Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2021-03-05

Tav=========== Board Meeting =============18:02
tedgHowdy folks!18:02
tedgOkay, first up we've got voting member changes. We had a BBB meeting about that.18:03
tedgI was tasked with doing a write-up, it is now in a vectors content issue for feedback.
Would love it if folks would take time to read up there.
Mclink ?
tedgCut-and-paste is hard πŸ˜‰
So that is \
Tavretired -> inactive18:04
doctormo@RdH ^^18:05
RdHThe reimbursement happened, so I'm good. Other activities are ongoing.18:05
tedg@Tav, I'm fine with that, felt a little awkward when I was writing though.
Great, thanks RdH!
doctormotedg: would you like a collective writing event or just back and forth in the shared document?18:06
tedgNext up I grouped Student Programs together for Outreaching and GSoC, does that make sense?
doctormon: edits in the doc or comments on the issue I think would be best.
TavCould use an introduction before the history section.18:07
doctormoI think it's a good news article tbh, vectors will know what to do with it.18:08
doctormo@ryangorley Can you add it to your agenda for tomorrow please?18:08
doctormoOutreachy is progressing, we have two proposals (mine and tavs) and we have an extension of time thanks to Google.18:08
doctormoGSoC, no data. Is anyone working on our GSoC this year?18:09
Mcwe applied and we'll know in a few days the result18:09
tedgOkay, so it seems not much to discuss here. Probably next month will be more hot there.
Dev meeting update
doctormoWe'll know for sure on Outreachy as we have to stamp our proposals by the 11th18:10
tedgMc: any dev meeting news?18:11
Mcas for the doc, the two peers seems like a big change, as the current process equivalent would be \18:12
TavWe had a group from a Swedish university at the developer's meeting yesterday. They are studying how Inkscape's code is structured.18:13
TavWe might even get some useful documentation out of it!18:13
McI'm also not sure what the goal of the doc is, is it a list of points to make to SFC ? (I'm not sure we need any argumentation ?) or is it for a website post on the change ?18:13
doctormoThe way we discussed was that teams could make their own internal rules, but the base rules would be two peers to give it the most amount of flexibility.18:14
tedg@Tav, nice! Is there something we should pass along to Vectors there?18:14
doctormoThe point Mc is to have a drafted set of rules we will ask the SFC for.18:14
doctormotedg: Vector's have met the university folks, things will happen for sure there.18:15
tedgWe're not \18:15
doctormo*yes that* of course.18:15
tedgThe goal was to start to socialize and discuss the changes before writing \18:16
doctormoMc: Is that OK, or Aye-OK or Aa-Kay?18:17
Mcok + typo18:18
tedgDo we need to do any clean-ups to our architecture before we let the students in Sweden look at it? 🀣18:18
too late
tedgOkay, any 1.1 issues/updates/whatever18:19
doctormoNah, it's great. The strongest architecture of any Free Software project.18:19
Mctedg: any \18:19
tedgMc: I think for documentation we'd talked about it being a board meeting item (i.e. the board would rubber stamp most of the time, but would provide a failsafe)18:20
Mcworks for me18:20
tedgBut thinking that's for the legalese more than the narrative form.18:20
doctormoLooks like 1.1 is going to happen. About screen is in final vote (ted have you voted?) and we'll be doing a beta soon18:21
Mc(if I assume malice, I can imagine a \18:21
tedgWe've got some details to work out with the listing of contirbutors and all that.18:21
doctormoBlockers for alpha are closed, blockers for beta will start soon, Nathan has been working on it.18:21
tedgSweet! Sounds good!
I know I should vote, I always feel unqualified to judge those. They've gotten too good.
doctormoMc: We can probably work on a network topology graph to check for issues and provide information plus the failsafe18:22
tedgPerhaps we'll need to move to a tiled about screen soon.18:22
Mcor a slideshow18:23
c.rogers_licks lips dryly, waiting for the final vote to come in on the about screen to start animating._18:23
doctormoWe also have our re-use bug report standing by for the end of the contest so we can choose the other works. For example the welcome screen, so we'll show more than one in the end.18:23
tedgThat's cool. I love all the great work that goes into them.
Okay, so next up I have community/dev development. Any updates there @Tav?
TavNo updates.18:26
TavDon't know if vector's discussed it.18:26
tedgVectors update. @ryangorley ? (seems like a good overlap πŸ˜ƒ )18:26
NPJ2000^ : _The contributor vote closes on Sun., March 7, 2021, 23:59:59 UTC._18:27
doctormo2 days18:27
NPJ2000I like how the new manager for extensions is working - that ought to encourage new code to be updated or contributed going forward.18:28
NPJ2000Might be worth a mention.18:28
tedgDo pings work from IRC to Rocketchat? (not sure)18:28
ryangorleyI don't have any specific updates. @michele @Tim and @Moini have been doing a great job on the About Screen contest.18:29
ryangorleyI'm interested to know when 1.1 is looking to launch so we can be sure to have everything queued up.18:30
ryangorleyNext week we're hosting an Inkscape booth at a large Linux conference in Germany, which is cool, but not actionable items for the board on that.18:30
ryangorley*Virtual booth18:31
Mc@ryangorley hopefully in ~2month18:31
ryangorley:thumbsup: Thanks @Mc18:32
NPJ2000(Mac OS Big Sur 11.3 Beta 3 is available - I'll be installing it after this meeting and test.)18:32
tedgCool, sounds good. Hopefully the booth goes well.18:32
doctormoGet photos!18:32
Mc(if we are ready, if there are no big regressions, etc)18:33
tedgThank you for the update.
I think they're screenshots if it is virtual πŸ˜‰
ryangorleyWill do @doctormo . We're grabbing a team photo today actually, a week in advance.18:33
tedgNext up I have infrastructure: @doctormo18:33
doctormoInfrastructure looks good mostly, the biggest need is to have our own word processor and spreadhseet online collaboration space.18:35
tedgDo you have leads/plans there?
I think that there are a few hosting companies out there.
doctormo@ryangorley is to report on BitWarden to keep non-board related passwords and accounts18:36
Tavtedg, I think we have one important task to accomplish today. To officially appoint an SFC contact person. (And to get them to strongly request a financial status report.)18:36
doctormo@adam.belis @Moini and @ryangorley to talk to Mc about setting up a NextCloud test, or look into an external service provider.18:36
tedgOh, yes Tav, sorry you asked me to put that on the agenda and I forgot. Sorry about that.18:36
doctormoThe penpot project offered us a penpot account for the design team, but it's not urgent enough to take any action on.18:37
tedgGenerally I'd prefer we not host it ourselves, give our contributors time to work on Inkscape instead of maintain other people's projects πŸ˜ƒ18:37
doctormoRenΓ© is working on putting files into storage and cleaning it up.18:37
tedgAh, penpot is looking very interesting.18:38
doctormoSo hopefully the teams with the greatest need will push to find or set up a NextCloud instance, and will come back to us to pay whatever's needed to get it done.18:39
ryangorley@doctormo regarding Nextcloud, it sounded like most were already using it outside of the project. I think the real question is how feasibly we can maintain an instance.18:39
doctormoIt we can adopt someone elses instance, then that's fine too, we're looking for stability more than anything. Abusing ted's or someone's personal one prob isn't stable enough.18:40
tedgYeah, no one personal's. But I think that we can pay for someone to run it.
I personally use a hosting provider that I'm fine with, but there's more than a few.
I think the hardest part will be accounts. We can probably do a login with Gitlab type of thing, but will have to create/remove them.
McI host an instance for my uni and it really has a low maintenance burden18:41
doctormoMc, since you're likely to be busy, is it ok if I send off a quote request to themselves?18:41
tedg@doctormo, they don't have their own AFAIK18:42
ryangorleyI use on one of my servers. They push updates via docker containers they test. It's been quite bullet proof, and I know from conversations with them they're willing to donate the cost of their platform. We'd just install it on a VM from cloudscale.18:42
doctormotedg: I'm looking at the web form to ask them for a quote, for a public sector org.18:42
tedgI use these guys.
's for support, not for hosting.
doctormoAh ok18:43
tedgSomething like this is what I was thinking:
doctormoWell this looks like fun I wish there was a non-busy person I could ask to be in charge on asking for a hosting provider ;-)18:45
tedgAnyway, probably more a discussion for an infrastructure meeting.18:45
doctormoOK, as an action item, I'll contact a few of these providers and get some feedback on options for next meeting.18:46
tedgBut I do think it is a good idea.
I took a bunch of notes on video stuff, I'll type that up.
NPJ2000(Remind me of the objective for this once further? Collaboration on documents and spreadsheets in real-time?)18:46
tedgDidn't get much feedback from Toots/Tweets, but eh.18:46
ryangorley@doctormo I'm not on the board but I'm okay reaching out to some of these providers and seeing what discount they may provide.18:46
doctormo@ryangorley That would be great.18:47
tedg@doctormo, I think discuss the options in the infrastructure meeting and come back with an answer.18:47
doctormo(very little would get done if the board was doing it all ;-))18:47
Mcwe can ask itself
who/what they would recommend
tedgI'm all about pushing the discussion/decision to those who are interested in the infrastructure. Let the board just approve the money.18:47
doctormoWe can probably move on :thumbsup:18:48
tedgCool, so our last item is figuring out SFC representation.
Does anyone WANT to do it?
I guess I don't mind, but it doesn't sound like fun.
My kids say I'm good at being annoying, but they may be bias as teenagers.
TavI am guessing, that you (Ted) would be the best choice.18:49
Tav(And not just because you are annoying (are you?)18:50 for Ted. ;)18:50
tedgHehe, depends if I feel like \18:50
c.rogersIt's the equivalent of a YOP.18:51
tedgOkay, so I guess we need an official board vote for that. I can write that up, but we can move forward some there.18:52
doctormoAn email vote would be good. Mc do you have a preference?18:52
c.rogersIf you read Walt Whitman. Well that's a Yawp, I guess.18:52
McI have a slight preference for \18:52
tedgYeah, I probably won't get to it until next week though. Leaving after this for Spring Break for a couple days at a state park.
But I'll do it when I get home.
doctormoIf I thought Bradley would enjoy listening to me, I'd do it. But I'll just remain an agent of terror for now.18:53
tedgI'll use mailing you to Bradley as a threat πŸ˜‰18:53
McI think I usually have good relations with SFC18:53
c.rogersWe could officially board vote it now. :)18:54
tedgYeah, honestly the best conversations I have with them are at conferences. I think not having those have really set us back some there.18:54
doctormoI think email is a required vote mechanism in our charter. (I tripped on this last time)18:54
doctormo+1 on conferences, *sigh*18:54
tedgWe've got five minutes! Any last items?
I've unleashed a monster πŸ˜‰
Cool, calling a close then. Thanks everyone!
c.rogers_brings down the disco ball for post-meeting dance party.
doctormoThanks ted.18:57
TavThanks all!18:57

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