Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2021-10-01

ted=== PLC MEETING ===16:57
TavHello all!17:00
ted== Agenda ==
* SFC Items (ted)
McHello !17:00
ted* Student programs (Outreachy, GSoC, etc) (Tav)
* Developer meeting update (Mc)
* Vectors update (ryangorley)
* Infrastructure update (doctormo)
* Ongoing and upcoming votes
Okay, so first up is SFC report.
ted(had to find the right browser window)
This is the monthly financial overview:
too surprising. The major additions are the GSoC project payment and the major subtractions are Outreachy.
Mcas expected :)17:02
tedI looked into @michelle's question and all the banking fees there are Paypal.
The Paypal credits are behind on SFC's side, they have a script they run manually to put them into the individual projects and that hasn't happened yet.
So in theory we have more donations than what is reported there.
McThere was someone asking on twitter how to gift cryptocurrency but I don't think SFC accepts them, am I right ?17:03
ponoHopefully Bradley can get caught up on PayPal imports soon!17:03
tedThey are apparently working on that. It is an individual by individual process right now.17:04
ponoIf you pass along their information I can get in touch with them17:04
tedBut that's the other exciting news is that SFC is working on a new payment provider, who will hopefully solve our Asia donation problem.17:04
Mc(not that I think that most cryptocurrencies are good in general or for the planet, but that's another debate)17:04
tedPaypal apparently isn't able to solve it on their own. (happy to move from them)17:05
ponoIt will hopefully also solve the lag time problem we have with PayPal reporting.17:05
tedAny financial questions before I move on?17:05
Mccool :)17:05
tedOkay, so the other SFC thing I have on my list is how we update the FSA.
Apparently (and I went and read it and it is at the end) we all need to sign it to update it.
Which is more a PITA than I was expecting.
SFC has some updated language they recommend for the membership list change, I'll get that out for a vote.
Then they'll coordinate sending everyone a copy, which you'll have to sign and then it takes effect.
tedThose are the SFC things I'm tracking. Anything else I should be looking at?17:08
TavWho needs to sign it? The current committee?17:09
tedYes, everyone on the PLC.
(and karen)
TavWhen are we looking at running an election?17:10
Mciirc @doctormo was planning it17:10
tedI don't know that we have a plan for that yet.
We need the FSA to get changed to allow for different membership.
ponoIt's been a good practice for when there is an election though :)17:11
tedHeh, yeah. I'd also recommend we use the SFC's voting setup now that they have one.
We didn't use that in the past because it didn't exist. But now we've got something that no one in the project has admin on.
tedNot that voting is ever super exciting, I am excited to try that out. 😃
Okay, moving to the next agenda item: * Student programs (Outreachy, GSoC, etc) (Tav)
Are we all setup for the next Outreachy?
TavMartin was handling Outreachy. I don't know the status. I assume everything is a go.17:14
tedAh, okay. @doctormo, any update on Outreachy?
They took our money 😉
Mcmaybe he'll come later17:16
tedAh, okay. Moving to the next item: * Developer meeting update (Mc)17:16
Mcwe released 1.1.1, development is continuing at a relatively slow pace
there are talks to do stuff on cairo with a spanish firm
not much apart from that
tedI had sent an email, but I was curious what we're doing with packaging announcements.17:17
scislac[m]What type of Cairo stuff?17:18
(color management)
tedI missed them (and I'm behind) but I didn't know where I should be looking.17:18
McI think I forgot to send to ml
first email sent is the automatic release tag email from gitlab, in any case
tedHmm, okay. I don't get that one, I'll need to figure out how to setup GL for that.17:19
MoiniMc, how would you like the reminders? Martin tried, but it seems you didn't see it.17:20
Mcit's an item in your notifications settings17:20
tedAre you saying \17:20
Mcnot much time in september17:20
MoiniUnless you want to officially move to gitlab tagging, which we could do - but we'd need to tell people about it.17:21
Moini(as a means to notify packagers)17:21
Mc@Moini mmmh, not sure why I haven't seen it
normally I should see pings on #inkscape-devel and I should act on any such ping after having tagged the release
or after uploading the tarball on the website maybe
tedI love email because I'm old, but I can probably learn new tricks 😉17:22
MoiniOkay, next time, then.17:22
MoiniYep, as long as there's consensus, it can be done, ted. If it's easier, let's think about potentially changing it.17:23
tedI think the biggest thing is just to make sure everyone knows how we're doing it.17:23
MoiniAn email to the packagers list with instructions would do the trick :)17:23
Moini+ info on the website.17:23
MoiniI think the packager list was used for some kind of 'secrecy', because there was a delay between the version management and the announcing.17:24
Mcooh there is a gitlab option to send an automatic email on tags17:24
tedYeah, it was to avoid news stories coming out too early. Not sure how much an issue that really is.17:25
MoiniIf we coordinate well,  or don't care, it's not a problem, though.17:25
tedFeel like we have to earn the news today more.17:25
MoiniYes, it seems to have become less important.17:26
tedI guess it leads right into Vectors. Any feedback on the 1.1.1 release?17:26
ryangorleyIt wasn't the prettiest process, but it got done. :)17:26
MoiniIt went a bit 'under the radar' ...17:26
MoiniBut yes, it did happen.17:26
Mcsome windows users are happy for the windows leaks and crashes fixed17:26
tedAh, nice. Are we in the Windows Store? Do people automatically get that update?17:27
MoiniSome Vectors were pretty unhappy with the lack of coordination on this one, but didn't have any more time to invest, so it is what it is.17:27
Mciirc pen tablets will also start to work again on win but it's hard to notice that something will start working17:27
ryangorleyI'm not sure how critical to be about things since it is a maintenance release. We'd want to be a bit better coordinated on the major releases.17:27
Mc@ryangorley +1
ted: some day
it's not automatic, I'll build the msix and get it signed
tedMc: Ah, okay. Apparently with Windows 11 they're opening up the store a bunch. So perhaps that'll help.
Much less restrictive on tooling and implementation.
McI always keep a few days to not spend time packaging if some issue for windows arises in the days after release as it can't really be \17:29
ryangorleyMaybe @Moini you can give me some feedback that you've received offline.17:29
Mcoh we had all kinds of exceptions already
(we are \
ryangorleyOtherwise we moving ahead slowly. People are busy. We're meeting tomorrow.17:30
ryangorleyNothing else to bring up here I think (unless anyone else has something)17:30
tedMc: Ah, okay. So probably not as much an issue for us.
@ryangorley, cool. Was there some t-shirt thing going on?
The 2021 contributor t-shirt I think was the idea. Is that still happening?
ryangorleyPending a design from . I'll ping him about that.17:31
tedOkay, cool. Keep that on the stack.
Next up: * Infrastructure update (doctormo)
@doctormo are you around?
Mcwe have a nextcloud setup, iirc there was also a test of a password sharing service17:33
tedI think the biggest infrastructure thing is the Nextcloud setup, Mc can you talk to that?17:33
Mc[ ✔️ Working ]17:34
tedAh, cool. Do we have any infra needs there or are we doing good with our current setup?17:34
Mcwe'll see if some needs arise17:34
tedK, the last thing I threw on the agenda at the last minute was ongoing votes.17:35
Mc(server running on - admins who can create accounts on demand are Martin, Moini, Michele, Mc)17:35
MoiniIt hasn't really been tested, and I'm not sure with which relevant content to test the nextcloud.17:35
Mc(new rules : admin names start with an \17:35
tedJust to remind folks there is a vote outstanding on membership policy (v4)17:35
Moini(tested for 'how we can make good use of it')17:36
ted\u0001ACTION changes his nick to mted\u000117:36
c.rogersStill working on the design. Work has been manic.17:36
c.rogersIt is underway though (for the teeshirt)17:36
MoiniChris - the Bryce present, how's that going?17:36
c.rogersIt's done.17:37
ted@Moini, okay, cool. It'll be need to see how it can be used.17:37
MoiniYay! :heart_eyes:17:37
c.rogersYep. :)17:37
MoiniThanks a big bunch, Chris!17:37
c.rogersI'm not sure if I'm allowed to show the result?17:37 ?17:37
MoiniYou can delete it afterwards.17:37
MoiniI'm curious!17:37
tedI think that he wanted to wait until it made it to Bryce's house.17:38
tedAre we gonna do a blog post about it? I think we should.17:38
c.rogersIt's fine. :)17:38
ryangorleyShare them via direct message :)17:38
MoiniOh, okay... well, some secrecy is still there in the project.17:38
tedIf nothing else it's a cool thing you can make with Inkscape.17:38
c.rogersOkay. Those who want to see early, and can keep it under wraps, message me.17:38
ryangorleyI'm going to publish a form here for people to leave messages that we'll send with the gift.17:38
ryangorleyThis week.17:39
MoiniYou can use the nextcloud for that!17:39
Mcyeah there is a Forms app17:39
MoiniFirst real-world test.17:39
tedHahaha, @Moini is on it!17:39
ryangorleyI'll need an admin to share an account with me. Who's managing our Nextcloud instance?17:40
MoiniThose with M17:40
ted@ryangorley, just to M then tab complete.17:40
Tav@ted v4?17:40
ted@Tav, fourth revision17:40
MoiniLol, I'll make you an account.17:40
MoiniJust pm a username and email.17:41
TavI don't see an email about v4.17:41
Mcit's called \17:42
tedYes, I think you already voted @Tav.17:42
TavAh, thanks, y'all had me worried.17:43
Mcwe're missing on Martin and Scislac I think ?17:43
MoiniJosh said hi.17:43
MoiniAh, for the vote, sorry.17:43
tedI think so too, but I can't seem to make the archive website work for me.17:44
Mcarchive website ?17:44
Mcah, the lists website
(works for me)
scislac[m]I still need to make up my mind. I will vote today though.17:45
Mcthanks :)17:45
tedCool, we've gotten through the agenda a bit early, anything else for the PLC meeting?
Mc: Works technically for me, user error.
TavI've actually got to take off in a couple of minutes...17:46
tedCool, well, if @Tav is leaving then: === END MEETING ===17:46
McI can read it even in a private window so I dunno17:46
"user error"
tedThanks everyone!17:46
Mcthanks !17:47
scislac[m]Thanks all!17:47
ryangorleyThank you!17:49

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