Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2021-11-12

Mchello !18:00
ted\u0001ACTION waves\u0001
Whoo! Hoo! Meeting time.
Am I the only one here?
McI don't think so18:04
ponoI'm here :)18:04
tedChecking the RC bridge and it seems to be sending messages as well.
I guess changing the week messed everyone up.
Mchere it's mostly a non-working day18:05
tedAh, so perhaps people are with family.
Anyway, I don't have much to say other than the votes stuff on the mailing list.
I'll try to get those closed and the docs updated.
And the financial report is here:
's basically no change.
SFC is still working on changing payment processors, hoping for this month or next.
McI don't have access18:07
tedMc: Do you have any thing from the dev meetings?
Mc: try again, sorry forgot to click the public box.
Mcnot particularly, there are interrogations about the status of \18:08
tedWas that something they were working on, or a long term idea?
I thought it was just something they thought they should do eventually.
Mcit was ticket 1391618:09
ponoWe are trying to track down all the updates to the Apple licensing agreements.
It's been a while since we last took a look and need our legal counsel to review all the new documents.
I'll post (or have Pam) a reply when we have reviewed them.
tedpono: in the end though do you expect us to change the way we build binaries? Or just keep up on the legal stuff?18:09
ponoI don't anticipate needing to make any changes, but can't guarantee that.18:10
Mcpono: thanks for the update :)18:10
tedK, cool. So we'll continue the way we are until we hear otherwise πŸ˜ƒ18:10
Mcthere was an idea to organize a small hackfest, maybe virtual, maybe in-person for europeans if possible in january to get to 1.1.218:11
tedMc: Did we need any review for the Windows store?
Oh, that'd be a cool idea
Is LGM happening this year?
Mcdunno yet
tedK, we might considering doing a hackfest near that as well. That's always been successful.18:12
McI think it will happen between april and june  but there has been no announcement yet18:12
TavHi all, sorry to be late.18:13
tedAlso, when is FOSDEM, would it make sense to do something near that? Not sure if many of our European devs go or not.18:13
Mcafaict nothing was updated since everything was ok for us @windows - there is still the question of having the account include the SFC fiscal information, and to see what can be done around monetization
fosdem will be virtual
( )
(Feb 5-6)
tedAh, okay. Makes sense.
What is the conference in Germany that @moini had a hackfest with?
It was a few years back.
Mckielux ?
( )
tedSounds right. Just seeing if there's something we could work near, makes planning easier.18:16
TavWe might have a harder time finding space to share...18:17
Mcit would seem there is a talk on Inkscape by Maren tomorrow at Tux Tage18:18
tedNot sure about Europe, but at least in Texas that isn't much an issue anymore.18:18
TavGermany's covid rate is climbing fast right now.18:18
tedHmm, not in Germany then.18:19
TavBut by spring it will probably be down again.18:19
tedYeah, it might make more sense to plan for Spring than Jan/Feb.18:19
RdHSorry to intercept, I was in another appointment. macOS signing: if we are ok to continue as before, I'm going to file a reimbursement request for this year (June 2021-2022).18:20
tedRdH, +1
I guess we need a board vote. I'll do that after I close those others.
It is $100, correct?
RdH99 €, so it's a bit more in $18:22
tedAh, yes. I figured Apple charged in USD. We should be able to do Euros.
So nice of them to tax us in local currencies πŸ˜‰
Mcwhen 1€>1$ US companies tend to charge europeans with 1:1 rate18:23
doctormoEh 1:1 is about right these days :-)18:23
tedI'd like to say that's to make the marketing budget cheaper, but I doubt that's the reason.18:24
tedSo WRT to the sprint/get together thing, the biggest thing we need is a planner. Is that you Mc? Or is someone else working on it.18:25
Mccurrently it's just an idea, we'd need to gauge interest18:25
doctormoConclusion from yesterday's meeting: No organiser available currently.18:25
tedK, is that a \18:26
doctormoIt's an administrative task, so I was going to ask you to ask Josh ;-)18:26
tedIf we need plane tickets 8wk out, we're already middle of Jan at the absolute earliest.18:27
doctormoI don't think the idea is to have an in person event, but Mc, can you confirm?18:27
McI'd be open to invite people around, but mostly those who can cancel with minimal fees and issues, we can't know 2 month in advance how the situation will evolve18:28
scislac[m]So sorry to be running behind.
Going to read the log real quick.
TavWe talked about an online event, with maybe a little in person meeting at Mc's work place.18:29
doctormoSo no planes needed, that's a net positive.18:29
tedHaha, yeah, that's the reason!18:30
TavWe also talked about paying for a pizza for each participant.18:30
McTav is a few kilometers away if he's not in the US
TavI'll almost certainly be going to Boston in January but don't know when.18:31
tedYes, we've done that at work for team building events. I think what works best is something like an Uber Eats gift card.
But I think that's a good idea.  A shared meal, is always a good thing.
Boston in January... not for the weather 🀣
doctormoFor the Skiing18:32
Mcsunny days and -20Β°C18:32
tedOkay, seems like it is an idea that needs tracking right now but doesn't have actions associated with it yet.
Is @ryangorley here to chat about Vectors stuff?
TavWe need someone to manage the event. We talked about paying if necessary as running on-line events could be a lot of work.18:34
tedHmm, okay, I wasn't invisioning something large enough to need a lot of management. Was thinking more hackfest. Open to hear what people are thinking through.
Seeing no Ryan, @doctormo do you have anything on the infrastructure agenda?
Noticed the office instance is getting used for forms.
doctormoFor a general schedule, no structure, I think it should be possible to put together quickly. Although the last online hackfest had a lot more things, so it took more work.18:37
tedWell, Nextcloud, called office. Not Office capital.18:37 is working well, people are starting to use it.18:37
(tell me if there are issues!)
tedCool, any luck on a password manager?18:38
doctormo*membership/ has three new members, Chris, Maren and Sushant. I'm monitoring it closely.18:38
doctormoNo update on password manager, it's a bust, there's very few options that fit the criteria for what we do.18:39
tedUhg, so are just gonna keep doing the GPG thing? That's not beautiful.18:40
doctormoFor now, it's hideous. open to suggestions.18:40
tedDoes it make sense to use a non-OSS one then? Would Lastpass or something work?
Not my first choice, but if there isn't an OSS solution...
doctormoI'm not open to running that myself, but I wouldn't oppose someone else stepping in to put it together.18:41
RdHThere's also a password manager that integrates with our, I forgot to ask if that has ever been investigated18:41
doctormo@RdH I don't think we've investigated that.18:42
ted@doctormo, is there a list of requirements somewhere?18:42
RdHI'll look for a link.18:42
ponoI've had some luck with Bitwarden and pass
scislac[m]What was the issue with Bitwarden?18:43
doctormoBitWarden doesn't allow sharing of passwords, unless you buy the proprietary enterprise version.18:44
doctormoMakes it sort of pointless.18:44
tedEh, bother. But that would be better than an all proprietary solution.18:45
doctormoSo the goal isn't to provide contributors with a way to store their own passwords, the goal is: store and group manage access to shared passwords.18:45
Mcwe can try the nextcloud app
( )
doctormoMc: Lets!18:45
RdHThat might be the thing that I was talking about18:46
Mcit looks good
@doctormo I shared a password with you
doctormoWorks, thanks Mc18:47
doctormoOK problem solved.18:47
doctormoAlso, awesome XKCD reference18:47
Mchah, it's fun, it shows \18:47
tedHeh, making the password FranceCanBeatBritanInFootball was clever.18:47
Mcthere must be a search in a breached password database18:48
doctormoThanks @RdH  for the ref, I think we can play with this and see if it does the job.18:48
tedCool, do we have any other infrastructure needs? Seems like we're doing well with the current hosting and VMs.
Does that have a time limit?
(or dollar amount, or whatever)
tedK, not gonna complain πŸ˜ƒ18:50
Mcall our current sponsors seem to be in a \18:50
tedOkay, that was the last thing in the agenda, we've got 10 minutes. Anyone have anything additional?18:51
RdHAt some point I might bring up macOS hardware (ARM) again... while Windell has provided me with the opportunity to build, I haven't gotten a working version of Inkscape yet. And debugging remotely via ssh... nope.\n(But no need to rush.)18:52
doctormotshirt requests are being collected, a list review will happen after 22nd Nov, please fill out the form. A vote for money will happen after the list review.18:53
tedMakes sense. I think that'd be reasonable.
(T-shirts and ARM OSX HW)
Mcsomeone mentioned, like, today, a question about ARM windows hw18:53
tedOh, is MS still doing that? I thought they gave up.18:54
Mcafaik windows arm runs 32b win executables without issues but it's a translation, like rosetta thing18:54
tedI'll mention Inkscape runs well on the RPi 4 under Linux πŸ˜‰18:54
doctormoWe're getting very close to request the funding for the paid macOS speed problem. @RdH do you have any update on that?18:55
Mcted: iirc samsung does it with a snapdragon 8x (arm) chip18:55
tedMc: I thought they had a \18:56
doctormoted: That's a very Gtk centric solution.18:58
Mcas long as it works…18:58
doctormoWe're nowhere near a Gtk4 transition, we have Gtk3 problems that are *very serious* today. We could quit macOS releases for a few years, but we should consider fixing the issue in Gtk3.18:59
RdHOr you're already at the main dilemma.18:59
tedI'm not familiar, but I thought GTK3 to 4 was mostly about some deprecated APIs. How many of those do we use?18:59
RdHTav has been investigating, it's a lot19:00
doctormoIt's not a small transition for us.19:00
RdHLike toolbars and stuff that will have to be reworked completely19:00
doctormoBut Actions moves us a great deal.19:00
Mcimo we're nearer to the gtk4 transition because we have a kind of idea of what has to be done, while I'd have no idea what is needed to make gtk3 fast for macOS if it appears that it's \19:01
RdHShould we schedule a dedicated BBB meeting talking about that dilemma?19:01
Mcwe could invite a gtk dev19:01
doctormoI'd be interested to attend RdH, let me know if you need help getting a BBB link or cal set up.19:02
tedI guess my comment would be is that we need some analysis on the two paths first. A meeting doesn't result in increased understanding of the problem.19:03
RdHIt's an important decision about the direction we take, I think as many core developers should be present as possible19:03
TavSorry, I had to play chauffeur. The GTK4 transition will be a ton of work.19:03
Mc( ted: @re:arm, it was )19:03
RdHIt won't be a technical discussion IMHO19:03
Mcit might be easier to contract red hat to help us migrate :D19:04
RdHThey can be contracted?19:04
Mcit's a company19:04
tedMc: interesting, wonder what the sales are like.
IBM has plenty of consultants.
RdHSince no volunteer showed up - a few people said \19:05
Mcpono: is such a thing even possible ? (asking red hat if it's possible to pay their gtk experts to help us migrate to gtk4)19:06
tedI imagine someone like Igalia would be more willing to take such a contract.19:06
TavGtk4 has some great features but it also has some major shortcoming that we'll need to workaround. I'm dealing with one now (tooltips or status bar updates for menu items).19:06
TavI've solved the no icons in menus problem. Each of these things takes days to figure out.19:07
ponoI don't have much experience dealing with Red Hat but can look into it.
Igalia was the group that game to mind for me as well
tedK, something that needs further investigation.19:09
Mcin france we also have linagora19:09
pono\u0001ACTION will check with Karen and get back to you\u000119:10
Mcbut afaik the main gtk people are at red hat19:10
tedYes, GTK has always been RH's library.
But the other folks have been contracting GTK apps for a while.
I think we're done with what we'll get done in this meeting today.
A couple of exciting things to look into.
Go ahead and tag ==== END OF MEETING ==== though
Folks are welcome to keep chatting of course.
Thank you everyone!
doctormothis rocket does not stop.19:13
ponocheers :)19:14
doctormoThanks for coming pono19:20

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