Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2021-04-09

======= BOARD MEETING ======
For those that missed the link 😉
up is finances, basically SFC.
doctormoMorning ted17:02
tedgI don't have data, but I have progress. My son has a hockey thing in New Jersey, so I've taked to karen about having a face-to-face meeting while I'm out there.
We're still working on details, but I hope that'll progress things a lot further than everything else we've tried.
Kinda frustrated, but feeling like I don't understand where we're not communicating well. So... 🤞
doctormo *sigh* keep on them, the basic information about what the fuck they think they're doing is important to us.17:04
tedgYes, I feel like we're not asking the question the right way or something. There's just a disconnect. Hopefully we can figure that out.17:05
Mc@doctormo we can fix it in the ICS with a \17:05
tedgAnyway, next up is voting member changes. I haven't gotten any comments on that issue. I know that it's on the Vectors agenda so we can get that out.17:06
doctormoVector's meet tomorrow, I'll ask them for an update17:06
tedgI don't think I can make it to the Vectors meeting this week, but I'll try to look in to the backlog.17:06
doctormo@ryangorley If you're available to make sure this comes up in tomorrows meetng.17:06
tedgNext up is student programs. I've seen a lot of traffic on that. Any issues?17:07
ryangorleyUh, I thought the board meeting was in an hour. Sorry17:07
doctormo@ryangorley That's my/the website/benjamin frankin's fault.17:07
ryangorleyHaha, okay.17:08
tedgHaha, I'm going to start calling @doctormo \17:08
doctormo'alrite Teddy :-P17:08
McDoc' ?17:08
ryangorley@ted tedg We'll get that article published. Was there more than that you were hoping for us to help with?17:09
tedgDo we have enough GSoC mentors/students/applications?17:09
doctormoLoads and loads by account of their messages and activity, not sure about filled in applicans17:10
tedg@ryangorley, more feedback on the wording and English aspects.17:10
Mcwe have a few applicants, not sure we'll have enough mentors17:11
tedg@ryangorley, also, generally, if people on Vectors thought it'd be a workable plan for them getting recognized by the project.17:11
Mc(I hope so)17:11
tedgCan we sign up more now? Or is it too late?17:11
Mcwe can17:11
ryangorley@ted tedg I think what you drafted was pretty close to what we had come up with independently, but I'll seek more feedback.17:12
tedgPerhaps this could be something at the developer meeting? Or do we already have everyone who shows up there?17:12
McI forgot to ask at the last dev meeting17:12
tedg@ryangorley, awesome, thanks!17:12
doctormoWe did take questions from outreachy interns and gsoc students applicants. But we didn't ask them to do anything more.17:12
tedgK, might be worth putting a post on inkscape-devel as well.
Not sure if that practically goes to more people or not.
But, great that we have more students, that's awesome.
This probably segways into Dev meeting update. Mc @Tav ?
Mc@ede123 @speleo3 Would you be ok to be potential mentors ?
tav, doctormo and I are already in as \
tedgHehe, I can try. I'm a bit afraid I don't know as much of the codebase as I used to.17:16
doctormo@mikekov You'd make a good mentor at this point :-D17:16
tedgBut I realize we also need some signups to get numbers from Google. Am I right about that?
(not sure if it changed)
Mcsome unknown process based on unknown parameters, but including the number of mentors, will allocate us some number of slots17:18
tedgWe should send cookies to the admins at Google 🤣
I can definitely sign up as a possible admin. We can figure out assignments if it makes sense after we know the slots.
Sorry, not admin, mentor.
tedgOkay, any 1.1 updates?17:20
Mcwell, we have a blocker list
but I believe we're sort of still on track for a may release
tedgSounds good.17:21
doctormoThe release is looking good. Fewer bugs than 1.0.2 is letting some users use the beta already.17:22
tedgAh, that's great. Getting more people playing with it is helpful.
Seems we don't need to discuss it here though, I imagine it might transition into a Vectors update though.
@ryangorley ?
ryangorleyWe've publicized the beta release at least once on all the channels. We'll push it some more.17:25
mikekov@doctormo  My Inkscape knowledge is still superficial, but I think I could help with UI/UX changes, yes.17:25
tedgGreat, sounds good.
Looks like the about screen finished up with a cool robot.
ryangorleyThe submissions get better with every release17:27
tedgDo we have stuff we're doign with the other finalists? (they were all really great)
Hehe, I feel like we say they get better everytime, everytime. But they do!
Mcwe do a few things with some of the artwork, I think
on the website and on some pages of the welcome screen, and as backgrounds of dev meetings ^^
ryangorley@doctormo usually puts them to good use17:29
doctormoThere's a whole issue that documents them.17:29
tedgCool, great!
Are we actually selling t-shirts or do we not know?
I thought a couple would be cool on t-shirts, but I don' tknow how that is working out.
doctormoWe get a message about once every three months with something sold on our merch17:32
doctormoSo it's not worth too much energy to design t-shirts unless there's a lot more sales.17:33
McI don't think I get the emails ^^17:33
doctormoDo you want to? Are you a spreadshirt admin?17:33
(and probably not)
doctormoOK :-D17:34
tedgI wonder if we're too broad. \17:34
Mc@doctormo or need more push if we think it's worth it17:34
MoiniWith this page on the website about it, no wonder:
ryangorleyHaha, yeah maybe that's a problem @Moini17:35
tedgHeh, it does lack... excitement. 😃17:35
ScislaCExcitement? It lacks marketing effort.17:35
ryangorleyI got the impression the margins were pretty thin, so I've never felt like it was a priority to promote over traditional fundraising.17:36
tedg@ryangorley, can you add that to the Vectors agenda? Not sure it is a \17:36
ryangorleyWhy try to get someone to spend $20 for us to make $2, when we can try to get someone to give us $5.17:36
tedgWe could add margins....17:36
Mc@ryangorley I tend to agree17:36
doctormoIf only there was a Free Software merch company.17:37
doctormoThe margins do get better if you star selling a lot of items.17:37
Mchellotux ?17:37
tedgYes, I agree except that we do get free advertising from people wearing merch.17:37
ryangorleyI think that is what Hellotux was trying to be.17:37
ryangorleyYeah, there is some marketing value.17:38
MoiniWe don't even run around in official Inkscape shirts. I was thinking about asking for CLT, for the booth personnel, but with SFCs slowness, it wouldn't have been possible to do until the event is over.17:38
Moini(shipping is multiple weeks in addition to that)17:39
Mcwe could probably vote a budget for \17:39
tedg+1, I'd be for that.17:39
MoiniI'd love that :)17:39
tedgI'm curious if we'd be more successful with \17:40
doctormoJust vote tshirts for any contributor, assuming it's from hellotux or similar :-D17:40
Mc( is great )
@tedg we can have one based on \
Moini(No lady formats and too stain sensitive for me)17:41
doctormoWomen's sizes is a minimum requirement for any supplier.17:41
tedgYeah, I think that the about screen artwork is ripe there. We could even use the alternates for the conferences?
Feel like it is the \
Moini'Get your yearly surprise Inkscape shirt' - lol17:42
ScislaCThat sounds like a good idea imho17:43
MoiniIt was a joke!17:43
tedgHehe, the subscription model! $50/year get a t-shirt for each release!17:43
MoiniInteresting, cheaper than others's subscription, and you get sth tangible, too :)17:44
ScislaCNo, no... like ted said the \17:44
MoiniAh :)17:44
Mcwell, sfc tshirts are different each year17:44
ScislaCI'd subscribe for cool and different stuff.17:44
doctormoI can do that privately, but I don't think Inkscape can do that as a charity. (not without the SFC raking the coals over it)17:44
tedgWe're probably bike shedding at this point, but I think there's some ways we could grow it.17:44
Mcwe can have symbolic rewards like a t shirt for some donation level afaik17:45
tedgAnything else from Vectors @ryangorley
ryangorleyYeah, I'm more interested in pushing it from the marketing visibility standpoint or as a perk now that ya'll bring that up. Never made sense to me otherwise17:45
ryangorleySo we've got a community of enthusiastic users in Indonesia who apparently cannot donate to the project. Any ideas why SFC would be blocking countries from donating and how we can get that remedied?17:46
tedgHmm, no. I'll put that on my list.17:47
ryangorleyCool, thanks!17:47
tedgMight be a spam thing. Not sure if we were getting some Indonesian spam or something.17:47
doctormotedg: It's not just Indonesia, it's China, Japan, India and most of asia from reports on twitter.17:48
tedgI'm honestly shocked at how much fraud is involved in Paypal donations.
Wonder if we need an Asian donations link through another provider.
NPJ2000(Personalized copy with your name on the startup screen might be an easy $5 offer?)17:49
ScislaCApparently I'm out of the loop on Paypal fraud issues.17:49
doctormoOther projects get donations from these places, we're not sure what status the SFC needs to have with PayPal, maybe they need to file accounts or something to confirm their not a scam chairty.17:49
tedgK, I'll see what I can find out.
Seems a shame to leave those folks out 😉
ryangorleyYeah, when people are begging you to let them donate it's maybe something we should think about haha17:49
ryangorley@Moini anything else I'm missing from Vectors you're aware of?17:49
tedgIt may also be a setting \17:49
ryangorleyI'm supposed to report back about Nextcloud and Bitwarden stuff, but I didn't make any good progress on that the past month. That GNOME 40 release video kind of did me in.17:50
MoiniNothing that comes to mind at the moment.17:50
tedgPeople are just transitioning for me.... @doctormo, infrastructure updates?17:51
doctormoUnderstood, thanks for keeping the issue alive, I want to make sure we get the instructure tasks done.17:51
tedgOn a personal note I switched my passwords to Bitwarden and it has been working well.17:52
ScislaCsame tedg17:52
doctormoNo movement on backups, no feedback on BitWarden, no update on NextCloud (maybe I need to prod Mc to see if we can get an instance set up now)17:52
doctormoWeblate isn't good enough for translators, that's parked.17:53
tedgAre we thinking of hosing our own Nextcloud or using someone else?17:53
doctormoPenpot seems ok for design, it's not intgrated yet, so I'm seeing what Adam does with the public version.17:53
tedgBummer about Weblate, seen a lot of noise from it, but eh.17:54
doctormoMaybe next year.17:54
tedgWould be a cool GSoC to import/export from Penpot 😃17:54
doctormoI'm imagining you as a student from the TV show \17:55
Okay, that's the end of the agenda. We've got five minutes, anyone?
McI'm good I think :)17:57
tedgK, thanks everyone!

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