Inkscape Board Meeting Transcript for Friday, 2022-02-04

tedLet me go ahead and mark the start of the meeting.
=== Start Meeting ===
And throw the agenda in the logs.
* SFC Items (ted)
doctormothanks @pono18:03
ted* Student programs (Outreachy, GSoC, etc) ( @Tav )
* Developer meeting update (Mc)
* Vectors update ( @ryangorley )
* Infrastructure update ( @doctormo )
* Current Votes Status
* Next Meeting: March 4, 2022
Okay, that puts me up first with SFC stuff.
First off, financial overivew
've gotten about $5K in donations for Jan
Mcmaybe restart the ledger totals from 2022-01-01 ? ^^18:05
tedAnd the expenses for the t-shirts hit, but otherwise not much change
I followed up with Pono on the keyfobs. I've now got all the info, but I'll put that into an email.
Mc: Yes, I requested that for next time :-)
Mcmy plan for \18:06
doctormoted: have you thought about how you'd like to use the project's funding to the project's goals? I've talked with other plc members but I haven't had much alk with you about what you want.18:06
tedI thought the FSA address thing I was waiting on karen, but I went through and realized she replied so that's on me. I'll get on that.
The last thing I was tracking was payment processors. And that is in progress with the SFC.
Mc@pono we discussed the possibility of hiring devs part-time to be available and active for the bug-fixing season, do you know how that could work ?18:08
ponoYeah, I apologize for not keeping up with this.18:08
tedWe don't have any changes there.18:09
ponoBasically writing a detailed list of things to do, as well as an equitable hiring process, then we can cast a line for getting inquiries18:09
Mcso not really doable for Feb+March now18:10
doctormoi believe this would be contracts rather than hiring, but I'm happy to hear from the SFC about both since with have a project manager position in the works too.18:10
ted@doctormo, sure. But probably not on topic WRT the stuff regarding SFC representative report.18:10
scislac[m]Which vote?18:10
Mcscislac[m]: Message-ID: <>18:11
ponoThanks for that email, sorry I missed it while I was out. I can respond back on list later today18:12
ted@doctormo, I think contracts are the same. You need a process to select somone and a statment of work that folks agree upon.18:12
pono^^ yep18:12
doctormoted: That's pretty much what I expected. I think Marc has a good statement for the dev bug fixing.18:12
doctormoBut the project manager details are still in progress.18:13
ponoHopefully the bug fixer will be a good first process before hiring for a larger gig :)18:13
doctormoWe could do with five of them ;-)18:14
tedAny other SFC questions?18:14
doctormo@pono If you're available for the video meeting next week, it's be great to have you there.18:14
tedNext up I've got:   * Student programs (Outreachy, GSoC, etc) ( @Tav )18:14
Mcwell I'll launch another vote on gsoc mentoring stipends18:15
TavGSoC is a bit different this year. A bit more flexible. I've started updating our website GSoC pages.18:16
pono@doctormo I'll mark it on my calendar!18:16
Mc@Tav ah, thanks18:16
TavProjects can be short or long and are no longer restricted to students.18:16
Mcthe main \18:17
TavI'm not sure what the actual criteria is... suppose to be attracting new people to open-source.18:17
Tav(So I guess we don't qualify!)18:17
Mcyep, the criteria is \18:17
tedHmm, interesting. We only need to propose ideas though? So is it just we need to select a set of short/log?
NPJ2000(Q: Who is the \18:18
tedHmm, I'm skeptical about that working out. But we don't control the rules of the game.18:18
doctormoIf they're non dev, there may be doc, testing and other tasks worth doing.18:19
Mcno, it's still \18:19
ted@doctormo, if you have a project idea, might be worth looking at.18:21
Mcwe could have a project to have a doc on how to script inkscape with actions and stuff18:21
TavGood idea!18:21
Mcor around extensions (writing, managing, translating, etc)18:21
adam.belis[ ]( that would be cool18:21
TavDBus too and shell mode too!18:22
adam.belisthat would be also nice18:22
scislac[m]Mc: After reading the vote thread, I'm going to wait for Ted's follow-up email before responding.18:22
TavBTW Ted, the new DBus code is in and the old removed.18:22
TavDid I miss a vote?18:23
doctormoNo Tav, this is the old keyfob vote.18:23
tedOkay, so is someone going to add us as a potential project for Season of Docs?
@Tav, great!
doctormoThe vote is finished scisclac, so nothing to vote on now.18:23
Mcorg applications open on monday18:23
pulsar17[ ]( @inkchatbot  Very cool!18:24
Mc(for gsoc)18:24
tedHeh, so gsod and gsoc, that won't be confusing.
Okay, moving on. Next up I have:  * Developer meeting update (Mc)
Mcall good
release planned for tomorrow, probably  evening
tedK, where are we sending info about that?
Haven't seen anything on -devel or -packagers lists.
McI'll send when I'll have a tarball
but the date is set since last month's vectors meeting
doctormoThese are vector's issues and that meeting is tomorrow right?18:28
tedAh, I didn't realize.
I think that internal communication of dates isn't a vectors issue.
Next up:  * Infrastructure update ( @doctormo )
ryangorleyWe skipping the Vectors part today?18:31
tedOh, oops.
ryangorleyNo prob18:31
tedThat was me being bad at cut-and-paste
Next up:  * Vectors update ( @ryangorley )
ryangorleyI have a work meeting coming up, so I just want to make sure to get my minute in before then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:18:32
ryangorleyThe big items are the release and an upcoming booth at a German Linux conference18:32
McChemnitzer Linuxtage ?18:33
scislac[m]I'm unfortunately going to have to bounce for a little bit for an appointment. I'll read the backlog when I get to my destination.18:33
ryangorleyYeah. I've been a bit out of it since our last Vectors meeting catching COVID and then trying to catch up from COVID, so I don't have a ton of details. The plan was to coordinate the release tomorrow.18:33
ryangorleyOh, hey Josh. See ya!18:34
tedscislac: 👍️18:34
ryangorley@Mc Will you be able to join our Vectors meeting tomorrow?18:34
Mcwhich time ?18:34
ryangorleyUm... (looking)18:34
ted@ryangorley, cool. I'm assuming you noticed that SCALE moved. It might be more resonable for a booth or something.18:34
ryangorleyYeah, I did see that. I'm glad they did.18:35
Mc(but \18:36
ryangorley@Mc I'm trying to do the time conversion. It is at 9AM for me, which is 5PM for you I believe18:36
Mcit's 7:30pm currently here18:36
ryangorley@ted I'll bring up SCALE as well. It would be good to make a showing18:36
ryangorley@Mc Yeah, you're 8 hours ahead of me then.18:37
ryangorley5PM tomorrow for you will be that meeting. We'll just want to coordinate the release.18:37
tedCool. Might be busy with the release. But, just an idea.18:37
ryangorleyIt's good to keep on the radar at least18:38
tedWe've also done a hackfest with SCALE, but I think generally the feedback was too far West.18:38
doctormo@ryangorley This page does the time conversion for you:
ryangorleyThanks @doctormo !18:38
Mcperfect, I should be around18:38
ryangorleyThere's probably other stuff I'm missing, but that's all I remember for Vectors right now. Anyone else can chime in if they're here and know what I'm missing.18:38
ryangorleySorry for the lean update. It's been a weird month.18:39
Mcbtw there is FOSDEM this weekend18:39
tedAh, that's right, any Inkscape talks?18:39
doctormoBest wishes ryan. Chris has also been sick with a burst apendix. now he's got Covid from the hospital.18:39
Mcnot that I saw18:40
ryangorleyWhaaat!? He didn't tell me that last part.18:40
doctormoMight be new info :-D from today.18:40
ryangorleyI don't know of any speakers.18:40
tedOh, man. That sucks. The appendix thing sucks to recover from already...18:40
ryangorleyHe was in a ton of pain from the appendix. He's doing a lot better. I'm glad the two didn't overlap.18:41
tedOkay, Next up:  * Current Votes Status18:42
McIn terms of infra, I updated rocketchat and upscaled the server a bit18:42
tedThe only one open is the keyfob and I just got some info there I'll email out.
It looks like from my notifications that Mc sent one out during the meeting (which is cheating)
ryangorley(I have to run for a meeting, but tag me if you need me to follow up later :wave: )18:43
tedSo everyone make sure to vote/discuss/etc those.
Anything else for the meeting?
Otherwise I just have:  * Next Meeting: March 4, 2022
doctormoWebsite django 2.2 upgrade is progressing, test server is updated, test reports are completed and fixes are on their way.18:44
doctormoThe next video meeting is next week, we're likely to talk about the project manager position as well as other funding topics. Please do come.18:45
tedThanks everyone!
=== End Meeting ===

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