Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2021-07-02

Howdy folks!
For logs, I got them exporting from RocketChat and up to the Wiki. Which is good.
tedOne thing that I noticed we stopped doing is putting the agenda in the chat log. Which was bad. I'm going to try and do that again. Please remind me if I forget.
So agenda:
=== Agenda ===
* SFC Items (ted)
* Student programs (Outreachy, GSoC, etc) (Tav)
* Developer meeting update (Mc)
* Vectors update (ryangorley)
* Infrastructure update (doctormo)
* Membership def proposal (ted)
* Board Office Hours (ted)
==== SFC Items (ted) ====
From the SFC perspective I have an update on our financials:
too exciting, everyone here should realize we haven't spent any money :-)
pono has sent out another time survey for a meeting with him. Please everyone fill that out.
karenactually, you have just finally spent money on the outreachy intern :D17:04
Mcyay !17:04
TavHi all!17:04
tedHaha, the financials are already out of date!17:04
karenyes things happening in real time!17:04
tedWRT the Paypal in Asia issue the SFC is looking at other payment processors, but doesn't have an answer there yet.17:05
karen\u0001ACTION waves\u000117:05
Mckaren: hi !17:05
tedThat's the SFC issues I'm tracking.
Anything else on SFC stuff?
Mctwo things17:05
adam.belisi thez have a coount  trasferwise is a good option17:05
Mcone is related to the charter17:05
micheleAny chance in better understanding the breakdown in Expenses: Banking Fees:  ($1,423.24)? Thanks!17:05
Mchow to update the charter to include voting rights for non-code contributors ?17:06
ted@michele, I believe they're almost all Paypal fees, but I can look for more details for next month's report.
Mc: I'm working on that (second to last agenda item)
micheleThanks, @ted that would be great.17:07
adam.belischesus ... thats a lot17:07
Moini(or 6, rather)17:08
ponothose banking fees are over 6 months I believe17:08
adam.belishmmm wireing monez wouldbe probabz better17:08
tedMc: did you have a second item?17:08
tedAh, okay.
I understand the privacy implications of typing notifications, but sometimes it is useful :-)
Mcthe second item would be a followup on an old topic: would it be acceptable to put an optional price on the windows store, and be compatible with SFC status ? (two possibilities here: either setup it as a paying application with unlimited unrestricted \17:10
ponoI don't know if we have any projects \17:11
tedMc: my understanding there is we could, we just need to ensure it is the same bits as the version we provide on our website.17:11
MoiniWhat's that with the donation addon, Marc?17:11
tedMc: but if I remember right, there was some objection to it in the developer community?17:11
Mcthere were objections to making it available for a fee, yes (mine in particular)17:12
ted(ha, I thought it was you, but I was confused by you asking) :-)17:12
ponoGiven that Microsoft takes a cut from those sales, would redirecting to the donation site be preferrable?17:12
MoiniSo you mean, add an extension that pops up when you start the program, Marc?)17:12
Mcno, not an inkscape extension17:13
MoiniCan you explain the Addon part?17:13
Mc@Moini We could make and sell \17:14
Mcpono: in theory yes but I don't expect the same people \17:14
tedK, so I'll track getting some guidance from SFC about do's and don'ts -- is Windows our main concern?
(I think Krita has success there)
Mcsteam is a juge PITA
(according to the krita devs)
tedAh, okay.
I'll try to get an answer for the next meeting.
==== Student programs (Outreachy, GSoC, etc) (Tav) ====
@Tav (not sure if the other works)
TavThings seem to be going well. Some students are making great progress. I haven't tracked all the students.17:16
karented: yeah, better for us to understand what you'd like to do. We're ok charging fees via a platform provided we're meeting the license obligations and also people are not misled from a free software advocacy perspective17:16
TavWe need to ask all of them for blog posts.17:16
adam.belisi tam tracking som projects17:17
Mcfirst eval is coming soon17:17
tedMakes sense. Do we have any that we think are failing?17:17
adam.belisi would not say failing but som could get some more help17:17
McSome I haven't seen for some time on #inkscape-devel17:17
adam.belisOsama.Ahmad is often asking  stuff about  bool gemometry17:18
TavWe may be using private chat too often. Would be better on team_devel.17:18
tedK, do we need another project-wide checkup?
(I have been guilty of doing a bunch of PMs myself)
McAdam is harassing my student with bug reports on the MR :D17:19
adam.belishehe thats what i do17:19
tedHaha, keep it up!17:19
adam.belisParth has ben extremly good wit with fixig them17:20
adam.belisaculy his MR is lik 95  percent done17:20
McI'll try to make a mentor meeting next week before the evals17:21
tedSounds good.17:21
TavSushantAA is making good progress too.17:22
tedAnd I'm guessing we have no info about a mentor summit that we have to deal with. That'll be later.
Great to see many of the projects doing well.
adam.belisi am also testing  slayersansh  export dialog  it starts looking good17:22
ted==== Developer meeting update (Mc) ====17:22
TavNext one is after this meeting.17:24
tedAny issues/major updates everyone needs to know about?17:25
tedCool. Short agenda item :-)17:25
ted==== Vectors update (ryangorley) ====17:25
Mcnext vectors meeting is tomorrow I think ^^17:25
MoiniNot sure if Ryan is here, but Michèle might have some fresh info.17:26
MoiniAh :)17:26
ryangorleySorry I thought the meeting was in an hour, in a meeting with a client :grimacing:17:26
micheleI can share some news.17:26
micheleWe held our monthly Gimpscape-Inkscape gathering on Wednesday, June 30. @kavya.jaiswal our Outreachy intern presented a bit about her work, which was well received.17:27
adam.beliswe got one converted mac developer from  mac blogpost17:27
michele@raniaamina co-hosts. We had a presentation by Kirsten Roth-Koch from the Netherlands who shared a bit about how she created cards for children to learn how to do different calisthenics and she's offering them for free and inviting people to translate them. Next month (no date yet) we'll be hearing from Herbanu who is a font designer. Hoping maybe to get someone from Inkscape to come and say a few words too.17:27
MoiniTwo potential candidates, even, Adam!17:28
Mc@ædam.belis cool !17:28
adam.belisoh yes acutaly17:28
adam.belisone say he  has proposal for better zoom preformnce and wil open mr in few days17:28
micheleAlso, we put out a call for macOS developers to see if we could recruit a volunteer contributor... not sure if anyone heard the call. I thought I spotted someone mentioning it in the mac_dev channel. More news would be terrific.17:29
MoiniYou've probably been typing and not reading, Michèle :)17:29
micheleYes, actually, I was attempting to report. Chat meetings can be a little messy.17:30
MoiniWe've had at least two potential new contributors join the macOS chat.17:30
michelePerhaps we could add that information to the issue, so that we can look back and see how things worked.17:30
adam.belisalso gtk mac dev said the he will help if sombody will ask spesific questions17:31
tedThat's all really great, awesome progress!17:31
Moini(no pressure on you, new contributors, lol, we're just measuring our own performance ;-) )17:31
adam.belisbad news is that  it looks like we will need to migrate to gtk4 if we want to get any significant speed on mac17:31
c.rogersIf the same can be said for Windows, we really need to.17:31
c.rogersWell, we need to do something for it. lol17:32
tedYeah, which is probably inevitable. But sucks as GTK4 is so new it is harder to develop against.
Glad the GTK folks realized the problem and fixed it, but hate that the ball is in our court :-)
TavWhy is GTK4 faster than GTK3 (maybe a question for the developers meeting)?17:32
adam.belisyop i would keep this for dev meet17:33 perhaps we could look at writing out in an issue some of the main points, as Rene did for the macOS dev need. We can then get it into a news article and on social media. Perhaps this is a take away for dev and Vectors?17:33
tedThey changed the rendering model to match what video cards do.17:33
Mc@Tav material acceleration and different design for widgets, iirc17:34
tedBasically it is like going from GL to Vulcan17:34
adam.belisthey besicaly rewrithen whol backend coz they admited taht gtk3 just does nto work17:34
TavBut, isn't the biggest factor our own code for rendering the canvas?17:35
adam.belis(BUT we still cannot know if  gtk4 will help us)17:35
Mcprobably not
lots of time spent updating widgets, rulers, etc
(like, LOTS)
TavOK, will be interesting to see.17:35
adam.belisonce again  that mac dev said he will help to dignostic this if somdoy will come to him17:36
tedCool, thanks for stepping in @michele and great update!
Exciting progress.
==== Infrastructure update (doctormo) ====
Haven't seen @doctormo, not sure if he's here today.
doctormo@Tav Factor for speed issues?17:37
Mche was here an hour ago :D17:37
tedAh, cool. @doctormo, any update on infrastructure issues?17:38
doctormoI've heard some small amounts from Ryan about the password manager he wants, nothing from Marc about setting up the Office sharing thingy wotsit.17:38
tedOh, I reached out to FOSSHost to ask them if they had any MacOS CI resources. They don't. And I asked if we bought them a machine if they could host it. They said they're out of DC space right now, but would be willing if they got more.
Not sure that'll turn into anything, but figured it was worth asking.
adam.belisrene offerd taht he would host it in his home if project bough hw17:40
doctormoThe CI builder for windows looks like it's in better shape thanks to Patrick, not sure if he's here to share about that. But a developer meeting topic for sure.17:40
doctormoWotsit -> NextCloud17:41
MoiniThanks, Ted, for doing that work!17:41
Moini(be warned, the 'office' part of it does not really work... at least in my experience)17:41
tedI'm fine with buying HW, I would generally like to find a place besides people's houses to put it. But, let's solve the problem.17:41
adam.belisperosnaly i would like to have a builder that works17:42
Moini(as soon as I turn on Collabora, Nextcloud basically stops working)17:42
adam.belisits extremly frstreing that this is taking so much time17:42
Mcah, that's because collabora is serverside17:42
doctormohouses are fine, we should embrace the chaotic nature of our endeavour :-D17:42
Mconlyoffice is clientside17:42
tedLove to see Rene spec out what he needs.17:42
MoiniThx, Mc, something new to test, then!17:43
ted@Mc, could you add that to the dev meeting? Let's spec out a machine and get it done.17:43
McMh, I thought the plan was to make some space on and put it there ?17:44
tedDon't think it can do the builds, no?17:44
doctormoMy internet is all over the place on this bus, although the New Hampshire countryside is lovely in the rain.17:44
ted(sorry, perhaps mixed topics, spec out a MacOS CI builder to put in Rene's house)17:44
Mcbut he already has that ?17:45
Moini@RdH, if you're here, your input would help clarify things :)17:46
tedHmm, I'm confused then. I thought that was the issue.17:46
doctormogtg! hope this was enough status!17:46
tedThanks @doctormo!
It seems @RdH isn't here now, but let's make sure we figure out the MacOS CI issue.
Not sure if it's an M1 issue?
==== Membership def proposal (ted) ====
So I put this on the agenda so I'd get it done by this meeting... but I'm not quite there.
The big feedback from Vectors was that it needed a call to action.
So I'm trying to put together a proposal for the charter change that people can comment on.
It most certainly won't be final, but it felt like a better call to action other than \
MoiniYes, exactly! Would be cool if we could do something like that every two months or so, plus maybe on occasion (like the 'define a contributor' thing).17:52
Mcgood idea :)17:53
tedI was thinking perhaps we do \17:53
micheleTime zone-wise, were you thinking of varying it, so different people could attend?17:54
tedBut I'm happy with what ever.
We could, Dev meetings are moving? How is that working?
MoiniIt surprises me every time, lol.17:55
micheleMe too, however, when it's during my lunch time, I can attend the odd one.17:55
MoiniI've not noticed that different persons were attending on the different days, though.17:55
adam.belisdev meets alwas super random for me ... but than again is with mos meetings :D17:56
tedI guess it comes down to who we're targetting with them.17:56
Mc(dev meeting in 4 minutes, btw)17:56
tedSo, I'll propose this. How about we have an office-hours in two weeks. Same time as the board meeting. See how it goes.17:57
MoiniSo the question is... does it help? I'm happy to have it move around if there's real benefit.17:57
tedWork on adjusting the time next.17:57
MoiniOhhh! Yes, let me check my calendar :)17:57
micheleI'll read what happens. 8-) Here today as I am on vacation.17:57
micheleThat's fine! I am eager to see how it goes and how to engage on the topic after the fact.17:58
MoiniCool :)17:58
michele(long weekend)17:58
tedSounds great, I'll follow up with @doctormo to get a calendar entry and @michele could you put an announcement on the Vector's agenda?17:58
MoiniI can add calendar items, too, btw.17:59
Moini(for any team)17:59
tedAh, cool. I didn't know that.17:59
MoiniFriday, 16th?17:59
micheleGo for it. @Moini!17:59
tedYup! Thanks @Moini!
Okay, so we're out of time and agenda items :-)
MoiniI'll add it to the board team, for lack of a better place.18:00
ted=== END BOARD MEETING ===18:00

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