Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2020-10-02

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tedg~20 min to board meeting.Oct 02 09:38
inkchatbot<> Is there a video meeting this time?Oct 02 09:56
tedgNot that I'm aware of.Oct 02 09:57
inkchatbot<> Would people like that?Oct 02 09:57
brycehiOct 02 09:57
inkchatbot<> It's easy to do with Jitsi.Oct 02 09:58
tedgI wouldn't :-)Oct 02 09:58
inkchatbot<> Hey Bryce!Oct 02 09:58
tedgHowdy bryce Oct 02 09:58
bryceheya ted, heya chrisOct 02 09:58
tedgbryce: Do you want to run the meeting today or would you like me to?Oct 02 09:58
inkchatbot<> [ ]( @ inkchatbot  I see... any particular reason?Oct 02 09:58
brycetedg, if you could that would be great.Oct 02 09:59
tedgCool.Oct 02 09:59
McHi!Oct 02 10:00
inkchatbot<> o/Oct 02 10:00
tedg===== BOARD MEETING START =====Oct 02 10:00
tedgHowdy Mc Oct 02 10:00
tedgOkay, agenda is here: 02 10:00
tedgFirst up is: Apple developer membership status update (bryce)Oct 02 10:00
inkchatbot<ryangorley> :wave: Oct 02 10:00
inkchatbot<> \oOct 02 10:00
tedgbryce: I have you there as SFC contact. But perhaps others know more.Oct 02 10:01
McI think the latest development was them asking how far we are to GPLv2Oct 02 10:01
inkchatbot<ScislaC> HeyOct 02 10:01
tedgI think there was some look at deps requiring GPL3?Oct 02 10:01
Mcyes but in our own codeOct 02 10:01
*tedg waves at ScislaC and ryangorleyOct 02 10:01
tedgMc: Is someone doing that?Oct 02 10:02
McWe have two files on LGPLv3Oct 02 10:02
bryceyeah I know only what we all know, I'm on the same emailsOct 02 10:02
Mc( src/util/expression-evaluator.* )Oct 02 10:03
brycewe've discussed about GPLv3 previouslyOct 02 10:03
Mcapart from that we have deps that are GPLv3Oct 02 10:03
inkchatbot<Tav> Hi all!Oct 02 10:03
bryceso it was interesting that the issue appears to have boiled down to thatOct 02 10:03
bryceheya Tav and McOct 02 10:03
Mcbut we might have ways around, like the libreadline has versions on gplv2Oct 02 10:03
tedgYeah, and I thought we'd decided to move towards v3, but we may have to reconsider :-(Oct 02 10:03
tedgPersonally I like v3 so much better.Oct 02 10:04
Mcwhat we wanted to do is allow gplv3 deps, but we stay on v2+ for our codeOct 02 10:04
tedgWould they have to be lgplv3 deps?Oct 02 10:04
inkchatbot<doctormo> HiOct 02 10:04
inkchatbot<> |o|Oct 02 10:04
*tedg waves at @Tav and @doctormoOct 02 10:04
brycehi doctormoOct 02 10:04
McI'm not sure the potential licensing issue also deals with our deps, might be only for our codeOct 02 10:05
brycehas anyone had a chance to look at the impact of removing/replacing the gplv3 code?  Is it the same gimp bits that we had before or something else?Oct 02 10:05
tedgSo I guess my only concern is that we're on it and someone is taking it on. It looks like it has more progress needed.Oct 02 10:05
tedgJust don't want us to drop the ball.Oct 02 10:05
inkchatbot<Tav> Those two files can be easily rewritten... but the bigger problem is 2geom's dependency on a gp3 library.Oct 02 10:05
bryceoh, expression-evaluator.*Oct 02 10:05
McI thought we could disable it ?Oct 02 10:06
Mcah, maybe notOct 02 10:06
inkchatbot<doctormo> If we could, that would be ideal, René could not include that dep. but I think renhas to double check all deps on mac.Oct 02 10:06
tedgI think that deps are an issue because we're bundling them. So that makes use the "distributor" of that binary. So we can't violate the GPL there. (or we shouldn't, it would be kinda embarassing if we violated the GPL)Oct 02 10:07
McSFC would make sure we're doing okOct 02 10:07
bryceTav what's the library's name?Oct 02 10:07
Mcgsl ?Oct 02 10:07
bryceokOct 02 10:07
inkchatbot<RdH> It's basically everything that GTK wants/needs, which is a lot. Plus things Inkscape needs. Plus Python.Oct 02 10:07
inkchatbot<Tav> 02 10:08
bryceI looked into lib2geom's use of libgsl when I was at Samsung for matrix3d logic.  There are a number of other libraries that provide essentially equivalent functionalityOct 02 10:08
Mcunder gpl2 ?Oct 02 10:09
brycegsl is kind of an all-in-one toolbox, but there are more efficient libraries for specific subsets.  So gsl could be replaced probably without *too* much work, IMHO.Oct 02 10:09
tedgSo is the answer to SFC "gplv2 is hard, but doable?" Oct 02 10:09
inkchatbot<doctormo> Worthwhile, should this be brought to the devel meeting?Oct 02 10:10
bryceone I was looking at was MIT iirc.Oct 02 10:10
McokOct 02 10:10
tedgBecause if we can do v3, that seems better.Oct 02 10:10
tedgI guess my question is: can we unblock the SFC, or do we need to do more work?Oct 02 10:11
inkchatbot<RdH> Do I need to compile a list of all libraries involved before we say "hard, but doable"?Oct 02 10:11
brycein any case, what gsl does there are ample alternatives under various libraries, so if that's the main gplv3 holdup, it is fixableOct 02 10:11
bryceRdH that would be a huge helpOct 02 10:11
inkchatbot<Tav> gsl is also used in some LPE'sOct 02 10:11
bryceTav, for matrix math?Oct 02 10:11
inkchatbot<Tav> Looks like it but I would have to look closer. There are almost 500 lines of code that would need to be modified.Oct 02 10:12
inkchatbot<Tav> (by just grepping for 'gsl')Oct 02 10:13
tedgOkay, so I'm sensing we're at "more work" -- Mc can you put this on the agenda at the developer's meeting to determine whether it is feasible?Oct 02 10:14
bryceso yeah, if it's just the matrix math there's better libs out there for that.  gsl has some other functionality too but I bet we're not using much of thatOct 02 10:14
tedg(as @doctormo suggested)Oct 02 10:14
inkchatbot<doctormo> thumbsupOct 02 10:15
Mcalso most of matrix maths for trhe size of matrices we do I can programOct 02 10:15
inkchatbot<Tav> gsl_vector.h, gsl_multiroots.h, gsl_linalg.h, gsl_roots.h ...Oct 02 10:15
inkchatbot<Tav> We could do it but that's an awful lot of code that needs changing.Oct 02 10:16
McyeahOct 02 10:16
bryce 02 10:16
bryce was what I had started looking atOct 02 10:16
brycethat's gplv2Oct 02 10:17
brycethere was also a C lib which I think was MIT that I was also looking atOct 02 10:17
*tedg is a bit nervous this is taking a lot of time in our meeting, can we draw to a conclusion?Oct 02 10:17
brycesorryOct 02 10:17
bryceconclusion sounds like yes, needs some devel investigation for feasibilityOct 02 10:18
brycenext topic?Oct 02 10:18
tedgSo I think considering the amount of work, I think the devel group also needs to decide whether it's something someone would pick up as well.Oct 02 10:18
tedgGitlab OSS program progress (MC)Oct 02 10:18
tedgNext item ^Oct 02 10:19
tedgSeems like since it is a contract I think we need a resolution to adopt it, no?Oct 02 10:19
McGiven the answers I gathered I think that if we ask them to remove the msrp clause then we're good. We might need a vote.Oct 02 10:19
tedgSounds good.Oct 02 10:20
tedgThanks for working on that Mc Oct 02 10:20
tedgNext up. Outreachy program report (Mc)Oct 02 10:20
McShould I send the vote, or first ask them to remove the clause ?Oct 02 10:20
tedgOh, sorry.Oct 02 10:20
inkchatbot<doctormo> Probably remove the clause so we know what we're voting onOct 02 10:20
tedgMc: I think ask them firstOct 02 10:20
McokOct 02 10:21
McOutreachy : vote was planned for last month, deadline for the winter program is now passedOct 02 10:21
tedgOkay, do you want to take a vote for summer then?Oct 02 10:21
tedgI think that might be better as we could integrate them with GSoC students as well.Oct 02 10:22
Mcthat's a lot of work, I would have much preferred if they did not overlapOct 02 10:23
Mcwe would need admins and mentors for boths, and to understand exactly how differently we need to approach the differences between the programsOct 02 10:24
tedgMakes sense, so table for next winter?Oct 02 10:24
inkchatbot<doctormo> Having the vote in place will put us in an agile position to do or do not.Oct 02 10:24
inkchatbot<Tav> We've talked about Outreachy for some time, maybe we should just do the vote so we are prepared for next year?Oct 02 10:24
Mcdepends if we can get more mentorsOct 02 10:24
Mcif we do have enough people available for both, we can try bothOct 02 10:24
tedgI feel like we need to vote on the funding. We can then look for mentors and decide not to use it if we don't find any.Oct 02 10:25
Mcah, that we did need yeahOct 02 10:25
tedgI'm not sure how we'd balance between GSoC and Outreachy. But I don't think the vote needs to include that.Oct 02 10:25
Mcbut I feel like I've been bringing up this topic every time for like a year^^Oct 02 10:26
inkchatbot<doctormo> Get the board out of the way with the vote and then proceed as needed from there.Oct 02 10:26
tedgI'm +1 with Martin there.Oct 02 10:27
tedgOkay, next up: GSoC Mentor Summit? (Tav)Oct 02 10:27
Mcit's online, on one day, in two weeks, and I think all mentors can attendOct 02 10:28
tedgCool. Okay, so we don't need to do anything as board then.Oct 02 10:28
tedgThanks again to all our GSoC mentors.Oct 02 10:28
inkchatbot<doctormo> I like thoseOct 02 10:28
tedgNext up: Developer meeting update (Mc) (1.0.1 and 1.1 status)Oct 02 10:29
Mc1.0.1 is released now, looks mostly goodOct 02 10:30
inkchatbot<Tav> For the GSoC, you must sign up to attend.Oct 02 10:30
Mc 02 10:30
Mcwe did not talk too much about 1.1 Oct 02 10:30
inkchatbot<doctormo> Except for talking about some plans for things week to weekOct 02 10:30
Mcdev meetings are mostly seen as a great opportunity to talk about ongoing works, issues, and MR, and points where people are stuckOct 02 10:31
inkchatbot<Tav> Dev meetings have been really useful!Oct 02 10:32
inkchatbot<doctormo> Very! Thanks Mc!Oct 02 10:32
Mcso I encourage you to come to the next one, tomorrow same time as board meeting :pOct 02 10:32
tedgAwesome. Glad for that. I guess I see a report there as a thing just to make sure communication happen on the big themes there. I put releases there as that was the most visible I know of. But, could be anything really.Oct 02 10:33
tedgNext up: Community and developer development. (Tav) Oct 02 10:34
inkchatbot<Tav> I pinged the vector's this past week, got a little bit of feedback but still need to figure out a criteria on who would be eligible for books.Oct 02 10:35
inkchatbot<doctormo> I like the books idea. Having it open to a library of options makes it more accessableOct 02 10:35
inkchatbot<Tav> Given our healthy bank account, I figure we should be quite liberal.Oct 02 10:35
tedgYes, what did the vote allow for? I thought we specified a number, but perhaps we should revise?Oct 02 10:36
tedgI guess you need a criteria first :-)Oct 02 10:36
tedgSo Tav, are you good with progressing on that or do you need help there?Oct 02 10:37
inkchatbot<Tav> We haven't had a vote yet (unless my memory is gone).Oct 02 10:37
bryceno, there's not been a vote on thatOct 02 10:37
inkchatbot<Tav> Maybe I can work with Martin on creating a webpage for this.Oct 02 10:37
inkchatbot<doctormo> +1Oct 02 10:37
tedgWe can check that, but I thought we had one, but I may be mixing up the last book program.Oct 02 10:38
inkchatbot<Tav> Last book program was a number of years ago now.Oct 02 10:38
bryceI remember digging up the referendums for the past ones to use as a starting point, but there were some parameters that needed defined like how to select who gets them and how much $$ totalOct 02 10:39
tedgI'm old, that's not that long for me ;-)Oct 02 10:39
inkchatbot<doctormo> ;-)Oct 02 10:39
brycesee my email to board list on Jul 11thOct 02 10:39
tedgAh, okay. So I guess the action item is that we need a criteria and to vote the funds.Oct 02 10:40
bryce"The main thingsOct 02 10:40
brycethat need defined are a) how we determine who is eligible to receiveOct 02 10:40
brycebooks, and b) what the list of books are to offer.  An estimate of howOct 02 10:40
brycemany people we expect to order books, and the avg book price, can give aOct 02 10:40
brycerough estimate of total costs."Oct 02 10:40
McI think we could hold a vote on (no) vs (last time criterion) vs (a more liberal one)Oct 02 10:40
inkchatbot<doctormo> +1 I thought the previous book was for developers onlyOct 02 10:41
bryceSFC requires that we have some definition so they know who to pay and for whatOct 02 10:41
tedgWe couldn't just give a blanket amount, but we could give a budget. (up to $1M)Oct 02 10:41
inkchatbot<Tav> Yes, last one was for developers only. We want to broaden the eligibility requirement.Oct 02 10:41
inkchatbot<> Maybe the most fun book we can find on the subject.Oct 02 10:41
inkchatbot<> Considering we want to give it to non-devs too.Oct 02 10:42
inkchatbot<> My C++ manual was HUGE, and was a very dry read.Oct 02 10:42
tedgOkay so @tav can you put that proposal together?Oct 02 10:42
inkchatbot<Tav> I rather enjoyed by C++ book.Oct 02 10:43
inkchatbot<Tav> Yes.Oct 02 10:43
tedgCool, thanks!Oct 02 10:43
tedgNext up:     Vectors update (ryangorley)Oct 02 10:43
inkchatbot<ryangorley> HeyOct 02 10:43
inkchatbot<ryangorley> I don't have anything pressing to shareOct 02 10:43
brycehi @ryangorleyOct 02 10:44
inkchatbot<ryangorley> The Website Next project is still happening, but was put on hold for a few weeks. We'll be picking that up again.Oct 02 10:44
inkchatbot<ryangorley> Otherwise we're meeting tomorrow to discuss a few items, things are chugging along.Oct 02 10:44
inkchatbot<ryangorley> Any questions I can answer?Oct 02 10:44
tedgAh, nice. I've been noticing more social media posts and retweets. Is that growing engagement?Oct 02 10:45
inkchatbot<ryangorley> Steadily, yes. We only measure new follows, but we've seen a steady rise over the past several years.Oct 02 10:45
inkchatbot<ryangorley> We have some new communities that have been growing too, including a Discord community that started up independent of the project, but we've tried to bring into the fold.Oct 02 10:46
inkchatbot<ryangorley> I should mention also that the latest release made the top slot on Hacker News. Which was funny enough higher than even our 1.0 release.Oct 02 10:46
tedgAh, interesting. Do we need to do anything project level on that? (I don't know how Discord works there)Oct 02 10:47
Mc@ryangorley noOct 02 10:47
inkchatbot<ryangorley> @ Mc  Did I misunderstand something?Oct 02 10:47
inkchatbot<doctormo> Related to website next and general engagement; there's stats for the website: 02 10:47
Mc@ryangorley we have hit three times the #1 on HN with Inkscape 1.0, to the point that HN mods deleted posts about this because of the number of upvotes and the facts that the discussions were the same all the timeOct 02 10:48
Mc(three times with different postings)Oct 02 10:48
inkchatbot<ryangorley> Ah, okay. Haha. Thanks for the correctionOct 02 10:48
brycedoctormo looks nice.  What's D M S in the caching graph stand for?Oct 02 10:48
tedgHeh, broke Hacker News, we should put that on our marketing materials somewhere ;-)Oct 02 10:48
inkchatbot<ryangorley> We don't necessarily need to do anything about Discord. We're treating it like we do the FB page, just trying to make sure the people there feel like they are part of the community.Oct 02 10:49
Mc@doctormo it's fun, the first digit of the graphs is cut for me so the whole y-axis is made of 000000Oct 02 10:49
inkchatbot<doctormo> bryce Downloads (D) Static (S) Media (M)Oct 02 10:49
brycegotcha thanksOct 02 10:50
tedg@ryangorley wasn't there some discussion on pro-tools for social media, did that get resolved?Oct 02 10:50
Mcso we have ~400GB of downloads per weekOct 02 10:50
inkchatbot<ryangorley> @ tedg  That may have come up. I don't think they're super urgent right now.Oct 02 10:51
inkchatbot<doctormo> No, we give fastly 400GB of files a weekOct 02 10:51
Mc?Oct 02 10:51
inkchatbot<ryangorley> Oh, last thing.Oct 02 10:51
inkchatbot<doctormo> Mc: I'll move this to chat websiteOct 02 10:52
inkchatbot<ryangorley> Michele has been doing a lot to integrate an active group in Indonesia called Gimpscape with the project. We've been meeting with them once a month.Oct 02 10:52
Mcwhen is the next one ?Oct 02 10:53
inkchatbot<ryangorley> When this COVID stuff passes, I would like to sponsor an official Inkscape event in Asia with their help.Oct 02 10:53
inkchatbot<ryangorley> @ Mc  I'm not sure if it's scheduled yet. We just met a couple days ago.Oct 02 10:53
Mcin oceania ? :pOct 02 10:53
inkchatbot<doctormo> @ ryangorley  I would support that.Oct 02 10:53
inkchatbot<ryangorley> I'll share that info better when I knowOct 02 10:53
tedgNice, that sounds very cool. Are you thinking a developer event or a community event?Oct 02 10:53
inkchatbot<ryangorley> Probably a community eventOct 02 10:54
inkchatbot<doctormo> (why not both!) ;-)Oct 02 10:54
tedgHeh, well, focused for the schedule, etc.Oct 02 10:54
inkchatbot<ryangorley> They have developers that have been building plugins though.Oct 02 10:54
inkchatbot<ryangorley> A lot of artists.Oct 02 10:54
Mctime is fleeing, we should move in the agenda Oct 02 10:54
tedgYup, sorry.Oct 02 10:54
inkchatbot<ryangorley> :thumbsup: Oct 02 10:54
tedgThanks @ryangorleyOct 02 10:54
tedgNext up: Board structure update(?) (ted) Oct 02 10:54
inkchatbot<ryangorley> Thanks to you guys. We appreciate the support!Oct 02 10:55
tedgI posted to the list about it, kinda ended trying to figure out what was up with are charter, and we've not done great at maintaing it.Oct 02 10:55
tedgI think we've actively modified section 6 (voting and board seats) with our elections proposal (and perhaps other)Oct 02 10:55
tedgSo that has morphed into making an updated charter before I can actually do what I said.Oct 02 10:55
tedgSo I'm going to try to do that. Hopefully that'll turn into a real proposal in a couple weeks.Oct 02 10:56
tedgI'm hoping it all turns out clean and there's no merge conflicts. I'm not sure what we do if there are.Oct 02 10:56
tedgBut, I'll post updates to the board list as I figure it out.Oct 02 10:57
inkchatbot<doctormo> tedg: do you need to meet in a few weeks for a check-in?Oct 02 10:57
tedgI think the next board meeting will be fine.Oct 02 10:57
tedgSee how much progress I can make, etc.Oct 02 10:58
brycetedg, grab me if you need helpOct 02 10:58
inkchatbot<doctormo> thumbupOct 02 10:58
tedgCool, I'm just mostly hoping it is secretarial work, but you never know.Oct 02 10:58
Mcfeel free to ask for comments here or on the mlOct 02 10:58
bryceI may be able to explain any weird wording or give context.Oct 02 10:59
tedgYup, will do.Oct 02 10:59
tedgAnyway, an update but not much actionable.Oct 02 10:59
tedgNext up: BudgetOct 02 11:00
tedgI'm not sure about that one. Do we have a budget? I thought we did one but not sure if it ever made it to the end?Oct 02 11:00
brycelast time's didn't make it to the end.  Now with travel being all scrambled a lot of the main drivers of it are goneOct 02 11:00
tedgLast I see is: 02 11:01
brycecomplicating matters is SFC no longer gives access to our ledger account, and hasn't yet started supplying us with financial reportsOct 02 11:01
inkchatbot<Tav> I've added a list of activities that the board should handle and have divided them it groups. I'm hoping that each board member can take on a set of tasks. This is partly motivated by the fact we haven't had a financial report in over a year. Also, board minutes haven't been posted for the past several months.Oct 02 11:01
tedgI talked with them about that, they're waiting for us to ask for reports.Oct 02 11:01
brycethe good news is last I checked we have ample money for stuff we've generally done.Oct 02 11:02
tedgI was thinking about just asking for a balance and list of debits/credits monthly before this meeting.Oct 02 11:02
inkchatbot<Tav> I'm guessing we have over $150k.Oct 02 11:02
brycewhere things appear to be slow is in admins/organizers to shepherd things along like fundraisers, outreachy, contract work, etc.Oct 02 11:03
inkchatbot<Tav> I need to take off for about 15 minutes.Oct 02 11:03
inkchatbot<doctormo> The transparency of a budget should be above any amount of activity. It's important to maintain.Oct 02 11:03
brycetedg, if we still had ledger access a monthly report would be no prob.  I'm not sure what can be done now except keep poking SFC.Oct 02 11:03
tedgI'll take the action to talk to conservancy about getting reports.Oct 02 11:04
tedgAt least something basic.Oct 02 11:04
inkchatbot<Moini> Thank you, tedg!Oct 02 11:04
tedgWe can then grow from there.Oct 02 11:04
tedgCan someone take care of starting a draft of a new budget?Oct 02 11:05
inkchatbot<doctormo> From the template, sure.Oct 02 11:05
tedgIt maybe mostly zeros right now, but... at least we should have that.Oct 02 11:05
inkchatbot<doctormo> Hopefully the income won't be zeros.Oct 02 11:05
inkchatbot<doctormo> ;-)Oct 02 11:06
tedgHehe, I think it has gone down a lot with `nofollow` but still should be non-zero.Oct 02 11:06
tedgI guess, I'll ask the conservancy on Monday. If folks have ideas for what should be in a monthly report email me and I'll add that.Oct 02 11:07
inkchatbot<doctormo> Had a few people state they had donated, so at least those should be there.Oct 02 11:07
tedgGive folks a chance for folks to come up with ideas.Oct 02 11:07
tedgA year-over-year income might be interesting.Oct 02 11:07
tedg(not sure if it makes monthly though)Oct 02 11:07
Mcper month would also allow to see the effect of releasesOct 02 11:07
tedgAh, yeah!Oct 02 11:08
inkchatbot<doctormo> I agree,Oct 02 11:08
Mc(or per week if that's on the table)Oct 02 11:08
*tedg gets a postitOct 02 11:08
tedgOkay, is there anything else for the board meeting? That's the end of the agenda.Oct 02 11:09
tedgSorry for going over.Oct 02 11:09
tedgSeeing none.Oct 02 11:10
tedg====== BOARD MEETING END =====Oct 02 11:10
tedgThanks folks!Oct 02 11:10
brycetedg, would you like me to handle posting the transcript?Oct 02 11:10
inkchatbot<ScislaC> Thanks everyoneOct 02 11:10
tedgbryce: I don't have a good way to do that... I can't get a backlog from this client.Oct 02 11:10
inkchatbot<> _brings down disco ball starts after-meeting party_Oct 02 11:11
tedg(which I realize is a failure of the client, but eh, longer story)Oct 02 11:11
inkchatbot<> 02 11:11
Mcgood night all !Oct 02 11:11
tedgIf someone has backlogs I don't mind doing the wiki workOct 02 11:11
bryceincome report for up to when ledger was cut off: 02 11:12
inkchatbot<doctormo> I recommend Chris's music, it's good.Oct 02 11:12
inkchatbot<> It's the after meeting party music.Oct 02 11:12
inkchatbot<> On internet radio. lolOct 02 11:12
inkchatbot<> _dances_Oct 02 11:12
bryceincome/expenses summary up to the ledger cut off: 02 11:12
Mcdon't forget to remove the <inkchatbot> when uploading logsOct 02 11:12
tedgbryce: That's interesting, so do we perhaps need income by source?Oct 02 11:13
tedg(seems useful there, but not sure how much we're tracking it)Oct 02 11:14
bryceinky the cat pics: 02 11:14
brycetedg, the first link shows by sourceOct 02 11:14
tedgbryce: I know, but I'm thinking for the reports I ask for. Has that been useful?Oct 02 11:15
brycetedg, kind of, but what I have tended to look for is our tagged bucketsOct 02 11:16
brycei.e. how much donated to hackfests, general fund, etc.Oct 02 11:16
brycehowever I suspect going forward we'll be losing that with their new system.  Just a guess though.Oct 02 11:17
tedgThey may not ever build it if we don't ask :-)Oct 02 11:17
brycewe've also sometimes needed confirmation of sponsor paymentsOct 02 11:17
tedgThose are tagged Paypal accounts, right?Oct 02 11:18
brycehowever they always push back and say we don't need thatOct 02 11:18
brycerightOct 02 11:18
inkchatbot<doctormo> I have to get recipes from the donators.Oct 02 11:18
inkchatbot<doctormo> To work around the lack of information.Oct 02 11:18
bryceyeah it's been a bit of a trouble spotOct 02 11:18
bryceI used to be able to keep an eye on the ledger feed and spot it thereOct 02 11:19
tedgSo we kinda need a "NEW SPONSOR" push notification for when it clears.Oct 02 11:20
inkchatbot<doctormo> I'm going to push the information we have into a graph on the website. Any objections?Oct 02 11:20
tedgEh, my only concern would be making sure the language around it is good.Oct 02 11:21
tedgPeople get so weird around money.Oct 02 11:21
tedg(i.e. decide to sponsor/donate/whatev based on "too much" money, etc.)Oct 02 11:21
bryceI don't think that's a big concern, we've posted it in the past (see link on*board/).  Transparency is good.Oct 02 11:23
tedgFor sure, not suggesting hide it, just be careful.Oct 02 11:23
inkchatbot<doctormo> I'll post a link to the chat and you guys can have a noseyOct 02 11:25
tedgHonestly, ask michelle more than me, you've seen my language skills 😉Oct 02 11:26
inkchatbot<doctormo> Oh aye, vectors is good at this, thanksOct 02 11:27
brycetranscript: 02 11:39
Mc20:12 < Mc> don't forget to remove the <inkchatbot> when uploading logsOct 02 11:41
bryce@Mc ah rightOct 02 11:52
bryceI should make the script do that...Oct 02 11:52

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