Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2021-09-03

ted==== PLC Meeting ====17:01
TavHello! Who's all here?17:02
    SFC Items (ted)... (full message at
tedSo, I'm up first I guess with SFC Items.17:02
McI see you're using matrix17:02
tedYes, did that not go through?17:03
tedOh, that's annoying.
SFC Items (ted)
Student programs (Outreachy, GSoC, etc) (Tav)
Developer meeting update (Mc)
Vectors update (ryangorley)
Infrastructure update (doctormo)
Okay, agenda line by line ☝︎
tedOkay, so I don't have much to report on the SFC side of things. I didn't get a financial statement this month, I think that pono may be on vacation.
The other things I'm tracking are:
Figuring out our banking fees
Donations from Asia
And getting a clear answer on what we can/can't sell in an app store.
Any other SFC things I should be tracking?
McI have one long-standing question but which should also be coordinated with @crogers17:06
TavChange in voting rules?17:06
tedMc: which is that?
@Tav, I wasn't tracking that as an SFC issue. I think it is mostly on us?
Mc(about an old vote on stickers purchase which did not happen at the time because the prices in euros were very different than the prices in pounds but it's quite old so I don't know if the vote still stands or if the price is still coherent with the amount of stickers)17:07
ponoMc: I'm currently looking into shirt printers, so I can add sticker makers to the list of \17:08
tedMc: k, are you saying the budget we approved no longer works?17:09
Mcpono: iirc it was stickersinternational because crogers could vouch for the quality of their work
ted: I say I have no idea :D
(both because it's old, and because I havent looked at prices)
tedMc: hehe, okay. I'll put a TODO down for me to follow up with @crogers and we'll straighten it out.17:10
Mc(pono: hi ! good to see you around :) )17:10
tedOkay, next up I have @Tav for talking about student programs.
Great class of GSoC students this year!
TavGSoC has finished, all six students passed. At least one has already merged.17:12
McI wanted to organized a wrap-up meeting with everyone but did not find the time
what day would work best ?
pono(Mc: :D)17:12
TavAny day works for me.17:12
tedGenerally for me Friday's are best.
We have a \
TavWe should plan merges.17:13
ted@Tav, do we need something project wide or just individual mentor/students?17:13
Mcprobably per mentor
(projects are likely independent ?)
TavProbably would be good to have a few more eyes on each merge.17:14
tedK, perhaps that would be an agenda item for Mc's meeting?17:14
tedI know for mine Adam has a couple things left on his todo list.
Cool, and Outreachy? Is that also all closed up?
TavMartin would know that. I haven't been following it.17:16
Mcfinal feedback (end of the session) was on aug 31 I think
but we had a one week delay iirc
tedK, not sure if @doctormo is around this afternoon, but we should make sure we dot i's and cross t's there.
Are we considering a Winter Outreachy?
TavMartin, Chris, and Josh are missing?17:17
ted@Tav can you follow up with @doctormo and make sure that gets closed out?17:17
tedYeah, I haven't seen any messages from them.17:18
Mcmh, I'd prefer to align them with gsoc sessions to not have interns and program deadlines all year ?17:18
tedI don't think scislac has been pinged yet though17:18
Mc(it's just my opinion, we could consider a winter session)17:19
tedYeah, definitely nice to have one season there.
Not seeing anyone advocating for it. So unless we have someone excited about it probably doesn't make sense to force it.
Is anyone planning to attend the GSoC Mentor's Summit?
They were teasing \
TavActually, I haven't seen anything about a Mentor's Summit.17:22
email from 17 hours ago
TavAh, thanks.17:25
tedThere was some concern about the \17:26
TavI think Martin was interested in receiving the payment. I got paid once in the early days but since then, I think know one has requested it. It's not actually a mentor payment so the board needs to decide what to do with it.17:29
Mcnext dev meeting is tomorrow (2h after the vectors meeting) - lately meetings have been a bit calm (summer time), next one should decide whether/when to release 1.1.117:31
ted@Tav, okay. Seems like we should have some process there... just email each mentor with a yes/no? Authorize you a budget to pay for each mentor interested? That way people don't have to publicly request it.
Mc: makes sense, probably a bit inconvient to be after the vectors meeting deciding a date for 1.1.1, but I'm sure someone can hang over.
McI think the release should be decided on (w/ date) at the vectors meeting, and the dev meeting can make it happen17:34
tedWe'll just need to be sure to communicate that.
Ah, okay. @ryangorely, can you add that to the Vector's agenda?
Mcthanks :)17:35
ryangorleyRoughly when is a good window for the dev team?17:35
ryangorleyOr in other words, how much lead time do you want?17:36
Mca few days ?17:36
ryangorleyOkay, that's no problem. We'll need more time than that. We'll get that date picked tomorrow.17:37
Mc: a while back we were decussing whether the dev team needed more builders, is that all resolved?
Mcnot all, but windows builds are fast now so it's not a pressing issue17:38
tedK, makes sense.
Next up I have Vectors with @ryangorely
ryangorleySlow month. I'm not sure I have anything to share, unless someone else in the room from the team has something I'm not aware of.17:40
ryangorleyWe'll touch base tomorrow about the GSOC article, and the next release stuff.17:40
ryangorleyAlso have a Bryce article in progress. I'm going to get that gift for him on order as well.17:41
tedCool, yeah, the end of the summer is always a bit slow.17:41
Mcit'd be great when we organize that wrapup meeting for gsoc where students will show up their work if some Vectors are around ?17:41
ryangorleyIs there a time/date for that yet?17:42
tedAh, that would be nice for the article. Perhaps some video snippets.17:42
Mcnot sure if some students would be interested in a public \17:42
ryangorleyI think that would be nice.17:42
Mcbut it should be a 5utc probably next week and possibly friday17:43
ryangorleyLet's plan on it if possible. Maybe someone can post that in the Vectors chat and tag me when a time is finalized.17:43
ryangorleyCan we order up some t-shirts for the students or something this year as a thank you?17:43
Mcdefinitely (we can also include several years ? :p)17:43
ryangorley(and mentors perhaps)17:44
ryangorleyYeah, I know that's been neglected a bit.17:44
Mcspreadshirt for students, hellotux for mentors ? :p17:44
tedHaha, I think that'd be cool.17:44
Mc(I still wear my hellotux shirt, it's really great quality)17:45
tedPersonally, I don't know about others, but I think if we had a cool design to celebrate \17:45
ryangorleyI'll bring that up at the meeting tomorrow.17:46
Mcpono: ^ btw (hellotux is not printed though, embroidered logos)17:46
tedCool. Sounds good.
Last on my list is Infrastructure with @doctormo.
Not sure if he's around this afternoon though.
Mche was on twitter 3 min ago :p17:47
ryangorleyI can order embroidered and printed shirts through Printful via my business. They ship worldwide. If it's cheaper.17:47
ryangorley(and if we're doing something custom)17:49
doctormoOSUOSL has been contacted regarding setting up a password management service, they've added us to their infrtructure with a small machine and I've been setting up the volunteer contributor with access so they can install BitWarden. The prevous tiny test server failed because of lack of DNS/SSL.17:49
doctormoAll other infrastructure appears nominal.17:49
ryangorleyThis will be good. I couldn't get any traction from the company directly, even via back channels.17:49
tedGreat, thanks for getting that running @doctormo
We were also talking about Nextcloud at some point, have we decided against/for that?
Mcwould be great to try, iirc there was a space issue on alpha (where we wanted to test it) but we could try on other servers17:51
doctormoNo planning for next cloud currently. It was in Mc's hands, but it's not in progress I believe.17:51
doctormoAh good, thanks Mc17:51
tedI'm not sure of the setup, can we purchase space for alpha? Or somewhere else better?17:52
McI have to coordinate with RdH17:52
doctormoMc: Do you want to meet to organise the next cloud project?17:54
Mcwe can probably talk about it tomorrow after the dev meeting ?17:55
tedCool, thanks for working on that guys.
I don't have anything else for the PLC meeting, we've got 3 minutes.
Anyone else want to slide something in?
Seeing nothing I'll declare ==== END OF MEETING ====

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