Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2020-12-04

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tedgMeeting!Dec 04 10:00
inkchatbot<doctormo> Hello @ ScislaC  Dec 04 10:01
tedgWoo! Hoo!Dec 04 10:01
inkchatbot<ScislaC> Hello!Dec 04 10:01
tedg(the highlight of my month) ;-)Dec 04 10:01
bryce*wave*Dec 04 10:01
inkchatbot<Tav> Hi allDec 04 10:01
Mchi all!Dec 04 10:01
tedgbryce: you gonna run the agenda?Dec 04 10:02
tedgI think this meeting should be short.Dec 04 10:02
brycesureDec 04 10:02
bryce## Inkscape Board Meeting ##Dec 04 10:02
bryce    Apple developer membership status update (bryce / Rhd)Dec 04 10:03
bryce    Developer meeting update (Mc / Tav)Dec 04 10:03
bryce        Release schedule for 1.1Dec 04 10:03
bryce    Community and developer development. (Tav)Dec 04 10:03
bryce    Vectors update (ryangorley)Dec 04 10:03
bryce    Board structure progress (ted)Dec 04 10:03
bryce    Budget and Financial Report (ted)Dec 04 10:03
bryce### Apple dev membership ###Dec 04 10:03
brycewe had some action items on this from last meeting.  we wanted SFC to give us a summary of what needs done; I emailed the request but no reply so farDec 04 10:04
bryceSFC wanted to hear from kk about stuff, I pinged him and followed up, but no reply so farDec 04 10:04
bryceother than that I'm not aware of any other progressDec 04 10:04
inkchatbot<doctormo> I hear the SFC has been busy with a rebranding launch, have you heard anything bryce?Dec 04 10:05
bryceanyone else heard anything?Dec 04 10:05
tedgBummer, perhaps the holidays are also a factor.Dec 04 10:05
bryceno, I haven't heard a peep from them since about a month agoDec 04 10:05
bryceI know they have tended to get busy at EOY with fundraisingDec 04 10:05
Mcthey recruited Sage Sharp as Senior Director of Diversity & InclusionDec 04 10:06
tedgMan, you're basically stealing my status report for the end of this meeting :-)Dec 04 10:06
inkchatbot<doctormo> that's great!Dec 04 10:06
inkchatbot<> o/Dec 04 10:06
inkchatbot<doctormo> Her Chris!Dec 04 10:06
brycebut I have been super busy myself this last month (half our team at work is gone) so not really keeping track Dec 04 10:06
inkchatbot<> Hello. Sorry I'm late. Phone died.Dec 04 10:06
bryceguess we can hang tight for another monthDec 04 10:07
bryce### Developer meeting update (Mc / Tav) ###Dec 04 10:07
inkchatbot<doctormo> Do we have any more finantial information from the SFC?Dec 04 10:07
tedgYeah, that's basically my status for the financial reports too. Actually. Sounds like waiting to push in the new year.Dec 04 10:08
inkchatbot<Tav> Developer meetings are going great. Next one on Sunday.Dec 04 10:08
tedgTav, sounds great, have you had any new folks joining?Dec 04 10:08
inkchatbot<doctormo> 04 10:09
Mcwe welcomed quite a few new members latelyDec 04 10:09
inkchatbot<doctormo> It's been good for new peopleDec 04 10:09
tedgNice!Dec 04 10:09
tedgPerhaps work with Vectors on promoting it?Dec 04 10:09
inkchatbot<doctormo> Who would we promote it to?Dec 04 10:10
tedg"The Internet" ;-)Dec 04 10:10
inkchatbot<ScislaC> Developers? ;)Dec 04 10:10
inkchatbot<Moini> I'd start with regularly announcing it in official channels.Dec 04 10:10
tedgI would say as a way for new developers to get involved.Dec 04 10:10
inkchatbot<Moini> Which was forgotten a bit.Dec 04 10:11
inkchatbot<Moini> (i.e. devel mailing list, devel chat)Dec 04 10:11
tedgMoini, sounds like a good start then, see what happens.Dec 04 10:11
tedgMaybe a phase 1, 2, etc. type approach.Dec 04 10:11
tedgBut if it's a thing people like and brings energy, that's always good.Dec 04 10:11
inkchatbot<Moini> To those who express interest in development, else... I think we might get users asking for features instead of devs.Dec 04 10:11
inkchatbot<doctormo> Developer events are better, with meetings as a touch stone.Dec 04 10:12
tedgThat's a good point, might specify it as a "technical discussion" or some such.Dec 04 10:12
inkchatbot<doctormo> But more output isn't bad.Dec 04 10:12
bryceare there meeting summaries available?Dec 04 10:12
inkchatbot<Moini> Nope.Dec 04 10:12
inkchatbot<doctormo> No, it's ad-hoc, and in person so far.Dec 04 10:12
inkchatbot<Moini> Although, I think once Marc sent a summary email to the list.Dec 04 10:12
inkchatbot<Moini> But not sure.Dec 04 10:12
tedgAre they recorded? Could people watch them?Dec 04 10:13
inkchatbot<Moini> Nope again.Dec 04 10:13
tedgHmm, sounds like we're creating content but not leveraging it.Dec 04 10:13
inkchatbot<doctormo> It's a lot of work to leverage big blue button content elsewhere. Video editing and so on.Dec 04 10:14
inkchatbot<Tav> It wouldn't be really useful content.... more informal discussions.Dec 04 10:14
inkchatbot<Moini> (personally, I wouldn't think having them recorded is too useful)Dec 04 10:14
bryceok, anything else to report on development?  if not let's hit next topicDec 04 10:15
inkchatbot<Moini> A short summary coupled with an invitation for next time would seem better to me.Dec 04 10:15
tedgI don't think it'd need to be edited. Hell, half of YouTube has zero editing. But I think that if someone is "that sounds interesting, I wonder what happens there" might be useful.Dec 04 10:15
McI also don't think recording would be usefulDec 04 10:15
inkchatbot<doctormo> Invite them! Maybe we can do a 30 second "HELLO EVERYONE" video and keep it as that for an invite social media thing if vectors want it.Dec 04 10:16
tedgYeah, I think a summary would be fine. But I figured a recording would be easier.Dec 04 10:16
bryce'meeting' may incorrectly imply agendas and summaries and such, maybe a different term for the discussions would set expectations betterDec 04 10:16
bryceanyway, let's move onDec 04 10:16
tedg"Developer Social" :-)Dec 04 10:17
bryce### Community and developer development. (Tav) ###Dec 04 10:17
brycethe vote's been held, again no peep from SFC with guidance as of yetDec 04 10:17
inkchatbot<Tav> Haven't done much this month. I want to get somebody from each area to make a preliminary list of who should be included.Dec 04 10:17
inkchatbot<Tav> (Afraid to forget people.)Dec 04 10:18
tedgbryce: what do we need from SFC there?Dec 04 10:18
inkchatbot<Tav> Don't think we need any response from SFC as this just repeats what we've already done.Dec 04 10:18
inkchatbot<doctormo> It's just claim back right?Dec 04 10:18
brycetedg, we're not blocking on them but I was hoping to get their thumbs up on proceedure since as I understand it they'll be involved in doing the actual orders.  Just want to make sure that's still feasible on their end.Dec 04 10:18
inkchatbot<Moini> (are other umbrella orgs more responsive?...)Dec 04 10:20
tedgOh, I thought Tav was doing the orders.Dec 04 10:20
brycedoctormo, when we've done it before it was not just claim back for the book orders, I gave them the addresses and Bradley did the orders himselfDec 04 10:20
inkchatbot<Tav> I'm happy to do the ordering if required.Dec 04 10:20
brycethus why I wanted to doublecheck.  I don't actually expect any problems just maybe procedure tweaksDec 04 10:20
inkchatbot<doctormo> @ Moini  How would we answer that question?Dec 04 10:20
inkchatbot<Moini> Dunno, maybe someone knows someone who works in a different project.Dec 04 10:21
bryceI do know the answer to that from my time on board, and the answer is SFC is more responsive than SPIDec 04 10:21
brycereview recent board minutes as evidence... ;-)Dec 04 10:21
tedgX still exists? ;-)Dec 04 10:22
bryce*eyerolls at tedg*Dec 04 10:22
tedgOkay, but I think that Tav can still work on the lists no matter how it gets sent out.Dec 04 10:22
inkchatbot<Tav> xeyes roll...Dec 04 10:22
brycetav, ok anything else on developer/community ?Dec 04 10:22
inkchatbot<Tav> No....Dec 04 10:22
brycetedg yep, not a blockerDec 04 10:22
tedgTav, oh, that was bad.Dec 04 10:22
bryce### Vectors update (ryangorley or other rep) ###Dec 04 10:23
inkchatbot<doctormo> @ ryangorley Dec 04 10:23
bryceI haven't seen ryan since last month, if he's not around can another vectors team member fill in?Dec 04 10:23
inkchatbot<> Well, nothing much to say as far as I knowDec 04 10:23
inkchatbot<Moini> Meeting tomorrow, Michèle is working on the article for 1.0.1.Dec 04 10:24
inkchatbot<> Tim and I are gonna try some livestraming soonDec 04 10:24
inkchatbot<Moini> Tim and Chris ... yes.Dec 04 10:24
inkchatbot<> To the YouTube channelDec 04 10:24
bryceokDec 04 10:24
inkchatbot<Moini> We'll need to start with the next About Screen contest soon.Dec 04 10:24
inkchatbot<Moini> As far as I know.Dec 04 10:24
inkchatbot<Moini> (takes two months to do)Dec 04 10:25
tedgAh, cool. So a busy meeting tomorrow.Dec 04 10:25
inkchatbot<adam.belis>  and also maybe  welcome screen Dec 04 10:25
inkchatbot<Tav> 04 10:25
inkchatbot<Moini> Maybe, if they're not all in the UX meeting still ;-)Dec 04 10:25
inkchatbot<doctormo> Start about screen contest Jan 20th?Dec 04 10:26
inkchatbot<Moini> Let me check the agenda... I think I've written it there.Dec 04 10:26
tedgProbably not to decide a date in this meeting, but in the vectors meeting coming up with a date would be good.Dec 04 10:26
inkchatbot<Moini> Yep, the date is about right.Dec 04 10:27
inkchatbot<doctormo> We can discuss tomorrowDec 04 10:27
inkchatbot<Moini> And yep, we'll decide the concrete date in Vectors (hopefully).Dec 04 10:27
bryceok great, thanks Chris and MoiniDec 04 10:27
Mcnext vectors meeting is tomorrow, right ?Dec 04 10:28
inkchatbot<doctormo> YesDec 04 10:28
bryce### Board structure progress (ted) ###Dec 04 10:28
inkchatbot<doctormo> 04 10:28
tedgI haven't made much progress. But hoping to have time this month. Company closes down for the end of the year, and given COVID, not going anywhere...Dec 04 10:29
tedgSo, nothing to report.Dec 04 10:29
bryceokDec 04 10:29
bryce### Budget and Financial Report (ted) ###Dec 04 10:29
brycetedg think you mentioned earlier nothing to report here eitherDec 04 10:30
tedgI've sent a message after the last board meeting that was a "yes" but nothing since.Dec 04 10:30
tedgThis week I sent a "how about a dump for Friday" and didn't get a response there either.Dec 04 10:30
tedgSo I was planning to escallate, but it sounds like I should do that in the new year.Dec 04 10:30
bryceprobably wise, yeahDec 04 10:30
tedgApplying pressure to people who are already nervous rarely results in success.Dec 04 10:31
inkchatbot<doctormo> This is disapointing.Dec 04 10:31
brycewonder when the rebrand (or whatever they're busy with) will be completedDec 04 10:31
inkchatbot<adam.belis> is it just me or this organization does not seems to help us that muchDec 04 10:32
inkchatbot<doctormo> We lack clarity on why the SFC is unresponsive.Dec 04 10:32
bryceadam.belis they have actually helped us a ton, but a large amount of it is behind the scenes, e.g. legal workDec 04 10:33
tedgHonestly, they do a lot on the legal side of things, but the little back-and-forth things they're not as strong at.Dec 04 10:33
brycethere's also a bunch of hassle dealing with paypal matters with our donors that are essentially transparent to usDec 04 10:33
inkchatbot<doctormo> They are strong on law,Dec 04 10:34
bryceapparently fraudsters like to donate to us to check if stolen credit cards are valid, before reselling them.  I see the email complaints going back and forth but there's no action on our endDec 04 10:34
inkchatbot<adam.belis> ok i gues i have to trast you that this is more efecting that having layer on pay rollDec 04 10:34
brycethe only other alternative I'm aware of is SPI, which is a 100% volunteer organization, and as such is even less responsiveDec 04 10:35
inkchatbot<adam.belis> haveing freelance layer is nto an option ?Dec 04 10:36
inkchatbot<adam.belis> lawyerDec 04 10:36
bryceSFC has been doing a lot with the apple membership legal stuff.  The board members are CC'd on all of that but much as been confidential for obvious reasonsDec 04 10:37
tedgEverything is an option, but it is just super expensive.Dec 04 10:37
inkchatbot<doctormo> We should do it, expensive stuff is our bag!Dec 04 10:37
tedgAlso to maintain an org and non-profit status in the US is a total PITA with compliance stuff. Which we never see.Dec 04 10:37
tedg(which is why the SFC has some strange rules on spending money, they're mostly for compliance)Dec 04 10:38
Mcdo we have more donations from europe or from us ?Dec 04 10:38
inkchatbot<doctormo> We dont knowDec 04 10:38
bryceessentially what is going on is we're entering a legally binding contract with Apple for distribution of Inkscape on their platform.  SFC is the official organization signing the paperwork, so its legal work they have to doDec 04 10:39
tedgI think even if we had the financial data, we wouldn't know. We don't ask for an address.Dec 04 10:39
inkchatbot<doctormo> Can't distribute that kind of information.Dec 04 10:39
inkchatbot<Moini> Can people donate in Euro?Dec 04 10:40
bryceyesDec 04 10:40
tedgThough, while I have less experience with orgs in the EU, I can't imagine they're less paperwork ;-)Dec 04 10:40
inkchatbot<Moini> That would be an indicator.Dec 04 10:40
tedgNot sure, that would be interesting. I wonder who does the currency conversion.Dec 04 10:41
McI would guess paypalDec 04 10:41
brycemy sense from the ledger data is we get roughly similar donations from europe and the americasDec 04 10:42
bryceSFC does the currency conversion, and handles the associated feesDec 04 10:42
tedgAh, interesting.Dec 04 10:43
inkchatbot<SushantAA> if my MR is merged then Do I need to close issue ?Dec 04 10:43
bryceI don't know the precise details, but if you take Bradley out to lunch he would likely wax eloquently on all the exact details.  I know it's involved.Dec 04 10:43
Mc@SushantAA you canDec 04 10:43
inkchatbot<doctormo> Been in that lunchDec 04 10:43
bryceit's nice having a short meeting with extended time for other discussionDec 04 10:44
bryceany other questions or things to discuss or are we ready to close the meeting out?Dec 04 10:44
McI'm good I thinkDec 04 10:45
inkchatbot<doctormo> Thanks everyoneDec 04 10:46
brycealright, I'll get the meeting log posted this weekend (going to be busy rest of the day)Dec 04 10:46
inkchatbot<Moini> What's with the chat server credentials etc.? (not board related, but Bryce is here atm.)Dec 04 10:46
inkchatbot<Moini> And Marc too.Dec 04 10:46
tedgWe should vote to expense bryce taking Bradley out to lunch to get gossip for us ;-)Dec 04 10:46
inkchatbot<doctormo> I'm closer! Expense me! :-PDec 04 10:47
bryceMoini is your question more about status on upgrading the rocketchat instance?  We're waiting on recena for time availability.Dec 04 10:47
tedgdoctormo, Bradley moved to PortlandDec 04 10:47
inkchatbot<Moini> I don't think Recena knows we're waiting for him.Dec 04 10:47
brycehe doesDec 04 10:48
inkchatbot<Moini> It's the same status for at least a month now (I'd have to check)Dec 04 10:48
bryceyes that's correct, I check in every day or twoDec 04 10:48
inkchatbot<Moini> Don't just check, ping him!Dec 04 10:48
inkchatbot<Moini> He has probably forgotten.Dec 04 10:48
inkchatbot<doctormo> Oh well, I'm sure I heard that before too.Dec 04 10:48
inkchatbot<Moini> Or maybe a message was lost.Dec 04 10:49
bryceMoini he got it, you can see his response on the issue ticket.  But yes I can ping him again.Dec 04 10:49
inkchatbot<Moini> Thanks. And also, if you want him to change the mail server, tell him.Dec 04 10:50
inkchatbot<Moini> He's not going to do that on his own.Dec 04 10:50
bryceok, I'll stick around post meeting for a bit if there's anything elseDec 04 10:50
bryce## End of Meeting ##Dec 04 10:50
inkchatbot<Moini> (sorry, yes)Dec 04 10:50
inkchatbot<doctormo> Thank you to the people who came to the meeting social! It was nice to chat.Dec 04 10:50
inkchatbot<Tav>  See y'all!Dec 04 10:50
inkchatbot<Moini> (that was weird with knowing that there's a second channel that one would have to follow to be 'in')Dec 04 10:51
inkchatbot<doctormo> Nah we talked about cats, brexit and the weather.Dec 04 10:51
bryceMoini, 04 10:51
inkchatbot<Moini> Thank you, Bryce! Dec 04 10:52
inkchatbot<Moini> (I see it was just two weeks, my feeling for time was a bit off...)Dec 04 10:52
inkchatbot<ScislaC> Thanks everyone!Dec 04 10:52
inkchatbot<Moini> Bryce, can you set yourself a deadline please, for how long you will wait for Manuel?Dec 04 10:53
inkchatbot<Moini> And after that, pass the task to someone else?Dec 04 10:54
inkchatbot<Moini> It's taking much too long.Dec 04 10:54
bryceMoini, alrightDec 04 10:54
inkchatbot<Moini> Thanks!Dec 04 10:55
inkchatbot<Moini> (and not 'waiting for a reply that says that he's got no time' but 'waiting for when the process is at least started'.)Dec 04 10:55
inkchatbot<Moini> And tell Manuel about that time.Dec 04 10:55
inkchatbot<Moini> Sorry for the command tone, but this is just... strange.Dec 04 10:56
inkchatbot<Moini> Btw. Marc has already run a test run, installing a new instance, all he'd have needed to try if it works would have been a db dump, as far as I know.Dec 04 10:58
bryceno, it also needs coordination to have an outage on the current server, then a repoint of the virtual ip for the host.  If it was just installing the instance, well anyone can do thatDec 04 10:59
inkchatbot<Moini> Sure, that's why he asked for credentials, which seemed impossible?Dec 04 10:59
brycealso the configuration needs set in ansible, which recena is knowledgeable inDec 04 10:59
Mc"needs to" ?Dec 04 11:00
bryceneeds to what?Dec 04 11:01
inkchatbot<Moini> If we're not using that, it's kind of useless... Having it just for the sake of having it and complicating matters doesn't make too much sense. Would there be anyone available to use it to actually do a restoration if that were needed?Dec 04 11:01
inkchatbot<Moini> I mean, in time.Dec 04 11:01
bryceI feel you need me to apologize for something?Dec 04 11:01
inkchatbot<Moini> No, I just want to make sure that this server update happens before next year this time.Dec 04 11:02
inkchatbot<Moini> I don't have high hopes for it.Dec 04 11:02
inkchatbot<Moini> Both you and Manuel are busy, someone else offers to do it, there's a security issue, people can't connect anymore.Dec 04 11:03
inkchatbot<Moini> What would be the logical solution?Dec 04 11:03
inkchatbot<oliverthered> This is what my binary grid looks like in two dimensions scanning a bitmap for horizontal and vertical white space. I hope you can see how it would be useful for things like identifying clipping and dirty regions in the Inkscape rendering pipeline.Dec 04 11:03
bryceI sense you're really frustrated...  I'm not sure why though, this effort isn't impossible to complete, it's just that the folks involved are busy.  But in my mind seems better it's done properly without error than that it's done speedily.  Have I misunderstood something?Dec 04 11:03
inkchatbot<Moini> I think the issue is lingering for too long and we should have started looking into alternative solutions earlier.Dec 04 11:04
inkchatbot<Moini> So I'm hoping we'll be able to speed it up now.Dec 04 11:04
inkchatbot<Moini> I don't want to have to be the one who kicks people's behinds. But yes, this is frustrating.Dec 04 11:05
inkchatbot<Moini> Three months to not make a move on updating a server with a security hole.Dec 04 11:06
brycethat's incorrect to say there was no moveDec 04 11:06
inkchatbot<Moini> No move on actually doing it.Dec 04 11:07
brycethat's not true thoughDec 04 11:07
inkchatbot<Moini> Okay?Dec 04 11:07
brycerecena did a test implementation.  I provisioned a machine for recena to deploy to, and gave Mc login access to it as requested.  Mc jumped the gun a bit and did a ½ deployment, and when recena started working on the machine found it was partly installed and so had to start over, but unfortunately I was unavailable that weekend.  I re-provisioned a new system but recena has been tied up since.Dec 04 11:09
bryceyou can see this discussed in the bug reportDec 04 11:09
Mcit was fully installed and functionalDec 04 11:09
Mcjust not with "ansible"Dec 04 11:10
bryceMc, you did it without coordinating with anyone or getting permission to set it up, and you did not have the production databaseDec 04 11:10
Mcnot because I did not ask ;)Dec 04 11:10
bryceMc, I added you as administrative backup, not so you would take overDec 04 11:10
inkchatbot<Moini> (personally, I don't care who does it, as long as it's done, it's urgent)Dec 04 11:11
bryceMc, if you want to just do everything yourself I am fine to just turn it ALL over to youDec 04 11:11
inkchatbot<Moini> If someone wants to put in ansible or not afterwards - great.Dec 04 11:11
tedgIt really needs to be in configuration management from the start.Dec 04 11:11
tedgYou don't really want any service hand done.Dec 04 11:12
inkchatbot<Moini> It hasn't been updated since February 2019.Dec 04 11:12
inkchatbot<Moini> I don't think anyone really made use of Ansible.Dec 04 11:12
brycethat's not trueDec 04 11:12
bryceughDec 04 11:12
inkchatbot<Moini> At least that's the date that's shown in the Admin interface.Dec 04 11:13
brycecorrect, because we evaluated it some months ago and determined the system needed a full upgrade not just patchingDec 04 11:13
inkchatbot<doctormo> Be careful not to delete this instance too quickly, we want to backup Jabier's scripts and see what functionality we can keep in the new version.Dec 04 11:14
inkchatbot<Moini> So, what is the deadline for finishing the process we're going to set ourselves?Dec 04 11:14
inkchatbot<Moini> Before we do it the hacky way.Dec 04 11:15
inkchatbot<Moini> What would be realistic?Dec 04 11:16
inkchatbot<Moini> January 1st? (just to throw something in)Dec 04 11:16
tedgI'm shocked at how expensive it is, but perhaps a different approach would be to use RocketChat's SaaS offering. 04 11:16
inkchatbot<Moini> Yes, that's quite a bit too much.Dec 04 11:18
inkchatbot<Moini> Paying for every user who comes in to get support would be paying twice.Dec 04 11:18
inkchatbot<doctormo> We also may need functionality from our own instance (see above)Dec 04 11:18
inkchatbot<Moini> Yes.Dec 04 11:19
inkchatbot<Moini> Bryce, do you have an idea for an appropriate target date?Dec 04 11:20
inkchatbot<Moini> You probably know best what is achievable.Dec 04 11:20
tedgWell, it supports apps and integrations (10). But yeah, the pricing per-user is a bit uhg.Dec 04 11:21
tedgWonder if they'd negotiate.Dec 04 11:22
inkchatbot<Moini> (or sponsor)Dec 04 11:22
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> think I have a backup of scripts in chat-utils but need to double check is updatedDec 04 11:22
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> repoDec 04 11:23
inkchatbot<doctormo> Thanks @ jabiertxof  :-DDec 04 11:23
inkchatbot<Moini> But that would be making us depend on the goodwill of two orgs rather than one... Anyway, that part is for the board to decide. I only want a solution for a timely update.Dec 04 11:23
inkchatbot<Moini> (and a timeframe for it)Dec 04 11:23
inkchatbot<doctormo> I'm surprised this issue is still outstanding after all these many months. :play_pause: Dec 04 11:25
bryceMoini, I have added to the issue as you've requested.Dec 04 11:34
inkchatbot<Moini> Thank you, that's going to help us know when it's time to change track.Dec 04 11:34
bryceMoini, I can't speak to recena's schedule or make commitments on his behalf, but if it makes you feel better if it is not finished by Jan 1st I can offer my resignation from the project.Dec 04 11:34
inkchatbot<Moini> That doesn't have anything to do with a chat server update. I do not want you to resign.Dec 04 11:35
inkchatbot<Moini> Just an up-to-date server that doesn't expose me to malicious javascript by arbitrary users.Dec 04 11:35
inkchatbot<Moini> The only reason to ask for a resignation (is that the correct word?) would be if I didn't trust you.Dec 04 11:39
inkchatbot<Moini> I do trust you. I find your management of responsiblities and time could be better, which is achievable, and not a reason to leave.Dec 04 11:41
inkchatbot<Moini> Hence the pushing for a timeline, if nobody else does it.Dec 04 11:42
tedgHmm, would anyone come to a board meeting Jan 1 or should I just bump it in the wiki to the 8th?Dec 04 12:23

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