attending.Aug 07 10:26
Moini(about 80% of the meetings, not counting the last one)Aug 07 10:27
tedgI think that starting to document it and making it more visible makes a lot of sense.Aug 07 10:27
tedgMc: are you willing to be the release manager on 1.1?Aug 07 10:27
McSureAug 07 10:28
tedgGreat, thank you! That's a lot of work.Aug 07 10:28
Mc(ideally with someone)Aug 07 10:28
tedgI think that's probably a good idea, if nothing else to get more people familiar with the full process.Aug 07 10:29
tedgProbably not an item immediately for the board meeting, but perhaps an email to the list asking if someone wants to learn?Aug 07 10:30
tedgIn theory, 1.1 should be easier than 1.0 was ;-)Aug 07 10:30
Mc^^Aug 07 10:30
Mcwe'll see after gsoc works are merged, for the mergeable ones :pAug 07 10:31
tedgThat's a good point, perhaps we want to look at 1.1 timeline next month.Aug 07 10:31
tedgWe'll have those projects hopefully completed at that point, which will give more clarity.Aug 07 10:32
tedgSo I think as far as board actions, we don't need to do anything other than say a 1.0.1 is "soonish" and 1.1 timeline will be discussed at the next board meeting.Aug 07 10:33
MoiniCould also be something for the developer meeting that we may want to establishAug 07 10:33
Mcyay^^Aug 07 10:34
tedgAh, that would be interesting.Aug 07 10:34
MoiniIs that a yippieh-yay or a oh-no-that's-work-yay?Aug 07 10:34
Mcthe former :)Aug 07 10:34
tedgPerhaps the board should just request a report from the developer meeting?Aug 07 10:35
Moini:)Aug 07 10:35
tedgI like the idea of splitting things up more.Aug 07 10:35
Tav@ Mc  When is the first developer meeting?Aug 07 10:35
McI was suggesting yesterday, but next friday can be good tooAug 07 10:36
Moini(Hackfest goes until Augus 15th)Aug 07 10:36
MoiniAugus*t*Aug 07 10:36
TavOops.Aug 07 10:36
MoiniMaybe makes more sense after hackfest anyway - that's already taking a lot of time.Aug 07 10:37
tedgHas someone taken the role of calling and running those meetings?Aug 07 10:38
McI've pushed in favour of holding them, but can delegate that :p Aug 07 10:38
tedgHaha, @Tav is that something you could do?Aug 07 10:39
Mc(otherwise I can do it ^^)Aug 07 10:39
TavIt's going to be hard for me to take on more stuff for the next month or so...Aug 07 10:39
tedgI already talked Mc into release managing, trying to avoid picking on him :-)Aug 07 10:41
tedg@Rdh, would you be willing to organize developer meetings?Aug 07 10:41
Moini@ RdH  Aug 07 10:41
tedgHmm, okay. We might have to take that out-of-meeting. But I would like to have someone who we can write down as planning the meetings.Aug 07 10:44
tedgNext thing on the agenda I know nothing about: Vicky Brasseur meeting debrief.Aug 07 10:44
tedgAnyone?Aug 07 10:44
Mc@doctormo ^ ? :pAug 07 10:44
doctormo@ Mc  Hi sorry I'm lateAug 07 10:45
RdHSorry snug out to the kitchen. After a few slow months I'm just getting back to spending more time for Inkscape, I don't feel like a more serious commitment yetAug 07 10:45
tedg@RdH, ah, cool, I understand.Aug 07 10:46
tedg@doctormo, do you know anything about: Vicky Brasseur meeting debrief?Aug 07 10:46
RdHLet me test first if I can manage to regularly attend themAug 07 10:47
Mc:)Aug 07 10:47
tedgThe great part about setting the time is that it's always a time that works for you ;-)Aug 07 10:48
tedgI think we're gonna have to table the debrief this month.Aug 07 10:49
doctormo@ tedg : No, it's a vectors thing, should contact Ryan for a report I think.Aug 07 10:49
tedgAh, I don't know that he's here.Aug 07 10:49
tedgI don't have autocomplete for RocketChat, can someone ping to see?Aug 07 10:50
ScislaC@ ryangorley  You around?Aug 07 10:50
doctormoI suspect it might be one of those passive documentation things rather than an active report.Aug 07 10:50
ryangorley@ ScislaC  Yeah, just wrapping a client meeting. What's up!? :)Aug 07 10:50
tedg@ryangorley, we have "Vicky Brasseur meeting debrief." on the board agenda, but nobody seems to know what it is :-)Aug 07 10:51
ryangorley@ prkos  are you around?Aug 07 10:52
Tav 07 10:53
TavIf you scroll down, Maren has written a summary.Aug 07 10:53
tedgYes, that's really helpful, thank you @MoiniAug 07 10:54
tedg 07 10:55
ryangorleyOkay, I'm off the call. Sorry about that.Aug 07 10:55
tedg@ryangorley, yeah, stop trying to make money. Pay attention to us! ;-)Aug 07 10:55
ryangorleyHahaAug 07 10:56
doctormoDid someone say making money in a board meeting ;-)Aug 07 10:58
tedgSo, and I'm oversimplifying a long discussion it looks like there's some ideas there on project management going forward.Aug 07 10:58
tedgI'm scanning, but I don't see anything we need to discuss right here right now. But is there specific board actions that I'm missing?Aug 07 10:59
Mc don't think soAug 07 10:59
tedgOkay, so I think that for now it's good information (and I'll read more carefully) but this will probably bubble up to board stuff in the next couple months.Aug 07 11:01
tedgLast up we have the book program. Is someone organizing the book program?Aug 07 11:01
TavNothing now, but we should really plan to use our resources rather than sitting on them.Aug 07 11:01
doctormoI think prkos and a few others are sad we can't vote on spending money today on certain tasks that we know we need to do.Aug 07 11:01
Mcother board topics could be "outreachy" and "GCI"Aug 07 11:01
tedg(we need to get names on the agenda :-) )Aug 07 11:01
TavI've dropped the ball on the book stuff this last month but will try to get my act together this month.Aug 07 11:02
tedg@Tav, okay, sounds good.Aug 07 11:02
tedgHave we allocated money for that?Aug 07 11:02
TavNo.Aug 07 11:02
tedgOkay, @Tav can you write a proposal for it? Make sure to include shipping.Aug 07 11:03
c.rogersSorry, client meeting.Aug 07 11:03
tedg(approximate of course, we don't know all the locations ahead of time)Aug 07 11:03
TavAh, another person trying to earn money during a board meeting!Aug 07 11:03
c.rogersWell, eating is good for your health.Aug 07 11:04
TavOverrated in my opinion...Aug 07 11:04
tedgHuh, my doctor suggested I stop ;-)Aug 07 11:04
c.rogersWell, I can skip a few meals, but coffee runs the motivation train, and it's behind a paywall.Aug 07 11:05
irker811[inkscape] Patrick Storz pushed 186 new commits to build-shared-libs-2geom: 07 11:05 and I were in the same meeting. It went long as part of my plot to get him fired from the board. ;)Aug 07 11:05
c.rogersWell, that would open up a seat for more diversity. lolAug 07 11:06
c.rogersMaybe two seats. I've gained weight during the lockdown.Aug 07 11:06
tedgHehe, we didn't have that on the agenda...Aug 07 11:06
tedgWe should have that discussion. I guess it is for next month though as we're out of time.Aug 07 11:06
tedgI'll make sure it gets on the agend for next month.Aug 07 11:06
tedgAny thing else for the board meeting?Aug 07 11:07
c.rogersIt's probably something we need to be a bit careful about.Aug 07 11:07
tedg(besides IRC needing an edit function)Aug 07 11:07
c.rogersDon't want people to think folks are on the board just because they fill a diversity quota.Aug 07 11:07
MoiniProbably not everyone thinks about that as I do, lol.Aug 07 11:08
tedgMost certainly. But... next meeting :-)Aug 07 11:08
c.rogersWhat's your take on it, @ Moini  ?Aug 07 11:08
c.rogersSure. next meeting.Aug 07 11:08
c.rogersCliffhanger. lolAug 07 11:09
doctormohehAug 07 11:09
tedgLet me officially close the board meeting, thanks everyone!Aug 07 11:09
doctormoThanks Ted!Aug 07 11:09
tedgNow discuss whatever you want ;-)Aug 07 11:09
c.rogersTHanks! And sorry! lolAug 07 11:09
MoiniThanks Ted for stepping in!Aug 07 11:09
c.rogersAnyone need me to answer questions or anything, I'm free now.Aug 07 11:09
ScislaCThanks Ted!Aug 07 11:10
Moini(Bug migration stickers?)Aug 07 11:10
Moini(More a reminder than a question, though)Aug 07 11:10 Moini  sure. Did we decide on a cut-off date for the event?Aug 07 11:10
MoiniI've always wanted to set one, but I think you were against that.Aug 07 11:10, I was wondering if we could do a smaller promo video for the GSoC projects? What do you think? Is there a lower effort way to do that?Aug 07 11:10
Moini(not 100% sure, though, anymore, it's so long ago)Aug 07 11:11
tedgPerhaps a way that the GSoC students could provide part of it?Aug 07 11:11 tedg  potentially. Shall we discuss that on team_media?Aug 07 11:11
c.rogersYea, that would help. Even if it's just a webcam shot of them in their habitats waving at the camera.Aug 07 11:12
MoiniWhen was it started (the bug migration)?Aug 07 11:12, sure, but I don't have a lot more to say than that :-)Aug 07 11:12
c.rogersThe only person I offered stickers to was one who left the project, and he didn't want any. lolAug 07 11:12
c.rogersI'm not sure how everyone else feels about it. Maybe it would be good to ask our migrators.Aug 07 11:13
MoiniIn principle, someone would have to send everyone an email and ask for their address.Aug 07 11:14
MoiniOr tag them in a GitLab issue, they all should have an account.Aug 07 11:14
tedgYeah, was about to say that. Perhaps a "Get Stickers to Migrators" issue.Aug 07 11:15
MoiniProbably the easiest way to reach them. Although an additional email would make sense where we know the address.Aug 07 11:15
Moini(the email address, I mean, this time)Aug 07 11:15
MoiniI think Chris had volunteered for organizing the whole thing, including shipping.Aug 07 11:16
MoiniMust have started around April 9th, 2019.Aug 07 11:18
MoiniWe could at least have yearly shippings...Aug 07 11:18
tedgIs there a location that the hackfest videos are being put?Aug 07 11:19
tedgI'm assuming they're being saved, but I don't know.Aug 07 11:19
irker811[inkscape] Patrick Storz pushed 1 new commit to master: 07 11:20
irker811[inkscape] Thomas Holder has deleted the branch build-shared-libs-2geomAug 07 11:20
MoiniYoutube.Aug 07 11:20
Mc 07 11:20
tedgThank you!Aug 07 11:21
TavGot to go! See y'all.Aug 07 11:39
prkosI heard someone call for meAug 07 11:45
prkosOk I've read upAug 07 13:02
the actions that arose from the VM meeting concerning the Board and devs are to review Vectors work around documenting processes and help with areas Vectors don't have enough info on. This largely applies to revamping the website static content, to make it up to date so it's easier for new potential contributors to jump in. Aug 07 13:02
VM has experience connecting with a lot of freedom software projects and she's done presentations about how to increase contributions. One angle is to increase drive-thru contributions (one-off). Some detest them, but she argues that they are a measure of the health of a project, its sustainability. The goal is always to keep the contributors, but they all have to start with their first PR. The soluAug 07 13:03
tion is to pave clear paths that potential contributors can tread to make it easier for them to jump in. Documentation is the way to achieve that. It turns out documentation is also the way to go when it comes to developing the paid development area, so it makes sense to double-down on that (paid dev campaigns or sponsor sourcing shouldn't be done without having the docs sorted out first). Aug 07 13:03
We need nice documents/pages on everything that comes up often. So if you know of any content that isn't there on the website now, but you think is missing, or you've been in a position to repeat yourself from time to time let us know and we'll build a document around it. You don't need to go review the website content to see if there's anything missing, just let us know **what you think needs to beAug 07 13:03
on the website and what result needs to be achieved by it**. Aug 07 13:03
From devs I guess one of the important things is to be clear what expectations you put on the website content, what it should to do for dev contributors, vs. the Wiki. It's ok to keep everything on the Wiki, and let the website pave the way towards it. Aug 07 13:03 07 13:03
Moini"It will be difficult to make changes later, nearly impossible after translation work starts." - Aug 07 13:13
I politely disagree. This is only trying to put pressure on people, but it's not reality. We've always been tweaking pages in a more continuous manner. What we need is proper version control for website content, or an option to create po files from it that can be put under version control, then translations can be marked as outdated automatically, until they've been updated.Aug 07 13:13
The website development would only become a board issue if there are unreconcilable differences, and we need arbitration.Aug 07 13:13
What's that part about 'abusing Martin'? With which task? What limits you to do research on possible alternative CMSses?Aug 07 13:13
Moini(I'm not sure what would be better - po files in version control, or whole pages in version control, tbh. - po files are a common format, it's easy to hand them to a translator and let her do her work. Complete texts are harder to work on from a technical point of view, but they are easier for providing proper context.)Aug 07 13:16
tedgI updated the board meeting page for next month, and I assigned folks items on the agenda. 07 13:19

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