Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2022-01-07

ponoG'morning :)17:58
Mchello !18:00
Sorry, running a touch behind.
ted==== START MEETING ====
Better get that in with balanced equals...
Okay, agenda.
* SFC Items (ted)
* Student programs (Outreachy, GSoC, etc) (@Tav)
* Developer meeting update (Mc)
* Vectors update (@ryangorley)
* Infrastructure update (@doctormo)
* Current Votes Status (ted)
I put the folks who are normally on RocketChat as \
Mcno problem, we still have paper18:03
ted(no clue why, but I assume wine is involved)
I'm planning on just using my address. Not sure if anyone objects to that.
But we can make it easier to change.
More over just want to get this done.
McI was thinking of an institutional address, but no strong feelings one way or another
(it's not like it'll be used)
tedBy that do you mean like getting a Post Office box?
I thought of that, but it seems like a useless cost. (not a lot, but wasteful)
Mcrather a university address18:05
tedOh, that's interesting. Then in theory they'd find someone.18:06
scislac[m]I have no idea how that would work. :)18:07
tedCan we pick a university? I've always wanted to visit Princeton. 🤣18:07
Mcif you work there, sure :D18:07
tedI'm guessing you're offering your address there, can we just do that or do we need some approval?18:08
Mcpono: ?18:08
tedI was more thinking from the University.18:08
I think we can \
ponoYeah, just setting up an address is a good place to start18:09
tedOkay, I'm +1 there. Anyone see any issue? I can get the details outside of the meeting.18:09
scislac[m]No issue here18:10
tedSo I'll work on getting that vote together. Probably this weekend, please watch out for it.18:11
tedK, so the financial overview is here:
is largely the same with a few more donations.
Because of the SFC fundraiser we have all the donations from 2021 in there.
(they were running the update script regularly)
I played with the listing a bit, nothing dramatic but I thought there was a couple interesting stats.
RdH...and probably one reduction as I've been reimbursed for the Apple Developer program18:12
tedIn 2021 we got roughly ~7500 donations with the average being ~$12
The vast majority were <= $10, with about 5500 of them being there.
And there were only 22 that were over $100
Ah, great to hear that is closed @RdH
RdHThanks for approving that :)18:13
tedSo I'm not sure what to do with those stats, but I thought it was interesting.
If someone wants me to run some other metric I can do that as well.
That's all the SFC stuff I have right now. Any questions/comments/etc?
K, moving on: * Student programs (Outreachy, GSoC, etc) (@Tav)
I think that's pretty quiet right now though.
RdHFrom what I can see, RocketChat does not pick up on your good intentions with \18:16
Mcnot sure what the schedule for gsoc is18:17
tedHmm, I thought it did. Perhaps the ( is the issue. ( @Tav )18:17
RdHThis one worked!18:17
ponoIt just got announced:
Mcpono: ah, thanks!18:17
tedHeh, @Tav is going to get a million pings 😉18:17
Mcso, org applications in a month18:17
tedCool, do we have a project page there and stuff, do we need to start soliciting those?18:18
Mcwe usually have the wiki
but it would be great to reorganize it a bit
tedI haven't looked at it recently, but last time I did there were a  few that were quite old.
So that'd probably be good.
Might be an interesting thing to promote?
Heh, doesn't seem to excite anyone 😉
Mcthere will be a vectors meeting tomorrow18:22
tedMc: Do you think we should ask to add it to their agenda? Or do you want to have the ideas come from devs?18:22
McI don't necessarily want to have the ideas from devs, it's just that projects will need a dev interested to act as mentor
(as usual, we saw great projects coming as ideas from the gsoc mentees)
tedHmm, so probably we just need seed ideas, we don't really get those as much in practice.18:24
McWe'll also need to look at the timeline of outreachy18:24
tedK, are you and @Tav okay leading that again this year?
Seems @Tav isn't here, so he can't say no 🤣
scislac[m]I can be available for it as well if we don't have 2 people interested.18:27
Mcthe \18:27
tedK, I think we just need someone to propose a plan there.18:29
scislac[m]\u0001ACTION nods\u000118:29
tedMy only concern is that it should be private, i.e. between the coordinator in the mentor. They shouldn't have to publicly say yes/no if we're offering.18:30
for gsoc the project receive 500$ per mentored student
TavHi all... got busy with family.18:30
scislac[m]Hey Tav18:30
tedHowdy @Tav!18:31
TavI can help with GSoC again this year.18:31
tedSo I think whoever are the coordinators should propose a plan they're comfortable with as they'd be executing it. Or no plan. That's fine too.
But we should probably say which way we're going for when people ask.
Mcbut there is no opposition from the board meeting ?18:33
scislac[m]As in from this meeting or some other meeting?18:34
Mcfrom this meeting18:34
tedNot from me.
Not seeing an objections, not sure if that is what you're looking for though 😉
scislac[m]Not from me either18:36
Mcwe can move on with the agenda then ^^18:36
tedSounds good, you're next anyway.
* Developer meeting update (Mc)
McHolidays recently, so things were a bit slow
should be a release 1.1.2 soon-ish, and a 1.2-beta
devs meetings attract a few folks
tedK, saw a couple messages about getting to bug fixes for 1.2, is there a feature freeze planned?18:37
but no date set in stone yet
\u0001ACTION git push a feature into a MR 10s ago\u0001
tedHaha, okay. So not quite frozen yet.
I haven't looked at the Vectors agenda, but are those on it?
McI'll try to come tomorrow to the meeting18:39
tedK, cool.
Anything else dev-y going on?
Mcapart from the future releases, no :D18:40
tedHeh, yeah, those are kinda the big thing.
next up!
* Vectors update ( @ryangorley )
I'll note I'm wearing my 2021 contributor's t-shirt today. I'm not judging what everyone else is wearing, just noting I look better. 😉
Hmm, RC is saying Ryan is online. It must be lying.
McI need to take a photo for @doctormo18:43
tedGoing down the agenda:
* Infrastructure update ( @doctormo )
scislac[m]Ted: I feel judged since I don't have any Inkscape swag. ;)18:45
tedNot seeing Martin as online either.
scislac: You are being judged. You can be one of the five people who use Spreadshirt.
Have to say, I got the shirt off spreadshirt, and the contributor one is way better.
Okay, so last item on the agenda:
* Current Votes Status (ted)
Which there are no outstanding votes for once! Whoo!
But we're gonna have to do the FSA one here soon.
tedOkay, I don't have anything on the agenda, anyone else have something for the meeting?18:47
McI did not vote for the last one because I understood chris'email as a retraction from the very point of the vote18:47
tedMc: makes sense, it was certainly unclear.18:48
Mcand I'm late in sending a vote email18:48
tedI don't know how we'd officially count it in the end, but just vote on the next one and you don't have to worry about getting kicked out 😉18:49
Mcthanks :D
(don't kick me!)
Okay, I'll officially call the end of the meeting, you're all welcome to chat here ofcourse.
==== END OF MEETING ====
Thanks everyone!
Happy New Year!
scislac[m]Happy New Year! :)18:51
TavHappy New Year18:51
ponoHappy New Years!18:52

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