Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2021-01-08

tedgBoard meeting in an hour. Be here. Oh, you are already. 😉Jan 08 09:00
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> @ here  ^^Jan 08 09:03
inkchatbot<doctormo> HelloJan 08 09:57
Mchi allJan 08 09:58
*bryce wavesJan 08 09:58
inkchatbot<RdH> board meeting... do you remember this? 08 09:59
bryce= Inkscape Board Meeting =Jan 08 10:00
brycehi allJan 08 10:00
bryce== Agenda ==Jan 08 10:00
inkchatbot<doctormo> Hello bryceJan 08 10:00
inkchatbot<Tav> Hi!Jan 08 10:00
bryce    Apple developer membership status update (bryce / Rhd)Jan 08 10:00
bryce    Developer meeting update (Mc / Tav)Jan 08 10:00
bryce        Release schedule for 1.1Jan 08 10:00
bryce    Community and developer development. (Tav)Jan 08 10:00
bryce    Vectors update (ryangorley)Jan 08 10:00
bryce    Board structure progress (ted)Jan 08 10:00
bryce    Budget and Financial Report (ted)Jan 08 10:00
bryce== Apple developer membership status update (bryce / Rhd) ==Jan 08 10:01
bryce@RdH I've not heard anything from SFC this past month, have you?Jan 08 10:01
tedgHowdy, wow. I lost track of time and I'm the one who sent the reminder 😊Jan 08 10:01
inkchatbot<RdH> No. From my end, I'm taking care of making the 1.1 GLPv2 compatible (downgrading libgsl, remove Ghostscript and that stuff)Jan 08 10:02
inkchatbot<doctormo> @ryangorleyJan 08 10:02
bryceRdH if you don't hear back from them within a couple weeks, can you send a ping to the most recent thread with them?Jan 08 10:03
inkchatbot<RdH> Ok. I'll make myself a reminder for end of this month.Jan 08 10:03
inkchatbot<doctormo> What's the weekly delay on a resonse (minus christmas period time)?Jan 08 10:03
bryceit seems to vary all of the mapJan 08 10:04
bryce== Developer meeting update (Mc / Tav) ==Jan 08 10:04
bryceMc, @Tav how are things going?Jan 08 10:04
inkchatbot<Tav> Still going strong...Jan 08 10:04
Mclots of work today :)Jan 08 10:05
inkchatbot<pink24> yep it isJan 08 10:05
inkchatbot<doctormo> Good meeting this weekJan 08 10:05
Mcstill have to try a few stuff with my peertube v3 instanceJan 08 10:05
inkchatbot<Tav> Last meeting focused on 1.0.2.Jan 08 10:06
inkchatbot<pink24> well..Jan 08 10:06
inkchatbot<Tav> Also getting people to commit to fix blockers for 1.1.Jan 08 10:07
tedgAre we looking at hosting videos?Jan 08 10:07
Mcwe'll release 1.0.2 and 1.1-alpha quite soonJan 08 10:07
brycecoolJan 08 10:07
bryceok anything else to discuss on development?Jan 08 10:07
Mcalso lib2geom 1.1Jan 08 10:07
tedgI guess I'd just like to say I don't think it'd be a good idea for us to host our own peertube server.Jan 08 10:08
bryceMc will that have some licensing fixups per libgsl etc.?Jan 08 10:08
tedg(not sure if that's what you're implying there)Jan 08 10:08
Mctedg: nah, it's for my work, not for Inkscape ^^Jan 08 10:08
tedgAh, cool. I think that it might be a good idea for us to have one though. But there are really reasonable hosting companies that'd do it for us.Jan 08 10:09
tedgI'd rather pay them.Jan 08 10:09
tedgI think it'd be reasonable considering the issues Blender has had.Jan 08 10:09
Mcbryce: no, it's mostly because of api changes and stuff we'll have in 1.1Jan 08 10:09
inkchatbot<doctormo> Agreed, a peertube service from a company would be a nice addition to our infrastructure set.Jan 08 10:09
tedgAnd they just added streaming.Jan 08 10:10
Mcwe could probably try to share an instance with other free software projectsJan 08 10:11
tedgThese are the guys that do 08 10:11
brycetedg, perhaps you can do some research and add an item for next board agenda to report findings?Jan 08 10:12
Mc(krita, gimp come to mind, I know blender has its own server)Jan 08 10:12
bryce(and coordinate with others wanting to help with research)Jan 08 10:12
tedgSure, I don't think we could host anything cheaper than a company that does it.Jan 08 10:12
inkchatbot<doctormo> You might want to get into the video hosting researchJan 08 10:13
tedg(and effectively shares between tennants)Jan 08 10:13
bryceok thanks.  Moving on...Jan 08 10:13
bryce== Community and developer development. (Tav) ==Jan 08 10:13
bryceTav, have updates for us?  IIRC we're still blocked on SFC for guidance?Jan 08 10:13
inkchatbot<Tav> No update...Jan 08 10:13
inkchatbot<Moini> Sorry, I'm late. On Mastodon, someone invited us to their Peertube instance.Jan 08 10:13
tedg@Moini, cool, can you point me to that toot?Jan 08 10:14
bryceTav ok thanksJan 08 10:14
inkchatbot<jabiertxof> <offtopic> is wanted have rocketchat svg blocked for uploads? because security of JS inside? Or i can enable safely?</offtopic>Jan 08 10:14
inkchatbot<Moini> (on it, searching)Jan 08 10:14
inkchatbot<Moini> tedg: 08 10:15
bryce@jabiertxof, discuss with McJan 08 10:15
tedg@jabiertxof I think that Wikipedia has a tool that strips the JS?Jan 08 10:15
tedg@Moini, thanks!Jan 08 10:15
bryce== Vectors update (ryangorley) ==Jan 08 10:16
bryce@ryangorley or other from Vectors' team, want to give an update for us?Jan 08 10:16
inkchatbot<Moini> It's rather quiet in Vectors currently, but we have volunteers for the About Screen contest, and I'm trying to gather a small team to staff a booth at the virtual Chemnitzer Linuxtage.Jan 08 10:17
inkchatbot<> I'm also here, sorry. I should have said something. lolJan 08 10:17
inkchatbot<Moini> Hello :)Jan 08 10:17
inkchatbot<Moini> Ian from docs has volunteered, and myself, but having more would be nice, it's two days.Jan 08 10:17
inkchatbot<Moini> 1.0.2 release planning will be done in tomorrow's meeting.Jan 08 10:18
inkchatbot<Moini> (and 1.1 alpha)Jan 08 10:18
bryceok thanks, hope you all had good holidays :-)Jan 08 10:19
inkchatbot<doctormo> Was fun, too much food.Jan 08 10:19
inkchatbot<Moini> Meeting is tomorrow, anyone who would like to join us is invited :)*inkscape-vectors/calendar/Jan 08 10:19
bryce== Board structure progress (ted) ==Jan 08 10:19
brycetedg, how's the status?Jan 08 10:20
tedgNot a lot of progress, they closed the Starbucks (COVID) near hockey practice so I've lost my time that I was planning to work on that.Jan 08 10:20
brycehahJan 08 10:20
tedgSo I'm going to try to make more time for it, but I didn't get the time I expected.Jan 08 10:20
bryceokJan 08 10:20
inkchatbot<doctormo> tedg: do you need help?Jan 08 10:20
inkchatbot<> We should vote on coffee delivery funding for Ted.Jan 08 10:21
inkchatbot<> All in favour? +1Jan 08 10:21
tedgI don't know of anything I can ask someone to do. It's just work. Assigning would take as long as doing it.Jan 08 10:21
inkchatbot<Moini> Wasn't it more the sheltered wifi?Jan 08 10:21
tedgHeh, need a table more than the coffee.Jan 08 10:21
tedg(don't even need Wifi really)Jan 08 10:21
inkchatbot<doctormo> tedg: If you get stuck, time or otherwise, let me know.Jan 08 10:21
tedgConsidering buying a folding table though. All the inside places being closed makes sense, but it doesn't work they way that is easiest for me.Jan 08 10:22
tedg@doctormo, thanks, will do!Jan 08 10:22
inkchatbot<> Do you have a good chair Ted?Jan 08 10:22
tedgHeh, the problem is that my son is a goalie. So I have limited space in my trunk when taking him to practice 😉Jan 08 10:23
brycegood luck tedg :-)Jan 08 10:24
bryce== Budget and Financial Report (ted) ==Jan 08 10:24
inkchatbot<> I frequently had to use the train as an office . I invented a foldable lapboard for it.Jan 08 10:24
inkchatbot<doctormo> I opened up my shed for that, blnkets helped.Jan 08 10:24
tedgSame as last month. I'm going to reach out on Monday. I hope to make more progress now that it is January.Jan 08 10:24
inkchatbot<> If you send me the size of your laptop, Ted, I'll make you one..Jan 08 10:24
brycesounds goodJan 08 10:24
inkchatbot<> Even has room for your coffee.Jan 08 10:25
tedgI have a small laptop, but the problem is my lap is too small (that holiday problem @doctormo was talking about)Jan 08 10:25
tedgAnyway, I'll figure it out. I just had allocated a set of time with a plan and it got thrown in a loop. I guess that's 2020-2021 for everyone.Jan 08 10:26
inkchatbot<> Yes, that's the problem I was trying to solve with the foldable lapboard.Jan 08 10:26
inkchatbot<doctormo> The the Christmas clause cause.Jan 08 10:26
inkchatbot<> It folds up to the size of your laptop, and folds out to twice that size.Jan 08 10:26
bryce== Other Business ==Jan 08 10:27 do you have pics? I have access to a laser cutter...Jan 08 10:27
bryceok other items?Jan 08 10:27
inkchatbot<> so you can toss it in a bag with your laptop.Jan 08 10:27
bryceI have one itemJan 08 10:28
bryceIt's hard to believe it's been 20 years since Inkscape started.Jan 08 10:28
bryceI never thought I'd see the day we'd hit 1.0 and am proud we did.Jan 08 10:28
bryceThe project's administrative needs have increased over the years,Jan 08 10:28
bryceyet unfortunately I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find freetime to handle them,Jan 08 10:28
bryceparticularly so this past year.Jan 08 10:28
bryceIt's best for the project that I retire from my role on the board, so others with more energy can carry things forward towards 2.0.Jan 08 10:28
inkchatbot<doctormo> When's the 20 year day?Jan 08 10:29
bryceTherefore, I am officially retiring from the Inkscape Board, along with all other administrative and coordination duties, effective this month.Jan 08 10:29
bryceThe Inkscape project as a whole can elect a new board member to replace me according to the normal process, and the Inkscape board can then elect a new Chairperson from their ranks.Jan 08 10:29
inkchatbot<> I'll take a short video for you @tedJan 08 10:29
tedgWhile that makes me sad I want to say thank you bryce, you've done and immessurable amount of good for the project with your work there.Jan 08 10:29
bryceI've given credential access to a number of administrative services already, to board members or involved community members.Jan 08 10:29
inkchatbot<Tav> Bryce, you'll be truly missed!Jan 08 10:30
bryceThere are one or two other things (e.g. DNS) still to be done, and probably unknown others I'll tackle as they come up.Jan 08 10:30
bryceThank you all for working with me the past two decades to make Inkscape awesome, and I look forward to watching you make it even more awesome in the decades to come.Jan 08 10:30
Mcthank you for all the time spent on Inkscape, bryce !Jan 08 10:30
inkchatbot<> Hope we will still see you around, @bryceJan 08 10:30
tedgI hope you'll be able to come to some board meetings still, as your institutional knowledge is very valuable as well.Jan 08 10:30
inkchatbot<> Even just to have fun. :)Jan 08 10:31
inkchatbot<doctormo> I want to thank bryce for your years of service to the project, and to the free software community as a whole.Jan 08 10:31
tedgSo I guess the business item is we need folks to run an election.Jan 08 10:32
brycethanks all, I'll take care of the meeting minutes for today, someone else will need to handle them going forward.Jan 08 10:32
inkchatbot<doctormo> I'll add setting up an election to my todo list tedg.Jan 08 10:32
inkchatbot<Moini> Bryce, I'm sad :( , but I'm also thankful for all you've done to help the project. It was good to know that you're there. Don't know if someone can replace that. Will you stick around?Jan 08 10:32
tedgGreat, thanks @doctormoJan 08 10:33
tedgIf you have questions I think @Moini probably knows more, but I'm also familiar with the dates and process and all that.Jan 08 10:34
tedgHappy to help out.Jan 08 10:34
inkchatbot<doctormo> Great. There's the contact listing, and the website does most of the structural stuff, so should be good.Jan 08 10:35
inkchatbot<doctormo> @ Moini  Let me know if you'd like to co-do the item.Jan 08 10:35
bryceok, good luck with the election, if there's no other new items I'll close out the meeting.Jan 08 10:36
bryce= End of Meeting =Jan 08 10:36

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