Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2021-02-05

tedgHowdy folks!
====== BOARD MEETING ======
First up, is anyone using IRC that can do meeting logs with bryce's scripts?
tedgWe need to get minutes up, but I'm not sure how to do that exactly.18:02
doctormoDid we choose a secretary position? That should be a defined job right?18:02
tedg\u0001ACTION sent a long message:  < >\u0001
Agenda ^
No, we didn't. I've kinda done it on and off, but bryce was still doing the minutes.
Mctedg: we got \18:03
doctormoSo did we n rocket chat18:04
tedgI found something that'll download the matrix logs, but I haven't played with it.18:04
RdH(but the link works)18:04
tedgGuess I'm gonna have to prioritize that.
Oh, interesting. I didn't know that Matrix did that.
K, I'll take figuring out minutes as an action.
Tav============ Board Meeting ===============18:05
tedgdoctormo, follow links18:05
TavHi all, oops missed the first \18:05
doctormoHi all18:06
doctormoWe had a request from Vecteezy about sponsoring us, but they were super pushy about follow links18:06
doctormoThey also asked about getting development priorities, but I batted that away since we can't do development for money under the 503c18:07
tedgYeah, we had talked about getting a list of consultants for that at some point, did that go anywhere?
(I think it got lost in details)?
doctormoThey were asking about the $10k sponsorship for the footer, and the $5k sponsorship for the front page, wanting to know if $10k came with both, or just one (it's just one)18:08
TavRemind me what a \18:08
doctormo(let's table the consultants discussion, it's interesting but aside I think)18:08
tedgFor the follow links. My concern is that we were getting people who didn't care about Inkscape but just wanted the follow links.18:08
doctormoSo the idea of a follow link, is that search engines will see you linking to another website and rank that website higher. A nofollow property indicates to search engines that they don't need to follow the link and don't count it towards their search index.18:09
tedgIt seems like the Vecteezy folks probably use Inkscape -- and thus aren't in that category.18:09
Mc@Tav basically a nofollow link is a link where we tell search engine crawlers \18:09
doctormoThey do use Inkscape for sure, I'm fairly certain that I'm also discussing things with their marketing department who are trying to squeeze as much out of us as possible.18:10
Tav@Mc @doctormo Ah, thanks for reminding me...18:10
tedgI'm curious if we could say \18:10
McInkscape has a huge alexa rank so any organic link (without a nofollow) will increase pagerank of linked entity by some18:10
doctormoSo, a link from our front page isn't so much. But one of our things is the footer link, which for $10k means hundreds of follow links (if it was a follow link)18:11
doctormoBecause every single page would link to their website.18:11
NPJ2000Only $10K ?18:11
adam.belisthats a pretty good deal for them :D18:11
doctormoMy proposal is that we remove that from our sponsorship at the 10k level, it's probably not what we want.18:11
tedgHaha, yes, perhaps we're being too cheap.18:12
McYeah I don't think follow link from the footer would be a good idea, but if there is a blogpost about the sponsor it will have a follow link18:12
tedgThat's a good point, I like that.18:12
doctormoFor context, Red Hat just gave us $20k, no footer link.18:12
doctormoSo $10k does give then two news articles, which can include links18:12
Mcfooter link = enough to pay for a swe for a year :p18:13
doctormo(6 months apart)18:13
NPJ2000They should still be listed on a sponsors/contributors page, yes?18:13
doctormo@NPJ2000 Yes, they would go where RedHat is already on that page18:13
Tav(Speaking of which, do we have know our balance?)18:13
Mcyes, I don't mind about links there either, they can be follow18:13
tedgI think that's an interesting point Mc, perhaps instead of removing we need to push up the levels.18:13
doctormoNo, SFC won't say yet.18:13
TavTwo prices, one with a follow link, one without. Require follow links to somehow relate to Inkscape's mission.18:14
tedgOkay, so doctormo can you write something up the list so we can get an official vote on it?18:15
doctormoTo be voted: removal of the foot link reward.18:15
doctormoOr, increasing the sponsorship amount for the follow link footer?18:15
tedgI'd say let's do it in two steps. Remove the footer, that'll go quick.
Then let's do another about rejigging the award levels.
McI don't think we should (ever) propose follow links for the footer18:17
doctormoOK, can we vote here and now on the footer? I think we can just get rid of it easier and we can do a mailing list vote/discussion for the levels18:17
tedgWe don't technically have a way to vote in meetings.18:18
Mcbut follow links in blogposts and sponsors page, sure18:18
TavWe're also missing two board members.18:18
doctormotedg: charter restriction?18:18
tedgBesides my mail client being messed up, I think it'll go quickly. I can do an ugly reply from my phone.
@doctormo, yes
A little worried about time, even though I was flippant, we ended up with a long agenda.
Tav, can you talk to the GSoC item?
Tav----- GSoC -----18:20
Mc@Tav do you want to do the registration or should I do it (we have 2 weeks left)18:20
Tav@Mc Either way.18:21
TavI've updated the page a bit but some work still needs to be done.18:21
Mcoh, btw
Community application for Outreachy is open until March 1st
Mc(for the summer period)18:22
adam.belisjust repeting that this is popuar feature request18:22
tedgTav, Mc, are you gonna be our admins this year?18:22
McI guess so18:22
RdH@adam.belis just FYI: even Affinity doesn't have that. It's also a popular request there.18:23
RdH(and they are really going for the Adobe crowd)18:23
tedgCool, thanks Tav and Mc. Do we need any board actions there?18:23
Mcshould I go for the outreachy registration, following the vote from last october ?18:24
TavI don't think so.18:24
Tav@Mc Yes.18:24
tedgMc, yes!18:25
Mc(since that one does involve money (but probably easy to handle, all within sfc))18:25
tedg@ryangorley, can we add a action for the vectors meeting to start looking at promoting for applicants?18:25
tedgCool, next up I have the discussion on who can vote in elections.
I didn't see anything on the mailing list.
Has there been any discussion there?
ryangorleyWhat's Google's deadline btw?18:26
Tav-------- Election ---------18:26
TavI don't recall seeing any discussion.18:26
ryangorley(nm, I see 2 weeks. I'll figure it out)18:26
tedg@ryangorley, we have to apply first, so not technically until we're accepted.18:27
ryangorleyAh okay.18:27
ryangorleyI'll ping you aside from the meeting.18:27
tedgWas there any discussion in Vectors about what would constitute a contribution?18:27
McWe did not get a reply from SFC, and I forget to send a reminder18:28
ryangorleyEh, no. I'll add that to discussion.18:28
Mc(they are probably busy preparing for FOSDEM this weekend though, big time for talks)18:28
tedgOkay, I'm personally less worried about how we modify the charter than what we want to modify it too. One feels like a long discussion and the other feels like buerocracy.
(so many typos)
Mcsure :)18:29
tedgOkay, so I think the thing we need to decide now is whether we want to set dates for an election now. Or whether we want to wait until that is complete.
We tabled the dates based on that last month.
TavI'm wondering if there are any others who'll want to step aside.18:30
doctormoEmail sent to board list for vote.18:31
tedgTav, that's interesting, but orthogonal
Tav, perhaps reach out to some folks?
Does anyone want to do an election right now, or do folks want to wait?
doctormoI have an infrastructure meeting in two weeks, a similar dedicated meeting can and should be organised on big blue button for this18:33
tedgPersonally, I'd like to use this to push and figure out this contributor voting thing. We've put it off for... forever... and I'd like to see us do it.18:33
doctormoI agree, tedg, would you be willing to come to a video meeting to hash it out?18:33
TavI think input from Vectors is vital.18:34
doctormoVery agree.18:34
tedgYup, I don't think we can hash it out in an hour...
If we had a kernel of what we want to do, I think we could hash out the text. But that's slightly different.
doctormoOK, would 3 weeks from now be good for everyone? does anyone have any date preferences?18:35
doctormo@ryangorley @Moini @michele @adam.belis @nathanal you guys should attend too if you can, as this is about your team's voting rights too.18:36
TavAny time works for me.18:36
doctormoOK, I'll add a tentative date to the calendar, can anyone message me if the time set is not good for them and we'll try and get something good for everyone.18:37
ryangorleyI can't do Sundays, but any other day is typically okay.18:38
ryangorleyWe usually have Vectors meetings Saturday morning (US)/evening(EU)18:38
ryangorleyWhich usually works for people.18:38
tedgK, I think that's gotten as far as it can here.
Let's move to the next item.
Is there anything we need to talk about WRT the Apple thing?
There was some mailing list traffic, but I think that's moving along.
I wanted to reply to bkuhn about the 1.1 release plans to see if we can get it done by then?
RdHThe SFC has agreed that we've made enough progress to finally process my reimbursement request - yay! I'll tell you once I actually got the money.18:39
Tav------ Apple Devloper  ------18:40
tedgWhat do folks think? Just let it go on its way, or try for 1.1?18:40
McI think we can just let it follow its course18:40
RdHI actually have more to say, but I was reminded to keep things confidential and I fear we've grown a bit careless during the last meeting. But I think most of it is in the mails - you do get the inkscape-at-sfconservancy, right?18:40
doctormoCalendar entry for charter/voter discussion:
tedg@RdH, yes, I think everyone in the board does.
I don't know, I guess I was feeling it was more \
RdHThese meetings here are in the public and also logged, so that's my primary concern.18:42
tedgYeah, but we have more issue getting people to come rather than having too many people reading them 🤣18:43
RdHWell... yeah18:43
RdHOk. If you read the mails, this info will suffice: SFC will be doing what Gnome does.18:43
RdHAnd I'm in contact with their legal counsel to sort out some details.18:44
tedgCool, thank you for taking this on @RdH, it has been more than I think anyone expected.
But I think it'll be great for our users when it is all said and done.
Next up, dev meeting update. Tav, Mc ?
RdHOnce this is done, we will have new option to discuss: focus more on mac development because we want to go after that App Store revenue stream. (And current Inkscape is not good enough for that.)18:45
doctormoGreat for our users, grate for our developers :-D18:46
Mcyep, mostly tech discussions about stuff going on codewise18:46
doctormoI was at the dev meeting, it was good.18:46
doctormoMostly looking after the issue blockers list for 1.118:47
TavSorry to have missed the last developers meeting... (family obligations).18:47
tedgSounds good, thanks for the updates!18:47
Tav------ Developer's Meeting ------18:48
tedgNext up: Community and Developer Development, Tav18:48
Tav------ Community Development ------18:48
TavNothing to add...18:48
We can leave that as an ongoing program.
Have we identified some books to send out?
(should I change the agenda to something more specific like \
TavThere is a preliminary list but the big thing is to come up with a list of those eligible.18:50
tedgOkay, do we have some, can we send to those folks we've identified?18:51
tedg@ryangorley, can you identify some vectors people that we could send books to?
Mc, any new contributors showing up to dev meetings?
TavNot to pile on Vectors, but maybe they can propose a criteria for eligibility and a list of people.18:53
Mctedg: yes, mike K :)18:54
tedgYeah, I'd like to see some non-dev people get recognition18:54
Mche started to help fix a few stuff, quite efficiently18:55
ryangorleyI'm not sure what books this is referring too...18:55
ryangorleyIs this your book Tav?18:55
Tav@ryangorley Have a look at the link above. It's any book that might of help to someone in moving the Inkscape community forward.18:55
tedg@ryangorley, we've had a program in the past that we've been trying to reboot where we sent useful books as a thank you for contributing. Ideally something that is helpful to what they do but also a thank you.18:55
tedgIn the past, it has been mostly developers (all?) that have gotten technical books.18:56
McI need a book \18:56
tedgMc, you may have to write that one. 😉18:56
Tav@Mc You'll probably have to write that book yourself.18:56
ryangorleyI'm sure some Vectors people could benefit. Would be a nice gesture for sure18:57
tedgOkay, so 3 minutes... @ryangorley tell us what Vectors have been up to!
(I'll mention on my action items that I'm making progress, but not complete and harassing the SFC, no tangible results. Gonna be more annoying)
Tav@tedg We definitely need a financial report. It's getting to the point of ridiculousness.18:59
RdHMc: the book you're looking for is probably the bible. You just have to interpret it right... :D18:59
tedgTav, I agree. I've started escillating it.18:59
ryangorleySomeone else could probably better answer since I've been a bit aloof this month with work. Mostly getting About Screen contest submissions. We're also going to have a virtual booth at a Linux conference in Germany next month.19:00
ryangorleyCredit goes to Maren, Michelle, and others for these.19:00
tedgAwesome, thanks to Maren and Michelle!
I saw several social media posts about both.
Does Maren still need presenters?
ryangorleyShe'd probably be happy for more19:02
tedgK, I'll see if I can convince some folks at my local Makerspace to get involved.
Wow, okay. So Tav was right and we had a lot more to talk about than I thought!
Board members make sure to reply to doctormo's email so he can get that moving.
We're not THAT LATE, thank you everyone.
===== END OF MEETING =====
(oh, and the chat about voting, check that date)

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