Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2020-09-04

ted------- *BOARD MEETING* -------Sep 04 10:01
tedAgenda:Sep 04 10:01
Apple developer membership status update (bryce)Sep 04 10:01
Gitlab OSS program (nuritzi)Sep 04 10:01
HackfestsSep 04 10:01
Hackfest2020 Online report and discussion (doctormo)Sep 04 10:01
GSoC Report (Tav)Sep 04 10:01 04 10:01
TavHi!Sep 04 10:02
tedHuh, that didn't work as well as I was hoping :smiley: Sep 04 10:02
doctormoLooks good to meSep 04 10:02
ted@ Mc  do you know if Nuritzi will be able to join rocketchat?Sep 04 10:02 Sep 04 10:02
RdH:wave: Sep 04 10:02
Mc@ ScislaC  @bryce Sep 04 10:02
tedI think that @ bryce  said he won't be able to make it.Sep 04 10:03
tedI don't know of any update on the Apple developer stuff, I believe the Conservancy is still working on it.Sep 04 10:03
Mc@ ted  she wrote me that she would try to join, maybe we can start and get to the gitlab item when she's aroundSep 04 10:03
RdHYes, SFC is working on itSep 04 10:03
tedCool, so I'll table the Gitlab item for a bit.Sep 04 10:03
tedThanks @ RdH  Sep 04 10:04
tedNext up hackfest report from @ doctormo  Sep 04 10:04
doctormohelloSep 04 10:05
doctormoHackfest went well. Well recieved by people inside and outside of the project. Average of 15 people per hackfest, Max of 21.Sep 04 10:06
doctormoVideo production is a lot more involved, the last remaining videos are held in a queue for attention. No work from vectors on their video.Sep 04 10:06
tedWhat is "queue for attention" need someone to work on them? Or to release all at once?Sep 04 10:07
doctormoNo decision on next years hackfest, I support doing another online hackfest again or a hybrid model. All bets are available.Sep 04 10:07
doctormoThe video queue is currently my personal work queue. Unless is available to take some of the work load. I think it'll just take time.Sep 04 10:07
tedMakes sense, and Blue Blue Button worked well?Sep 04 10:07
tedAh, okay. I see.Sep 04 10:08
doctormoWorks very well, only 2 failures over the whole 6 weeks.Sep 04 10:08
c.rogersI'm pretty swamped with GNOME video stuff right now. If it can wait until the endo of the month though, I can help.Sep 04 10:08
doctormoWe had people phone in too, that worked suprisingly well.Sep 04 10:08
c.rogersWell, or after the 16thSep 04 10:08
RdHIt's working so good that the developer meetings are held thereSep 04 10:08
tedAh, good. And @ Mc  are we still good with hosting at the Uni? Or do we need to move somewhere else?Sep 04 10:09
Mcwe're still good ^^Sep 04 10:09
tedGreat!Sep 04 10:09
Mc@ doctormo  no problem for nowSep 04 10:10
tedLet's bump that up now in the agenda. Gitlab OSS.Sep 04 10:10
Mc@ nuritzi  hi!Sep 04 10:10
tedThere was concern with the new model at Gitlab that we'd run out of CI minutes.Sep 04 10:11
tedSo I guess our first question is, will we? :smiley: Sep 04 10:11
nuritziThe answer to that is that you will, but we have some time to figure out how to transition. On October 1st, GitLab is reducing CI minutes for projects using the Free tier, which is what Inkscape is using: Sep 04 10:12
nuritziHowever, there's a bug right now that prevents CI minutes from being accumulated on public projects, which Inkscape isSep 04 10:13
tedOkay, that's good to know. We like that bug.Sep 04 10:13
nuritziSo that means that you won't immediately feel the change. However, fixing the bug is something I assume they'll want to fix :-/ Sep 04 10:13
nuritziYeah, I know -- honestly me too! hahaSep 04 10:13
tedSo the "solution" is to join the OSS program, and that puts us in the "Gold" tier?Sep 04 10:14
nuritziThis is the one to follow: Sep 04 10:14
Mc(basically from what I understood the confusion is that the "CI minutes" count is a "project" thing, but all the mentions that "public project get gold" don't apply to "project things")Sep 04 10:14
Mc(but the OSS program would put the "project" into gold)Sep 04 10:14
doctormoThis is us being pushed onto their OSS program :-/ well ok then.Sep 04 10:14
nuritziWell, you don't have to join... there's also the option of self-hosting the Community Edition Sep 04 10:15
tedI think that @ doctormo  's concern is that people would start to use the proprietary features in the Gold tier, which would make a potential migration difficult in the future.Sep 04 10:16
nuritziA lot of our Open Source partners, like GNOME and Freesdesktop do that Sep 04 10:16
RdH@ doctormo  If that's undesireable, we can also think about not using their shared runners and do it ourselves (like I do for macOS)Sep 04 10:16
tedIs there a way to be in the OSS program, but not have the additional features?Sep 04 10:16
McI think many features can be deactivated in the settingsSep 04 10:16
nuritzibut if you want to continue to use the SAAS product, and host on, I think the GitLab OSS program is the best option Sep 04 10:16
doctormoI don't think we have the bandwidth to self host at the moment. We're already self hosting a shit ton of stuff.Sep 04 10:16
Mcfrom what I gathered from friends, hosting requires a lot of maintenance with recommended security updates every two weeks or so :pSep 04 10:17
doctormoWe'll have to keep it as a long term aspiration.Sep 04 10:17
Mcwe're like years late on rocket chat so I don't think it would be wise ^^Sep 04 10:17
nuritziYep :-/ I think hosting on GitLab is the easiest by far. If you want I can ask more about deactivating features... I don't know if we've had that request before TBHSep 04 10:17
doctormo@ nuritzi  We're a weird project.Sep 04 10:17
nuritzi:) Sep 04 10:18
Mcanyway we gain lots of things by the saas option, most importantly the CI minutes^^Sep 04 10:18
tedYes, I think that self-hosting isn't a good strategy. If anything, paying someone to host the community edition would make more sense. But that is also a possibility.Sep 04 10:18
nuritzi@ ted  yeah, that's definitely an option. There's a 3rd party we work with depending on whether you're a US based on EU based entity, I could make a recSep 04 10:18
tedIt seems like, what I'm seeing is that at least for now we're thinking the OSS program hosted in SAAS makes ense.Sep 04 10:19
McyupSep 04 10:19
tedLonger term, we can discuss if that's working for us.Sep 04 10:19
nuritziThis is the EU one: they're one of our technical partnersSep 04 10:19
Mc2 weeks left to apply as project, 3 weeks left to get good mentors and project definitions upSep 04 11:01
jabiertxofpingSep 04 11:01
tedSo I think let's put a board vote out and get that portion going. @ Mc  are you willing to take point on it?Sep 04 11:02
Mc(resource-wise, it's $6500 to fund one intern)Sep 04 11:02
tedMy personal thoughts are that we should commit, and then see if we can backfill with corp sponsorship.Sep 04 11:02
doctormoAgree in principleSep 04 11:03
McI think that's what other projects doSep 04 11:03
Mcso we should hold a vote to allocate 6500$ of our budget to this program ?Sep 04 11:04
Tav+1Sep 04 11:04
doctormoI think ted wants to post it to the board list for a vote right?Sep 04 11:04
tedYup, that's my thought. I think officially we have to.Sep 04 11:04
tedWe can only basically straw poll here. (plus we barely have a quorum)Sep 04 11:04
tedSo let me end the meeting officially.Sep 04 11:05
tedMy kids are apparently going to stave if I don't make them pot stickers.Sep 04 11:05
Mcthey eat stickers ?Sep 04 11:06
ted----- *end board meeting* ----Sep 04 11:06

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