Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2021-12-03

McI'm still at work, so I'll be late to the meeting :/
(leaving now)
tedOkay, thanks for letting us know!
==== MEETING START =====
Uhg, and I started with uneven equals signs 😒
Before I forget, let me get the agenda in the log.
TavOh, the lopsidedness of it!18:01
* SFC Items (ted)
* Student programs (Outreachy, GSoC, etc) (Tav)
* Developer meeting update (Mc)
* Vectors update (ryangorley)
* Infrastructure update (doctormo)
* Current Votes Status
I'll start off with SFC stuff.
Financial update:
I found some stuff missing on the report there so pono is building a new one.
So expect an update later.
It's basically the same numbers as last month.
WRT to the FSA update, SFC is working on it, they've just been busy with their end of year fundraiser. Hoping to hear something soon on that.
I think those are the things I'm tracking there.
Any questions about the SFC stuff?
doctormoWhat is `Equity:Funds:Restricted` ?18:04
RdHThanks for approving the reimbursement. I've sent the invoice to SFC.18:04
ted@doctormo, it is outreachy18:04
ted@doctormo, hoping to change the category names for next year. But not sure what the process is there yet. Restricted sounds kinda silly.
@RdH, thank you for working on the Mac builds!
So let's flow down the agenda, and update on Student Programs @Tav ?
RdHYou're welcome. It's my job here :D18:06
TavNothing to report.18:06
tedCool, I'm gonna bump Mc to the end as he said he is running late.
Vectors update, @ryangorley ?
TavHe doesn't appear to be here.18:09
tedEh, okay. Anyone else from vectors wanna fill in?18:09
doctormoHe's working on sending out code for the t-shirts, meeting on the 4th18:09
doctormoAgenda just sent out by Maren18:09
tedGreat. I'm excited about the t-shirts. Great work to everyone who helped there.
And updates on infrastructure @doctormo ?
(also does rocketchat require a space after a username?)
doctormoMaren hosted a successful video instruction for big hats off to her for running that with Michael, I learned a lot.18:11
doctormoPasswords db is running, not currently in use. No other infrastructure issues to report.18:12
tedNice, are a lot of folks getting good use of it?18:12
tedDid it solve the password problems?18:12
doctormoWe'll have to make a call which passwords currently in our PLC only valt should go into the more accessable db for vectors to have. Things like twitter etc.18:12
doctormobut on request18:13
ted@doctormo, what do you think we need there? Do you think we need some official policy there? Seems like overkill, but not sure what you're thinking.18:13
Moini(btw. is the phone number used to verify some of the accounts Bryce's? Does anyone remember?)18:15
doctormoWe can take them one at a time. If in general our valt of passwords is for PLC members, and if a password is needed by people outside the PLC, then it indicates it should be in the shared db. We can add them on request to the db. But would be happy to know the db is in use for less important things before migrating things like spreadshirt (money etc)18:15
ted@Moini, not sure, if it is a US number I'm happy to call it and see πŸ˜ƒ18:16
MoiniI'll ask Ryan tomorrow... At least he can check whether there's a number associated to some of our accounts...18:16
doctormoSay hi for us.18:16
ted@doctormo, makes sense. How about just moving the whole PLC keyring?
@Moini, makes sense. Personally I moved my home number to and have used that for a cheap \
doctormoWorth discussing at the video meeting, although I don't mind either way, would need a solid consensus on it.18:17
tedWe could setup official Inkscape voicemail 🀣18:18
MoiniIt could be useful for social media stuff to have something official that is not tied to one specific person. But hard to set up, as far as I know.18:18
ted@Moini, the nice part about the setup is that texts just go to email. So for things like verification they're easy to get.
@doctormo, I'm for it. I think it would be best to have one solution for everything. Perhaps multiple \
doctormoMc: Does next cloud have any kind of accounting packages?18:22
tedSo that's exciting.18:22
Moini(note that the pw app doesn't work in browsers without wasm, so not on Linux Mint with Firefox)18:22
Moini(it does in Chromium, though)18:23
doctormowasm - web assembly18:23
tedAh, interesting. I imagine wasm won't be a long term restriction for Mint (not sure why it is today)18:23
McHi ! sorry for the delay18:24
tedHowdy Mc , just in time! Developer update?18:25
Moini(Mint has got its snap-less FF, maybe has to do with that?)\n is where you can look into Nextcloud apps.18:25
MoiniJust ask for a test installation if you want to try any of them out.18:25
Mcwe can install and test apps if needed18:26
MoiniOr install it yourself, being an admin :)18:26
doctormoLooks like there are things, although I think this might have to be on ted since he's looking after the information we get from SFC18:27
Mcas for dev meetings, things have slowed down recently
I expect they may also be slow around christmas
doctormoThat's not true, we shared some fun cartoons!18:28
but I hope we'll be able to fix the various big issues we have with master before january and the 1.2beta
tedYeah, typically development slows around the end of the year. People get busy.18:28
Mc1.1.2 will have to happen if only for a pillow update18:28
tedPillow update?18:29
doctormoPython image liberary18:29
Mcbig issue with the pillow in 1.1.1 preventing a \18:29
tedOh, I forgot about the name change. Do we bundle that in our tarball?18:29
Moini@Mc when is 1.1.2 due?18:29
Mcwe bundle everything python on windows because msys2 python is not windows python
january, normally
MoiniThanks! _Adds to agenda_18:30
Mc(release months are supposed to be n.0 in may, n.1 in sep, n.2 and n+1.0-beta in january)18:31
tedMc: so is that just a windows release? I mean, I release new snaps for dependency updates often, mostly security stuff.18:31
RdHIt's not part of the macOS release yet18:31
Mcthere are minor things we have in 1.1.x I think18:31
RdHI'm having trouble recalling the details... it's required for 1.2, correct?18:31
doctormoWould this be for the jpeg/tiff/gif support?18:31
doctormo@RdH It should be in 1.1 already, if you have jpeg export extension working.18:32
Mc(so, not a huge update but a minor bugfix release which is nice to have to keep the scripts we'll need for 1.2 running)18:32
RdHOh. Then I guess this isn't working at the moment.18:32
tedOkay, makes sense. Probably some translation updates as well.18:33
doctormoted, should we give the SFC $50k for their fund raising campiagn?18:33
tedHmmm, we stopped giving donations to SFC after we switched to the 10% of income scheme. It makes sense to keep it that way to me.18:35
doctormoMc: the thinking is that the SFC is providing us with services and we need them to provide them more and faster, if possible. Perhaps a donation would be encouraging and show we do care about their org health.18:35
tedThough I noticed that we haven't donated to OSUOSL for a couple years, are we still using them for stuff?18:35
doctormoted: OSUOSL run out entire website.18:36
McI feel like I missed a whole discussion18:36
tedNo, this is the first I've heard of it too πŸ˜ƒ18:37
doctormoMc: Don't worry, I've just put out a highly speculative question, no context provided.18:37
doctormoI think it was Michael who may have given me the idea a few video meetings back.18:37
MoiniMichael or Michèle?18:38
tedI think that we should consider more upstream donations, generally speaking. I'm not sure that $50K to SFC is the right one. But I do think we should figure out what makes sense there.18:38
doctormoMy dyslexia is giving me breainburn18:38
Mcwe can always send them an email asking \18:38
tedFor instance, a contribution to the GNOME Foundation for GTK+ work would make sense to me as well.18:38
doctormoCan we give Gnome $50k for Gtk3 macOS fixes? :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:18:39
tedMc: I think this might be the context,
TavWe're sitting on $275k without seeming to be able to use it so donating some to SFC and GNOME Foundation, both places that we rely on, makes sense to me.18:39
Mcthat's contracting, not donating :D18:39
tedWell, to be fair, they fixed it. They just called it GTK 4 πŸ˜‰18:40
doctormoBackport requested.18:40
Mc(note that as I mentioned, I'd be ok to contract people to push gtk4 migration)18:40
doctormoWe should talk about that more at the developer meeting Mc18:41
RdH+1 for contracting towards gtk418:42
doctormoted: Can you ask the SFC if they're ok and if they could do with some help? extra data won't hurt.18:42
Mcwe did talk about that last time (RH if possible, or open source contractors)18:43
tedSure. Personally with SFC, if we're concerned about it I'd rather change the 10% rather than a one-time donation.18:43
TavA one off could be matched...18:43
doctormoted: Yeah don't give them any amounts, but knowing if they're ok would be good. We can decide if 20% or a bulk amount or nothing is the right answer.18:44
tedI don't think it could in this case... depends on how the folks structured the match. But since the \18:44
Mcyeah that'd be weird18:45
TavWhy? It's Inkscape's money, they just hold it for us.18:45
ted@doctormo, sure. FWIW, when I had dinner with karen a few months back she was more concerned with us spending our money on projects than mentioning donation to the SFC.18:45
RdHWhat do we expect from such a (huge) donation?18:46
doctormoted: Yes, I'm very much with her on that concern. Although the SFC is a bottleneck for us.18:46
doctormoBut maybe this isn't a problem because we're about to put 100k into CMYK. Who knows!18:47
TavThat still leaves us with 175k.18:48
tedSo I guess I'm not sure what makes sense. Should we build a list of dependencies that it makes sense to donate to?18:48
doctormoWe can do. I would at least donate to OSUOSL.18:49
Mcwe can always send them an email asking \18:50
doctormoMc: That's what I asked ted if he'd do.... wait is this what you said above?18:51
RdHAlso we could start with simple things. Like a Mac for Tav, for example.18:52
tedI think we should definitely look towards ways to promote the 2021 SFC Fundraiser as well.18:52
doctormo@Moini Wuld that be possible to add to the vector's agenda?18:52
Mcalso security tokens for people who would access passwords on nextcloud
(and gitlab project admins)
RdHWe should definitely compile a list!18:53
doctormoMc: Would you be willing to put that together as a vote? I don't think that would be any issue.18:53
MoiniSure. I've already retooted on Mastodon a couple days ago.18:53
MoiniWe can also reinstate the SFC top banner on the website, if we want to move donations away from Inkscape to SFC.18:54
ted@Moini, perhaps during their fundraiser that'd make sense. An annual thing.18:55
MoiniIt's currently running, so is that a yes?18:55
doctormoAny objections to editing that now?18:55
doctormoMc, Tav, et al18:55
honestly if we agree that we *want* to contract people on gtk stuff, I don't think that'd be a good thing
TavFine with me.18:56
doctormoMc: not permanent, just for the Christmas season.18:56
MoiniI'd set myself a reminder for the end of their campaign.18:57
McI'd be in favor of advertizing their fundraiser, sure, but not \18:57
RdHMy impression was/is this is only to speed up migrating to gtk418:57
MoiniWe can only have one of those extra banners on the website, Marc, in case that helps with the decision.18:58
ted@RdH, no, this is just about helping our fiscal/legal sponsor with their fundraising.18:58
RdHWhoops, sorry18:58
Mcso a message \18:58
tedMc: so people could still donate, but they wouldn't get the special banner treatment.18:58
MoiniThis one ^18:59
RdH(But Mc was saying \18:59
doctormoYeah we just meant that red banner.18:59
Mc@RdH no no I'm all for that18:59
doctormo@RdH he meant, if we are going to do contracting, then we need as much money as we can get. I don't think I agree. But I understand the concern19:00
tedCan we make it SFC green?19:00
Mcaaah that banner
yeah, sure, advertize SFC all you want there :D
MoiniOkay. Any other objections?19:00
doctormoYou can have any color you want as long as it's red.19:00
Mcas long as you don't litteraly say \19:00
MoiniNooo! Of course not.19:01
MoiniSupport Inkscape's non-profit home, the SFC ❀️19:01
Moini(that's the text from last year)19:01
tedCool, I think that's a cool idea.19:01
doctormoLooks like we have consensus19:01
Mcgreat β™₯19:01
MoiniOkay, implementing ;-)19:01
tedSince we're at the end of the scheduled time let me officially close the meeting, thank you everyone!
==== MEETING END ====
(balance in the =)
Feel free to discuss whatever πŸ™‚

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